Episode 139 - Know Your History: Colonial Scrip

07/25/20102 Comments

Running Time: 56:00

Description:We know that the banksters have enslaved society in a perpetual cycle of debt servitude...but what is to be done? Join us this week as we delve into history for an example of a people taking the power of money creation into their own hands.


Documentation - Zero Point Radio donation page
Time Reference: 01:25
Description: Donate to help keep Zero Point Radio on the air.
Link To: ZeroPointRadio.com
Documentation - Sunday Update
Time Reference: 01:59
Description: Whistleblowers vs. Regulators, Advertising Fail
Link To: YouTube.com
Documentation - The Secret of Oz
Time Reference: 17:31
Description: Home page for this must-see documentary about the real solutions of monetary reform.
Link To: SecretofOz.com
Documentation - Colonial Scrip
Time Reference: 24:51
Description: A great overview article about colonial scrip from the ingeniously entitled Friends of the American Revolution website.
Link To: Friends of the American Revolution
Documentation - Web of Debt
Time Reference: 30:43
Description: Home page of Ellen Brown's highly regarded Web of Debt book.
Link To: WebofDebt.com
Documentation - Ellen Brown: Web of Debt lecture
Time Reference: 42:13
Description: Lecture from 2008 about the roots of the monetary crisis and what can be done about it.
Link To: YouTube.com
Documentation - Alternative Currencies Grow in Popularity
Time Reference: 43:32
Description: Time Magazine article examining scrip and community currencies as an economic crutch during down times and crises.
Link To: Time.com
Documentation - Digital Coin
Time Reference: 48:02
Description: The latest work from Paul Grignon on the question of monetary reform. Beware: brilliant, thought provoking, and difficult to wrap your mind around.
Link To: Digital Coin
Documentation - Money as Debt
Time Reference: 50:51
Description: The must-see film from Paul Grignon.
Link To: MoneyAsDebt.net

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