Episode 075 - The New Media

02/22/20090 Comments

Running Time: 1:08:27

Description:A new media is rising to displace the old corporate controlled media paradigm. But what is the new media, what is it replacing, and what challenges does it face. This week we talk to radio hosts, webmasters, activists and infowarriors to find out more about the new grassroots internet-based citizen journalism phenomenon.


Documentation - Iowa National Guard Rolls Back Arcadia Invasion
Time Reference: 02:24
Description: REAL NEWS #1
Link To: Infowars
Documentation - CRTC, music groups battle over internet Cancon proposal
Time Reference: 04:38
Description: REAL NEWS #2
Link To: CBC
Documentation - We're raising GM goats to make human breast milk, say Russians
Time Reference: 05:59
Description: REAL NEWS #3
Link To: Daily Mail
Documentation - The CFR controls American media
Time Reference: 09:20
Description: ...but who controls the CFR?
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - Will citizen journalists be the next Woodward and Bernstein?
Time Reference: 16:40
Description: Yes.
Link To: Examiner.com
Documentation - Media Monarchy
Time Reference: 19:17
Description: Check out James Evan Pilato's site and listen to his informative podcast
Link To: MediaMonarchy
Documentation - Senator Bob Graham Confronted by Philly 9/11 Truth
Time Reference: 26:22
Description: One of the best examples of what informed citizen journalists can do when they put intelligent (and uncomfortable) questions to a questionable politician.
Link To: Google Video
Documentation - The Question
Time Reference: 26:56
Description: Michael Hey of Vancouver 9/11 Truth questions Stephane Dion on 9/11.
Link To: Blip.tv
Documentation - Vancouver 9/11 Truth
Time Reference: 30:48
Description: The home page of the Vancouver 9/11 group, who recently helped confront Michael Ignatieff.
Link To: Vancouver 9/11 Truth
Documentation - Truth Bus Movie
Time Reference: 31:15
Description: Watch the trailer for the Truth Bus Movie, detailing Canadian 9/11 activists' cross-country trip to raise 9/11 awareness.
Link To: TruthBusMovie.com
Documentation - Internet attacks on 9/11 truth intensify
Time Reference: 38:31
Description: Corbett Report article on YouTube censorship issues.
Link To: Corbett Report
Documentation - NewsX.info
Time Reference: 40:10
Description: News aggregator site updated every 60 seconds with feeds from 100s of reliable truth sources.
Link To: NewsX.info
Documentation - VeracityVideos.com
Time Reference: 40:34
Description: New independently-run video sharing site dedicated to preserving information for the infowar.
Link To: VeracityVideos.com
Documentation - How to download any YouTube video using Firefox!
Time Reference: 52:58
Description: Explains how to download a video using the Firefox add-on DownloadHelper and then convert it to avi or mpg format.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - Download YouTube videos
Time Reference: 52:59
Description: A thorough article with numerous tips for downloading streaming videos.
Link To: mashable.com
Documentation - Keepvid
Time Reference: 53:00
Description: The website Zeke McLeskey mentioned in our interview that makes downloading videos from file sharing sites an extremely simple 2-step process.
Link To: Keepvid
Documentation - The Obama Deception
Time Reference: 54:51
Description: Visit the official site for Alex Jones' latest film.
Link To: The Obama Deception
Documentation - Alex Jones on The Corbett Report (video)
Time Reference: 55:20
Description: Video extract of our interview with Alex Jones.
Link To: VeracityVideos.com
Documentation - Gates Announces Plan to Make National Guard a Homeland Operational Force
Time Reference: 59:59
Description: The National Guard is being federalized under NorthCom.
Link To: Infowars

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