Episode 162 - Remembering Aaron Russo

11/14/20102 Comments

Running Time: 1:00:05

Description:Aaron Russo was an entrepreneur, a Hollywood producer, a political activist, a documentary filmmaker and much more besides. Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we reflect on the life, the work, and the legacy of Aaron Russo.


Documentation - Grateful Dread Public Radio
Time Reference: 01:42
Description: The latest affiliate of The Corbett Report, broadcasting the podcast on Monday nights at 8:00 Eastern.
Link To: GDreadRadio.net
Documentation - Aaron Russo's Mad As Hell
Time Reference: 15:21
Description: An Aaron Russo film from the early 1990s, released as a warning about the track that America was on.
Link To: FreedomToFascism.com
Documentation - Reflections and Warnings
Time Reference: 27:11
Description: Aaron Russo's final sit-down interview with Alex Jones of Infowars.
Link To: Infowars.com
Documentation - Freedom to Fascism
Time Reference: 36:22
Description: Buy a copy of the DVD and support Russo's family.
Link To: FreedomToFascism.com
Documentation - Aaron Russo virtual memorial
Time Reference: 46:41
Description: A place online for remembering Aaron Russo.
Link To: DefendIndependence.org
Documentation - Heidi Gregg on the Alex Jones show
Time Reference: 47:13
Description: Available for download by PrisonPlanet members
Link To: PrisonPlanet.tv
Documentation - Restore The Republic
Time Reference: 51:40
Description: The home page of Aaron Russo's organization which continues on under National Director Gary Franchi.
Link To: RestoreTheRepublic
Documentation - RTR.org
Time Reference: 52:00
Description: The new social networking tool of the Restore the Republic community.
Link To: RTR.org
Documentation - Gary Franchi on The Corbett Report
Time Reference: 52:31
Description: Watch, comment, rate, favourite and share the video.
Link To: YouTube.com
Documentation - Aaron Russo's Last Message to Humanity
Time Reference: 59:27
Description: His words and his fighting spirit will live forever.
Link To: YouTube.com

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