Episode 267 - The Meaning of Life

05/17/20132 Comments

No, James can't tell you the meaning of your life. But he can show you that there is a meaning in life. Join us this week for a very special edition of The Corbett Report where we explore life's biggest question...and confront the biggest lie.

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Bill Burr - Too Many People
Time Reference: 02:02


James Lovelock on depopulation
Time Reference: 02:31


Bill Hicks - People Suck
Time Reference: 03:08


The Matrix - Humans Are A Virus
Time Reference: 04:12


Humans As Cancer
Time Reference: 05:00


Joe Rogan - What Is Life?
Time Reference: 05:32


Mr. Rogers TV Hall of Fame Induction
Time Reference: 09:16


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Time Reference: 26:02

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  1. James, thank you very much for this most interesting podcast episode. I was in particular deeply moved by what you had written to your son. That was truly heartfelt, honest, vivid and very engaging writing. You are an excellent writer, and even more importantly, also a wonderful man with a very big heart. There will hopefully come a day when your great gift to the world will be universally acknowledged. Thank You!

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