Episode 211 – Expertology

12/03/20110 Comments

The experts always know best…or do they? Join us today on The Corbett Report podcast as we scrutinize the media’s ready reliance on “experts” to say what the establishment wants to be said, and what this practice means for the rise of the scientific dictatorship.

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Cutting Through The Matrix – January 21, 2011
Time Reference: 05:16


A Safe Tan? No Way, Experts Say
Time Reference: 10:07


European fiscal union: what the experts say
Time Reference: 10:13


Arsenic? Experts say real apple juice danger lies in calories
Time Reference: 10:18


Fuel experts say gasoline consumers had it easy during recent storms
Time Reference: 10:27


Pet shouldn’t be impulse gift, experts say
Time Reference: 10:41


ESPN Experts Say…New York Giants Fall to the Pack
Time Reference: 13:02


Growing wealth disparity underlies Occupy protests, experts say
Time Reference: 14:48


Strong market: Experts say ride on the wave but be cautious
Time Reference: 17:05


The National On Demand
Time Reference: 20:24


Alan Watt on “Rude Awakening”
Time Reference: 25:02


Dr. Tim Ball on The Corbett Report
Time Reference: 34:01


Dr. Tim Ball official homepage
Time Reference: 39:13


Climategate 2.0: Hockey Stick Debunking Confirmed
Time Reference: 41:14


Frontline – The Vaccine War
Time Reference: 42:59

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