Episode 156 - Foreclosuregate

10/24/20103 Comments

Running Time: 56:55

Description:The Corbett Report explores the robo-signers, the bogus assignees, the clouded titles, the securities fraud, the insurance fraud, the unlawful repossessions and all the other ways that trillions of dollars are being snuck out the backdoor of the American economy. This is foreclosuregate.


Documentation - PBS pimps for BofA
Time Reference: 16:21
Description: But they're telling the truth about the foreclosure crisis...honest.
Link To: YouTube.com
Documentation - MaxKeiser.com
Time Reference: 22:31
Description: Home page of the irrespressible Max Keiser.
Link To: MaxKeiser.com
Documentation - Washington's Blog
Time Reference: 32:31
Description: Excellent breakdown and analysis of many aspects of the New World Order...including foreclosuregate.
Link To: Washington's Blog
Documentation - Zero Hedge
Time Reference: 32:44
Description: Another great site with real economic news.
Link To: ZeroHedge.com
Documentation - The International Forecaster
Time Reference: 33:00
Description: Home page of Bob Chapman.
Link To: IntForecaster.com
Documentation - Definitions of key foreclosuregate terms.
Time Reference: 43:29
Description: Read about securitization, MBS, CDOs and CDSs to find out what is really going on.
Link To: 4closurefraud.org
Documentation - The Prophecy Club
Time Reference: 45:14
Description: Home page of Lindsey Williams, whose inside source has revealed what the elite are planning with the unwinding foreclosure crisis.
Link To: ProphecyClub.com
Documentation - Lindsey Williams Talks About Foreclosuregate on Alex Jones Show
Time Reference: 45:28
Description: Williams' source spills the beans on foreclosuregate.
Link To: YouTube.com
Documentation - Squatters say Produce the Note!
Time Reference: 50:45
Description: Squat in your own house and don't go until they produce the note.
Link To: YouTube.com

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