Episode 229 - Remembering Fletcher Prouty

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Some might know Fletcher Prouty through his involvement with Oliver Stone's JFK. Others may know his book on The Secret Team. Still others might know of his insights into subjects as diverse as the Gary Powers U2 incident, MKULTRA, and the Origins of Oil. Today we explore the life, the experiences and the secrets spilled by Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty.



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Prouty Biography on Wikipedia
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Meeting Mr. X
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The Collected Works of Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty
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BlackOp Radio CDs
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Secret Team - The Formation & Purpose of The NSC - PT 1 of 4
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Col. Fletcher Prouty discusses the Gary Powers U2 flight (part 1)
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The Origins of Oil - falsely defined in 1892
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Interview 505 – Len Osanic on the Legacy of Fletcher Prouty
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  1. BuddhaForce says:

    Prouty’s Official Military Personnel File has been released by the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC).


    Thanks for opening these comments James 🙂

  2. CG says:

    Love your work James. The one thing I find missing from your work though is the extraterrestrial aspect [snickers ensue, as you wish]
    Until one has had a personal experience one might be unable to entertain such outlandish ideas. I get it. I hope one day soon we all have knowing rather than opinions.
    Steven Greer in late November gave a 4 hour lecture on the deep state, it’s on YouTube. Highly recommend.
    And a British gent created a 3 hour documentary “Everything is a Rich Man’s Trick” also on YouTube. His expose of Kennedys assassination puts the Oliver Stone flick that Prouty advised on into its proper context.
    We must “save” ourselves. But it sure helps knowing there is an even larger community – it’s not just us plebeians alone on a rock, with psychos at the helm.

  3. LoDilly says:

    Thanks, CG. I am watching the JFK to 911 video. Absolutely a must-watch for anyone who knows some or all of this history. I have also seen the Greer 4-hour presentation, and if nothing else, the parts about advanced technology are fascinating.

  4. jay.z says:

    One thing that should be noted is that Greer and the Disclosure Project are being funded by the Rockefeller Foundation… And that alone is fishy to me and points toward a psy op. I’m not dismissing what you and others may experience CG. But I’m also positing that the “alien”/”ufo” phenomenon may actually be something different (and much more sinister) than what we’re being preached to about from the media (news and entertainment)… Obviously, most alien junkies would dismiss these comments off hand. But I’ll venture to say that beings that people experience (and even receive marks/implants from?) may not be interplanetary or “space creatures”, but interdimensional beings or “spiritual beings”…

    At the very least, we have to keep on our toes about all of this. So often such a controversial issue can be polarizing for all involved. That’s why I really appreciate Corbett’s work, he strives to focus/centre on the amply documented “facts” and allow the more speculative to fall by the way side until further substantial evidence comes to the surface… There’s so much on our plate that needs to be changed in this world (money, banking, credit, for one quick example). And tho interesting and important to whatever degree, the alien issue seems more like a divisive diversion that plays into the elites hands (as Corbett aptly outlined in How To Fake An Alien Invasion).

    • CG says:

      Hi Jay.z

      I agree with all you have written. Thanks for the balanced and respectful dialogue.

      And yes, we tune in to James’ work, because it offers “that” much needed angle. There are others out there putting out the info this comment section has moved into.

      I took the comment section in this direction because of recent (at least recent for me) info out concerning Kennedys assassination. And as I was relistening to Prouty and especially Mr X, the info being “revelled” struck me as obfuscation rather than revelation. But I’m NOT very well versed in Prouty and now I’m kind slinging mud at him, I don’t want to do that – which was why I took the comments in the direction I did. I didn’t know the man and I haven’t really learned enough about his work to form an intelligent opinion. Hence the ET insertion.

      One thing for sure which I will stand bye is that the game on our planet is much bigger than conventional “rational” thought allows. And I disagree with Greer that it’s been all friendly, it’s a mixed bag and probably extremely complicated.

      Thanks James for all you do.

  5. Lance says:

    “Oil might not be a fossil fuel” is the kind of comment which cements my family’s view that I’m a tin foil hat nut. It sounds so outrageous, stupid, controversial for controversy’s sake and, in any case, “so what?”.

    Then you find that NASA is finding “fossil” fuels in the cosmos, where there aren’t any “fossils” http://principia-scientific.org/russians-nasa-discredit-fossil-fuel-theory-demise-of-junk-co2-science/ http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/methane-on-mars-titan/, and that geologists actually aren’t sure where oil comes from http://static.scribd.com/docs/j79lhbgbjbqrb.pdf

    And then you can consider that if oil is a fossil fuel, then it is a very finite – hence valuable – resource. And if it isn’t then it should be sold at a few pennies a litre – ah!

    It seems that I have spent most of my adult life finding out that my education was based on lies. I have the courage to accept that I don’t know that truth about many subjects, but I also have the intelligence to see that what is presented as truth, is often partial, partisan or just plain dishonest.

  6. kcfam1210 says:

    David Ratcliffe interviewed Prouty in 1989 in a series of interviews named after Prouty’s book The Secret Team(link below). At 54:50 of the video, Prouty is asked about the term “High Cabal” which he uses in one of his books quoting Winston Churchill. Prouty goes on to explain his understanding, from experience, of a “high cabal” or “power elite” that directs powerful government officials around the world from behind the scenes. He then goes on to explain what he believes are the origins of this “high cabal”. It is very interesting to say the least.

    Here’s the link to the interview – https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=aIxw5_0qvRQ

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