Episode 182 - Requiem for the Suicided: Kenneth Trentadue

04/17/20116 Comments

Kenneth Trentadue was murdered in the Oklahoma City Federal Transfer Center in August, 1995. The authorities ruled it a suicide. Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we explore the incredible story of Jesse Trentadue, Kenney's brother, who has spent the last two decades working to find out what really happened to his brother...and how it connects to the Oklahoma City Bombing.


Documentation - The Corbett Report 2009 Video Archive DVD
Time Reference: 01:30
Description: Support The Corbett Report. Buy the DVD.
Link To: The Corbett Report


Documentation - KennethTrentadue.com
Time Reference: 02:34
Description: The homepage of the Kenneth Trentadue investigation with (graphic) photos of the body, as well as information about the case and links to further information.
Link To: KennethTrentadue.com


Documentation - In Search of John Doe No. 2
Time Reference: 02:44
Description: A 2007 Mother Jones report on the Kenneth Trentadue story that reveals many of the details of the incredible cover-up of the Kenneth Trentadue murder...that still disparages people who believe the government was complicit in the bombings as "conspiracy theorists."
Link To: MotherJones.com


Documentation - Jesse Trentadue Interview
Time Reference: 08:13
Description: Link to The Corbett Report interview with Jesse Trentadue. Please see the documentation section of this interview for links to some of the documents that Jesse has uncovered through FOIA requests and made available to the public.
Link To: The Corbett Report


Documentation - The Mystery of John Doe No. 2
Time Reference: 23:04
Description: A 2001 Salon article on John Doe No. 2.
Link To: Salon.com


Documentation - The Free Mind Report
Time Reference: 23:45
Description: A continuation of the work of Radio Free Oklahoma, featuring James Lane, Holland Van den Nieuwenhof and Bobby Kessler.
Link To: The Free Mind Report


Documentation - New World Next Week covers the doctored OKC surveillance tapes
Time Reference: 31:40
Description: From the pilot episode of the New World Next Week.
Link To: YouTube


Documentation - Oklahoma City Bombing Videotapes Subject of Federal Court Hearing in Salt Lake City May 11
Time Reference: 43:37
Description: Information on the landmark court case set to be heard on May 11th regarding the issue of whether or not the FBI actually has to produce the surveillance footage from the Alfred P. Murrah building.
Link To: BigGovernment.com

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  1. PeaceFroggs says:

    What were the chances of Kenneth Trentadue not only looking like Richard Lee Guthrie Jr. but also both having a dragon tattoo on their left arms?

    Waco, first World Trade Center bombings, OKC, etc… The FBI really failed the American people in the 1990’s.

  2. bill_i says:

    This reminded me of an event that took place six years later, during a different administration. All it has in common with the Trentadue event — apparently, anyway — is an odd death:


  3. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Holland Van den Nieuwenhof
    The following is a fantastic article with inter-related links to the Oklahoma City Bombing & 9/11/2001.
    “Key to the Truth in Oklahoma”
    4.19.95 and 9.11.01
    by Holland Van den Nieuwenhof

    James Corbett’s Interview 316 – Holland Van den Nieuwenhof

  4. M says:

    I think it should not be forgotten that while we can blame the Federal Government for the torture killing, it does not mean any federal agents themselves did the torture. In the past they have used for example mafia hitman Gregory Scarpa to torture Lawrence Byrd in order to find the bodies of the missing Mississippi Civil Rights workers.


  5. Was Philip Marshall suicided? He wrote “The Big Bamboozle- 9-11 and the War on Terror”.

    Was It Murder? Philip Marshall, Author of ‘Big Bamboozle,’ Dead:

    Wayne Madsen: 9/11 author Philip Marshall “suicided” by black ops team_on the Kevin Barrett Show: http://noliesradio.org/archives/57581

    P.S. Last year I added “Suicided” to Wiktionary. I was surprised it wasn’t there because I thought it was a common term. Some even questioned whether it was a real term. I know I heard it in common parlance or at least in conspiracy analyst documentaries before I heard it on the Corbett Report.

  6. scpat says:

    3/22/19 Richard Booth on the OKC Bombing


    Interview with researcher Richard Booth. Booth will be opening up a personal archive with OKC Bombing documents.

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