Flashback: The Global Digital ID Prison

12/30/202235 Comments

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ORIGINALLY POSTED MARCH 2022: Do you get the feeling digital id is being hyped by every government, corporation, financial institution and globalist-connected NGO as "the way of the future"? Well, you're right! But why is this being pushed so hard right now. Don't miss this important edition of The Corbett Report podcast where James lays out the digital ID agenda and how it serves as the linchpin of the entire global enslavement grid.



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  1. jsil says:

    Hi James, love your work even though the more your work reveals the more hopeless I feel. Im in the USA and i take to heart when you encourage us to “not comply” BUT we are being “forced” to comply through our phones!! I have futilely searched for an alternative to “Android & iOS” there is none. If WE are to truly start a parallel economy, I believe it needs to start with a phone. Linked to a bank, search engine, etc. of our making. Together we must have enough resources to accomplish this. Would love your thoughts on this.

    • WAYNED says:

      I think a parallel society makes sense, even one that actually adheres to the constitution as much as possible (not literally white men…etc) the spirit of the thing. For as long as we can have it. If successful, and why wouldn’t it be? I am willing to bet we will be SHOCKED by how many people will flood to it if it appears viable. Particularly the closer we are coaxed cajoled and generally harassed towards the edge of utter enslavement.
      One thing for sure, we have an omnipresent media that convinces us that since theirs is the only significant voice heard, that they are and represent the majority views. But I think from my experience, everyone is at least onto the fact that a game of some sort is being played, even if they can’t see very far into the maze. I think we are in fact the vast majority, and indeed, much of what we are witnessing is the mad scramble of the liars to maintain the veneer of significance.

    • Unmani says:

      One alternative I invite you to consider, for multiple reasons, is getting rid of your mobile phone. Learn to live without it. Make a functional life/community where no one needs one to easily get through the day.

      We can easily choose to roll back the clock to when the internet moved through cords and was place-based, not body-based.

      I haven’t had a mobile phone for a few years and still run a law firm, internationally travel, etc. While yes, there’s tons of times I’m inconvenienced by not having a mobile, I make it work, even in today’s wider society. If we all put down our mobile phones the global elitists could try all they want to force us into a technocracy but we’d never even notice.

      I was motivated to get rid of my mobile phone for health and environmental reasons after having my own observations backed up by the brilliant treasure, Arthur Firstenberg. He wrote a deeply researched and footnoted book, The Electric Rainbow, which gives everyone trying to connect the dots between the current healthcare crisis, digital ID push, and transhumanist agenda, the foundational key.

      Here’s a podcast where Arthur talks about some of the information in his book: https://www.westonaprice.org/podcast/272-the-shocking-truth-about-electricity-emfs-with-arthur-firstenberg/#gsc.tab=0

      Let’s all revolt and NOT COMPLY, by putting down our “phones,” for good.

      • vadoum says:

        spot on,
        continuous attention to a device is the robbery, the indoctrination,

        and likely its a mere preamble to the transhumanism, ,,,birds chatter, hooting the alarm, seconds before the actual quake is felt. Human obsession with these devices, anything with a screen, is the psychic germ doing its parasitic dirty.

        I too mostly avoid using a dumb phone, though it would be suicidal, business-wise, to completely chuck it; surely its the right direction to be headed.

      • vadoum says:

        in the stillness of the night a sudden nervous chatter and alarm rises from a gaggle of birds, they flutter away and the silence returns, but it is short lived, another long five seconds pass and then a rumble from somewhere low, surging from unimaginable depths, and the quake is on.

        unmani, Ive been preaching my intuition about this for at least a decade. I read the linked interview and now, finally, it looks like I’ll have some back-up in the form of Arthur’s hard yards, we are the birds squawking before humanity self-quakes

        Thank you

      • Otto says:

        No matter the alternative; the Dark Forces have a good, working idea for humanity… and it will go on, unless the forces of circumstances and chaos disagree.

  2. Gavinm says:

    Funny you would re-post this, just yesterday I was trying to add some money from a christmas bonus I got from my day job into my book printing and shipping budget account and I got a message saying I had to agree to a change in terms of service to be able to move money between my two accounts (with BMO).

    Guess what was part of the change in the terms of service? ?? ??????? ?? ????? ?? ?? ???? ?? ??? ??? ??????? ??? ??????? ?? ????????????.

    I of course refused and will have to move my money to a local credit union (which hopefully will not be jumping on board with the whole Digital ID control grid so readily) but I took screenshots so I could document it.

    I tried to upload the screenshots of this Digital ID terms of service consent agreement they threw at me to archive.org, but in an unprecedented occurrence, their website will not allow me to upload the images. When I try to upload the screen shot, archive.org sends me a message that says “503 – Slow Down” (what ever that means). So I click on the details of the error and it says “Your upload of screenshot-1222-copy.png appears to be spam”. Hmm, spam you say? Why is this screenshot being flagged and no others? Could just be a default spam detection algorithm failing to be helpful and inadvertently blocking my legit upload (with the spam detection system assuming it is some phishing/identity theft scam) but given the words in the image are “Digital Identity”, given none of my uploads have been flagged like this before and given how critical this subject matter is to the oligarch’s control grid I am somewhat suspicious. I am not going to spend a bunch of time emailing the archive.org people to try and convince them to let me upload it so I uploaded it to another place so you can all see it.

    Here it is:


    • WAYNED says:

      My company was bought out by JPM Chase, and I had to go through a double verification process to maintain my business. I am top selling agent globally and they did not know who I am. Not being arrogant, just stating a fact.

      • Gavinm says:


        Your comment makes me think of my little brother’s attitude toward how he could create fake vaccine passports last year.

        When they started segregating people in Canada (based on whether or not they had injected some experimental pharmaceutical concoction into their body) and telling them they could not participate in certain aspects of society, he did not think that there is anything to worry about. He told me he could create (and/or pay someone to access) digital and/or physical forged injection ‘papers’/QR codes that allow one to go into business establishments, concert venues and/or to board flights/trains or buses without having been injected with big pharma’s bio-weapon concoctions that are being peddled as “medicine”).

        Given I like to take my wife to eat out at restaurants and travel to show her special places I have discovered from time to time (which are far away from where we currently live) his argument appealed to me at first.. but I immediately had a sick feeling in my gut when I heard him describing methods in which we could acquiesce (and thus on some level legitimize and lend credence towards) tyrannical and discriminatory systems via forgery and/or hacking (so that we could continue to enjoy the material comforts we had become accustomed to).

        After taking a step back and looking at this situation as a whole, the first thing that came to me was the civil rights movement in the south. There was a time when certain people were not allowed to ride on buses, nor to eat in restaurants or attend other public venues based on the amount of melanin they had in their skin. In modern times, millions of human beings were (and in some cases still are) segregated and discriminated against because they refuse to put a dangerous and ineffective pharmaceutical biotech injection into their bodies. Both of these forms of discrimination are illogical, malicious and immoral.

        Those who are students of history will know that what has happened in the last two years (and is still happening) globally now shares common themes with the emergence and normalization of fascism in Germany in the late 30-s and early 40-s.

        (continued in another comment..)

      • Gavinm says:

        (..continued from the comment above)

        Given what I have described above I personally view forged vaccine passports (and acquiescing to Digital ID requirements) with mixed feelings. On the one hand, if someone was intending on visiting a cherished loved one, caring for/or visiting an elderly family member or intending on fleeing a totalitarian state (like Canada or some other increasingly fascistic nation state) to protect themselves or their family, I would see a forged injection passport (or fake/incomplete Digital ID) as something akin to when people forged birth certificates for Jewish people in Europe in the 40-s to make it seem as though they were non-Jewish-Germans (so they could escape, and/or not be murdered, persecuted or oppressed by the Nazis).

        On the other hand, forged injection passports (or acquiescing to Digital ID) being sought out in the context of those just trying to keep on enjoying the comforts they had before this scamdemic and global financial Coup d’etat (and the ensuing fascist mandates) were initiated seems (to me) to be an action that feeds into the tyranny, perpetuating and normalizing this insanity.

        Personally, I refuse to play their games by getting fake injection passports or signing up for Digital ID systems. To me, getting a pretend clot shot passport or half signing up for Digital ID (for convenience, monetary reasons, entertainment or wanting to ‘fit in’ reasons) serves to legitimize (and would help to add momentum to) their tyranny. In my eyes, getting a fake vaccine passport (or Digital ID) is like the equivalent of if you were a black person living in the 50-s in the southern states and you painted your face white so you can use the white people bathroom or go to a restaurant.. it perpetuates the tyranny. Segregation is wrong, we need to act like it, whether it’s for coerced injections, social credit, political views/Digital ID status, skin color or anything else.

        During the civil rights movement human beings (that happened to be born with more Melanin in their skin) refused to go along with the insanity that was segregation and oppression (based on the Melanin content of one’s skin) as to illuminate the truth through creating a situation where others could bare witness to the insidious nature of this backwards aspect of western society.

        These were humans that walked the path of Satyagraha. This was path that Mahatma Gandhi walked generations before then and it is a path we must walk again now (if we want to live to see a future worth living in and a world worth passing onto future generations).

        (continued in another comment..)

      • Gavinm says:

        (..continued from the comment above)

        (for those that do not know) Satyagraha is a path of peacefully and nonviolently refusing to consent to nor comply with tyrannical, unscientific, irrational and unjust laws being forced upon the people by a corrupt empire.

        Each time you peacefully refuse to capitulate to these irrational, insane, unscientific and immoral vaccine or Digital ID mandates, you are thereby illuminating the illegitimacy, immoral/fascistic nature and insanity of this “new normal” that the ruling elite are attempting to force onto the global population (through fear, psychological warfare, coercion and carefully tailored propaganda).

        I respect those that want to leave where they currently live or protect/visit family, but getting a fake Digital ID or fake injection passport just to keep ‘fitting in’ feels wrong to me (in my situation).

        I will not participate in building my own prison and the prison that countless future generations will live in through choosing to remain silent, pretending to go along with and being a part of insidious oppressive behavior on the part of centralized systems.

        If we are to shape a future worth living in and passing on to future generations, it is important we are honest with ourselves and that we describe this situation and these systems of oppression for what they are– an attack being perpetrated by a plutocracy on the majority of the people of Earth (being utilized as a means to indoctrinate people into a propagandized fear based way of living, consolidate wealth, power while simultaneously crippling, infiltrating, subverting and subjugating the minds of the people of the Earth.)

        Silence, Compliance and Playing along (whether pretending to or actually ‘playing along’) in the face of tyranny is Complicity.

        “Cowardice asks the question, is it safe? Expediency asks the question, is it politic? Vanity asks the question, is it popular? But conscience asks the question, is it right? And there comes a time when we must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but one must take it because it is right.”
        ― Martin Luther King Jr.

        (continued in another comment..)

      • Gavinm says:

        (..continued from the comment above)

        I don’t think of your comment as arrogant, but I would humbly offer a word of caution (in the form of a question).

        If we are indeed being pushed onto a very slippery slope towards a biometric globalized Digital ID control grid, while you may be able to do sneaky maneuvers to maintain your anonymity at the present time, what will you do once biometric scans are required to authenticate your identity?

        Additionally, you sound like you are someone that has access to vast amounts of fiat currency. This sparks my curiosity. What would you do to feed yourself if your accounts were frozen? Do you depend on your ability to pay other people to be able to eat, cloth and shelter yourself? Or do you spend time and energy learning how to be capable of doing these things for yourself?

        Thanks for the comment and thanks for sparking this interaction. I wish you all the best.

  3. WAYNED says:

    Great repost. So who are the companies/what are the businesses most invested in tragic reset (nothing great about it) and digital IDs. When I first started in travel, it was expressed by American Airlines that they wanted to stop people from selling their tickets to other people. Yes, that used to be a regular thing in the want ads. (Look it up.) You could fly as Betty Boop, if you wanted to. it took about 10 seconds to create a reservation. The industry was all about key-strokes and making things fast. In that same initiation for training, they stated that the office we were in housed 3000 agents when in full swing, but that the company was looking for ways to reduce the agent force to save on payroll, to one day stop paying commissions to travel agents (happened one month to the day before 9/11) and also wanted a way to make money on the empty cargo area under the passenger seating area. Fees play a HUGE roll. This was in 1990. The complaint was that fares could not increase or people wouldn’t fly. It’s true, fares today are not significantly higher than they were when I began this journey in 1990. Often, fares are lower. With the elimination of commissions, Agency Owners found themselves in the same situation, suddenly agencies grew exponentially and they too had huge work forces and big payrolls, and at a time when 9/11 had eliminated travel for nearly everyone. So it was kismet timing, or planned. Over the years, airlines and agency owners have not only sought to do away with paid employees, but they want ALL travel to be under a handful (relative) of “OWNERS” so they don’t miss a drop of revenue. Now, all the industry and system changes are meant to make me give up on my Independent career. In my years with American we never had more than 2K agents in that big office and by the end 1200.

    Also on my first day in 1990, American said they had the biggest computer system outside of the Pentagon and that working for an airline placed you in one of the most significant worldwide industries, as all industries are ultimately tied to travel. And Airlines are tied to Boeing and other MILITARY PARTS MANUFACTURERS.

    Over the years, think of how many times the airlines have been used as weapons, and ask why none of them ever paid a price for security. Ask why they were so gung-ho to get TSA and now see with Southwest that they are setting the police on people they would rather not help. They have been talking about and salivating over REAL ID. Now, it takes much more time to make a single reservation because of all the TSA requirements, and one letter or number wrong and the service is denied. Nothing to really do with security, so what is it really about? Now computer system designed to use a mouse to go from corner to corner to corner of the screen. Did they TRY to get rid of agents through RSI?

    Other businesses must have the same sort of ties to 9/11 to suit their purposes. Now, after multiple mergers, my checks are paid by my new parent company jpm chase.

    We sometimes look for too big and miss the obvious.

  4. gpru says:

    [SNIP – No bare urls in the comments section, please. Please repost the links with titles and explanations of why people should be clicking on them. -JC]

  5. lekp says:

    The homebound Amazon whore has an announcement to make. I saw the video on Whole Foods having scanning entryways and that was finally the last straw for me. I have dropped my Prime free shipping account and will never give either business another penny of my money no matter what it costs. Also, could anyone give links to suppliers that we should be using? I already shop on Ebay, Etsy, and locally for most food but more options would be helpful.

  6. nosoapradio says:

    “It’s all about trust and trusting…”

    Reminds me again of that ol’ 2018 – 2022 European Roadmap for vanquishing “vaccine-preventable” diseases and “countering vaccine hesitancy”, wherein it’s stated that they want to:

    Examine the feasibility of developing a common vaccination
    card/passport for EU citizens (that takes into account potentially
    different national vaccination schedules and), that is compatible
    with electronic immunisation information systems and recognised
    for use across borders
    , without duplicating work at national level.


    Produce on a regular basis a Report on the State of Vaccine
    Confidence in the EU, to monitor attitudes to vaccination. Based on
    that report and taking into account related work by WHO, present
    guidance that can support Member States in countering vaccine

    As amply explained in the podcast, ID2020 and Universal Vaccination “Card/Passports” compatible with electronic immunisation information, two-sides of the same NWO pyramid. (with social credit systems, frankenfoods, climate carbon credits, digital money, IOT, and maybe universal permits for surfing the web and also for having babies representing the 7 other faces?)


    …so more proof that vaccine passports were visibly planned before Covid broke out…

    anyhoo, at least I can sometimes sustainably recycle Corbett comments.

  7. ejdoyle says:

    I first started singing about this 45 years ago. Out riding around town on my bike I started noticing cameras outside:

    Then a few years ago I wrote about the cheese in the trap of human control:
    GET OFF THE PHONE (song)

    Nobody was listening then, and most aren’t listening now. The end result of the controller’s ability at domination.

    I now have written a couple of videos on the bigger picture and solutions at that same site. But then you may be too caught up in some this and that to pay any attention to a stranger with no DIGITAL online credibility. 🙂

  8. Gavinm says:

    By the way James, if I have not said it already, I really appreciate you putting this together. I appreciate your candor, diligent research, your humor and your well-founded assertions.

    I especially appreciate your solutions focused episodes as well.

    You are doing important work here and perhaps these ripples you send out will rock enough boats to wake up a critical mass of people up in time to take action before it is too late.

    Keep up the great work.

  9. HyperSimian says:

    Make the government come to your house. Intelligence, will prevail

  10. Loft says:

    Potential future headline: Electrical blackout causes chaos for ID checks. (Official: Your ID Sir, please. A: Sorry, battery dead. Official: Help… anyone?!)

  11. fruitdoctor says:

    Did anyone see when the words “the UNdocuments” that the “UN” was in red letters as in “UN Documents”?

  12. pill says:

    Recommended book on this topic: Scanned by Nick Corbishley

  13. mplstv says:

    This video explaining the digital ID for UN employees is a glimpse into what to expect: https://youtu.be/mvaYipKtY-c

    Be well James.

  14. mplstv says:

    Furthermore this CSIS video on global digital IDs is a bit dystopic. And the people affiliated with this think tank are very powerful.


  15. Gavinm says:

    You were mentioned in a local newspaper here in Ontario James 🙂

    Druthers Newspaper republished an article in their Jan 2023 print on the WHO treaty by Dr. Mercola featuring a mention of a video with James Corbett and Meryl Nass


  16. Gavinm says:

    Snippets from Nexus magazine’s jan-feb 2023 edition relating to the Global Digital ID Prison, CBDCs and the technocratic control grid:


  17. I would like to get a sense of what’s happening in your neck of the woods vis-a-vis digital IDs.

    Things are not looking too rosy where I live (southern Ontario, Canada).

    There is a push going on right now to digital IDs that most people aren’t even aware of.

    I closed my bank account at one of the big five banks in Canada and am about to close a second one at another big five bank.
    For 20+ years it was good enough to log into my bank account by entering my username and password.

    Almost overnight the banks and utility companies are all singing from the same hymn book.
    They are all in cahoots. They are saying, for ‘security purposes’ a second security measure will be implemented now. It’s all to protect us and keep our accounts secure.

    What is the second security measure? Well it’s a “one-time code” used every time you try to log into your account.

    If you try to log in online and have a smartphone they will text you this “one-time code” that must be entered before you can gain access to your account(s).
    If you try to log in online from a landline (as is my case) they will call you and give you a “one-time code” that must be entered before you can gain access to your account(s).

    Trying to log in online to your account and you are not at home and you are using a landline? Too bad. You are out of luck it can’t be done.

    What they are doing is so painfully obvious. Today I learned that the smartphone slaves already have an app that will scan their fingerprints in order for them to log in online. And they will soon be adding facial recognition to the app.

    They are conditioning the masses to this massive invasion of privacy and inconvenience so that
    eventually all will throw up their hands and welcome with open arms a digital system that
    will be used for everything to identify/track everyone.

    Most people are blissfully ignorant to what this new push is all about.

    So what’s happening where you live with IDs and ‘security’ screening?

    • Gavinm says:

      @Fawlty Towers

      Yes I have experienced what you describe with some services I had to drop due to their creepy lockstep geotagging/biometric identification requirements.

      I am a ‘neighbor’ of yours (I live in the same region).

      I agree most people just see the little tiny steps and do not take a step back to see the larger pattern, the increasingly steep slippery slope it is a part of, nor where that slippery slope is headed.

      Thanks for the comment.

  18. Gavinm says:

    Joe Allen: Biometric ID and Global Government



    Sounds like the OpenAI / Chatgpt creator guy is basically telling people now we need to scan our eye balls, to biometrically verify we are human when goin online to keep us safe from online chatbot fakery.

    Talk about Problem – Reaction – Solution

  19. Thinking about bringing your smartphone to a grocery store near you?
    This one’s really gross, as in Big Grocer Watching you.
    Tracking your every move at the grocery store. 🙁

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