Episode 318 - A Decade of Dominance

06/01/201767 Comments

10 years ago a lowly English teacher in a one room apartment launched a website no one knew about on a clunky old laptop. Today you know that site as "The Corbett Report." Join James for this special 10th anniversary edition of the podcast as he reflects on the history of the site, and what is possible when a motivated individual with a passion is supported by a community.


Paris - What Would You Do?
Time Reference: 19:38
Hidden Corbett Report Gem
Time Reference: 38:50
Interview 876 – James Corbett Blows the Lid Off of Benghazigate
Time Reference: 39:22
Exclusive: Docs Show Weapons Going From Benghazi To Syria - Benghazi Gate - Happening Now
Time Reference: 41:47
Only Love Can Defeat the New World Order
Time Reference: 45:05
Purchase The Corbett Report Data DVDs
Time Reference: 54:22

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  1. Corbett says:

    The video of this one will be coming shortly. Just wanted to make sure I posted this while it was still technically June 1st here in Japan…

  2. Corbett says:

    Oh, and I should say another sincere thank you to all those who participated in the “Hidden Corbett Report Gem” thread and congratulations to EYEisBloke and namcc. I’ve just got in touch with them to get the details to send them their prize!

  3. n4x5 says:

    Congratulations on the milestone. Looking forward to many more years.

  4. mkey says:

    Lets go all in…

    Edwin Starr – War (What Is It Good For?)

    PS: epic ruffles James lol You should host a lottery show.

  5. joseph says:

    Happy birthday James! Keep up the great work!

  6. john.o says:

    James, as it happens I turn 65 the day after “you” turn 10. (I guess in Japan, I am 65 now.) I have tried several times to write a thank you for your decade of self-searching, honest inquiry.

    I cut my teeth on the general topic around the time you were born by way of following the best Kennedy assassination research at the time. I chuckle with some embarrassment now to recall that I thought I had some idea of what was really happening. In fact I was still filtering loads of legitimate (if admittedly confusing) research because it offended some of my socio-politico-psycho-spiritual assumptions. (Read: insufficent deprogramming.) This was still long before the internet, of course, which made that filter more difficult for some of us, but unfortunately not for all of us.

    Since then it’s been a long strange trip. No one and nothing along the way has been more helpful than you and this site. Period. (Sorry I just started paying! I owe you.)

    So much to say and so little time. So I will content myself with one thing. I appreciate above all your dedication to simple “truth” for its own sake, in the practical sense of having a method of inquiry that continually tests its own assumptions and seeks the most trustworthy information possible, just for the sake of its “truth,” aside from the question of whether it is “actionable” — which all to often requires confirmation of a prior plan of action. You are not the only one, but your commitment to “truth” and willingness to put that commitment itself into action, with all your heart and amazing talents, is worth the efforts of thousands of other vloggers and bloggers and alt-newsers combined (not to speak of the controlled media). It is truly humbling and inspiring and reassuring.

    Beyond that a simple heartfelt thank you and many wishes for your continued success in decades to come and the health and happiness of your family.

    • CQ says:

      James, I second john.o’s sincere thank you for ten years of dedication to finding and sharing, as he put it, “simple ‘truth’ for its own sake.”

      Congratulations to EYEisBloke and namcc for remembering truly meaningful (especially to James, I should think!) hidden gems.

      And Happy 65th to john.o.

    • black sheep says:

      Your right James, love is the answer.

  7. candlesnstones says:

    Hmmm… Yall smell that… ‘Lowly school teacher’,’using only a Commodore64 i did it’ anyone else getting déjà vu feeling?…. “I cannot tell a lie I chopped down that cherry tree” and Abraham Lincoln would walk to the library through the forest and back to his log cabin every night with a dozen books… every oligarch has a rag to riches story.
    I question the integrity of this site! I question the authenticity of the so-called subscribers!! And I question the one asking these questions!!!
    😶oops… That’s me… Happy Decenniary James!!!!

  8. illbnice2u2 says:

    Agree with john.o
    I read 1984 in 1972 and started noticing things but put them to the back of my mind then one day brought it all to the surface. I was in school at the time and it was when they had started suggesting that we wear seat belts. I seen law enforcement stopping traffic to see if people were wearing their seat belts and thought to myself “papers please”. Next thing I know it’s a law you have to wear your seat belts and from then on til now the intrusion has escalated to terrifying heights. With so many fake truths out there it is comforting to know I can come to your site and get facts not just opinions. Thank you. You give me hope.

  9. herrqlys says:

    Thanks, James, for a wonderfully warm episode, one that gave me answers to some of those little questions I had about the origins of your work. I will go through it again when the video is uploaded.

    Congratulations to nammcc for winning a fabulous prize by uncovering another very human episode. I have a very clear mental image of that artwork scene involving the two young girls.

    And what can you say about the luck of the Irish? EYEIsBloke should have gotten something for his moniker anyways. Maybe he’ll take his DVD collection down to the pub and share the word over their AV system.

    • herrqlys says:

      My apologies to both winners for misspelling their user names 🙁
      At least I was consistently erroneous.
      Again, congratulations to namcc and EYEisBloke.

  10. willrock says:

    I’ve followed your example creating some videos to help Brazilians understand what’s going on with the world.

    Thanks for inspiring me and other people around the world!

    Obs: The Australian band exceeded my expectations!

  11. alecpalek says:

    Congratulations James, i am always in awe of people like you, who are able to make information accessible and understandable. Truly glad i found your site some years ago. Regards/A

  12. 4TLeser says:

    Thank you James

    Danke schön

    merci beaucoup

    five years with CR and appreciating more

  13. Aron says:

    Congrats on your 10-year anniversary. Many a good podcast you have produced over the years. Given your website opened with a 9/11 podcast and your continued dedication to that tragic event, my one hope is that you would be able to interview Dr. Judy Wood this year who has compiled a comprehensive volume (“Where Did the Towers go?” 500 pages) of physical and photographic evidence of the WTC complex destruction that provides some fairly interesting evidence best explained by directed energy weapons technology. Alternatively, Andrew Johnson, a researcher who is very familiar with Dr. Judy Wood’s work, may also be a good guest to invite as well. I would think that with all of the work you have done on the 9/11 topic that adding this podcast to the list would be very helpful for an audience searching for the truth on what happened that most monumental day in history. Regards

  14. UKJC says:

    Loved the Glass-Steigel (however spelt) broadcast because once again you questioned and destroyed an earlier personal opinion. A great thing to link to. I have so much to see here – thank you.

    Talking of which… a quick test … if you go here https://www.apnews.com/fc570e4b400f4c7db3b0d739e9dc5d4d what is the headlne?… Now post it onto Facebook and see if the headline changes. I’m sure I’m just being ignorant… TY once again.

    • mkey says:

      Doesn’t open for me. What happens exactly?

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      From the Associated Press…
      …headline reads…
      The Latest: France says no trace of Russian hacking Macron
      ST.PETERSBURG, Russia (AP)

      I get the pop-up “Security Alert” by ESET which states:
      “The identity of this web site or the integrity of this connection cannot be verified.”

      Those keywords like “Russia” and “hacking” may be part of it. Also, some of the trash hi-jacking advertising video pop-ups could be an issue.

      Main Page

  15. beadbud5000 says:

    Congrats James! Somewhere I wanted to say a little bit more about my very slow process of waking up and I will soon but not here.
    Here, I want to emphasize a few validating connections that drew me personally to really listen to you and also Sibel Edmond.

    You are listed on Paul Craig Roberts web site. He is one of the few ex insiders I pay attention to. He lists you on his web site. I found that a strong reinforcement to your validity. Sibel I like because you and she are strongly connected.

    This, along with the rational and detailed way that you source everything, locked me in to count NewsBud and the Corbett Report as two YouTube news sources I do listen to.

    Oh, I don’t believe everything at first. I am a true skeptic – but you advocate this! And it sinks in. You hold up to some pretty torrential waters I must say.

    And I did watch your love video on election night and was moved. It truly is all about loving each other.
    There was enough garbage on that night and you were my breath of fresh air!

    Thanks again for the ten years! Here is to a calm thought provoking 10 years more!

  16. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Only Love Can Defeat the New World Order.

    • Aron says:

      To paraphrase Cynthia McKinney, evidence based truth leads to justice, justice leads to peace, and peace leads to dignity.

      Love may very well be a component of truth, justice, peace and dignity, but it can not stand alone in affecting change, imo.

  17. Cbob says:

    Great episode James. Congratulations!

  18. Beau Boeye says:

    Congratulations, James! You’re a true inspiration to many of us. It’s marvelous you have proven that open-source journalism is possible!

    I wish good health upon you and another successful decade ahead. Best of luck!

    P.S. did you ever get a garden started? ;~)

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Nice gardening website.

      I have a brother who likes to garden and has a vineyard in Omaha. I know you are busy this time of year.

    • Corbett says:

      We have some cucumbers, tomatoes, green peppers, basil and three types of lettuce growing in planters at the moment. It’s a humble garden, but it is a garden, and my son loves watering it in the morning!

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        That is the joy! Helping things grow… whether it be one plant, a whole farm, a wondrous child or the awareness of our brethren.

        • mkey says:

          I liked growing stuff when I was a child. Later this interest as well as many other interests died, thanks to schooling probably.

          I knew so many inquisitve kids growing up (mind you I’m 35 so not that long ago), where did it all go? Kids today don’t wonder about anything, just stare at the goddamn screen.

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            I hear you about Interest or inquisitive or curiosity.

            My take…
            An individual’s “general interest level, general curiosity” is a barometer of “aliveness”. The quality of “being interested” is probably at the core of one’s life force.

            Rocks can be interesting. But they can’t “be interested”.
            Life “is interested”.

            mkey, like you said, one really observes this “being interested” quality in children. …until it is squashed.

  19. Are you sure you weren’t reading “Choke” by Chuck Palahniuk?
    “Do you like it?”, she said with a gleam in her eye…

  20. = The Corbett Report Disc Collection – TORRENT THEM!!! =

    I hope you’ll create “official” Corbett Report collection torrents, before they switch off the Interwebz.

    If you don’t someone else might. That’s not a threat. Many already have been. People will contribute as they will, regardless, just like the system you have now – freely available online, but well supported by those who can and value your work.

    If you do it yourself, you can include a text file or web link to various ways to donate and/or support the Corbett Report – whether it’s a Patreon link, a Bitcoin address, etc. – as you already have, but in an alternative way.

    Also – KickStarter, IndieGoGo, GoFundMe, or whatever applies.
    Also – Namecoin, Peercoin, Dashcoin (formerly Darkcoin), Litecoin, Feathercoin, Vertcoin, Flashcoin, Ethereum, Humaniq, Steemit, DogECoin, BasicAttentionToken, etc.

    You could share the complete disk image (ISO, etc), or, I’d like to recommend using the HEVC x265 codec which is far more efficient and compact (anticipating 4k but great and flexible for any resolution). It’s pretty common now, and growing, and though not completely accepted everywhere it will be inevitably. It requires much more compression processing and time up front to get it so small yet looking so good.

    If you don’t want to do it, I would be honoured to help and do it for you. I’d rather not do it with my meager processing resources, but I think it’s far more important to get it out there in every alternative way possible. If you sent me a set I’d be happy to send it back or to someone else after I’ve copied off the files and no longer needed it. Or someone else can lend me theirs. Whatev.

    If I were you, I’d consider hiring a local student who needs a limited part time job to do it for you.

    I don’t know how many disks you sell. Perhaps it’s your life’s blood and we shouldn’t mess with that. If that’s the case I’ll stop asking today, otherwise I’ll keep reminding you of this alternative method to spread the Corbett gospels.

    A lot of people read these comments. If you agree, please let James know. If you don’t, let him know. If you read this and don’t comment then know this… the next time you stub your toe it’s because you didn’t comment below, and, I love you anyways.

    P.S. Are the comments sections included on the DVDs? There’s some gold in them there hills.

  21. EYEisBloke says:

    Woo Hoo! EYE is a winner!

    Congratulations again James! Great winning choice from namcc, I remember sharing that post far and wide last year.

  22. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Corbett Report DVDs

    I have had some experience when it comes to burning DVDs.

    I gotta tell folks that these DVDs are top of the line, not the ordinary type DVD which has half the storage capability.
    The raw blank product is definitely not cheap in cost nor in quality.
    Verbatim 8.5 gigabyte dvd+r dl

    Also notice that Corbett has the discs themselves imprinted with a wonderful graphic label.

    It really does take some time, effort and cost to burn, print, package and mail these.

    (Personally, I love the graphic design on the DVDs and the case.)

    I may not have my facts straight about all this. Just my observation from the video.
    James, please correct me if I am wrong …or if I am blowing too much smoke.

    I am a tobacco smoker, so people should watch out.

    • Corbett says:

      The new design on the DVD cases and labels really is amazing…so of course I didn’t do it myself. That’s the work of Mike Krentz, a graphic designer who has done some of the graphic design work for the site, like the main website header and the video intro, etc. He is a professional graphic designer who does this for almost nothing as a form of donation to the site, so please do take the time to thank him if you like his work. He’s at http://mikekrentz.com/

  23. rob32367 says:

    Congratulation on a great 10 years James!!
    You have helped to open the eyes of so many – cannot thank you enough for the work you have done.
    Best of luck and looking forward to another decade of dominance.

  24. kabouit says:

    June 1st: The Corbett Report anniversary and my birthday.
    2007: the year I got my wake-up call by someone who was also born on June 1st by introducing me to the first Zeitgeist Movie, at the time, the most all-encompassing piece of reality check I had seen.

    So 2007 is the year that sent me on “the path”. Despite having been introduced the some pieces of the 9/11 puzzle by many friends, I had, for some reason, no interest in looking into it further. But it’s not until later, in 2010, when our family was subjected stalking that I dug further into psychology or stalkers, which led me to psychopathy, which of course led me to politics, which led me to the edgy and balanced Corbett Report.

    So thank you James, it took me 3 years to find the Corbett Report after my own shift in perspective. But like many on our end the spectrum say: once you enter the rabbit hole, there is no coming back.

    Keep up the great work!

  25. ADDspeaker says:

    James, sorry to be a bit ‘behind the curve’ (my excuse is ADHD …), but I just wanted to share my own “a-ha” moment with you.

    Actually it was very recently, namely your phenomenal walk-through of the Glass.Steagel Act, which I found to be extremely enlightening, basically because i’m new to the game and I had no pre-conceived ideas about it, so you basically educated my on this topic, BEFORE I got trapped in old thinking.

    This came in handy, when I saw a Alex Jones’ documentary yesterday, Fall of the Republic, where they refer to the act, but in particular in conjunction with the 2008/2009 crisis and blamed it all on Larry Summers, Clinton etc.

    But I knew, from your work, that they didn’t know what they were talking about, so thanks for that!

    BTW: Have you or will ever do an analysis of Gen. Petraeus and Ryan Crocker and their relations to Iraq? My own research leads me to “smell a stink” on the way they’ve been treated fterwards, and it looks like someone have been out to get them.

    In my opinion, they seem to some of the few, along Garner, that actually tried to do some good in Iraq. Am I wrong?

  26. herrqlys says:

    Starting at 2:00 pm in the afternoon on June 8, 1967 Israeli Defence Force fighter-bombers and torpedo boats attacked the US Navy’s electronics surveillance vessel Liberty. Finally, 16 hours after the attack two US destroyers reached the Liberty. By that time, 34 US sailors were dead and 174 injured, many seriously.

    First a preamble:

    This is an in-depth review article:

    So why is this important? Well, the outrageous circumstances of this act of war need to be told. The whole incident has been covered up for the past 50 years, and the true story of what happened gives some insight into the kinds of nefarious US-Israeli collaboration that continue into the present. The implications are huge.

    James, your podcasts/videos get wide coverage. Maybe this is worth an episode that (approximately) coincides with the anniversary, and makes a big splash for your 11th year.

  27. mezzanit says:

    Hi James.

    Your story with customs officers bring awareness how differently we are formatted by our life circumstances. I was born in socialistic Poland with tightly sealed borders. I first time traveled to former Yugoslavia when I was 10. It was so normal that custom officers go through your luggage, can tell you to remove trousers, they will squeeze all toothpaste out of the tube just to check if you don’t have illegal dollars rolled inside. My mother prepared me how to handle it and how to behave not to draw attention. Most my travels, especially in post socialistic block, till I was an adult, looked like that. And even in last 10 years, travelling in between Switzerland, Germany and Poland, it was still happening from time to time.

    The funny thing is that it never occurred to me that it can be perceived as violation of my rights. I just accepted it as a part of moving between the borders…

    Eh…. conditioning 🙂

    Keep well,


  28. d-One says:

    A bit late…
    Congratulations on your achievement James!

    You are one of the lucky ones who are actually doing what fulfills them and is not just putting in the hours at a “job”!

    May the blessings continue!

    I became aware of you a number of years ago. (Have no idea when… but it has been YEARS! When you were wearing the suit & tie, and had those flashing screens behind you).
    I really appreciated your clarity and ability to distill things into simpler terms. Early on, I felt your analysis to be astute and sober truth. (I did glitch a few times with some of your remarks, but that was because I didn’t catch on to your sarcastic humour until I became more familiar with your style. Giggles!)

    So I thank you sincerely for being a refreshing spring of sanity!

    I would nominate your video “9/11: A Conspiracy Theory”.
    I loved your humour and was bursting with glee.
    I thought … “WHAM! In your face! You sheeple still want to believe the official story?”.

    A question of interest:
    James, would you have a sense of how many of your subscribers/followers are female?
    Just wondering if your style is better received by male minds that likes to take things apart and see how it works.

    Thanks again, and all the Best!

    PS > Oh.. one last thing…
    I don’t get the “A Decade of Dominance” …. not sure of your use of the word “Dominance”. Did I miss something?

  29. jckays says:

    JAMES … These folks know about you … their latest article is very much about you … you need to check them out … and report to all followers what you can find out about ‘Them” … :



    IMnsHO and E.

  30. madmovond says:

    Congrats, James. I found your work back in late 2013 when I really started questioning the mainstream rhetoric for just about everything. I’m pretty much known to my friends now as your groupie since I pass on one of your videos or articles at least once a week for them to consider and learn from.

    You’re clearly very appreciated all over the globe, which means you’re inspiring a large portion of the resistance. Keep on keeping on and I look forward to continuously digesting and absorbing your research for a long time to come.

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