Episode 047 - Problem Reaction Solution

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Running Time: 1:00:00

Description:Who was G.W.F. Hegel and what does he have to do with false flag terrorism? How do the elite direct society in whichever direction they wish? What do Paul and Phillip Collins and Alan Watt have to say about it? Find out in this week's episode.


Documentation - Scottish Islamic state plotted
Time Reference: 02:21
Description: REAL NEWS #1
Link To: BBC News
Documentation - U.S. school district to begin microchipping students
Time Reference: 03:25
Description: REAL NEWS #2
Link To: Natural News
Documentation - Energy guzzled by Al Gore's home could power 232 U.S. homes for a month
Time Reference: 04:54
Description: REAL NEWS #3
Link To: Tennessee Center for Policy Research
Documentation - Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
Time Reference: 06:33
Description: Biographical information and philosophical background on Hegel from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
Link To: Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Documentation - Introduction to the History of Philosophy
Time Reference: 08:58
Description: Audio recording of one of Hegel's best-known works. The extract in this episode was sampled from The Course of the World's History subsection 1.
Link To: Librivox
Documentation - The Philosophy of History
Time Reference: 12:39
Description: Text version of the above book.
Link To: UIdaho.edu
Documentation - Illuminati New World Order - Think About It!
Time Reference: 14:37
Description: A much catchier and livelier presentation of the Hegelian dialectic and how it applies to modern politics. Features David Icke and Alex Jones.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - NuffRespect user account
Time Reference: 19:27
Description: Account containing NuffRespect's YouTube videos.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - Order Out of Chaos
Time Reference: 19:48
Description: Sign up for PrisonPlanet.tv in order to gain access to this book, 3 other books, all of Alex Jones documentaries, numerous other documentaries, special reports, interviews and more.
Link To: PrisonPlanet.tv
Documentation - Suspicion surrounds governor's mansion fire
Time Reference: 38:50
Description: Nero...Diocletian...Hitler...Parry.
Link To: PrisonPlanet
Documentation - The Ascendancy of the Scientific Dictatorship
Time Reference: 48:46
Description: Please support the work of Phillip and Paul Collins by buying this important examination of the elite's epistemological tyranny over the masses.
Link To: iUniverse

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