Episode 290 - The Enemy of My Enemy

03/09/20143 Comments

We've seen the rollout of the MSM propaganda using over-the-top hyperbole and flat-out lies to try to demonize Russia in the lead up to the "new cold war." But is this just part of the dialectic, trying to get us to buy into one side or the other in a rigged game? Should we devolve into mere spectators choosing sides in a squabble between #TeamObama and #TeamPutin? Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we explore whether the enemy of our enemy is indeed our friend.


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Russia Today anchor Abby Martin speaks out against Russian "invasion" of Crimea
Time Reference: 00:56

NYT hit piece on Abby Martin tries to smear her as 9/11 truther
Time Reference: 02:41

Eric Draitser on Putin and the Future of Russia
Time Reference: 11:52

Corbett on Putin's Syrian Crisis Op-Ed
Time Reference: 12:10

Paul Craig Roberts on Putin and the Ukraine Crisis
Time Reference: 12:25

William Engdahl on Putin and the Ukraine Crisis
Time Reference: 12:54

John Kerry on Meet The Press
Time Reference: 15:23

NGO Lies, US Government Ties, and Pu**y Riot: Who Are the Real Monsters?
Time Reference: 16:32

Pussy Riot Propaganda Is For Naïve Americans
Time Reference: 17:19

The Truth About Russia's "Anti-Gay" Law
Time Reference: 18:08

Russian Federation Anti-Gay Laws: An Analysis & Deconstruction
Time Reference: 18:14

Episode 250 – Crashes of Convenience: PLF 101
Time Reference: 20:17

Putin Proposes Using Smart Cameras to Identify Immigrants
Time Reference: 22:29

Truthloader on Putin's Rule
Time Reference: 22:52

Putin dissolves state news agency, tightens grip on Russia media
Time Reference: 23:45

The Killing of Russian Journalists
Time Reference: 24:45

Two Russian Journalists Killed In One Day
Time Reference: 25:05

Russian Journalist Assaulted
Time Reference: 25:22

The Assassination of Russia - FSB false flag bombings of 1999
Time Reference: 26:39

Russia's Putin says wants to build "Eurasian Union"
Time Reference: 31:37

Putin Turns Attention to Eurasian Union
Time Reference: 33:05

Ryan Dawson Looks for a Third Way in the Ukraine Crisis
Time Reference: 36:12

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  1. nosoapradio says:

    Frustrated at not being able to listen to this roundtable advertised on the Porkins Policy Review:

    “BFP Roundtable: Who is Putin & Why has he let his nation become encircled by NATO”

    I decided to listen to older pieces about Putin on the Corbett Report the second of which was this one: “The Enemy of my Enemy”.

    I was most gratified to discover this video that I’d missed somehow last year. It is still of extremely vital relevence today and I’ll be posting it on blogs every chance I get.

    I would be curious to know what Mr Corbett makes of Pepe Escobar’s latest assessment of Sino/Russian/U.S. politics in his May 16th article:

    “U.S. Wakes Up to New (Silk) World Order”
    Could it be considered a fairly thorough and detailed 2D chessboard overview?

    And if so, why doesn’t Mr Escobar at least hint at a deeper level of the situation?

    Or perhaps in my haste I’ve missed something?

  2. ADDspeaker says:

    Love this episode – a little ‘all over the map’ but it make sense – nonetheless 🙂 – Here’s some more inspiration from the other day – on what I call Deflection 101 – https://youtu.be/VPgihzZjRxA


  3. Ayyub says:

    Very good episode. And only two comments. People like the binary system: The enemy of my enemy is the good guy.

    This episode is helpful to understand the Ukraine war now.

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