Episode 158 - Requiem for the Suicided: The DC Madam

10/31/201010 Comments

Running Time: 55:55

Description:When the DC Madam closed up shop and put her house up for sale, some Washington power players got spooked. They brought charges against her so she gave her phone logs to the media for safekeeping. That was her first mistake...


Documentation - Early biographical details of DC Madam
Time Reference: 16:01
Description: From a 2007 Washington Post piece.
Link To: Washington Post
Documentation - Sentencing Memorandum from 1992
Time Reference: 16:51
Description: Deborah Palfrey promises not to run another escort business...a year before she starts up another escort business.
Link To: The Smoking Gun
Documentation - Inside the DC Madam's Escort Service
Time Reference: 17:49
Description: Brian Ross of ABC News gets the scoop on the DC Madam scandal.
Link To: ABCNews
Documentation - New D.C. Sex Scandal Looming?
Time Reference: 21:39
Description: Smoking Gun report on the fed search and seizure of Palfrey's assets.
Link To: The Smoking Gun
Documentation - DC Madam Ponders Why She Was Raided
Time Reference: 22:47
Description: From The Alex Jones Show in 2007
Link To: Infowars.com
Documentation - Feds Seek to Gag DC Madam
Time Reference: 28:09
Description: The feds immediately move to stop her from revealing her client list.
Link To: The Smoking Gun
Documentation - DC Madam Speaks
Time Reference: 29:24
Description: DC Madam implores ABC to investigate her situation.
Link To: YouTube.com
Documentation - Network refuses to name clients of 'DC madam'
Time Reference: 30:56
Description: This is why you don't rely on the establishment media to get your important documents out to the world at large.
Link To: Independent.co.uk
Documentation - Trial Nearing, Alleged Girl Found Dead
Time Reference: 32:44
Description: They say she hung herself, too...
Link To: Washington Post
Documentation - DC Madam Found Dead
Time Reference: 34:50
Description: Initial report from AP.
Link To: YouTube.com
Documentation - D.C. Madam: Suicide Before Prison
Time Reference: 36:16
Description: Time gets the scoop before Palfrey's body is even cool: some man claims she told him he was going to kill himself.
Link To: Time.com
Documentation - DC Madam Predicted She Would Be Suicided
Time Reference: 38:39
Description: Palfrey unequivocally says on record that she is not planning on killing herself.
Link To: PrisonPlanet.com
Documentation - Geraldo at Large Questions DC Madam Murder
Time Reference: 40:14
Description: Even Geraldo wasn't buying this story...
Link To: YouTube.com
Documentation - Building Manager: DC Madam's Death Not Suicide
Time Reference: 46:18
Description: Palfrey's friend says she was being followed and had important documents with her.
Link To: WESH.com
Documentation - Wayne Madsen names names in DC Madam case
Time Reference: 48:35
Description: Cheney. McCain. Giuliani. Thompson.
Link To: YouTube.com

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  1. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Kudos to whomever put the video to this 2010 podcast!
    I well remember when this was playing out and watching the Alex Jones interviews.

    Dallas has always been a major hub for escort services. Backpage.com got its lucrative start in Dallas via its sister, The Dallas Observer newspaper which at one time became “very well read” because it had escort ads. Not long ago, because of political legal pressure, Backpage.com censored its Escort Section, but now the girls just place their ads in other sections. Ha!…Stings in Dallas occur occasionally on “selected targets” while overlooking others. Recently, one spa was raided and at the owner’s house more than $400,000 in cash was seized.

    MASONS – In 1979, I worked as a bellman for a 650 room hotel spread out on 14 acres. It literally looked like a castle. A bellman knows what goes down. One time the Masons had a big bash. We are talking high profile businessmen, judges, etc. Their armed security ballroom was locked to keep out hotel staff while they had gambling tables going on inside. (I peaked through the door cracks.) They had one cordoned-off hotel wing where they kept a room full of working girls. Masons would go to the prostitute room, pick the girl of their choice and take them to another room. Sometimes, the couple even did their act in the hallway. Occasionally, I would deliver food to the girls. An interesting, adventurous era for me.

  2. Mohawk Man says:

    Given this Pizzagate-Pedogate thing going on I would suggest someone go to 23:45 of this broadcast, freeze and observe what necklace she is wearing. It appears to me to be a now known pedophilia symbol—-a small heart inside of a large heart. I may be incorrect but thats what this appears to be. It may be even darker than this appears. Pedophilia as well which I had not known she had reported as being engaged in. Was that a signal for what she was about to expose or are my eyes worse than I imagined. I saw what I saw.

    If anyone has been following George Webb and his Dyncorp/Mossad/CIA–A.B.C.-agencies which is truly sickening I find it odd that on occasion he’ll make statements such as ‘I really am an Israeli in my heart and soul’ –something along those lines then he proceeds to point to these same people he wishes he was a part of——Something very odd about that given that many of the “suspects” are in fact…Israeli’s or at least Jewish. Rather odd I’d say. ‘I’m not really religious” was another odd statement he has made. Whats with the “Chosenites” claim–which is about GOD and not land. Well, thats the claim re: 1948.I think he’s limited hangout or maybe a trap as Pizzagate may be to discredit alt-media. Tread lightly. Ears to the ground.

    Somethings dark over there and it needs to be corrected. It’ll end up being We The People because the useless stains up there are just that, stains. End The Fed and this all ends tomorrow. Too many people with way too much unearned money and time on their hands and inbreds doing nasty shit.

  3. mkey says:

    You’re onto something there http://imgur.com/a/QvUYQ

  4. janiece.t says:

    I imagine you saw this but in case you didn’t, from April 5, 2017:

    New Details on the Infamous DC Madam Scandal Emerge

    “So the only document the FBI appears to have had was a January 15, 1987, complaint form involving the Navy officer. The officer had called the FBI and said “he had been receiving slanderous letters” from Palfrey, marking the first time that Palfrey came to the FBI’s attention.”


    It’s Jason Leopold….and VICE, so you know….but he filed a FOIA request with the FBI, IRS, and US Postal Inspection Service for Palfrey’s file.

    As usual: curious and curiouser.

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