Episode 185 – The Singularity Cometh

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As we stand on the brink of the age of spritual machines, are we as a society ready to face the consequences of our creation…or even to understand what those consequences are? Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we unpack the marvels and the horror of Kurzweil’s law of accelerating returns.


Documentation – The Corbett Report 2009 Video Archive DVD
Time Reference: 01:48
Description: Support The Corbett Report. Buy the DVD.
Link To: The Corbett Report


Documentation – Transcendent Man trailer
Time Reference: 02:52
Description: The official trailer for the 2011 release of this documentary about Ray Kurzweil and his concept of the singularity.
Link To: YouTube.com


Documentation – The Age of Spiritual Machines
Time Reference: 06:19
Description: Landmark book by Kurzweil on the singularity and its consequences.
Link To: Amazon.com


Documentation – The Singularity is Near
Time Reference: 06:21
Description: Somewhat newer book by Kurzweil on (you guessed it) the singularity.
Link To: Amazon


Documentation – Moore’s Law
Time Reference: 06:59
Description: The observation made by Intel co-founder Thomas Moore in 1965 that the number of transistors per square inch on integrated circuits doubles every two years.
Link To: webopedia.com


Documentation – Kurzweil explains law of accelerating returns
Time Reference: 07:56
Description: From a lecture at the University of Arizona from 2008.
Link To: YouTube


Documentation – Kurzweil Demonstrated the KurzweilAI Camera for the Blind
Time Reference: 31:40
Description: It almost seems quaint now that this is 4 year old technology…
Link To: Google Video


Documentation – Kurzweil on Colbert
Time Reference: 24:49
Description: Is there any way this could not turn into a horror movie?
Link To: ColbertNation.com


Documentation –
Children of Guanajuato, Mexico in Biometric D-Base
Time Reference: 32:42
Description: That’s “database” for us luddites…but maybe that sounds too creepy.
Link To: SingularityHub.com


Documentation – Big Brother Can Drive – Police Car-Mounted Cameras Scan 10,000 License Plates Per Hour
Time Reference: 32:49
Description: Well, it’s good for law enforcement, right?!
Link To: SingularityHub.com


Documentation – Technology of Mind Control – Neuroscience Experiments
Time Reference: 34:34
Description: From a BBC “Horizon” documentary.
Link To: Vimeo


Documentation – ‘The Original Luddites’ – Jeremy Black & Katrina Navickas
Time Reference: 43:17
Description: A studio discussion on an edition of ‘Nightwaves’ from BBC Radio 3 about Luddism. Taking part are historians Katrina Navickas and Jeremy Black.
Link To: YouTube.com


Documentation – Cell Phone Companies Ordered by Government to Track You
Time Reference: 46:01
Description: Forget the iPhone database that logs where you’ve been, cell phones are mandated to track everything you do by the government.
Link To: Infowars.com


Documentation – When Cyber Command Pulls the Plug?
Time Reference: 46:49
Description: How to build an offline network using old USB flash drives.
Link To: CyberSpaceWar.com


Documentation – Get Internet Access When Government Shuts Down The Internet
Time Reference: 47:50
Description: Here are a few ways to build some basic network connectivity when you can’t rely on your cellular or landline Internet connections…
Link To: CyberSpaceWar.com


Documentation – Why The Future Doesn’t Need Us
Time Reference: 48:56
Description: Bill Joy breaks down the dangers of the singularity. A must-read article.
Link To: Wired.com


Documentation – Recipe for Destruction
Time Reference: 50:25
Description: A chilling op-ed from Kurzweil and Joy about the fear of designer virus warfare.
Link To: NYTimes.com

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  1. Dacajeweiah says:

    I just want to point out to those that might be interested that the link “Documentation – Technology of Mind Control – Neuroscience Experiments” at 34:34 is no longer available. You can find it here thought under it’s original title:

    BBC – Horizon – 2006 – Human v2.0:

    and here:

    The part that is mentioned on the podcast starts at 26:16

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