Episode 122 - Hello, Iceland

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Description:Devastated by a banking collapse that has brought this once great nation to its economic knees, the people of Iceland are not giving up without a fight. Now they are gearing up to give the banksters and the globalists a taste of their own medicine with the Icelandic Modern Media Initiative. Get informed and get involved this week with The Corbett Report as we outline the efforts to make this small North Atlantic island a beacon of hope for freedom of expression the world over.


Documentation - Richard Syrett Conspiracy Show
Time Reference: 02:28
Description: James Corbett will be appearing on the Richard Syrett show today, March 21, 2010 at 11:00 PM EST. Call in and join the conversation.
Link To: RichardSyrett.com
Documentation - Sunday Update
Time Reference: 03:13
Description: FBI Terrorists, 9/11 Updates, Bad Week to be a Bankster
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - Address to the Nation by H.E. Geir H. Haarde, Prime Minister of Iceland
Time Reference: 14:55
Description: A mealy-mouthed political way of telling a country that they are bankrupt and life is about to get very interesting.
Link To: eng.forsaetisraduneyti.is
Documentation - The financial crash in Iceland in 6 minutes according to ABC´s 20/20
Time Reference: 17:34
Description: About as good a job as one could ask for from the corporate media.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - U.K. Used Anti-Terrorism Law to Seize Icelandic Bank Assets
Time Reference: 23:41
Description: Chancellor of the Exchequer Alistair Darling used anti-terrorism rules to take control of assets held in Britain by a troubled Icelandic bank.
Link To: Bloomberg.com
Documentation - Iceland's senior minister resigns as government becomes first global political casualty of the credit crunch
Time Reference: 25:28
Description: The government of Iceland became the first in the world to be effectively brought down by the credit crunch. It came after several nights of rioting over the financial crisis.
Link To: Daily Mail
Time Reference: 29:29
Description: Birgitta Jónsdóttir’s The Movement faction is the product of a mass strike upsurge which gripped Iceland from October 2008 to January 2009, with frequent large-scale demonstrations against the previous right-wing coalition government, which had impos
Link To: Joyb Blogspot
Documentation - Al Jazeera covers the Icelandic Modern Media Initiative.
Time Reference: 34:22
Description: Iceland's bid to bring together some of the most progressive media laws from around the world to create one holistic law that will position the north Atlantic country at the forefront of the battle to protect journalists, whistle blowers and their so
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - Wikileaks Release 1.0
Time Reference: 40:41
Description: Presentation by Julian Assange and Daniel Schmitt about the future of Wikileaks
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - Homepage of the Icelandic Modern Media Initiative
Time Reference: 47:39
Description: Find out more about IMMI, what it's proposing and why it's important to have a safe haven for free speech.
Link To: IMMI.is
Documentation - The Icelandic Modern Media Initiative - Professor Salvör Gissurardóttir
Time Reference: 50:02
Description: Watch the interview.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - US military plotted revenge on Wikileaks
Time Reference: 54:54
Description: Considered using site to spread propaganda
Link To: TechWorld
Documentation - Iceland rejects Icesave referendum
Time Reference: 57:27
Description: Final results yesterday of the weekend referendum on the deal showed that 93.2% of voters had rejected it. That sent Iceland's government back into talks with London and The Hague to find a solution more acceptable to the country's voters.
Link To: RTE News

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