Episode 293 - The Ebola Effect

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Are you worried about the ebola pandemic? Should you be? Is it hype? Real? A false flag? Bioterrorism? A Big Pharma scam? Join James today on The Corbett Report podcast as he peels back the layers of the ebola onion and exposes the pandemic endgame.

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Ebola: Panic or Pandemic? – An open source investigation
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WHO FAQ on Ebola virus disease
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Study suggesting that Ebola can be transmissible through the air
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Experts say transmission of Ebola virus by air possible
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Ebola virus disease in Guinea ( Situation as of 24 March 2014)
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WHO Update on June 16: 333 deaths, deadliest outbreak ever
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List of Ebola outbreaks
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Ebola: UN agency to help West Africa coordinate response to 'unprecedented' outbreak
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Health Ministers agree on priority actions to end Ebola outbreak in West Africa
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Treating the Ebola virus in Hamburg
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August 11 update from WHO
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Episode 086 – Medical Martial Law
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George Bush speaks about medical martial law in October 2005
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The Model State Emergency Health Powers Act
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Want to Know What Martial Law over Ebola Will Look Like? Check Out What’s Happening Right Now in Africa
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Sierra Leone Deploys Troops in Ebola Crisis
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Ebola developments trigger CDC's highest response level
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WHO declares Public Health Emergency of International Concern
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International Health Regulations
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Stephen Morrison on what the WHO can do under PHEIC
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Council of Europe condemns “unjustified scare” over swine flu
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Aid workers flown in on suspected CIA torture plane
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ZMapp connections to Army, DARPA, USAMRIID
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Tekmira Ebola therapy placed on hold
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FDA allows limited use of Ebola drug. Stock spikes 45%
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Ebola outbreak is not an investing opportunity (yet)
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AIDS And Ebola Found To Use Same Mechanism To Spread In Body
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West Africa: What are US Biological Warfare Researchers Doing in the Ebola Zone?
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Sierra Leone Closes US Bioweapons Lab At Centre of Ebola Outbreak
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Anna Brix Thomsen on "Utopia" predictive programming
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joan.redmond on Russian biowarfare research
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Scientist Working on Gov’t Ebola Drug Joked About Culling Population with GMO Virus
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Professor's population speeches unnerve some
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Obama Signs Executive Order to Allow Detention of Americans With ‘Respiratory Illnesses’
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Executive Order 13295: Revised List Of Quarantinable Communicable Diseases
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CDC Patent: Human ebola virus species and compositions and methods thereof
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Clock Rooting Further Demonstrates that Guinea 2014 EBOV is a Member of the Zaïre Lineage
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Scientists race to patent SARS virus
Time Reference: 1:05:15

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  1. TruthSeekerAlways says:

    A truly excellent podcast! Thank you so much for all of the work that went into this one. You promised at the beginning that we’d learn something from it, and I certainly did. The commonalities you’ve touched on regarding the AIDS and Ebola viruses and what that may entail, is fascinating.

  2. n.riva1989 says:

    Once again James great job. Your in depth analysis is unmatched in the alt news.

  3. ad says:

    tons of info indeed james, many thanks. your new supercomputer is the perfect upgrade from read-only to read/write. and investigate in between of course.
    a single remark, we have now two places for leaving our thoughts and findings about ebola. this makes checking new info a bit confusing. in fact, there is not an ebola thread, there are two comment sections. after your next compilation, there will be three, etc.. i just mention it.

    so we have a us bio warfare research laboratory here. if i imagine running a lab like that myself, i would order a lot of mice and monkeys, of course. but just like with other drugs, field tests are the necessary last phase for approval. the army will probably have its own FDA, or perhaps even a secret section of the standing drugs department. and mind you, there is no backdoor escape. without approval, they cannot even kill a death-cell convict properly. approval is a social necessity and without it you may forget about your patent.

    dr.mengele was a lucky man, he worked under vanilla conditions for this type of research. but these were different times -were they?- and nowadays jews are out of the question. so what’ll we do? well, africa of course. these people are used to a few hardships and will not complain, and if they do, who will listen to them? they are just africans!

    you already interviewed some very interesting people for corbettreport. i wonder whether you could reach these nurses who spread the rumour of intentional infections. it may shine some inside light on this booming new branch of technology and its need for approval.

    i missed this aspect so far, so now it is on record.


  4. mbmurray4 says:

    Speaking of who stands to benefit.. How about the new company Theranos? Board Member William Foege (former CDC Chairman, and B&M Gates Senior fellow) has recently come out with an article in response to the Ebola Epidemic saying we need “surveillance and containment” and we need to “launch a new global health security agenda”.


    I bet the other board members Henry Kissinger, William Perry (former sec. of defense), George P. Schulz (Former sec. of the treasury), and Sammuel Nunn (former chairmen of the US armed services committee) would agree. In fact, they have already worked together to help combat “biological weapons” and “health related crisis”, as evident by this joint WSJ article.


    What specifically does Theranos do?

    The company has a way detect and monitor disease progression and provide real time actionable information (http://theranos.com/our-company).

    “Using DNA profiling Theranos can, for less than the cost of the conventional tests, identify a bug and its resistance profile within four hours, says Helfet, according to the data he has seen.” (http://fortune.com/2014/06/12/theranos-blood-holmes/)

    Yes, it also collects your DNA.

    Here’s CEO Holmes in a interview at Stanford, “We’ve been able to build a company around home healthcare monitoring systems in the context of their home to monitor their blood. In real time, get analysis of not just the standard types of blood tests that are offered through the conventional infrastructure of but also protein analysis in the point of care, and in doing so, begin to profile disease progression in a way that no other company or any other organization has been able to do because the technology to monitor the blood as comprehensively as we can did not exist…results in the ability to identify better interventions and ultimately delay the progression of disease”


    Interestingly enough, Holmes worked at the Human Genome Project, her father was appointed to the EPA by George HW Bush, and as mentioned in her Wikipedia and the Fortune article, she is the great great grand-daughter of Christian Holmes (a key figure for implementing the Rockefeller / Flexner allopathic style medicine in the US).

    • mbmurray4 says:

      Sam Nunn – Board Member of Theranos, former senator, and current CEO of the Nuclear threat Initiative, also covering bio and chemical threats, says in a kickoff speech to the Global Health Security Agenda (GSHA) conference,

      “…Steps taken now will strengthen the world’s ability to prevent, detect and respond to future outbreaks, whether naturally occurring or intentional. At NTI, our experience helping to create global and regional health networks, such as Connecting Organizations for Regional Disease Surveillance (CORDS), has reinforced for us the impact of effective cooperation. We must be able to detect outbreaks through accurate diagnostics that can quickly confirm what an illness is and what it is not. We need early warning and surveillance systems in place and robust risk communication plans so that people know how to prevent and respond to disease without panic.”


      NWO through global medical surveillance? Ebola to serve as the needed PR? Theranos as the solution?

      By the way Theranos is an amalgam of “therapy” and “diagnosis”.

    • mbmurray4 says:

      Now, I have identified THREE, I kid you not, THREE board members calling for greater disease surveillance in response to the Ebola epidemic. This one comes from Bill Frist in his article “The Dire Need For A Rapid Diagnostic Ebola Test In West Africa”. The title speaks for itself.


      I cannot attach images… however, when I visit the article there is literally a picture of the CEO of Theranos, Elizabeth Holmes, at the top of the page, related to an article about the richest Americans. Coincidence? No way.

      In case you didn’t know, Bill Frist was the congressmen who covered the Anthrax scare and passed funding to President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) “the historic and unprecedented funding commitment to fight disease”, and wrote a book about how you can protect your family from bioterror.



      Also, Theranos has strong connections to Bechtel. Theranos Board members include, Riley Bechtel the Chairman of Bechtel’s board, and George P. Schultz a former executive and boardmember at Bechtel.

      Bechtel, the largest US construction and engineering company in the US, does contract work for the US government to protect against bioterror.

      “Bechtel Wins U.S. Gov’t Work to Reduce Biological Threats in Uzbekistan”


  5. 2rad4m says:

    British Bill Clinton does Ebola


  6. greencrow says:


    Do these ten pieces of evidence prove that the US is encouraging an outbreak of Ebola?

  7. Droves of Perception says:

    I just had a critical moment… Either these Ebola cases in Dallas are orchestrated, or another possibility came to mind… Healthcare workers are getting this thing through protective gear, so what is the deal? Obviously this strain is not as airborne catchy as these healthcare cases would point to, or half the people on the planes would have gotten it. Either there is something rotten (fake cases, fake deaths) or cops have something in common with healthcare workers. I’d be interested to see what vaccines are mandatory or suggested for Dallas PD. Had either of these cops had flu shots? there could even be a precursor in the vaccines staged years ago or just straight up contaminated. Possibly still, just foul play. Anyway, Any news on the success of Rima Laibow’s nano silver ? There was a DTRA study in 2004 or 6? but the pages are down now and the FDA is openly attacking Laibow now. Anyway this is cut there is a agenda going to be pushed for the vaccine , just have to wait and see how much else they can squeeze into their sick marketing plan.

  8. nancytime says:

    James, Will you be doing another piece soon covering this? Is this a good place, still, to voice our concerns? It seems that this Eboa scare could be accomplishing 2 main things at once for the ptsb: 1. More fear-induced power and 2. depopulation. It may be BOTH.
    Thanks for all you do, James.

  9. greencrow says:

    I think I’ve finally got this Ebola thing figured out. This is my theory….how I arrived at it is by using my usual methodology. I try to get into the minds of the perps…using their “values” and goals and apply that “logic” to whatever devious plot, false flag or hoax that’s current.

    In the case of Ebola….it seems to be directed particularly at people who travel. There seems to be a concerted effort at getting people either not to travel…or to submit to extraordinarily invasive scrutiny if they do. People who travel are risk factors for the perps. Travelling means:

    a) you have financial means;

    b) you are likely broadminded and open to foreign cultures;

    c) you are more independent in control of your life. If you don’t like it somewhere…you have the means to leave.

    So. What I think is going on is the perps want to control this group of humans by subjecting them to invasive scrutiny, including forced vaccinations. The vaccinations (which the US has been working on–as it has the patent to the Ebola virus) will be multi-functional. They could be injections of noxious substances to affect the health and ability and longivity of the injectee. But, and here is what I believe: The injections will also include a microscopic RFID chip so that these injectees can be traced all over the globe. Eventually, they could even be picked up by satellite. Scary? You bet!



  10. Fact Checker says:

    Anybody notice that in the clips from this era, JC has an artwork design behind him that constantly looks like little devil horns, or maybe Neko ears?

    Whenever I see videos from around this time, I just keep thinking how naughty James looks.


  11. manbearpig says:

    At first I thought that the Covid-19 pandemic was engineered to destroy the current global economic structure in view of the Great Reset (Technocratic Agenda 21) and the dying dollar while setting the behavioral precedents mandated by forced lockdowns, mask-wearing, medical reporting for travel and tracking apps, massaging the minds of the masses, making the world’s populations receptive to this loss of personal sovereignty, even making it appear necessary and moral in the name of fighting a common enemy.

    Since then, in view of the extremely rushed vaccination campaigns, I’ve come to be haunted by the idea that this latest pandemic might ALSO have been engineered as a pretext for a global campaign of injections which, along with offering a huge testing ground for their new mRNA manipulation technology is deliberately designed to maim or murder many recipients who will consequently experience various types of violent auto-immune reactions and other adverse events to these injections both immediately and over time from a period of months to years when subsequently exposed to various strains of corona virus.

    Though patents for viruses and/or their particular characteristics, may be a red-herring in the effort to understand the pandemic or incriminate perpetrators, I’m intrigued as to why the ex-director of the French National Institute for Health and Research (the INSERM) who happens to be a genetician, would be insisting on the probable lab-created nature of Sars-Cov-2 based on the specific location of a certain sequence that makes it emminently more contagious in humans, that she says does not occur naturally because it was patented.

    This researcher, has in fact been going way out on the conspiracy limb on various points stating masks interfere with immunity and questioning the practice, in a potentially virus-infected environment, of plunging test swabs deep into the nose, in the area of the cribriform plaque that has been studied as a way of introducing nanoparticles directly into the brain (for therapeutic purposes naturally). She states that there is no medically justified reason for swabbing the nose rather than the throat.


    According to wikiMonde she also has quite an intriguing background:

    In 1997, she… received the Nestlé Foundation Prize. She continued her career in the United States in neurobiology at the Joslin Diabetes Center at Harvard Medical School in Boston and at the Salk.

    In 2013, she becomes an Eisenhower Fellow and explores the possibilities of reducing health care costs…with several Nobel Prize winners at the Molecular Frontiers under the aegis of the Nobel Foundation, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and Korea University.

    In 2015, she contributes to the launch of the Manifesto of Just Care at Just Cost. Her questions on the possibility of building bridges between ancestral knowledge and advanced medicine brought her to Africa. She promotes the involvement of women in science with the President of the Republic of Mauritius, and demonstrates the health challenge posed by climate change…”

    and was director of the INSERM until 2018.

    Now she’s pestiferous persona non grata.

    anyhow… just wondering…

    • apoco says:

      Brilliant research, MBP!
      This current plandemic turns the entire world into a lab experiment, with DNA samples being collected from everyone volunteering for RT PCR tests. And if and when the Gates chip is delivered with these vaccines even more data can be collected (via cellphone app) when those vacccine recipients react to the DNA altering concoction, making the vaccine designers more able to perfect their genocidal efforts.
      Warp Speed made this possible for products that would never bave been approved otherwise. Make America Dead again… just MAD!

      • manbearpig says:

        I’m no researcher but Yes, apoco, I agree,

        “when those vacccine recipients react to the DNA altering concoction”

        tracking apps will seemingly become a universal necessity to supposedly track auto-immune responses provoked both by the “vaccine” and “natural” re-exposure to the virus and other strains of corona viruses.

        Also, just wanted to mention that as Dengue cross-reacts with Zika I wonder if the “enhanced” auto-immune responses to the Sars-Cov-2 virus could cross react with other types of viruses such as strains of influenza?

  12. manbearpig says:

    It seems to me that in the more recent American version of Utopia there’s a scene where a group of people are assured of receiving a safe injection designed only to make them sleep but which in fact is predictably used to murder them all.

  13. Octium says:

    It’s been a while but I seem to recall that Ebola was cured in the USA the day after the midterm elections were over.

    Pity it didn’t work last year for Covid – 1984

    Maybe because not enough machines voted republican.

    Then again, you can’t win. When the republicans are in your buildings fall down due to office trash bin fires.

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