Episode 371 - Going Viral

01/17/2020121 Comments

So what does it mean to "go viral" anyway? No, no, no. What does it really mean? Join James for a philosophical exploration of memes, virality and the body politic on this edition of The Corbett Report podcast.

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  1. pearl says:

    I get what you’re saying but nurturing the embryo is still conceding that we are of a greater body, and a mean bitch at that who won’t hesitate to abort. I see it as simply walking away and cutting our own paths, scattering seeds and cultivating all the while.

    But I admit, I do often employ the body image, particularly the one described in the book of Daniel, Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of a great statue and wonder about the feet and toes of iron mixed with clay: is it the global state vs the individuals worldwide who refuse to submit? That interpretation makes the most sense to me. OR it could be the reptilians vs the humans, OR… 😉

  2. wylie1 says:


    To be honest I never associated [Going Viral] with a disease. Nor do I think that many other did either. Just the rapid large quantity of views of a particular video.

    Not much different than the youth at one time calling something they thought was cool, Rad, being short for Radical. Was it really radical? Not so much. Certainly not some political radicals. One COULD have associated their use of Totally Rad with some political bent and then concluded it as a POOR descriptor.

    Every generation seems to desire some of their own lingo. To re-purpose words, to redefine them for their own use and pleasure, like it or not.

    James seems to have associated the cancer and aids or disease with the term Going Viral where no association of such was intended. If I were a young person I would simply say “obviously they don’t get us, why listen to those old folks trying to pigeon hole us into things we really didn’t mean…” Hence, why not only youth quit the dinosaur media.

    Just who is the audience of the Embryo theme? (Rhetorical only)

    It seems Voluntaryism is going to have to reach the youngish if it is going to ever happen in the time necessary. It would seem wiser to use whatever language that will PERK up their antennae, rather than some wonderful word out of the dictionary that seems to embody things best.

    I’ll take Voluntaryism GOING VIRAL any day over it going embryonic.
    Sorry for that but just considering the situation at hand.

    • owen22 says:

      All “going viral” means in 2020 is 5 minutes of fame and an appearance on Ellen. Let’s go embryonic. And for what it’s worth, I’m 24 y/o.

      • wylie1 says:

        We’ve already had the embryo since individualists – voluntaryists such as Lysander Spooner and others. He died over 130 years ago.

        Will it still be “an embryo” when it is large enough to matter, the place you seem to want it to get to? Clearly embryos don’t always grow. Do you think it wise to change the name again after it is past the embryo stage? How many times and stages?

        Not that [viral] is all that superb but at least more people understand the term to mean rapidly spreading, which would be preferable to the embryo still being an embryo in another 130 years.

        Regardless, spreading the idea of Voluntaryism is more important than any of THIS waste of time discussion.

        • ben.r says:

          Thanks for your reference to Lysander Spooner, whom I had not heard of but would now like to read. Does “voluntaryism” really summarize an alternative that reflects ideas common to all or most readers of this site?
          The metaphor of an embryo, which could grow and become conscious, is different from that of a virus, which could maim, such as polio. The embryo metaphor inspires, or could inspire, hope, especially to young people, who are only beginning to become conscious of the world around them, yet are subjected to daily fear porn.
          Specifically, I believe that I have become gradually aware that many, many MSM reports are or may be either incomplete or very biased, such as those about
          – JFK, 9/11, and similarly planned killings and subversions;
          – vaccines, antibiotics, and chemotherapy;
          – fractional reserve lending, fiat currencies, and debt;
          – nutrition, “health”, and obesity; and
          – climate change, proof of anthropogenicity, CO2, pollution, and the science.
          Where you stand depends on where you sit, of course. If you are trying to increase awareness of alternate points of view or possible ways of life, then the metaphor of an embryo speaks to possible healthy growth in healthy young bodies, compared with that of a virus, which could become malignant. Both metaphors make different interpretations and specific details possible, but an embryo has a more healthy connotation and biological reality. We each started life as an embryo, not as a virus.
          For me, an obvious embryo has the ideas of non-violence, peace, and the peace movement; individual health freedom and responsibility; the gold standard; organic, small-scale farming and minerals and vitamins from real food; individual detoxification; and local, small-scale government.
          I’m not naive. This tiny embryo of ideas will probably never grow, but I hope it is never killed. These ideas are not new. They may go back to ancient Sumeria.
          Other people have different points of view, of course. If they start to see these ideas grow and threaten their position, then they might try to abort and then kill the embryo by trying to outlaw and censor these ideas. I hope that this never happens.
          Beyond looking for a meme or a sound bite, I suggest that we focus on continuing to search for and report the truth, at least also recognizing one’s own point of view. The truth does not always conform to the opinions of the majority.
          Of course, this begins with telling oneself the truth first. Nobody has a monopoly on the truth. Sometimes the truth is within.

    • Fawlty Towers says:

      “I’ll take Voluntaryism GOING VIRAL any day over it going embryonic.
      Sorry for that but just considering the situation at hand.”

      Yes Wylie1 we’re of like minds on this one.

      For whatever reason, James chose to take the phrase “Go Viral” too literally.

      Like you Wylie1 and probably the vast majority of folks out there, by default I think of going viral, figuratively, as in ‘spread like crazy’, ‘quickly’. That’s all. I don’t think of any negative contexts.

      When the MSM talks about this or that video or idea ‘going viral’ over the internet, how many times or what percentage of these ‘viruses’ are viewed in a negative light? Very very seldom indeed.

      I agree that Mr. Corbett shouldn’t aim to create/release information/videos with ‘going viral’ as his prime goal, however I think he should always be thinking about finding ways to reach the BROADEST POSSIBLE number of people.

      If he prefers to think of this as ‘going embryonic’ rather than ‘going viral’, that’s fine. They’re just labels.
      The people that are influenced in the end is what really matters.
      And as far as I’m concerned, the more the merrier.

  3. wilbourn says:

    9/11 A Conspiracy Theory is the greatest 5 minute video I’ve ever seen since MTV was doing real music videos in the 80s. I watch that video every month.
    To kill the beast, eat organic gluten-free and don’t get vaccines. Don’t consume mainstream media garbage.
    Don’t believe a single word that a successful politician vomits into your ears.
    The beast you feed is the beast that grows. Starve the beast of money and the beast dies.
    And of course watch the entire library of James Corbett to know the beast and how to starve it.

    Jeffery Epstein didn’t kill himself

  4. generalbottlewasher says:

    Viral as in it needs to be killed and a forced inoculation against such…ahh. .wrongthink has to be stopped . eh? The inoculater? A screaming Me Me.

    Way way beyond comprehension , broadly, confusing as anarchism.

    In art history , all the 60 something bombs { real bombs} thrown in Paris in 1907 were , of course , thrown by Anarchasts which ushered in Cubism.

    Destablization and reductionism. Embryo s

  5. Noahsark723 says:

    This is the seminal idea that is the root of all solutions – great talk Brother James!!!

    The idea of yielding to overcome is the foundation for the solution to this new world order dis-ease that infects the minds and hearts of the human race.

    Withdrawing from and taking our energy away from the system rather than fighting it is the answer…

    …but without enough people who are interested in freeing their minds from the grand illusion it can’t take flight.

    The nwo system thrives on the ignorance of the masses and time is certainly running out – it really is a shame when we really have all of answers and solutions; the causes are known so as to really heal this planet and the human race so it can blossom into its greatest potential. But the so-called elite, who are the handlers of the ignorant masses; and the ignorant masses even more so, who are really holding all the keys, is the one stone in the roadblock that can only be removed by individuals doing their own inner work. Only the individual can free their own heart and mind and that is what so many people avoid.

    In the end – there is no savoir coming because the individual is the savoir of mankind – and when the individuals living in the common reality, that only the Creator is the author of, will create a collective force that operates on its own – that is what will free mankind, if we can obtain it!

    Too many minds reside in the place of two dimensional thinking where they are easily caught in the dialectic – but ideas like what James put forth here is of a higher third dimension and that is where the creative thinking happens that sees the whole and the solutions it presents rather than the reductionist mindset that is blind, that enslaves and destroys what ever is touches.

    “Would you care for a game of thermo-nuclear warefare – no because the only way to win is not to play” – rough quote from the movie War Games

    • weilunion says:

      “In the end – there is no savoir coming because the individual is the savoir of mankind – and when the individuals living in the common reality, that only the Creator is the author of, will create a collective force that operates on its own – that is what will free mankind, if we can obtain it!”

      Well which is it? The individual or the creator and if the latter, which creator? There are claims to hundreds of them.

      This is what Nietzche called belief in a slave morality.

      Time to go beyond good and evil.

      Belief is the supernatural, whatever stripe, is disbelief in the power of human agency,

      • Noahsark723 says:

        As I stated in the post —>> it is the individual!
        The Creator is the author of reality, not man. That was my point
        in regards to reality – reality is what is common to us and man
        does not create reality and if he thinks he does he is in illusion.

        One of the tricks of the luciferic deception was to deceive man into thinking that he is the author reality as it is a very popular idea in our times.

        When I say Creator – I mean it in the context of being beyond all form, meaning in a basic level that “it” is neither male nor female and yet contains the both. The one book that comes close to describing what I call the Creator is the Tao De Ching. It is the Tao and it is in everything and every where. Religion was created to control man and veil his true spiritual nature from him. In the end there is only one creator and it is nothing and everything – it is you and it is me and it is beyond you and me. Words cannot contain it – nor can it be understood… and so forth…

        Slave morality? in what context? True morality frees man and is uplifting, sure morality for the sake of putting on a show of it, is insincere and is false morality and is enslaving.

        Good and evil? There is the true good that has no opposite and then there is the dialectic of the seeming good or the false good and then the manifestation of the evil opposite. But as there is true good there is also true evil at work whose foundation is found in error and fear. In the end it always consumes itself to a point as if it never existed – its only end is destruction.

        “Belief is the supernatural, whatever stripe, is disbelief in the power of human agency”

        I disagree – all of life is supernatural and founded on it. It is what empowers us. But from the lexicon in which you speak you most likely define supernatural as the unreal and make believe. Lexicon and context – the same sentence can mean 10 different things to 10 different people because they all have 10 different lexicons they see things from – it is one of the biggest problems with the english language.

        • mik says:

          I thought I’ll be the first to invoke Tao. It has a place in the debate how to free ourselves from nowadays nightmare.

          I don’t see it as a disbelief in human agency as @weilunion said. Human agency is very powerful, sometimes too powerful, we can destroy ourselves. Look at all the nukes, chimeras, stupid new space race, AI….. And then the most stupid explanation: we do it because we can (and, of course, I’m a pessimist always looking at the darkest side)

          Ones upon a time religion put boundaries on human agency, religion in a sense of a set of values outside a human being. Today people believe that literally everything is relative and there is no absolute. Everyone has his own subjectivity, he is a god to himself.
          Such a life philosophy together with necessity of survival and economic intensives drives people to be engaged in all kinds of nonsense like enumerated above.

          Certainly I’m against highly organized religion, kind of indifferent regarding spiritualism, but very much for establishing of a set of absolute values for humanity. And I find this in teachings of Lao-Tze (proto-anarchist no doubt).

          If you see a society like a sum of individuals then maybe you see no need for absolute values.
          But society is not just a sum of individuals, it is more.

          Lets see what we have now for values on our side: non-violence, do no harm…
          First, definitions with negation don’t work well in our brain.
          What about Goodness, something that is “right below tao”?


          • Noahsark723 says:

            Great points Mik!

            Do unto others as you would have them do unto you – is a foundation law of creation and the foundation of true civilization.

            There is something else in the bible were it talks of – we come into to this world with nothing and we are sure to leave with nothing – Truth again – so what are people really doing with their lives?

            Bob Marley said in the song Misty Mourning – There is one mystery I just can’t express, how can you ever give your more to receive your less.


            The question is what kind of wake do you leave behind after one passes on… from how you lived your life?

            In alot of contexts boundries can be a good thing

            Ch. 38 of the Tao De Ching is good stuff there:

            When the Tao is lost, there is goodness.
            When goodness is lost, there is morality.
            When morality is lost, there is ritual.
            Ritual is the husk of true faith,
            the beginning of chaos.

            (He is charting the fall into dualistic illusion,
            goodness gives rise to its opposite evil,
            both exist in illusion because it is false
            goodness – TRUE GOODNESS is the TAO and has no opposite)

            Therefore the Master concerns himself
            with the depths and not the surface,
            with the fruit and not the flower.
            He has no will of his own.
            He dwells in reality,
            and lets all illusions go.

            • mik says:

              “……TRUE GOODNESS is the TAO and has no opposite”

              don’t know….
              I would say Chaos is the opposite of Tao. But yes, just kind of opposite.

              “so what are people really doing with their lives?”

              Anything and everything just to push away a thought they will be dead one day.

  6. jackbc says:

    Point taken… the embryo is a more apt image than the pesky virus meme.
    So why didn’t you leave us today, with the most iconic embryo image
    of the 20th Century ? – Kubrick’s star-child, the embryonic figure
    juxtaposed with the earth itself, promising rebirth and an alternative future.

  7. weilunion says:

    in his book, Public Opinion (written almost one hundred years ago), reporter and commentator, Walter Lippmann emphasized that the public: “… conceives of democratic communication primarily through the medium of vision. A democratic order is possible in so far as the masses are able to construct visual representations that approximate the truth”.


    This is important, for by underscoring and highlighting Lippmann’s notion of ‘vision’ and its ‘medium’ we can gain an insight into his powerful understanding of the role of ‘corporate image making’ (or meme making) or ‘corporate visual media manipulation’. Even though only the medium of moving pictures and not television had been invented at the time he wrote Public Opinion, much later Marshal McLuhan and Vance Packard would take these insights to a much deeper level. Edward Bernay’s book, Propaganda, had come out earlier in 1922 and Crystallizing Public Opinion in 1923 and the effects of the Creel Report and the anti-German propaganda unleashed in America no doubt had an effect on Lippmann’s thinking. It certainly did on the thinking of the masses lending credence to Lippmann’s theory.

    Marketing, propaganda and the management of citizen perceptions is far greater now than at any time in history; it’s become a multi-billion dollar industry.

    Lippmann, if alive today, would only nod his head in vindication of his major assumptions. Even poet, Allan Ginsburg, was quick to remark shortly before his death: “We are in science fiction now. Whoever controls the media-the image-controls the culture”.

    This can serve to remind us of Orwell’s admonishment in 1984,

    “He who controls the present controls the past” (Orwell, G. 1984, Harcourt Brace, Plume Publishing. NY: New York, 2003 reprint, first edition).

    The media is of course corporate controlled so the visualizations are corporate manufactured and history a corporate construction. Television, radio and the internet are now the largest school districts in the world of commercialized culture and they are controlled, in general, by five or six giant media empires

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      Weilunion, here is an early version of of public vision by the chief of propaganda for Napoleon, David. 1793 Death of Marat.
      The historical significance of this was not lost on future propagandists.


      • manbearpig says:

        Fantastic video: extremely hasty impressions, can’t do better, too much work

        -a “people’s republic” that incorporates the lictor’s bundle
        -the spareness of the painting idolizing a “people’s revolution” comparable to the austerity proned by current “people’s movements”?
        -christian martyrs replaced by political martyrs…à la Julian Assange and Edward Snowden
        -art as propaganda: David a turncoat or an immortalizer of contemporary movements and moving values?
        -video borrows a very pleasant presentation style

        as for the video on “lateral thinking”, I’m afraid this “colossal thinker” etc. comes across as a bit naive…
        suggesting that
        -the outcomes of the so-called wars in Afghanistan and Irak have not been thought out
        -that because you have children you have long-term vision for democracy
        -that parliamentarians actually decide things

        this is perhaps how things SHOULD be; not how they are as far as I can tell

        but he’s right that India is an ideal laboratory for new types of systems (biometric and so on)
        and that the UN is not interested in creative thought.

        now my students must be wondering what the hell I’m doing…

        • manbearpig says:

          – art as propaganda: David a turncoat or an immortalizer of contemporary movements and moving values?

          like a photographer for Life magazine or such photographing the horrors of war without aiding the victims:

          also recognizing sincere thinking in Marat for example without necessarily sharing his values…

          now I’m really blathering when I should’ve been in the bus 10 minutes ago


      • alexandre says:

        Hi guys, here we are again in another room! How fun.

        Khan Academy – about Sal Khan: “He holds three degrees from MIT and an MBA from Harvard Business School.”
        Pretty mainstream. Not that I wan to be the pseudo-conspiracy cadet, just that, through the video, I kept waiting for the real truth about the French revolution, which apparently has nothing to do with the mainstream version, this usual fantasy where there are no powers beyond “the king” or “the people” for that mater. So, I don’t know. Russian dolls again?

        Apparently the embryo thing didn’t go well with Corbetteers. Personally, the word reminds me of “Alien” the movie, or even Bergman’s “The Serpent’s Egg”. So we can see negative connotations on any word. It’s obvious that “viral” doesn’t mean literally virus, disease, cancer (specially AIDS, which has nothing to do with any virus), but I guess we have to try to get what’s behind Corbett’s idea, and the fact that “viruses” get attacked by “immune systems” is a good point against anything going viral.

        I suggested on the other section that truth can only work slowly on individuals, so any notion of viral or trendy, anything mass-appealing would be a contradiction. Maybe something along those lines is what James means, or maybe a similar notion is there but he needs/wants to put it in the anarco-voluntarist lingo? I don’t know, I’m just trying to look behind James’ words, because he’s not an idiot, apparently, and we have to remember what he said about metaphors and think in those terms.

        The truth going viral to me is something like Wittgenstein being hip, or Beethoven quartet N. 3 being number one in the discotheque. (Now how old am I, eh? yes, discotheque!) It’s a contradiction that can only mean that the collective misunderstood the whole thing. In fact if Corbett or any other source becomes viral, it’s a bad sign. I heard somewhere that Ravel, after writing his “experiment” – Bolero – when he saw it went “viral” said: “Shit, now I’m gonna be famous because of that thing”. Indeed when you hear “Gaspard de la Nuit”, Bolero sounds like the Bee Gees, so anything that goes viral is because it resonates on the lower common mass levels. Now, dos this suggest that truth is …. erudite? Academic? I don’t know, I’ll stop before I get confused again. (Or people start throwing digital eggs at me).

        (By the way James, the word “metaphor” is already a huge problem. Not many people know what the word really means and confuse it with analogy, simile and so on. Maybe you should explain better the connotations vs denotation problem).

        • manbearpig says:

          “…The truth going viral to me is something like Wittgenstein being hip, or Beethoven quartet N. 3 being number one in the discotheque. (Now how old am I, eh? yes, discotheque!) It’s a contradiction that can only mean that the collective misunderstood the whole thing…”

          Rings crystal clear and true…

          “…Indeed when you hear “Gaspard de la Nuit”, Bolero sounds like the Bee Gees…”

          incidentally, solo piano’s equalled only by solo harpsichord…


          and this at 41:59, my favorite:


          now I really will stop procrastinating…

        • generalbottlewasher says:

          Alex and MBP : where to begin with the pulsed resonance you two have turned loose.You two are messing with zero point energy in a way. And in Z-Man fashion I will attempt to ‘splain. You caused my head to explode with that line a thought. I hope I can find all the pieces and put them back together again.
          1. Corbetteers vs Corbett Reporteers. From the brilliantly worded Subscriber news letter a few days ago from the Editor-in-Chief.
          2.You made me think of the suns energy being locked up in the forest of humanity. Like that of the forest fuel that is not being burned periodically in natural cycles of a healthy forest. Could be the TPTSB do burn in a controlled fashion or we, humanity, reach a point that the lies and methods of control never let the fuel build up to escape from the suppression.
          3. Going viral could be those controlled burns. Controlling the resonances that build are very similar to a directed energy weapon. When the release of the frequency occur TPTSB control that release being sure not to cross over into zero point energy. When The multi directional release occurs the Law of Energy Conservation is breached and control is lost. Where in our past has the breach occurred for TPTSB? We can easily spot the controlled burns that cooked humanities ass.
          4. You all crossed the threshold of truth and have entered the tower of Babel wherein all truth resides. IF you can get out of the building with those truths how would you share it with the lower masses. Resonating with the mob will put the conundrum of TPTSB in your court. How ? The when is now.
          5. So lets get moving into action. The truth is in the discotheque and Albert Hall. The trick will be to control the burn , an ember,an embreyo. To start a fire that doesn’t created a conflagration but clears the tares and the tarerists from the forest.
          6. Into action: https://youtu.be/0zmIR1aAGYE

          • generalbottlewasher says:

            PS; in other words you really rang my bell with that lateral thinking. The bee thing was remarkable. Regards to New York regards to London. Regards to Nippon regards to San Paulo.

            • generalbottlewasher says:

              Well this what I feel like but don’t look or sound this good. Ahhh… Music. Wishing it was Saturday night.


              We will give it a rest. I feel Shiva is playing with fire. For Americans its refreshing. Embryonic or viral its gaining steam.

              • manbearpig says:

                Sorry I missed that Creep. Better late than never: in time for for the first almost vacation week-end in what seems like forever… (Just when the Jameses are hitting the proverbial road; timing’s never been my strong point) I’ll listen again, tonight, at home, with a glass of … something red and the week-end will have really begun…

                Creep. Very moving…

                oh! and also had a look at that Plato’s dialogues link – (big break in classes this afternoon) also rather inspiring… that Suzanne seems to have had an interesting transatlantic career that has allegedly provided new and interesting visible and intelligible perspectives on the Dialogues. I won’t be able to gauge this innovation; just enjoy a guided discovery of Plato which shouldn’t hurt.

                …best comments section on the net!

                at least if you’re looking for stellar female voices…

              • generalbottlewasher says:

                Man would not exist without women, fact!

                Languadoc, shoes off feet up and you can leave your hat on.

          • alexandre says:


            Just kidding. Thanks for that, but I’ll have to read that many times to get that. My English isn’t THAT good.

            Was that lateral thinking then?

            For now I can only say that maybe the truth – what we call truth here – could be the only way once the old TPTSB novela starts to die. So we wouldn’t have to do anything other than what we already do – you more than me. I mean I don’t need to convince the frogs and spiders here of anything. They already know.

            We may enter the old mythic motif where the guy finds gold in the forest and when he brings it back it turns into ashes. Things like truth have to be experienced, or found individually. They can’t be communicated. As Campbell said: “you can lead a girl to Vassar but you can’t make her think!” Maybe we can lead girls to Corbett and hope they learn. The Buddha himself, after his illumination and looking at the immovable spot said “This cannot be taught”, or words to that effect.

            Later I’ll see what more comes up and maybe manBpig can inject something here.

            • generalbottlewasher says:

              Alex, in the doing we create. In the mind we procrastinate. I have to think of the nursery rhythms origin, how did it come about? What was trying to be communicated here.
              Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
              Humpty Dumpty had a great fall;
              All the Kings horses
              All the Kings men
              Couldn’t put Humpty back together again.


              Optimism says that can be taught , and as Lewis Carroll says you just have to enter by a door that isn’t an exit but an entrance…
              Sperm and an ova, relationship. To make pregnant and to arrive at
              embryo you got to enter at the right door. All others are stuck in a feed back loop and going nowhere.
              Look how I got 10trillion new brain cells.
              1. What’s in a logo
              2.episode 370-2020 interview.
              3.episode 371 – going viral
              4 subscriber news letter- when is a camera not a camera

              This was quite the rabbit hole door.

              • generalbottlewasher says:

                Well , the swelling has gone down but I can still feel the stings of a thousand bees, wasps . there is a German expression for the dual existence that quantum physics presents, however I have been unable to locate the proper spelling. Zeggerbewiggen? Any Deutsche speakers in the crowd. The jumping back and forth of the bee the wasp the cat is dead one minute and the cat is alive the next thing. Its maddening to be stung a thousand times, and be shown an entrance and encourage you to pass through only to become aware that you are in the alley and the door closes and the sign says exit no entry, go around to the entrance and pay again.

              • alexandre says:

                Man, you’re a metaphor millionaire. Good stuff. Your “other side of the door” made me think of this.
                When I started with 911 stuff, few years after the fact, I was illuminated. I found the truth, many truths, it was obvious, NOW things made sense thanks to the great internet. I’ve seen the light! Now I could understand Lula getting medals from aristocrats in Europe, I found Alex Jones, David Icke, and much later Patrick Wood’s interview in Caravan to Midnight was the greatest final bomb. So I started to enthusiastically talk to people “have you seen this?” and so on – if only people knew!, I though – only to discover many new things and truths that transformed me gradually into the current aging Tapir. Zombies all around, even loved ones, friends, even the guy that showed me first the conspiracy stuff, all simply turned their backs and I discovered this new thing called “conspiracy theory” which apparently was worse than pedophilia or murder. So for them I was now … mad. If I said “911 was an inside job”, they would hear “I want to have sex with your children”. The conspiracy stuff installed in my mouth this digital transformer, or modulator, that makes all my sentences come out meaning something else, and opposite to what I mean. Like in some Woody Allen dream where he says when he tried to speak, bell sounds came out. Is that the rabbit hole incantation? In any case I see no point in any action whatsoever, quite the contrary, but I had faith that Americans would be different and that could be the, or some, salvation. Sadly I see the same incantation going on all over. Absurdities that should cause many revolutions get a simple “it’s really bad isn’t it?” Atila the Hun is “inadequate” and dick chenney “lied to the people”. So I don’t know, friend. I really don’t know nothing.

              • generalbottlewasher says:

                Well Alex we are not dead yet. You are no Tapir, you are a giant armadillo and you know more than you let on.
                That encouragement to do nothing is what the play here is. That you are finished so give up go buy some dope and we will instruct you where to go and what to do.( that’s the U.S. now) .
                In the existing matrix, this is someone real as real as you can be without a deathwish. He calls Del Bigtree out, along with Robert Kennedy Jr. Same ‘ol go through this door here routine.
                Its an hour long , its all good stuff but fitting it in the new paradigm will take all the brains this guy has. I think he can do some good.( ie.damage) He explains controlled opposition and the Not So Obvious Establishment. One more metaphor, name the evil and its like sunlight to a vampire, squirm and burn in the light.


              • alexandre says:

                Thanks for the words. I need to say that I’m not depressed or suicidal in any way. I’m still here at home writing on a PC in this “best of comment sections on the web” (I believe James), the lights are still on and the wind on the trees still refresh my spirit. Life will always be there (although that can also be quite melancholic). I say I’m a tapir because whatever I know, however good, has no place today, so it’s like being the greatest iglu builder in Ethiopia, you know. The best tobogganist of Acre (a state up northwest). I don’t see a “solution” because living (surviving actually) has become so digital – direct, simple and uninteresting. Even the metaphors sound out of place because it’s just a simple matter of money – how much, where it comes from and what you have to do for it. Nothing esoteric or philosophical about it, no evils or dragons. I don’t travel, don’t go to restaurants, bowling, cinemas, the beach, friends in the city, nothing because whatever money comes in, goes out immediately in debts, bills and food. And no savings, so I simply don’t have money for any of those things. So you’re in a prison – a beautiful prison, but still a prison (that’s why the Nietzsche quote – I think – “the most beautiful of prisons”?) And maybe a nice refuge planned and built by my unconscious long ago, who knew what was coming? How many friends that don’t have even that.

                I just got off the phone with a friend that does graphic design in a studio that already laid off 80% of the staff and he is wondering what will be if the owner decides to quit. The owner is rich, but this guy will have to try to do garden stuff in the countryside. Everything changed, as you know, in a way that only the big companies can survive and if you’re over 50 without “assets” or savings, good luck. The world shrunk to a dot, it seems, and that’s globalization for ya. No mushroom clouds, no red moons, no Nights on Bald Mountains. Who knew the apocalypse would be so plain and uninteresting. (People say “it’s an amazing time to be alive” – I don’t know what they mean, and it sounds a lot like an advertising slogan).

                The only problem is that now, that I have no utility for the system anymore, I can see it’s a conveyor belt of slavery of which I was a part, as the young idiots after me are now. I recognize the same devilish seductions, tricks, trends and shit. When they find out, it’s gonna be too late.

                I’ll watch the video now, thank you. And maybe I do look like a giant armadillo! 🙂

        • candlelight says:

          Hello alexandre,

          I copy here your sentence from your above post, because it expresses some very good points:

          “I don’t know, I’m just trying to look behind James’ words, because he’s not an idiot, apparently, and we have to remember what he said about metaphors and think in those terms.”

          As James is the antithesis of an idiot – and, of course, quite the contrary, he’s a brilliant individual, I very much agree that it is important that we do attempt to follow what he’s saying, or as you put it, to “remember” what he said. Near the end of his podcast, he specifically made the point to remind his audience that he had been, indeed, speaking highly metaphorically. As he said – “Now this is very metaphorical, I understand…”

          The beauty of this podcast, though, is the ironic contradiction in his using the power of the metaphor to pointedly and selectively deconstruct and discredit two rather popular ones, while at the same time creating a new one. Clever!

          One of the main purposes of this entire podcast was to argue for the de-legitimization and detachment from, the “Body Politic” meme, which is essentially the popular metaphor for Statehood these days, the idea being that to free oneself from it, is to quit feeding into it by all means. James also discussed the relatively recent standardization of the use of the term “meme”, itself. And, strangely enough, it would seem that even the ubiquitous reference to the word “meme” has had the unique ability to solidify, and for that matter, legitimize, in the public’s consciousness, whatever conceptualizations and/or metaphors that have been, well, “meme-ified”.

          The whole idea is to wake up and smell the coffee, realize the subconscious, embedded nature of this metaphoric beast, “Body Politic” which has been created by way of the universal “meme-ification” of things, and walk away from it, even if it means walking away from its metaphoric nemesis, and arch meme, “Viral”.

          Maybe it’s hard to see, but meme metaphor “Viral” feeds off of meme metaphor “Body Politic”, essentially legitimizing “Body Politic” – Statehood – in a symbiotic way.

          “Embryonic” is metaphor for “new”. New approach, a new way. A new day. And hey, maybe “Embryonic” may become a ubiquitous meme,too, a ubiquitous idea without the need to go “Viral”.

          Maybe, it’ll just need to be “Born”. 🙂

          Meat and potatoes?

          Perhaps a little cereal just for now.

          Anyway, I thought this podcast was really refreshing, insightful, and uplifting.

          • alexandre says:

            Sorry the delay Candlelight, I missed this one on my email notifications. Desolé.

            Thanks for stressing the “Body-politic” point, and the podcast as a whole. It was very good as always.

            -Your lines (should be in italic here but I don’t know how to do it) – “The whole idea is to wake up and smell the coffee, realize the subconscious, embedded nature of this metaphoric beast, “Body Politic” which has been created by way of the universal “meme-ification” of things, and walk away from it, even if it means walking away from its metaphoric nemesis, and arch meme, “Viral”.

            Totally agree.
            All these new words make me think of the old words “slogan, target, campaign, persuade” etc. If it’s an advertising world, any alternative should get out of this world. In that sense, now that I think of it, inventing a new slogan or term, say “embryonic”, is still in the same way of thinking; advertising – having a product and selling it to as many people as possible. Good advertising would be the idea? Could be, unless the devil is in the system itself. I’d have to think about that. Something in me – that never changes – tells me that anything collective is problematic because the individual always get eaten by the collective, seen as nothing but a “cell” of the whole “Body”, and there we are again. I am a cell of my society and in that sense I’m a “nothing but”, but I’m also a whole organism independent of any society, at least ideologically or psychologically. In that sense I’m a whole universe and should never succumb to the collective allure (?), I mean falling in the group-think thing. I would even say that there is no society, it’s another illusion, or at least a consequence. A sum of individuals, a result, not an objective or an end. Thinking about the society – and what’s best for it – means nothing, like painting the shadow on the wall with white chalk. The individual is the only thing that really exists. I know people much better equipped already must have talked about this so I’ll quit before I make a fool of my-self.

            Anyway, thanks for the extensive response. Will read it again.

            • candlelight says:

              Hey, no problem with the delay, however, I’m at pains to admit, it feeds into my lack of self-worth. Lol

              No, but seriously, though, no sooner had I finished my above post, that I read mbp’s two posts below mine that was ten magnitudes better communicated, and like-wise greatly more sophisticated! Even reading your posts, lately, yours and mbp’s – your exchanges are erstwhile pretty intricate, nuanced and intelligent even as the two of you mess and joke around….

              Corbett’s right! – best damn comment section on the Internet! Well, he didn’t use the word “damn”, and he did qualify his statement – “for what it’s worth”. But, as we know, he happens to be a modest dude, and that’s why we like him 🙂

              Anyway, quoting a piece of the quote in mbp’s post below – “memes, the cultural replicators as an alternative to DNA…” from Richard Dawkins, is interesting, funny, and possibly an example of sorts of GBW’s de Bono lateral thinking, thingy. The tying together of meme as cultural replicator (which, in essence, is its definition, as meme is defined as being the result of cultural replication, it also becomes obvious that the Internet, being an arena of instantaneous communication, acts as a very and most proficient meme incubator, and hence the reason why “meme” is not only no longer obscure, it’s now literally unavoidable within the social lexicon!)together with the idea of meme having become the digital age’s representation of biological DNA, is astute of Dawkins, and equally astute of mbp to enter this idea into the conversation, for such a designation fits perfectly, like a glove, into the body-politic metaphor, in effect, breathing digital life into this manufactured creature, the very same beast from which Corbett would like to disengage.

              As far as the “viral” meme/metaphor angle, it was interesting to check out your Prof Peter Duesberg link, where in one subsequent link he points out that ” Just like humans, viruses are here to continue their species, and they succeed best if they do this without harming their host, certainly without causing a fatal disease.” The professor’s statement bears out a symbiotic relationship, and adds to the credence that the “viral” and “body-politic” confluence is a self-sustaining, mutually reinforcing paradigm. And, yes, the contention these illusory, metaphoric memes are but a digitized contagion of dubious purpose, is well taken.

              But, like you ask, what of “embryonic”, is this not part and parcel of the same metaphorical cloth? And, perhaps, a disagreeable allusion, reminding you of “Alien”, which makes me smile…. Anecdotally, my daughter was wondering about the guitar music I had been listening to the other night, because she thought it was nice. I figured she must have heard me playing Jefferson Airplane’s “Embryonic Journey”. I was correct, so I played it for her, but when I mentioned the song’s name, it created an immediate visceral response of mild disgust, which made me think, smirkingly, of your comment.

              Anyway, not sure, but it feels like the 500 limit may be approaching and am too lazy to count.

              Cheers, man.

              • alexandre says:

                That’s very kind, but to put me in the same league as MBP is just wrong. I have my chops, but he is much more learned than I. (Yeah, I learned the italic thingy). MBP sounds like an old big bearded poet on the top of a mountain drinking calva and spewing metaphors like a volcano. I have trouble following sometimes, but it’s just fantastic. I actually get a bit scared to reply, because maybe I didn’t get what he said and can sound like an idiot. I mean “my muddy midnight mind miasma“. Talk about illiterations. Can’t beat that. Some pretty dense fellers here is this better of comment sections. I’m learning a lot.

                it feeds into my lack of self-worth
                That’s right, I feel that sometimes, even though it’s very childish. “No one replied to my post, snif…” It’s ridiculous, but we’re not immune to this cybernetic medium’s psychology. It must be the dopamine feedback loop squatting there in our psyches.

                I’ll have to revisit the Dawkins/meme thing. That’s one that I’m not sure I follow very well. That memes and the body-politics are mutually reinforcing sounds right, but I have to delve more into that, as well as the De Bono lateral thinking. Remember I’m a musician with not many books in my shelf, so a lot is instinct and creativity, but when these guys throw their knowledge and minds around, ooff…it’s hard to keep up.

                I asked my sister about “embryonic” and her reaction was the same as your daughter’s. Kind of “yuk”. But after thinking and reading these posts it occurred to me that maybe it’s exactly right, specially if it’s yuk. Yuk means outside the advertising approved lingo, so who knows. Maybe we should go embryonic after all.

                Man, I’m getting addicted to these posts. My dopamine is raising. I should take a break.

              • alexandre says:

                Illiterations or iterations? Alliterations?? Shit. See? Ok, I’m off.
                Cheers, and thank you for your kind post. Good stuff.

              • candlelight says:

                Well, I guess you’re a humble dude, too.

                Hmm, interesting perspective regarding the “yuk” factor of Embryonic. Indeed, that expression encapsulates my daughter’s reaction in a nut shell, so, good point. The “Embryonic” movement will not be exploited nor commercialized any time soon! You had mentioned in an earlier post, that there’s greater value in a slower, more organic approach, and I believe you were equating it with having greater authenticity, as opposed to the viral bs.

                By the way, I don’t know how long you’ve been posting on this comment board, but, um, mbp, as far as I know, is a lady, lives in France, teaches, and has a son.

                But, listen, that’s okay. My first impression of HomeRemedySupply, believe it or not, was that he was a woman, and that was based solely upon how I stereotyped HRS’s style of writing – structured, organized, thoughtful, etc.

                Perhaps you were thinking of mbp as a man due to mbp’s obvious high level of intelligence, ha ha! …. oops! Holy machismo! I didn’t just play my chauvinist card, did I?? Sorry, guys.

                And, sorry, HRS, if you’re reading this, I don’t think I ever mentioned the above, before. Nor, did I ever mention that I was actually being my flirtatious self with you, at the exact moment mkey told me to watch it, and jumped all over me! I think you likened it to a bar room fight. And here I am thinking this crazy Corbett subscriber got all bent out of shape being all jealous and protective over you! 🙂

                Go figure, right?

                Yup, alexandre, you definitely can learn a whole lotta stuff here on the Corbett board! LOL

                Be good!

              • alexandre says:

                Nooo, MANBEARPIG is a lady? In France? I was thinking she was a guy because of the name – Man + Bear + Pig. I was raised by very intelligent women, so I’d never think it’s a man thing, God forbid. I’d get spanked. I don’t know how long I’m here, but it’s not that long. I had to wait for ages until my sister got a card so I could subscribe finally. Mastercard headquarters has a photo of mine written “wanted – dead or alive”.
                A lady in France, the distance from my description of the bearded poet. Maybe that’s here animus. But that’s the good thing about this medium. One goes on the words and ideas alone, nothing to influence the opinions. Funny that I thought HRS was a lady also, don’t know why. Beri beri interesting.

                I ain’t very humble, it’s just that this is not my area of expertise. In music I can be quite arrogant, and rightfully so, since I know so much. Oh! The muse is upon me!

              • candlelight says:


                mbp may very well be a bearded poet. Who knows? She has mentioned in a post, once or twice(jokingly?), something about shaving her beard…. So, at the very least, mbp remains an enigma. However, if I don’t get off this subject, like right now, these here eggshells I’m treading may turn into spikes. Ouch.


                PS: I was only joking about playing my chauvinist thing. I’m not on that level, nor do I think I have one(a chauvinist card)…at least I would hope not…. “Yeah, man, I’m a card carrying chauvinist and damn proud of it!” Not.

                Though, you know, what may exist in ones shadow* is never easily discernible, and attempts at self discovering aspects of ones hidden persona are difficult, if not painful, Besides, are they not subject to misinterpretation when self-observed? Perception is poor when it comes to things you can’t hardly see…like a shadow.
                *I liked your Jungian reference to animus. Simple and concise at the same time.

                Anyway, given the fact that none of us really know who we fully are, I think that’s why it’s probably preferable, generally, to first ask oneself what I believe to be the better question: Who am I, more so than, who are you. Before knowing the full answer to the first question, the second question is of little import.


                Have no fear of being BANNED! for expressing philosophical ideas on this comment board! Ever!

                To whit:

                In this podcast, “Going Viral”, James asks our forgiveness for his waxing philosophical. So, therefore, conversely, any amount of philosophical discussion on the part of his subscribers should by rights, be absolutely acceptable with him…if kept, that is, ha ha, under 500 words per discourse!

                cheers, once again

              • alexandre says:

                Ok. You can get out of the eggshells. MBP, you or GBW could be aliens with three heads with wigs that I wouldn’t care one bit.

                Jung and Campbell were my two guides for many years and it’s a pity – though also a relief – they were so ignored. And you’re right about the shadow; very hard, but a relationship can develop (personally – no “Junguian techniques”) mainly through dreams. If I don’t remember my dreams for more than 3 days, I get very worried. I talk to them daily. But the shadow business is very tough, otherwise it wouldn’t be “The shadow“. (Thunder)
                Once I got in trouble on a road at night, around 3AM. A truck far away in front of me thought I was blinking my lights at him and got very pissed. He started doing swirls, blinking lights, stopping and waiting for me etc. Empty road, just the two of us there, and truck guys here (probably there as well) carry knives, often take drugs etc, so real “Duel” stuff. I kept my distance and when I could, after around half an hour of this stuff, I got off to another road. Even though the thing was over, I arrived home trembling and was still terrified. I thought for a bit and remembered the film “Duel”. The thing about the film is that you never see the driver, which equals…? “The shadow“. (Thunder) Aha – I thought. Shadow was projected on that guy and when I thought about this, fear was instantly over, but I kept on thinking about the shadow. How can we talk to this maniac? He’s mad, angry, grotesque etc, and really can kill you. Tough stuff indeed, mainly because you are all those things. Now, who wants to go there?
                Duel is exactly about the relationship with the shadow, but with a poor ending in that case. Spielberg and Richard Matheson don’t know about these things. Had he revealed the driver and the driver was the guy himself, then you’d have an art movie, and Spielberg wouldn’t be known today, ha ha.

              • candlelight says:

                Ha ha, three-headed aliens with wigs! A Corbettian Nightmare!

                Years ago in my early twenties, driving with my girlfriend, now wife, there was this asshole in a real fancy sporty car, weaving in an out of lanes on a two lane road like he was in a real rush, so I thought, fuck this guy. So, getting ahead of him, I decided to purposely slow him down by driving alongside a slow driver in the right lane. After awhile, though, I could tell he was getting super frustrated, so, I thought, okay, maybe it’s time to stop the game. So, when pulling up at the next light intersection, I moved into the right lane so he can pass me on the left. When he pulled up and stopped alongside me at the red light, the guy was totally incensed and probably even angrier than one of those pissed off hornets you just got rid of at your house. He proceeds to pull out of his glove compartment a shiny silver pistol – I’ll never forget – and waves it at me, and says, you see this? I can blow your fucking head off! And when the light changed, he sped off….

                That was my “Duel” of the road. Needless to say, that was the last, I didn’t play any road games after that.

                There was another, earlier road game, where again, the other driver waved a pistol at me telling me he was an off duty cop, which I didn’t believe. Except, he must have had a radio in his car, and telling the truth, because when his uniformed friends showed up, the outcome was a night in jail….

                Sometimes the truth hurts. 🙂

  8. Simon says:

    James, I think the words we’re looking for here is INCEPTION. Must see movie!

    • manbearpig says:

      Yea, Inception, all the time though, but so effectively so with memes…

      by the way, Epstein didn’t kill himself…


      why did I just say that!!??

  9. manbearpig says:

    my muddy midnight mind miasma on “going viral”;

    Dawkins says something to the effect of: “maybe there’s something that shows the signs of a forerunner to a new kind of evolution”


    “memes, the cultural replicators as an alternative to DNA for the natural selection of…” ideas? information? culture?

    “the only thing it has to be is highly accurate information, that probably means digital information because only digital information is that hifi…”

    Unless you’re talking about hardware, it’s the “highly accurate” part that doesn’t flow…

    when I try to think of examples of memes that went viral, all I can think of is propagandistic inaccurate misinformation.

    and in that vein, I have trouble believing that the viral meme “Epstein didn’t kill himself” really was a spontaneous phenomenon; at least anywhere outside of hardcore conspiracy circles…

    and though it’s almost certainly true that Epstein DIDN’T kill himself, the insistant message simply perpetuates among the largest portion of the population the idea that he was murdered and stops short of any other possibilities and fundamental implications.

    It helps to caricature ideas (“the medium is the message”) as it misleads, in fact, in the form of a limited hangout, while giving the warm runny feeling of having obtained an important truth.

    As asserted in the video; the power of language on our subconscious mind: “viral” inextricably carries a connotation of contamination…

    the idea will automatically be at least partly rejected: as pointed out in the video, who wants to catch a virus going around? Who wants to be just like the sheep comprising the masses?

    Makes me think of “attitude innoculation”; the notion that introducing small assaults to a pre-existing idea serves, over varying amounts of time, to greatly reinforce that pre-existing idea in its “host”.

    Who knows how the bodies politic of normies reacted to Mr. Corbett’s 5-minute masterpeice, 9/11 A Conspiracy Theory… I suspect the obvious absurdity that emanates from it probably had the perverse rebound effect of irrationally projecting that absurdity back onto so-called “conspiracy theorists” themselves. Propelled by a survival instinct; “… and a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest, oooooo, lie lie lie” as Paul Simon intones…

    so what sort of new forerunner of evolution are memes creating in the human body politic?

    what sort of chimera, humanoid monster is being engineered via the mind poison that are these memes?

    What exactly is “highly accurate information” in those DNA substitutes he calls memes?

    Is evolution always for the better?

    When is “natural selection” profoundly unnatural?

    I expect answers to these questions and more before I wake up in about 6 hours, so CHOP CHOP!! (I suppose I could start by reading Dawkins’ book, but that probably isn’t going to happen.)


    • generalbottlewasher says:

      MBP, so with coffee in the morning you might enjoy some of the things Edward De Bono has to say. The commentator is obnoxious but De Bono is brilliant on memes. Its all in how you think.


      • manbearpig says:

        Hadn’t noticed that this link was addressed to me! I reacted to this video in my o so hasty comment above. Thanks muchly! (and for the iconography wiki page for which my only spontaneous thought (not being a rigorous thinker who actually thinks things through enough to show something for it) was about Michelangelo’s putting God in a brain in his provocative representation of the Creation of Adam and who really created who: God Adam? or Adam God?
        do you know a site called Every Painter Paints Himself?

        eeeeeek totally out of time now!

        • manbearpig says:

          who created whom…
          oy vay

          • generalbottlewasher says:

            MBP, thanks for the EPPH. Never had heard of it, but. It was my 1st impression that David has painted himself in the bath tub. Marat looks very much like David’s face.
            Do propagandists today leave a bit of themselves in their work?

            • manbearpig says:

              “Do propagandists today leave a bit of themselves in their work?”

              once again, off the cuff, I’d say Yes there’s an imprint, a signature.

              chomsky, for example, has at least one very recognizable persona…

              And learning to identify those countless signatures would prove most helpful in interpreting otherwise… unsigned messages and veiled identities…

              writing styles, vernacular, punctuation, spelling, register, tone, body language, speech patterns and tics… can be genuine and/or studied…

              a certain logic, fundamental preoccupations, affinities, targets, monikers… a persona, a personality, might come through along with the message…

              would require a lot of very focused attention though…

              • alexandre says:

                Nice exchange, and nice starter with the zzzzzzzzzzzzz text.
                After having a man take out a very big wasp hive right outside my window here, I can relax and dare interfere with your messages, even if uninvited.

                (Who said bees are disappearing? They’re all here doing very well).

                MBP – caricature is a good word. Viral stuff do have this characteristic. Attitude innoculation, the medium is the message, all very good. The monster being created reminds me of something about this globalization shite where you (they) force an entire planet to be “one thing”. Big discussion with sister today because it inevitably touches a no-no tabu here which is the class thing. Different cultures, racism, elitism, tribalism? etc. (Brazil has one of the highest social disparities in the world, I think). A nearby neighbor sometimes likes to listen to an inexplicable and aggressive type of what they call “funk”, with porn lyrics unmentionable (literally promoting pedophilia) – as loud as possible, the type that makes your house go “brrr” on every drum kick. That makes my blood boil and kills my will to live instantly, but somehow if I complain, I’m accused of being racist, elitist or “bolsonaro” – a new word meaning “nazi”. My revenge would be to play Bartok’s “Bluebeard Castle” in full volume on my guitar amp pointed at the neighbor, or call the police, but usually I go there and talk to the guy and he turns it down. But what’s wrong with this funk? What’s wrong with Bartok? Nothing until you force them to live together. (That’s the touchy point). You put all cultures into a blender (globalization) and you end up with this monster that contains no culture at all, neither Brahms nor the “funk”. A homogeneous mass (egalitarian like a motherf***r), a monstrous blob made of dead “bodies” to use the current metaphor. So is this racism or elitism? The fact that I don’t like having my house go “brrr” because of my neighbor’s culture – because it’s an artistic expression against oppression (which in my view isn’t at all) etc? I know this issue here is very delicate and you end up in the “paredón” sooner than you can say “Bakunin”, but I was wondering if this is a subject or a non-subject – in the current context – and if it’s possible to talk about it without being instantly read as nazi or communist or whatever. Forgive me if this is out of place in this comment section.


                – end of intrusion –

              • manbearpig says:

                Hadn’t even noticed you’d made our conversation go brrrr! (There’re some great Languedoc reds that can make me impervious to intrusion, be it aural, oral, written, buzzing or even brrrring)

                When navigating the hive, to keep your peace it seems to me that the essential thing is not to confuse bees with wasps and to treat them each accordingly.

              • mik says:


                Recently I’ve watched Chomcky-Foucault debate. The end is interesting, Foucault lost himself in his “l’art pour l’art”.

                cued video

              • alexandre says:

                Impervious = impermeável. Ok.

                Wasps, bees, things that fly in gangs, sting and you go “Aya!” I love them all, but my sister has trauma – she stepped into a hive when she was young, so I had to take them out. This morning (afternoon) they seemed to be back, but now they left again. Everything is so incredibly intensely and profoundly sad. The Buddha, when seeing all the beauty in the world, could see only death. Today that’s called “pessimism”, obviously.

              • manbearpig says:

                Hey Mik!

                thanks for the foucault vs chomsky clip: only watched the part you’d cued as a break from other repetitive work.
                My stream of confusion response:

                Is it immoral to defy the foundations of a given society in the name of a higher justice rather than in the name of war as Foucault maintains?

                Does a legal system encode a representative sample of what is widely considered a fair and ethical system of rules?

                or is it, as Chomsky suggests, primarily the clever redaction by members of a “Superior” class, of malleable words employed and crafted to maintain control over “inferior” classes?

                It all dépends on where you’re standing. Justice is a highly subjective notion. Legal coding is sometimes sincere and sometimes cynical exactly as Chomsky later asserts.

                Peoples’ demands are often justifiable and often indefensible, depending on whom you’re speaking to: A so-called majority in the name of a so-called consensus forcing humanity back into the dark ages in view of halting climate change via invasive and radical laws, censorship and taxes, is in my opinion, indefensible.

                So whether or not you consider your point of view to be more just than your opponent’s, it still comes down to entities warring for what they perceive to be their interests and values. And those interests are as diverse and numerous as the numbers comprising the factions. In that sense I consider Foucauld is correct. You can’t wage war in the name of justice: its too subjective. Illegal and immoral if you consider Breaking the law immoral.

                Also, the very argument chomsky uses to justify his presence at MIT, while also cleverly responding to why the warring state institution “tolerates” his presence there can be precisely used against his position that there is a “higher” justice than the one embodied by the state:

                He says that things are not black and white and that the U.S., though cynically murdering and torturing the vietnamese masses, “FORTUNATELY” has ethics built into it encoding notions of love and caring via its constitution, without which they would commit even more unspeakable atrocities, he says!

                If this is true then is it possible to make a meaningful, quantifiable distinction between enshrined and institutionalized justice and some citizens’ personal notion of a “higher justice”? If the golden rule pervailed, there would be no states.

                If they’re both black and white and largely subjective, is it possible to make a distinction between “just” wars and wars for personal values and interests?

                IOW: for all provable purposes subjective justice exists but objective justice doesn’t. So defy the state and justify it in the name of your personal subjective version of justice and in the objective notion of war to impose your own values and survival interests on those of a murderous state defending its own intersts and survival.

                Defend your personal values and subjective justice in order to prove Tao exists. There’s no other way. But don’t expect your opponents to call it “a higher justice”. But everyone agrees it’s a conflict: it’s war.

              • alexandre says:

                MBP, 506 to be exact.
                I remember that discussion and I shouldn’t say anything being an illiterate musician, but to your distress I’ll dare say that this thing of changing, building, defying systems has something wrong in the root. The Amazon is a system, if you want, but there’s no one there controlling it. It controls (if that’s the word) itself. Messing with systems of this size always ends up in catastrophe. It’s arrogant and a bit dumb to believe that you can change a system like that, let alone arrive at some point that will be ok and that’s that. I really find strange terms like “our system” or “western society”. Really weird when you look at reality and see how gigantic and inmensurable it is. To me it sounds like “If we move Alpha Centauri a bit to the left and Jupiter more to the right, THEN it would be right. – Oh, I don’t agree…” etc. But, as I said, I should just shut up. I only take advantage of this medium where you very learned fellers cannot punch me in the face.

              • manbearpig says:

                Allow me to point out the obvious, something my pedantic spirit revels in:

                There are some learned Corbett Report Subscribers on these boards but I’m definately not one of them! (I’d have never been admitted to Vassar.)

                One my sister’s great aphorisms before she left this plane precipitously days after her 25th birthday was:

                “Well, you know, there’re people who give ya gas money and those who don’t.”

                And a few furiously frantic decades later searching and blathering and scribbling in an attempt to hone this idea I’m afraid it’s not much more complicated than that.

                If you can’t change the hive, just be the hive you want to live in and don’t try convincing wasps to behave like bees and vice versa.

                There’re those who recognize that to be Human some variation on the Tao must be espoused. And there’re those who don’t. You can’t change those who don’t via head on conflict.

                Members of these two groups will never come to an agreement about whether there is “a higher justice” than the one crafted into Law.

                But I definately agree; Alpha Centauri just slightly to the left would be So Much Better!!

              • manbearpig says:

                but at least Fouceault’s sincere… Fouceault wasa philosopher, Chomsky’s a propagandist (the end justifies the means)

                and I’m LATE!!!!!

              • alexandre says:

                Addressed to MBP – the reply is getting difficult here.

                “to be Human some variation on the Tao must be espoused” – this would need more clarification. Ya can’t throw “variation on the Tao” as it was the most obvious thing on Earth.

                Good aphorism by sister. Sad to know she went early.

                “Higher justice” – I don’t know what that means. I’ll have to watch that discussion again. But whenever I think of justice, I remember the “marimbondo cavalo” – in English it would be horse hornet. It’s a big hornet that hunts spiders. He stings the spider and takes her away paralyzed. (Spider is feminine in portuguese). I mean is that fair or just? After coming to live here (in the most beautiful of prisons) nature started being my guide and man, it’s a weird place. Peaceful and violent to the extremes. My sister insists that man is not part of nature. I strongly disagree.

                Foucault is sincere, I agree. After many years resisting I had to finally accept that Chomsky is a propagandist, but I’m still impressed by his intellect. There was a program about philosophy with Bryan Magee on the BBC in the 70s:


                Chomsky was interviewed there once. When you watch all the programs, interestingly the Chomsky one is bit awkward, like he’s not in their league. But I would never think of criticizing someone who debated Foucault, I mean who am I. Still I accept that he’s a gate keeper, as James said.

                I’ll watch that thing again, if nothing else for the fashion, beards and hair styles.

    • alexandre says:

      MBP, was it you that asked me about Bacurau? I can’t remember. Must have been either you, Candlelight or generalbottlewasher. I think. Maybe FawltyTowers? Can’t find the comment anywhere, tried a find on “bacurau” all over the videos comments but found nothing. Sorry.

      • manbearpig says:

        Yea, it was me, but don’t worry about it; it leaves you with a really creepy feeling. You’re certainly better off not seeing it…story about village solidarity in the face of sadistic perversity and psychopathic opportunism; but the latter is really sick.

        • alexandre says:

          Well, I’ve seen it. Didn’t like it at all. Obvious, derivative, boring etc. Not creepy at all. A pastiche of all the bad modern “horror” movies without the talent. Hunger Games, shit like that. Ok that I haven’t seen any movie in about 10 years, so I’m not in the cinema mood anymore, but my God, what a piece of shit. Typical Brazilian movie; it has to be in the poorest place in the northeast – always. People having sex in purple rooms, naked old people with dicks showing, lots of swearing, bad music made by people who do movie music that you never heard of and so on. Always trying to impress the gringos – “look how picturesque and violent we are”. If it has anything good, it comes from the other part of the production. What is it, French? And is it supposed to be a scary movie? Compared to Christiana Figueres it’s a Bugs Bunny cartoon. I hated it, but I knew I was going to, so I watched while cooking dinner. I downloaded it for my sister who had to make a review on facebook or something. I wonder what was the reaction in the US. Lots of people here on facebook talking about it. Maybe Brazilians will start to kill Americans and Germans with knives all over the place? Is that the idea?

          • manbearpig says:

            Really, you shouldn’t mince words like that! Say what you really think!

            “…And is it supposed to be a scary movie? Compared to Christiana Figueres it’s a Bugs Bunny cartoon!…” X-)

            Anyhow, glad you enjoyed it!

            Funny how it seems cliché to you! I’d never seen anything quite like that before with the perversity so shamelessly perverse at such close range… And I haven’t the faintest idea how people living in the more remote places of Brazil live; I assume magic and the supernatural do not reign, even there.

            However, it was thought provoking about what kind of sick behavior would motivate people to clear potentially lucrative lands of the human beings living there: who the local mayor is doing business with, sacrificing the villagers he grew up with, humans hunting humans, for what personal gain, a passing thrill, some money, ego-trip?… A sort of caricature of the psychopathic lack of empathy.

            And the suggested code that one does not go after one’s own people, but anyone else is fair game…

            Yes, they definately play off of the old Germans as nazis cliché and I imagine Bolsonaro is implicitely targeted with the Amazon tribes and all…

            Though I may be extrapolating too much.

            not sure I make any sense, kinda tired and harried…

            • alexandre says:

              Pitty we don’t have a better visual. Great laughs.

              As you can see, the film irritated me, so there’s something there for me to think about. If it just sucked, I wouldn’t be so irritated. I’ll meditate on it.

              The cliché thing, maybe because once you understand the formula, it doesn’t matter how bloody or explicit it is, it’s still a formula. How many films are equally or more violent? What about a prison video running around on facebook, showing guys decapitating other guys (for real)? That’s violence and it’s not cool or photographic. And the BRAZIL thing is something I can’t stand it anymore. It’s like a law from God – you must agrandize and praise everything BRAZILIAN, because BRAZIL is bla bla and BRAZIL this and that…Musicians put a Brazilian flag sticker on their instruments and if you don’t do something BRAZILIAN in your “art”, forget about it. Fuck Brazil, I say. This nationalistic thing is like a perenial cancer.

              Speaking of that, the film obviously, or maybe not so obviously, is about the inner secret resentment that, as my sister says, “people below the equator” have against people above. The old rusted black and white van that appears twice is a reference to the military dictatorship here. That car was used by the DOI CODI…
              …the not so secret police for “suppressing internal dissent against the regime”, i.e. collected people to be tortured. The game players are of many nationalities including two Brazilians, and so on. The drone is maybe Obama? The Zippo reference to Vietnam indicates that it’s not only Brazilians, but every country that was invaded and destroyed by….? BY…? Well, if you’re gonna make a piece that is so vastly complicated artistically and politically, you should know what you’re doing and in my view these guys don’t have the political or artistic equipment (as my teacher used to say) for such a piece, specially without first checking out TCR or TSM, P. Wood, Agenda 21, you know? Information beyond what’s usually known. It’s like me trying to do a Mahler symphony. BUT….great praises, international acclaims, prizes and, of course what really matters, parties and a place in the cinema dinner table.

              Off to the Fake News Awards! Have you got your tuxedo?

              • generalbottlewasher says:

                Alex ,did you ever see A Winters Bone? Jennifer Lawrence’s first film. Real art house. All that you said with a Disney ending. If you have not seen it do, it was or what you said contains the elements essential for magic. This was one of the last movies I paid to see.
                2010 was a wakey-wakey ( waking up time, like being born without consent) time and then everything changed. It seems to me it got hard, cold , non- empathetic and morbid fast. All of this just mirrored the horrors of the wars of aggression that were raging everywhere.
                The thing I was thinking when I read your lines were how much money did the picture rake in?. Winters Bone cost $ 2 million to make and brought in $ 16 million. Not a bad ROI for Cinema Art. $16 million. I hope the producers of Bacurau lost their ass. That is pure shradenfraude to say that but bad cinema art deserves all karma can give. Here is a link to check out if you want. I wish all cinema where as representative and pleasant as , the Portuguese word or expression is cona? I may have it wrong. Eu noa sei de nada.

                Winter’s Bone https://g.co/kgs/2Et9uz

              • alexandre says:

                GBW, oh man, don’t make me watch a movie. I watched the trailer, is that ok? Didn’t seem “art” to me. Maybe what they call indy? Looks good, I’ll send it to a cinefile friend – who actually has a collection of trailers. (He says most of the time the trailer is better than the picture). I really can’t stand movies anymore – having been almost molded myself by them my whole life, and maybe because of that.

                Bacuraru apparently cost 250 million (US) and earned 284 Million, but the internet is mad. On the search I find this info, but when I go to the link, the info isn’t there. One more boring surrealism of this thing. Anyway, it was not a cheap film and it’s very successful.

                I have to say that Tarskovsky, Kurosawa, Bergman and people like that are what I consider “art”. Independent movies can be good, but from what I see they are just a bit outside the norm, that’s all. And that’s fine, but I wouldn’t call it art. The word needs definition, but it would be an endless discussion. Essentially is what has a foot here and another in the mythic world. Hollywood and indies have both feet here. It’s similar to the distinction between symbols and signs. A sign points to a thing here, while a symbol points to something over there, outside this realm (metaphor – meta-pherein = to carry beyond, and all that). It can be good, again, I’m not trashing indy movies, but while I can watch those I mentioned, I just can’t watch normal films anymore. It really makes me dizzy and ill. I’ve become allergic, it seems.

                Cona? Sorry, don’t know what it means. EU não sei nada! 🙂
                Cona…cona…what could that be…

              • generalbottlewasher says:

                Alex , I learned something here thanks for taking the time to explain.

              • alexandre says:

                You’re too nice. I know I’m a pain the arse, people tell me all the time.
                What’s cona?

              • manbearpig says:

                Haven’t had time to reflect with any depth on anything for about a month now… but took a break early this morning to think about this Bacurau movie… not sure why…showed the trailer to a student yesterday, refreshed my memory… hadn’t understood everything, thought the mayor’d come from the village for example but no…anyhow

                I’d seen the movie the same week-end as another 2019 French film called “Deerskin” (of which I only saw sequences as I was doing a translation). It’s about a guy who gives up everything to buy a prized leather jacket and who insists on being the only one in his entourage to wear a leather jacket…?

                Both films seem to represent a humanity who’s lost its humanity in some sort of obsessively ambitious neo-liberal playground of materialistic concerns, video games and self-agrandizement disconnected from history, its lineage of human ancestors and the land.

                In a lethal combination with rational neo-liberalism, the internet acts like LSD that augments the aimlessness of the soulless beings frantically wandering through endless halls of glitzy smoke and mirrors, ultimately sucking the empathetic bond with other humans out of those from above the equator while giving focus to Bacurau’s generations of villagers. Perhaps that’s the cliché formula that disgusted you?

                It’s this form of psychopathy that I admit fascinated me… What happens when you’ve lost all connection to any values except urbanite personal gain, gratification and status…this juxaposed with the bickering solidarity of Bacurau’s generations of villagers.

                It’s that possibility that if psychopaths really are the architects of our society, then the humans living within this architecture adhering to the rules of this psychopathic architecture become indelibly imprinted with this psychopathy, become psychopathically obsessed by form over substance, appearence of reality over reality; Baudrillard, quand tu nous tiens…

                There’s also this museum that the villagers strongly encourage outsiders to go visit. This message that if you ignore history, as those from above the equator fatally do, you’re doomed to repeat it.

                And aside from that, the movie seems to be still another appeal to idolizing rural community solidarity and simple living… You know, the austerity necessary to “save the planet from climate change”… good grief…

                Incidentally, for some reason, “Bolsonaro” reminds me of the word “bourse” like change purse or stock exchange in French and “naro” like “dinero”, money in Spanish of course, and so like Trump and his golden towers, symbolically reflects the woefully unfashionable “American Dream” values that are being cremated in raging wildfires across the world. (I love this language stuff too.) and for that matter, “jair” is like “haïr” or “to hate” in French. Hate Stock exchange money in Brazil…trumped Trump…

                Now Marcel Duchamps, his glorious “Fountain” and Kandinsky and Klee are beckoning insistantly…

              • alexandre says:

                MBP, loved your wordly journey. (I just invented “wordly” – does that exist? I refuse to look it up on the web).

                I agree with everything, but to me the film (Bacurau) focuses on the revenge thing. The museum has photos of Lampião, who was a kind of hero that ended up with his head chopped off – along with his wife – and the heads displayed for everybody to see. That’s kind of threatening “the system” with that kind of macho reply.

                (Can’t help but remembering Python’s opening speech on Oliver Cromwell song.
                “The most interesting thing about King Charles the first is that he was 5 foot 6 inches tall at the start of his reign, but only 4 foot 8 inches tall at the end of it”).

                The green stuff also made me burp, the permaculture naked naturalism, yes, save the planet by going back to pre-history, right.

                Bolsonaro, very funny. “Bolso” in Portuguese menas “pocket”, so some friends says “no bolso nada” (rien dans les poches, nothing in our pockets). But I have to say that he has been doing some good stuff out of sight, like fixing roads, ending corrupted unjust taxes in car registrations etc, small things that end up helping a lot. You had to pay 100 bucks for this tax, now it went down to 15, things like that (big mafia this car registration thing, they made something like 6 billion with this tax alone last year). Of course all enemies of Bolso-nada will say it’s a lie etc, in this endless devotion to A or B. Apparently he paved the Transamazônica, you know the big road in Amazônia? No one could do it for ages, as the forest kept screwing it up, but this time he got a lot of soldiers from the military and did it, so truck drivers are all happy because they don’t get stuck in mud anymore. And so on. He is an old tight ass by the book guy that, compared to Christiana Figueres (again) sounds like good nostalgia. What the so called “left” did in its 12 plus years here was a deep disaster and now he kind of wants to roll it back a bit. I don’t see him as a Trump, first because he has no real power (specially before the UN and Technocracy) and will probably end up dead soon. He’s messing with some heavy mafias, so I don’t know. I don’t endorse him or the right, nor the left or Lula (we’ve been fucked by both sides forever), but I have to admit that it’s not the nightmare every one foresaw according to all the propaganda. And that makes me a Nazi I guess. Probably he’s having the desired effect for the UN demons, maybe even giving us a bit of rest for a while before going back to Lula and his UN green collectivist gang again, I don’t know. Have you seen Patrick Wood’s stuff lately? Some things are happening, 5G being pushed back etc.

                What’s “beckoning”? Ok, I’ll look it up. Kandinski – Dali said that Kandinski would make lovely cane handgrips (how do you say it, “punho de bengala”, the part of the cane you hold in your hand). God save Dali!

              • manbearpig says:

                Thank you for helping me do what I do best: procrastinate.
                And in so doing please allow me to make a couple of what I hope will be clarifications:

                First, I’d’ve preferred “worldly” to “wordly” but ah hell, I’ll boastfully bear the blazon of “wordly”…

                Secondly, Bacurau, this hat-tipping film that allegedly makes multiple winks at monuments of the film industry could not leave Tarantino out in the cold and Tarantino made revenge LE goût du jour (to appease the seething resentment of the 99%?) However, except for the stripped mayor sent into the desert, I don’t really see it as THAT much of a revenge movie.

                As for Trump’s analogue of the southern hemisphere:

                ” so I don’t know. I don’t endorse him or the right, nor the left or Lula (we’ve been fucked by both sides forever)…
                …Probably he’s having the desired effect for the UN demons”

                I share the former position and that latter remark suggesting he’s an instrument of the UN agenda 21 conspiracy, I heartily endorse! But as a witting accomplice and not a stooge.

                and paradoxically, in this world of doublethink/speak and cognitive dissonance it seems perfectly logical that the guy perhaps actually realizing some progress for the country would be the one who’s universally abhorred.

                So I do not love or hate Trump. I’ve always seen him, as I view the destruction of the World Trade Center towers, like a symbol of the destruction of the old world to pave the way for the new.

                And Jair Bolsonaro seems to embody yet another and similar Burning Man-style effigy towards the controlled demolition of the petrol-based industrial world order complete with the “questionable wardrobe choices” of the pagan revolutionary revelers and ubiquitous drugs.

                in favor or the New UN World Order smart sustainable austere dream of facially recognized local communities.

                but maybe like King Charles I’ve simply lost a few critical inches…

                So how was that for “wordly”?? 😎

              • alexandre says:

                Beri nice.
                But notice that “worldly” refers to “world” while I was referring to “word”, since your text was so “wordly” flourished. See what I’m trying? The best exercise is to try to invent in the language, so you see the inner secret structures. Or maybe not.

                Well, the word revenge is wrong perhaps, so maybe threat. “Look what we can do to you, gringos”. A message, something like that. Or simply a symbol of what many people would like to do to somebody – whoever is the source of hell. In that regard it’s a quite common movie. You put some bad guys to represent that unknown and then fuck them up at the end, and everyone feels good about it. You’ve said it – “(to appease the seething resentment of the 99%?)” – yes. The more we talk about it, the more cliché the film looks to me, just with a more picturesque clothing. And Hunger Games came to mind again.
                (Obs: The German buried alive is the second revenge along with the mayor, no?)
                Now are we done with Bacurau yet? 🙂

                Bolso; witting accomplice? Yes, probably but, knowing Brazilians, I wouldn’t be surprised if what my current employer told me – she knows some people there – was true. She said they know Brazil is governed by external forces (duh), they don’t know exactly what they are (hmm) and they knew they were gonna have to deal with it, and they were very worried. So maybe it’s possible, being Brazil, that they really didn’t know and are finding out as they are going along. Not suggesting it’s the case (and I don’t believe it), but it is possible. He doesn’t look “malaco” enough to me to be part of the big demonic gangs. Dictatorial, straight, old fashioned, stupid, fascistic etc, yes, but not the mafia malaco type. Being the system what it is though, it doesn’t really matter. “Either you work for us or you get bombed”, so whatever the case is, it’s as you say, everyone going…
                … “towards the controlled demolition of the petrol-based industrial world order complete with the “questionable wardrobe choices” of the pagan revolutionary revelers and ubiquitous drugs.”

                That’s pretty wordly. See? I would just question the petrol-based. Petrol is not gonna end, I think. WE may have to live in this green bullshit that doesn’t work, but “post petrol” suggests something of a “peak-oil” thingy?

              • manbearpig says:

                Indeed, I’d forgotten all about the German buried alive and I suggest we bury Bacarau now with him.

                And yes of course, petrol will continue to supply our society’s gluttony for fuel, tar, plastic, nylon, polymers of all sorts etc (already out of my league here)

                I associate “petrol-based” with the Industrial era of the American Dream attained thanks to a petrol-fueled car that emerged sometime around the time God was agonizing.

                Now, though petrol will continue to supply our post-industrial “civilisations”, they will be based on some form of New Age “Save-the-Planet” Gaia worship conflating environmentalism with a way of assuaging spiritual emptiness.

                Full Spectrum Surveillance, connection and Technocratic Sustainability will be the guiding principles of innovation rather than the possible uses of petrol and the Total Exxon Shell moguls who filled their bank accounts with the gush of black gold will have secured their unrivaled transhuman power and immortality as money itself becomes obsolete.

                Anyhow…no peak oil thingies…

                guess if I’m going to continue to successfully procrastinate, with Bacurau dead and gone, I’ll have to go pick another (wordly) fight…so let’s see… who can I irritate with a movie suggestion…?

            • generalbottlewasher says:

              Alex ; it was in a Portuguese English wiki and not so much Brazil. My mistake there. Cona is one of those difficult words that’s not easily put into the English form. It has to do with pleasure and emotional romantic connotations as I was trying to apply to good cinema art. The guttural slang version comes from English’s inability to make the expression non-guttural, which in Portuguese’s case it is not considered guttural but a good expression. Geez it is probably spelled with a k and not a c. Oops . The example they gave was the Hyundai car called the Kona. Really the tutorial said Portuguese is easier to learn than Spanish. Ha! If only i could spell. That probably explains why I got such stares when I was told conyo was a word like well or ahh… A polite pause when speaking Spanish. Boy did they get a laugh on this gringo. My friends mother suggested I should cuss less and then told me how I was framed. Then she kicked her sons ass for playing such a trick.

              • alexandre says:

                Ha, well, very few people I know speak good English. I guess all languages are hard probably because of the structure – reversing the position of words, that fucks everybody up. For Portuguese speakers it sounds like you’re thinking in reverse. French looks easy, specially for Spanish/Portuguese speakers, but try to say “I would have wanted to do this” in French. Good luck! And glass of water? “Vert d’eau”? Sounding a quick “verrdô”?? Get outta here.

                I have a friend who was born in Holland and came to Brazil when he was 3. Today (57) he understands everything in Dutch, but can’t speak it. How’s that possible? And there’s the name of a fish in Dutch that I think they have a contest to see who can say it, even themselves! That’s a hard language.

                Kudos to you for trying Portuguese. You’ll be able to read Fernando Pessoa in the original.

                I still don’t get cona. Is it coño? Couldn’t be. Nothing to do with romance or pleasure.

                I don’t know conyo, but maybe you mean coño, in spanish?, the ñ spoken with the back of the tongue to the mouth’s ceiling (in Portuguese it’s nh – “Mañana” spanish (tomorrow) is “amanhã” in Portuguese, the ñ is the nh). Coño is kind of a swearing, like “shit” or “fuck”, say…if you hit your finger with the hammer. Maybe in “what the fuck” – “que coño es eso?” Also “damn it”. “Dale, coño!” (Hurry up, goddammit). It could also mean, I’m not sure, the sex male part, but I don’t know, I think it’s more spoken in Spain, Cuba? Puerto Rico?… than in Argentina. In Portuguese there’s no “coño”. The word here is actually two, “caralho” and “porra” (the aggressive form of the technical “penis” and “sperm” consecutively) which are bad words never to be spoken in front of a dame.

                This is the most complicated thing on Earth and I’m astonished to see in places like here how much I don’t know of English, even though speaking better than most of my friends. Not to mention how your psychology changes with the language. It’s scary. Also fascinating. When I went to New York the first time in 87 (1987) I wanted to impress everybody, so I did my best with the accent. My jaw hurt for trying so hard and I almost became an American. People thought I was one so they replied fast, and I went “quê?” like Manuel. In a week I was talking like Cheech&Chong, much easier for my jaw and it made it clear I was not an American, then everything was fine.

                Sorry, I got carried away. I love this language stuff.

            • alexandre says:

              “who can I irritate with a movie suggestion…?”

              …assuaging….assuaging….ah “make (an unpleasant feeling) less intense.”
              Now…assuaging spiritual emptiness….Ah, ok.

              Bacarau is what the film should be called. Just one last thing before Bacurau is forever gone. According to a friend from Recife the word “bacurau” means: a son (or daughter) and also something unknown. Some thing you don’t know what it is, is a bacurau. That the village is named that in the film, could mean something.

              No peak-oil thingy, thank you for clarifying.

              Now…”some form of New Age “Save-the-Planet” Gaia worship conflating environmentalism with a way of assuaging spiritual emptiness.

              Full Spectrum Surveillance, connection and Technocratic Sustainability will be the guiding principles of innovation…”

              You mean for us. For them, Cadillacs, Roll Royces, Concordes, Rockets, private 747s, flying restaurants, personal chefs, meat, wine, orgies etc etc. Right? You must separate worlds here, otherwise we fall into this “human race” illusion. Whatever happens in this dimension of ours will have nothing to do with theirs apart from being caused by it.

              Irritate me! I dare you! (Greta’s face)

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  11. Ethan Hunter says:

    Very good and succinct summary of this channel and its purpose James!

    Indeed, the idea is to create a new model or a new embryonic idea that will then be transmitted and grow into a new philosophy and possibly a new model for a society.

    I often ponder about how in one year – 1776 – various ideas were promulgated that had vastly different destinies:

    1. Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations was published.
    2. The Declaration of Independence
    3. Adam Weishaupt founding of the Order of the Illuminati.
    4. The beginning stirrings of the French Revolution.

    The world we have today was the outcropping of the above ideas with various permutations having been tried and refined throughout the countries of the world.

    Yet, it is time to build a new model…as R. Buckminster Fuller put it in the following quote:

    “You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
    To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

    Yes, let’s “build a new model” that makes the existing societal model obsolete!

    • Fawlty Towers says:

      “Very good and succinct summary of this channel and its purpose James!

      Indeed, the idea is to create a new model or a new embryonic idea that will then be transmitted and grow into a new philosophy and possibly a new model for a society.”

      OK OK. Let’s create a new embryonic idea and have it go viral!
      ie. Let’s try to get that great embryonic idea out to as many of the masses as is possible in the shortest amount of time, so as to bring about the desired change in our lifetimes.

  12. artemis says:

    Embryonic…..creative. Life affirming. Good.

  13. Fawlty Towers says:

    James is trying to throw the baby out with the bathwater with regards
    to viruses and ‘Going Viral’.

    Yes viruses replicate extremely quickly and some can do harm to humans. But viruses also play a vital role in the ecology of aquatic and land life.

    Viruses are microorganisms which make up more than 90% of the biomass in the sea.
    Viruses are instrumental in killing approximately 20% of this biomass each day.
    They are responsible for the destruction of phyto plankton that include harmful algae blooms.

    In the bigger picture of evolution, viruses are an important means of horizontal gene transfer or transferring genes between different species.
    This transfer increases genetic diversity and drives evolution.

    It is likely that viruses played a major role in early evolution and they still make up one of the largest pools of unexplored genetic diversity on this planet.

    Viruses are important in molecular and cell biology studies.
    They can quite readily be used to manipulate and investigate the functions of cells.

    They have been useful in the study of molecular genetics, including DNA replication, RNA processing, transcription, translation, immunology and protein transport.

    Viruses have also been utilized in viro-therapy which involves the use of genetically modified viruses to treat diseases.

    So while the general public may view viruses as horrible disease transmitters, they play a far more important role in the overall ecology of this planet.
    Or in Rodney Dangerfield speak, “They don’t get no respect!”

    Long story short, there is nothing wrong with ‘Going Viral’.

    • spider says:

      I’ve read a theory that macro-viruses were present in the early Earth. They had the ability to replicate. They used the complex organic material that was deposited in the Late Heavy Bombardment to create cells and DNA. After much time they lost their ability to replicate and relied on the cells to do it.

      found this on a ddg search

      Could Giant Viruses Be the Origin of Life on Earth?

      “But some scientists say the discovery of giant viruses could turn that view of life on its head. They propose that the ancestors of modern viruses, far from being evolutionary laggards, might have provided the raw material for the development of cellular life and helped drive its diversification into the varied organisms that fill every corner of the planet.”

      • spider says:


        According to this theory, the ancestor of giant viruses lost its ability to replicate as an independent life-form and was forced to rely on other cells to copy its DNA. Pieces of these ancient cells’ genes survive in modern mimivirus, pandoravirus, and pithovirus, which would explain the unique genes found in this group. “Life didn’t have one single ancestor,” Claverie said. “There were a lot of cell-like organisms that were all competing, and there was one winner, which formed the basis for life as we know it today.”

  14. Octium says:

    The viral analogy was never quite accurate in the first place, true an idea can spread from person to person like a biological virus spreads from host to host, however the biological virus exploits a weakness or flaw in the host that allows it to be transmitted without the host being willful of the action.

    In the case of an Internet Meme, the Meme has to appeal to each and every individual in some way. IE the Meme is funny, novel, contains information that the individual considers important or maybe would raise the status of that person amongst the people they share it with.

    That in itself is the main problem with viral content. It limits the kind of things that can be spread virally. If you are marketing Coke or Pepsi it’s easy enough to make a funny video and embed the brand name in it. If you are trying to spread the truth however – the very information itself can harm the spread of the meme.

    You can see it in the Epstein meme, yeah Epstein Probably didn’t kill himself, but is that really the whole point? Could you add more factual content to that meme without making it sink like a lead balloon?

    • cooly says:


      Copy that.

      For something to go viral it has to be short, sweet, and punchy.
      What’s more likely to be spread around, a killer one-liner by Mitch Hedberg or an impassioned, informative rant by George Carlin.

  15. Ian Davis says:

    I totally agree about the analogy analogy. Going embrionic is valuable, though like a virus the embryo is parasitic. Perhaps no bad thing in the analogy analogy.

    However what is the nature of the embryo? If it is just the spawn of the system then it creates nothing but a departure from one system to create another with all the nature and nurture influences of the old one. If it it grows to be the rebelious anthithesis of the parent then it is in conflict with the old system. And you were right when you said conflict isn’t the answer.

    In his book “Democracy Defined A Manifesto” Ken D’Oudney talks about what democracy is. How it was redifined (reinstated) by the origianl codified European and English constitution, the Great Charter, Magna Carta.

    It is this. Natural Law is all of the law. Do no harm is the law under which all others are judged and they are judged only through the rule of Natural law by ordinary men and women with the power to “annul” all legislation which they find to be harmful (therefore unlawful.)

    Combined with voluntary exchange, perhaps building upon the prinicples defined by SEK3, a constitutionally lawful agorist society would be possible in my view.

    I do know this is an oxymoron to a an extent. Who enforces the constitution? However, if you understand the Natural Law principles, and the meaning, of Magna Carta the answer is everybody. Because all have individual sovereignty and all live under the do no harm principle of Natural Law.

    So the emryo needs it’s own distinct nature and I believe, though admitedly I haven’t worked out the details, that a natural law agora potentially defines what that nature could be. No need to fight the hydra just live life doing no harm in the agora.

  16. manbearpig says:

    hate to be predictable but Saturday night calls and I’m goin’ all viral, like with avian flu (chicks were meant to give ya fever):


  17. stephen11 says:

    The Corbett Report already went viral and metastasized into it’s embryonic form and like Ian said, it’s a parasitic embryo, sustaining itself off the lifelines off a previous body.

    The Corbett Report is practically a CORPOration. It’s like one of those businesses that is run in the basement of another, using the utilities for free. Now some employees from the host are spending a lot of time in the basement.

    Obviously, the utilities the Corbett Report uses can be removed easily by the host, killing the embryo.

    Since, humans are the source of all these types of ‘bodies’ maybe we should also consider how well our bodies operate outside the host before we expect our creations to grow so independently.

    Can we provide our own nutrition without the host’s help?

    Is the structure of our body safe and free from the influence of the host?

    Can we freely move without influence from the state?

    Can we communicate to large numbers of people and over long distances without the host’s help?

  18. Mielia says:

    planting a seed is the metaphor I always liked in that regard
    and in my mind it is like accompanying beautiful flowers sown – sometimes in a poisonous swamp
    I have to say though I do not have a problem with the word viral. For me it is removed from virus and I do not have a visceral reaction to it or associations with virus every time. It also reminds me of some vaguely linked perceptions that guide pc language.

    What maybe deserves to become a fought virus, could be this from 3 days ago:

    The first quote they put out (and they link the report):
    ““Climate change is one of the most significant global
    challenges of our time, and continued greenhouse gas
    emissions pose an existential threat to humanity.”
    Google 2019 Environmental Report”

    “Recommendations for YouTube to Act Immediately

    Detox YouTube’s Algorithm
    Correct the Record”

    avaaz alone is probably already somewhat influential, with google absolutely on board it will make matters terrible.

    So, expect more censorship on that front this year.
    It will be interesting to see how this affects the dinosaur media, especially Fox and Sky and how they act on that.

    • manbearpig says:

      Let’s brace ourselves for the Baron Cohenesque climate “hate” speech virus uh…meme…uh…psyop…propaganda…brainwashing…mind control being fomented in the maleable digital-thought transhuman energies of the black mirror…

    • mik says:

      “Ads for some of the world’s most trusted brands were found on climate misinformation videos:……
      One in five ads found were from green or ethical brands including Greenpeace International, WWF and Save the Children.”

      green, ethical…hahaha

      WWF promoting white-wash organization The Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil or RSPO


  19. karsten says:

    Very much in line with your thinking. We could observe our state of being more closely.. obviously the calm, protective, nurturing state of being embryonic is very different from the desire for the smash and rush of going viral..

    Still, I caught myself anticipating your reasoning, as I felt certain that what you were getting at was something around ‘immune systems’. Last year I wrote a piece (in danish, though) called ‘Immune systems of social organisms’, making the point, that honesty and transparency in our political and social relations works as collective mental immune systems and are the most fundamental ingredients for building trust.

    Thanks for your undaunting commitment to transparency..

  20. ben7 says:

    Actually viruses are not necessarily illness causing, and can have positive effects on the host:

    “The human virome is a part of our bodies and will not always cause harm. Many latent and asymptomatic viruses are present in the human body all the time. Viruses infect all life forms; therefore the bacterial, plant, and animal cells and material in our gut also carry viruses. When viruses cause harm by infecting the cells in the body, a symptomatic disease may develop. Contrary to common belief, harmful viruses may be in the minority compared to benign viruses in the human body. It is much harder to identify viruses than it is to identify bacteria, therefore our understanding of benign viruses in the human body is very rudimentary.

    The health effects of viruses on an individual are dependent on the individual’s immune system”


  21. antyra says:

    In other words, let’s do Agorism (Spooner Intensifies).

  22. candlelight says:

    To James,

    This was beautiful. This was a beautiful podcast. For anyone to know why I say this, simply hit replay however many times….

    Embryonic Journey ~ Jefferson Airplane:


  23. Control Savvy says:

    I just watched the Flashback of the Episode 371 “Going Viral” and I agree that information should be embryonic rather than viral. I am hungry for hard facts that could be accepted as evidence in a court of law, but I am also interested in understanding other peoples’ world views—especially those I disagree with. The Corbett videos and the comments of the Corbett community supply both the facts and the opinions that I seek.

    I would like to share some facts about what is happening in New York City that confirm James’ predictions relative to Medical Martial Law. It is being rolled out in the public schools as I write this.

    According to the website of the United Federation of Teaches, the NYC teachers’ union:

    “All DOE staff, visitors and families seeking to enter a DOE building must complete a health screening before entering. This health screening must be completed on each day of arrival, and results will reset daily at midnight. Upon entering the building, you will be asked to provide the results of your screening either by showing your phone or a printout of the results. If an individual answers one or more of the health screening questions on the app that causes a red icon and text, that person may not enter the building. Instead, they should save the screenshot with their results and go home.”

    What is more, teachers and students will be asked to submit to random testing:

    “As of Dec. 7 all schools have 20% of in-person students and staff tested each week. Under the previous protocol, up to 20% of students and staff were tested monthly.”

    What happens if they refuse? Good question

    The so-called “partners” who are doing the testing and handing out the results are:

    BioReference Laboratories: patientportal@bioreference.com
    SOMOS Community Care: 833-SOMOSNY or somosny.com
    Fulgent Genetics: backtoschool@fulgentgenetics.com

    Bill Gates’ plan for testing and tracking has become reality in the public school system of New York City’s five boroughs (Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island. Fact, not prediction.


  24. Fact Checker says:

    I’m gonna date myself here.

    James says that Loose Change spread completely organically, and “only over the internet.”

    I’m so old-school, I heard about Loose Change not from the internet, but actually by Word-of-Mouth! That was a thing! In my gig-economy life at the time, I wound up in a group project with some people who were into it and they blew my mind!

    Now, Word-of-Mouth has been effectively outlawed.

    Think about that…

    EDIT: regarding the “going embryonic” idea. Well, a Frankenstein can’t give birth to an angel.

  25. Jigen says:

    Very interesting topic here.

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