Episode 140 - Requiem for the Suicided: Terrance Yeakey

08/01/201021 Comments

Running Time: 52:10

Description:This week we turn the focus of our open source investigation to Sgt. Terrance Yeakey, one of the first responder heroes at the scene of the OKC bombing who discovered something that conflicted with the official story of the bombing...something that cost him his life.


Documentation - Who Killed Terry Yeakey?
Time Reference: 15:12
Description: Overview article on Yeakey's death from 1999.
Link To: APFN
Documentation - Interview with Tonia Yeakey
Time Reference: 20:39
Description: An interview with Terry Yeakey's widow from Oklahoma City radio from 1998.
Link To: Archive.org
Documentation - We Are Change Oklahoma mini-documentary about Yeakey
Time Reference: 35:49
Description: Released in May of this year, it features information about Yeakey's life and death and interviews with his family members.
Link To: YouTube.com
Documentation - We Are Change Oklahome homepage
Time Reference: 40:03
Description: Find out more about We Are Change Oklahoma
Link To: WeAreChangeOklahoma
Documentation - Terrance Yeakey Truth
Time Reference: 40:07
Description: Preserving the memory of Sgt. Terrance Yeakey
Link To: TYTruth.com
Documentation - Terrance Yeakey Truth Legal Fund
Time Reference: 48:21
Description: Donate to help fund the investigation into Terry Yeakey's death.
Link To: TYTruth.com

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  1. karl.h says:

    tytruth website no longer exists, see this for snapshot: http://web.archive.org/web/20141218063507/http://tytruth.com/

    Seems that there are no 2015 archives for it. I think this is the doco that they were advertising:


    The we are change oklahoma website seems to now be advertising penis enlargement. What happened here? Looks like someone took over the domain, copied half the existing content and replaced the rest with said advertising.

  2. bladtheimpailer says:

    First I’ve heard of Terrance Yeakey who obviously would not back down to the threats. People such as Terrance Yeakey are far and few between as most would have taken the warning and stopped trying to gather evidence. A brave man who was really up against much more than he probably knew.

    As an aside Catherine Fitts, another person who ended up in the cross hairs of, in her case, government bureaucracy covering up corruption including an attempted hit (as a warning?), stated that the entire Watergate files and perhaps other Clinton sensitive files were completely destroyed in the OKC bombing(s). Her advice to government workers was that if there were “sensitive” files being kept in the building you are working at seek a transfer asap. When I heard this in an interview of Ms Fitts this filled in the blank under prime motive, which until then I was scratching my head on.

  3. m.clare says:

    Speaking of suicided….the former premier of Alberta, who ended a 40+ year political dynasty, was inside an airplane that rocketed straight down, perpendicular to the earth:


    No questions asked.

    • Aron says:

      m.clare. Agreed. The death of Jim Prentice was highly suspicious but not a word in the MSM about this. I even have a Liberal-supporting friend who called this so-called accident “strange” and so I know it’s not just you and me that have raised an eyebrow over this tragedy.

      Jim Prentice was one of the most respected conservative politicians in Canada and may have been making a comeback bid to lead the Progressive Conservative party in Alberta and defeat Rachel Notley’s socialist NDP government. Notley, who is the perfect globalist puppet, is currently working hand-in-hand with the leftist federal government, the leftist media, and the leftist mayors of the two major cities in Alberta to implement the objectives of Agenda 21.

      Question 1, why would the globalists want their perfect scenario in Alberta screwed up by a respected man like Prentice to lead the oil capital of Canada? Of course, the answer is they wouldn’t. Question 2, is the untimely death of Jim Prentice just a coincidence? I sense the true answer to this question but would like to see the facts surface.

      • nosoapradio says:

        Having just watched the GRTV backgrounder about Shawn Lucas among other things, and now this about Prentice and last night about Yeakey, thinking of Alison Desforges and Beverly Eckhart and Gary Webb and Debra Palfry and Barry Jennings and scores of others and the entire Polish government…

        I really do understand why most people prefer living in la la land…

  4. Kirk says:

    Hello all, I am a new Corbett member, I don’t have specific comment on this video (except that it good as all of James and team pieces I find great and informative).

    is there a more general blog or way to connect with other members? I want to do a project and looking for collaborators. I do understand this is sensitive subject, as my project itself is geared toward open information, and not what globalist/bankers want, and I do understand that folks may feel concern, (I do, I am asking this on Corbett report as I want to work with people that are sensitive and on the same side (for the people). Any suggestions on how to do this is appreciated. I just wasn’t sure where to start in this site on how to reach out. I think i sent a note to the general inbox, but maybe need to try again (not sure if it went to the right place)
    Kirk (aka Anton)

    • mkey says:

      This wasn’t built as a social site, the commenting section is pretty basic.

      • Kirk says:

        Hi, and thank you for the reply. I wasn’t sure where to start to reach some people to collaborate with here, but thank you for the reply, I’ll step by step work it out, and for sure, I will post to James himself what I am doing.
        Thanks and will keep you posted, ping me anytime.

    • m.clare says:

      Hey, Kirk,

      I’d be interested to hear more about your project and then decide if it was something I could contribute to in a meaningful way. I get what you’re saying about contacting others. I wonder if Mr. Corbett would consider emailing contact information between his subscribers if both parties gave the green light?

      • Kirk says:

        Hi m.clare,
        same to you as above, thanks for responding. I am just learning how to navigate around here. I know this site is not set up for social chit chat (like facebook junk ;), but I also know that James does work with members, that if you a member of him, then you are in the more informed, and rational group already (and maybe a few infiltrators, I still wonder how James can do what he does with out being stopped. I say that with respect to him. No hidden meaning.

        Short version is this- low cost computer package made for poor, and at this point specifically for those in developing countries.

        I felt it worth to explain that, I would like to ask can we send messages privately (just so they not in the public space, again I am sensitive to the ‘shill’ factor (‘agents’ or whatever you want to call them, but I mean those who are not on the side of humanity, forgive my slight paranoia on this (and I expect and suggest you be a bit careful with all on this sort of subject, we (and I will include James in this of course (as he has time), we can each chcek out each other (I mean you can check me out as we move forward, it is just reasonable precaution.

        So, what to do next? :
        – I will finish my little write up ,but in the mean time, any good way to message you directly (same for the first responder above, does this group/forum have that ability? I can email you as well, it not very secure, but well, I try to be careful, but given my resources I end up often having to use what I have.
        my email is [snip: please do not post contact info in the comments. Anyone who is interested can email me via the contact form and I will forward it. – James]

        I will put a few links here to show work i did in past (which was taken over/stolen by my former colleagues, and since becoming ‘red-pilled’ , I have decided to make my new effort to help make the hardware/tools to help get information to people, I will share more details as we proceed

        Here is some of my work this piece done my National VN news channel ~ 7rs ago

        and here is another clip on one my last effort,
        I will finish my project write up and send to him, but of course share with him any info that we discuss, he’s captain (I know he doesn’t like that, but you get my point, respect to him, and I am not trying to perform subterfuge, except upon the establishment/global bankers 😉 / serious

  5. Kirk says:

    And yes, I will finish my little project write up (at least finish ‘draft version 1’ today and will send to James, I can also do to you or others that we think of withing a bit of circle of trust (and yes, I’ll also explain a bit more why I am acting so ‘sneaky’, part of it is being in VN, I’m under a bit more monitoring, etc. bear with me on that part )


  6. Kirk says:

    Hi, and thank you.

    I am pretty new to a lot of things here (and well just all this new info we absorbing), so thanks, that may be the right one. I just recently got my Corbett membership working (I’m overseas, and sometimes the payments get stopped, anyway), so just thought I would like to reach out within Corbett (don’t know much of anything on the members here, but they (you) follow him and that’s a special audience, and I know a bit about the open source investigation type projects, so again though this a good, safe space to start. I am now trying to do a write up worthy of people reading, maybe will finish that up tonight/tomorrow, and I’ll step forward, so thanks, it maybe good to do it as a wiki project,

    I do appreciate the rather quick response from 3 of you here, even though it wasn’t even related to the last report. 🙂 Thanks

  7. Stieg Larsson, deserves a requiem. He was the investigative journalist who “fictionalized” his stories into what became “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” series.

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