Episode 132 - Meet the Southern Poverty Law Center

06/06/201019 Comments

Running Time: 54:34

Description:This week on The Corbett Report we peek behind the facade of the Southern Poverty Law Center and find poverty pimping, race baiting and much, much worse.


Documentation - Sunday Update
Time Reference: 02:17
Description: Qaeda Killed (Again), Bilderberg Updates, WHO's to Blame
Link To: YouTube.com
Documentation - Southern Poverty Law Center homepage
Time Reference: 10:20
Description: Find out all about the valiant and noble mission of the SPLC and discover their wonderful and balanced publication, Intelligence Report.
Link To: SPLCenter.org
Documentation - Mark Potok hates on Americans and defends the US government
Time Reference: 12:19
Description: Classic 1995 era propaganda and fearmongering about "militias", homegrown terrorists and right wing extremists from Leon Trotsy's protege Mark Potok
Link To: YouTube.com
Documentation - Militia Fear Propaganda from The Southern Poverty Law Center
Time Reference: 13:28
Description: Mark Potok doing what he does best...
Link To: YouTube.com
Documentation - Demonizing the Tea Party - MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan interviews Mark Potok and Mark Williams
Time Reference: 14:19
Description: The real question is whether Dylan Ratigan, the Southern Poverty Law Center and those like them will succeed in demonizing the Tea Party movement like the Jews were demonized in Nazi Germany. Who is the real problem?
Link To: YouTube.com
Documentation - Meet the Patriots
Time Reference: 16:02
Description: People who actually care about their sovereignty and want to protect it from governmental tyranny? Sounds like my friends...
Link To: SPLCenter.org
Documentation - State and Local Fusion Centers
Time Reference: 22:18
Description: Information about the dangerous centralization of law enforcement intelligence in federal hands.
Link To: DHS.gov
Documentation - Cat Bleish Sets Austin City Hall Straight on Fusion Centers
Time Reference: 22:59
Description: From the May 27th 2010 Austin City Council Meeting. The Austin City council voted after this speech to move forward with the Austin Regional Intelligence Center, with changes to the privacy policy that removed the "All Hazards" approach.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - Real sources on the SPLC
Time Reference: 29:04
Description: An excellent post with links to real information about the SPLC.
Link To: forum.prisonplanet.com
Documentation - When a hate crime is something to love
Time Reference: 30:04
Description: Excellent breakdown of the SPLC scam by the Washington Times.
Link To: CriminalGovernment.com
Documentation - King of the Hate Business
Time Reference: 34:14
Description: Information on the $170 million in assets of the SPLC.
Link To: CounterPunch.org
Documentation - The Trentadue Files
Time Reference: 38:35
Description: Please download the pdf and save it to your hard drive.
Link To: IntelWire.com
Documentation - FBI surrenders documents that judge ordered
Time Reference: 39:33
Description: Information on the SPLC informants in Elohim city
Link To: WND.com
Documentation - Interview with Jesse Trentadue
Time Reference: 42:38
Description: Touches on the Southern Poverty Law Center's role in the OKC Bombing and many other aspects of the bombing.
Link To: AntiWar.com
Documentation - Alex Jones on the SPLC
Time Reference: 48:42
Description: Kryptonite for Mr. Bizarro SPLC
Link To: YouTube.com

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  1. ztaco says:

    The Trentadue Files link doesn’t work. Of course when you say to download it….

  2. hanky says:

    A worthy topic. Well, here I go with some critical comments.

    1. Is it not true that SPLC declares much more money now in their coffers? Shouldn’t this be updated?

    2. I really think the egregious violent, and absolutely hate-filled activities and declarations from the left, including BLM, should be brought up here,in the context of hate that the SPLC endorses. I know there is great power in understatement, but it should be made very clear that the SPLC is a most powerful and dangerous HATE group. Just as Antifa is the main fascist movement, SPLC and those they align with, are the main Hatemongers, and sowers of fear and extremism.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I like seeing your comments. And thanks for forwarding the JFK humor article link the other day. I posted it on the “JFK Open Source”.

      Question: In your line of work, with the City of Dallas, do you have to “compete” for contracts based on “minorities get first shot”?

      Man!…There is so much stir lately in Dallas on these Confederate monuments and street name changes. Just about every historic Texan alive during the Civil War was with the Confederacy…and so many schools in Texas are named after some of these guys. I went to Robert E. Lee Junior High.

  3. scpat says:

    Why don’t you try to be useful, ztaco, instead of being a whiny sourpuss. This is an old podcast.

    For anyone interested, here are the FBI documents

  4. Mielia says:

    It’s so stunning this is from 2010.
    Hate speech is with SPLC and BLM (black lives matter); in Germany AAS (Antonio Amadeu Stiftung/foundation) with so many others aligned, now just all over the place.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      It’s so stunning this is from 2010.
      I agree. I was amazed.
      Also, Corbett had a well written script which flowed well into the Oklahoma scenario.

  5. manbearpig says:

    This piece really struck me. Question of timing as well.

    Just had my annual visit from some ex-in-laws and conversing with them has offered stark evidence that these hate groups à la SPLC, besides being lucrative scams, are also formidably successful at tapping into and manipulating people’s deep-seated frustrations and outrage…Us vs Them…

    My otherwise affable ex-in-laws just kept going on and on in unison about the persistant evils of all those rabidly racist Trump supporters…

    for them “those dangerous Trump supporters” are not even human beings… it’s so deeply imembedded in their psyche… there are the enlightened morally sanctified college-educated democrats like them and then the ramapantly racist Trump supporter zombies… emotions profoundly and inextricably tied to their enlightened views…

    ‘Divide and conquer’ doing very well in the educated land of the SPLC

    and the Warburg-funded Institute for Policy Studies…


  6. Libertydan says:

    “A Noble Lie, Oklahoma City 1995” is a great source of info. I purchased the DVD when it came out in 2011. The Method of Operation employed there mirrors the events of 9/11/01.
    Some points to focus on are;
    -there was a growing justifiable anger among the people with the federal ATF after the agency killed innocent people at Ruby Ridge and Waco.

    -people were joining Constitutional State Militia groups to combat threats from the federal government. (SPLC was used as a front to demonize this legitimate anger.)

    -There were files in the Building that both President Clinton and the CIA wanted destroyed.

    Similarly, in 2001 the Savings and Loan scandal was coming to light with Bush’s finger prints all over it. Files that incriminated the Bush family and many of their connections were stored in the WTC buildings. The Bush administration was looking for a way to distract the people, and no better way to do it than to declare a “State of Emergency” which they were able to do by blaming everything on 19 foreign skyjackers. The State of Israel was all to happy to collude with the Bush Administration, and we got something far worst than the OK City Bombing, yet I am convinced that the planners of 911 studied OK City very carefully.
    When you start adding things up, like GeoEngineering, Fluoride in the water, Smart Meters, GMO food, Fake News, and fake events to be reported in the News, you begin to see that the masses are being manipulated and studied like mice in an experiment.
    The Corbett Report does a great job of exposing many of these elites that manipulate the masses.
    Keep up the good work,

  7. herrqlys says:

    I had a good laugh tonight while watching/reading some “old” history.

    From Sep 2013
    The Geopolitics of the Syrian War – Sharmine Narwani on GRTV

    There was a comment to this video from a Norwegian poster that made me almost spray out a mouthful of tea:

    “…Corbett is obviously very well financed, connected, and not at least equipped. And all logic suggests that he must have paid staff helping him pump out the enormity of sleek productions we see from him.”

    LOL. Fess up, James, and please openly share the limelight with your cadre of staffers 🙂

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      “…Corbett is obviously very well financed, connected, and not at least equipped. And all logic suggests that he must have paid staff helping him pump out the enormity of sleek productions we see from him.”

      Geez! What a comment! I guess it could be considered a strong compliment to Corbett and Broc.

    • Octium says:

      I have to admit when I first stumbled upon the Corbett report I had wonderer if he was CIA funded or something as I was having trouble keeping up with all the stuff he was putting out.

      After a while I realised he was just smarter than the average person and putting in long hours!

  8. herrqlys says:

    It’s Sunday morning in North America, and this means that a litany of political talk shows try to convince the audience of the “narrative”. There’s usually a circumscribed topic for discussion so as to not give free rein to the viewer’s imagination.

    Compare and contrast these bland, arrogant propaganda pieces with the following from one Russian TV current affairs show, as linked from The Saker’s website, featuring RT’s editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan:

    Part I: https://rutube.ru/video/35f47363af9ce3fd35be7126d3e225ee/

    Part II: https://rutube.ru/video/cefd5544d2b1c9e10c2b6ea57a0f3878/

    There’s also another link to a talk show featuring the Russian Federation’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova:


    The calibre of discourse is awesome.

  9. Obliv says:

    all of these organisations are playing the same scam.
    theres a lot of these top heavy business, many are disguised under the protection of not for profit organisations.
    RSPCA, PETA, Goodwill, WWF, and many of the ‘feed the starving 3rd world’ mob’s all have CEO’s with multi million dollar salaries, huge staff overheads, some even use paid collectors, and yet they always cry poor despite their bank balance showing otherwise. They’re also very good at getting powers from government that are used against people at times.

    In australia the RSPCA always cries poor at xmas, they have a ‘million paws walk’ (i call it the million dollar walk) and they have a record of euthanising animals even when the shelter cages are almost empty. food and supplies donated are quickly sold at their shop at the front
    will ignore puppy farms but bully people like farmers who are doing it tough in a drought and getting them to plead guilty to cruelty rather than face a legal battle against a multi million dollar non profit, spending thousands on a legal battle rather than just donating a truckload of hay to hungry cattle in a time of need.
    Australians helped the farmers when they were down, but the RSPCA is one that prefers to lay the boot in for an easy win case.

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