Episode 043 - We Are CHANGEing the World

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Running Time: 1:05:42

Description:We Are CHANGE is the citizen activist group that has been making waves across America and around the world for the past year. Today we feature interviews with some of the members and talk about the future of the We Are CHANGE phenomenon.


Documentation - Infowars Money Bomb
Time Reference: 02:17
Description: The official website for the Infowars Money Bomb, which will seek to donate a large amount of money on May 31st to fund a new Alex Jones-hosted cable television show.
Link To: InfowarsMoneyBomb
Documentation - 31,000 scientists reject 'global warming' agenda
Time Reference: 02:57
Description: REAL NEWS #1
Link To: WorldNetDaily
Documentation - Fat people blamed for global warming
Time Reference: 03:58
Description: REAL NEWS #2
Link To: Telegraph.co.uk
Documentation - Ventura fears we did 9/11 to ourselves
Time Reference: 04:46
Description: REAL NEWS #3
Link To: PrisonPlanet
Documentation - We Are CHANGE confronts Alan Greenspan and Jack Welch
Time Reference: 0611
Description: Watch Greenspan scurry from We Are Change
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - We Are Change NYC confronts Norman Podhoretz
Time Reference: 06:46
Description: Watch neocon Podhoretz get irate at citizen reporters with unscripted questions.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - Gary Hart Warns of New False Flag
Time Reference: 07:41
Description: Watch as Gary Hart tells We Are Change he didn't write a letter, then admits he wrote, then says he wasn't saying it was a warning about false flag terror before clarifying it was a warning that the Bush administration might stage an attack to go to
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - We Are Change confronts Arnold Schwarzenegger
Time Reference: 10:03
Description: Watch Arnie scurry away from people asking him about his Nazi belt buckle, his friendship with Nazi war criminal Kurt Waldheim and his Nazi father.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - We Are Change UK confronts Richard Dearlove
Time Reference: 11:00
Description: Listen to the audio from Episode 06 of We Are Change Radio where the ex-MI6 head refuses to answer questions in a question and answer session.
Link To: WeAreChange.org.uk
Documentation - We Are Change confronts Newt Gingrich
Time Reference: 12:23
Description: Watch Newt Gingrich call hundreds of military and intelligence officials crazy.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - PNAC Think Tank Web Site Shut Down
Time Reference: 14:15
Description: It seems someone didn't want you reading all of those strangely prescient documents that the neocons wrote before 9/11 changed everything.
Link To: RogueGovernment
Documentation - Rebuilding America's Defenses
Time Reference: 14:22
Description: The infamous PNAC document that called for 9/11 one year before 9/11...archived at InformationClearingHouse.
Link To: InformationClearingHouse
Documentation - We Are Change homepage
Time Reference: 15:03
Description: Contains links to news and information about the We Are Change phenomenon, including links to all of the local chapters.
Link To: WeAreChange
Documentation - Serious Organized Crime and Police Act 2005
Time Reference: 15:45
Description: Full text of the act from the rogue UK government.
Link To: Gov.UK
Documentation - We Are Change UK SOCPA arrest
Time Reference: 16:30
Description: Watch Simon from We Are Change UK get arrested for holding a sign outside of parliament.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - Truth poster on the London Underground
Time Reference: 16:52
Description: See We Are Change UK's innovative truth poster.
Link To: WeAreChange.org.uk
Documentation - We Are Change Radio
Time Reference: 16:57
Description: A radio program which ran in 2007 on London FM radio.
Link To: WeAreChange.org.uk
Documentation - The Elephant in the Room
Time Reference: 17:03
Description: A new documentary about the 9/11 Truth movement which just won the Best UK Documentary prize at the London Independent Film Festival.
Link To: NoSmokeWithoutFire
Documentation - Chatham House
Time Reference: 17:50
Description: Official Website for the headquarters of the Royal Institute of International Affairs.
Link To: Chatham House
Documentation - Sir Richard Dearlove, again
Time Reference: 18:18
Description: Absolutely priceless footage of ex-MI6 head Richard Dearlove scurrying away from We Are Change UK, refusing to talk with them.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - The Blair years and the war crimes tribunal
Time Reference: 21:24
Description: Information on Scotland Yard's investigation into the War Crimes of the Blair cabinet for their conduct of the Iraq war, launched by members of We Are Change UK.
Link To: Truthseeker
Documentation - We Are Change UK homepage
Time Reference: 29:52
Description: Check out their newly-updated site to familiarize yourself with their wonderful work.
Link To: WeAreChange.org.uk
Documentation - 9/11 Truthers Respond to Bill Maher
Time Reference: 30:53
Description: Viral YouTube response to Bill Maher calling 9/11 truthers crazy.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - White House speech writer turns violent after 9/11 questions
Time Reference: 34:24
Description: Neocon David Frum attacks Stewart Howe verbally and physically after Howe attempts to ask Frum a question about 9/11.
Link To: Jones Report
Documentation - WeAreChangeLA member is attacked by David Frum
Time Reference: 35:09
Description: The footage speaks for itself.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - Framing the truth movement as terrorists
Time Reference: 39:14
Description: Back in November 2007 the controlled corporate media press took the gloves off and revealed their agenda to target 9/11 truth in general and We Are Change in particular.
Link To: PrisonPlanet
Documentation - We Are Change Activist Framed for Assaulting Handicapped Girl
Time Reference: 40:42
Description: Information on the attack on Gary Talis and his supposed assault on a handicapped girl...despite the fact that there was never any talk of such an assault at the scene, the police never laid charges for that assault and the girl had no bruises or mar
Link To: Infowars
Documentation - Group questioning Oliver North had video footage seized
Time Reference: 42:31
Description: Information on the recent seizure of We Are Change Ohio's cameras and equipment for daring to ask Oliver North a question.
Link To: Courier-Journal
Documentation - We Are Change LA
Time Reference: 51:35
Description: A transitionary website for We Are Change LA hosted at 9-11 Meet Up.
Link To: 9-11.meetup.com
Documentation - Ed Koch
Time Reference: 52:02
Description: An article suggesting further reading for Official Conspiracy theorist Ed Koch, which includes the We Are Change confrontation video.
Link To: Infowars
Documentation - We Are Change founder Luke Rudkowski on the Kevin Barrett show
Time Reference: 57:14
Description: Luke explains the organizational structure of We Are Change.
Link To: AlexJonesFan58.com

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