Episode 116 - Vancouver 2010 and the Terrorlympics

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Description:People from around the world are getting ready to enjoy the Winter Olympics, but the Vancouver police, the RCMP, the Canadian military and even the US Army are preparing to take on anyone who dares to speak out against the games. This week on The Corbett Report we talk to Kevin Annett and DJ Ball about the Vancouver police state, Olympic protests and the possibility of false flag terror at the 2010 games.


Documentation - Truth Frequency
Time Reference: 03:08
Description: Make sure to tune in later on this month as James Corbett appears on the Truth Frequency program.
Link To: TruthFrequency.com
Documentation - Five O'clock Train Radio program
Time Reference: 03:17
Description: Listen for an appearance by James Corbett on this program in the near future.
Link To: Train Radio
Documentation - Sunday Update
Time Reference: 03:33
Description: The real news for the week ending February 7, 2010
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - US Military to guard Vancouver Olympics
Time Reference: 11:07
Description: CTV clip showing how a police state is being set up for Vancouvers 2010 Olympics... If this is what they are admitting to now, just imagine what hoops and fences you'll have to go through by then.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - RCMP and CSIS acting like olympic terrorists
Time Reference: 15:01
Description: Media in Vancouver have exposed police acts of what people are describing as "terrorism and intimidation" against people critical of the Olympics, as this October 7/09 CTV clip, posted under fair use, shows.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - Be Your Own Leader
Time Reference: 18:40
Description: Home page of Dana Gabriel.
Link To: BeYourOwnLeader
Documentation - Police State Canada 2010 and the Olympic Crackdown
Time Reference: 19:00
Description: The Olympics are providing the perfect cover for many police state measures with ramifications that could leave a lasting legacy.
Link To: CorbettReport.com
Documentation - DOD to ACLU: We surrender.
Time Reference: 22:05
Description: The DOD in the US writes a training exam that equates protests with low-level terrorism.
Link To: ACLU
Documentation - The Mounties always get their man...
Time Reference: 22:40
Description: Unless that man is a Mountie.
Link To: CorbettReport.com
Documentation - 2010 Vancouver Olympics - Police Buy LRAD
Time Reference: 23:09
Description: From CTV, November 10, 2009
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - Hidden From History
Time Reference: 29:17
Description: Homepage of Canadian activist Kevin Annett.
Link To: HiddenFromHistory
Documentation - British Columbia Olympics to Face Civil Disruptions by Survivors of Canadian Indian Residential schools - Government Given Deadline for Return of Bodies
Time Reference: 30:11
Description: The group representing survivors of Indian residential schools on Canada's west coast announced today that it will hold civil disobedience actions and disruptions during the February 2010 Olympics nearVancouver if the Canadian government and mainline
Link To: HiddenFromHistory
Documentation - quebec police admit going undercover at montebello protests
Time Reference: 39:56
Description: Quebec provincial police admitted that their officers disguised themselves as demonstrators during the protest at the North American leaders summit in Montebello, Que.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - The War on Terrorism and the Countdown to the 2010 Olympics
Time Reference: 41:06
Description: Although there has been no specific threats to the Games, more than anything, it is the danger of terrorism which is used to justify the huge security operation. This is further advancing the militarization of North America and U.S.-Canada military a
Link To: CorbettReport.com
Documentation - We Are Change Vancouver
Time Reference: 46:45
Description: Keep an eye on this website for updates about the Games as events unfold.
Link To: WeAreChange Vancouver
Documentation - Vancouver 2010 Olympics : Preparing for a False Flag Terrorist Attack
Time Reference: 54:36
Description: WeAreChangeVancouver takes you on a Police State Security tour of Downtown Vancouver BC a week before the Olympic Games.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - Red Alert: Intelligence Chiefs “Certain” Their Bosses Will Stage Terror Attack Soon
Time Reference: 55:42
Description: Threataganda rising.
Link To: Infowars.com

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