Episode 170 - The Coming Anastrophe

01/23/20115 Comments

Running Time: 58:29

Description:In this age of economic and societal Armageddon, everyone is looking for peace and stability: so why are so many agitating for violent revolution? Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we take a page from "It's A Wonderful Life" to explore the possibility for peaceful, community-based solutions to our problems and attempt to answer the question: what is the opposite of catastrophe?


Documentation - Eurovps.com
Time Reference: 02:09
Description: Please show your appreciation for EuroVPS.com's donation of a server to The Corbett Report by checking them out and considering using their services.
Link To: EuroVPS.com

Documentation - Confronting David Rockefeller - Sunday Update
Time Reference: 06:22
Description: Watch the video and check the video information bar for links to source documentation.
Link To: Blip.tv

Documentation - Marc Faber - "Total Collapse Will Come"
Time Reference: 16:52
Description: Marc Faber predicts with certainty that the United States will go through high inflation and a lower standard of living. Expect wars and currency re-evaluation.
Link To: YouTube.com

Documentation - Gerald Celente: Crash of 2010 inevitable
Time Reference: 17:12
Description: The Dow Jones industrial market is down and looks to continue to head that direction. This is not good news for the worlds economies that are trying to bounce back after this recession hit many different nations. Is this a direct reflection of the Greece financial crisis?
Link To: YouTube.com

Documentation - Jim Rogers the UK is FINISHED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Time Reference: 17:27
Description: (Exclamation marks not mine).
Link To: YouTube.com

Documentation - Peter Schiff On FXBIZ: The Great Currency Debate
Time Reference: 17:57
Description: Peter Schiff talks to Judge Napolitano about the prospect of a currency war with China.
Link To: YouTube.com

Documentation - It's A Wonderful Life
Time Reference: 19:29
Description: The entire public domain movie is available to watch on YouTube (best viewed on Christmas Eve with an Irish coffee or two).
Link To: YouTube.com

Documentation - FreemanTV.com
Time Reference: 35:22
Description: Home page of Freeman Fly. Click here to find previous episodes of his radio program, as well as videos and articles by Freeman. (The clip used in today's show was from the January 8, 2011 edition of "The Free Zone").
Link To: FreemanTV.com

Documentation - EPA changes maximum allowable fluoride levels
Time Reference: 42:56
Description: Find more information on the EPA's decision from this recent edition of NewWorldNextWeek.com.
Link To: YouTube.com

Documentation - The Fourth American Revolution
Time Reference: 46:08
Description: Fascinating article about the generational/cyclical nature of societal catastrophes.
Link To: The Burning Platform

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  1. john.o says:

    overflowing, overgrowing
    overtake all overthrowing

    to a serpent’s wise aspersion
    softly join a dove’s subversion

    grow your shit – of theirs steer clear

  2. scpat says:

    These types of ideas are always music to my ears. This podcast is also timely given the Christmas holiday and the spirit of giving and being around family and friends.

  3. peter57 says:

    Got it. You have outlined a wonderful Christmas Gift and New Year’s Resolution! Why wait for the Great Reset, and to see if we have prepared properly – when we can MAKE the future we HOPE FOR, now! Of course those who have developed the 8 forms of capital as much as possible will be the ones to survive and bring others through the paradigm! So get to work today, build the outcome you envision, and make the NWO/TPTB/CB’s/etc. – make them all IRRELEVANT.

    Man are you insightful. Sure wish I would have subscribed with you long ago when you first came across the radar screen.

    Merry Christmas Jim, and to all readers here!

  4. beadbud5000 says:

    Thanks James. I really needed this tonight. Thank you.

  5. The link on YouTube was bad.
    Either they censored it or it was a bad link.
    I think.

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