Episode 032 - Why Are We in Afghanistan?

02/10/20081 Comment

Running Time: 50:43

Description:Are we there to capture Osama and defeat the Taliban? Or to run a gas pipeline that UNOCAL had its eyes on for years? Or to skim $50 billion off the poppy farmers?


Documentation - Exclusive! The FBI Deputizes Business
Time Reference: 03:12
Description: InfraGard members can shoot to kill during martial law.
Link To: The Progressive
Documentation - Minnesota Cops, School District: OK To Use Tasers On Students
Time Reference: 04:08
Description: It's perfectly reasonable to taser 15 year old boys. If you don't agree you must be al-Qaeda.
Link To: Infowars.com
Documentation - Jail politicians who ignore climate science: Suzuki
Time Reference: 05:04
Description: If you don't agree with 20 years of (media-generated) scientific consensus, you must go to jail. Kind of the reverse of Galileo in the Spanish Inquisition.
Link To: National Post
Documentation - Brown Unveils New Afghanistan Strategy
Time Reference: 07:43
Description: The British PM says Britain will have to fight on for 10 years or more.
Link To: Daily Telegraph
Documentation - Michael Springmann Visas to Terrorists
Time Reference: 09:58
Description: Testimony before the Citizens Commission on 9-11 about being forced to issue visas to terrorists in Jeddah for the CIA.
Link To: 911busters
Documentation - Robin Cook: The struggle against terrorism cannot be won by military means
Time Reference: 11:27
Description: Robin Cook admits al-Qaeda is the name of a database of CIA assets.
Link To: Guardian
Documentation - Taliban in Texas for talks on gas pipeline
Time Reference: 13:50
Description: The Taliban heads to Texas to be wooed by UNOCAL for the rights to lay a gas pipeline across Afghanistan.
Link To: BBC News
Documentation - 1998 UNOCAL statement
Time Reference: 15:07
Description: Suspension of activities related to proposed natural gas pipeline across Afghanistan.
Link To: What Really Happened
Documentation - US policy on Taliban influenced by oil: authors
Time Reference: 15:23
Description: ...either you accept our offer of a carpet of gold, or we bury you under a carpet of bombs...
Link To: Asia Times
Documentation - Karzai was a UNOCAL consultant
Time Reference: 16:32
Description: Info from intelligence insider Wayne Madsen.
Link To: Global Research
Documentation - NSPD 9: Combating Terrorism
Time Reference: 17:28
Description: The remarkably prescient security directive which geared the US government up for the global war on terror, including the invasion of Afghanistan...before 9/11 even happened.
Link To: FAS.org
Documentation - 9/11 Press for Truth
Time Reference: 20:59
Description: Excerpt about the Konduz airlift, which helped thousands of Taliban fighters escape to Pakistan while the US military sat back and watched.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - Supporting the Taliban
Time Reference: 27:34
Description: Corbett Report article on how the UK government has been caught plotting to provide military training and equipment to Taliban insurgents.
Link To: The Corbett Report
Documentation - Taliban and allies tighten grip in Northern Pakistan
Time Reference: 29:30
Description: The Taliban are regrouping in American ally territory.
Link To: New York Times
Documentation - Iowa professor claims FBI suspects him of al Qaeda ties
Time Reference: 30:37
Description: The FBI is investigating a college professor who may be funding al Qaeda by selling mp3 cds at 10 bucks a pop.
Link To: Raw Story
Documentation - In Haper's fields the poppies blow
Time Reference: 32:16
Description: Opium production is booming under NATO's watch.
Link To: The Corbett Report
Documentation - Sibel Edmonds interview
Time Reference: 35:22
Description: She reveals that the Turkish diplomatic moles in the State Department are involved in covering up the Turkish military complicity in Afghanistan opium production.
Link To: Hairenik.com
Documentation - Latest Afghan abuse claims spark cries for O'Connor to resign
Time Reference: 41:35
Description: Reports about the Canadian war crime of handing detainees over to be tortured in Afghanistan.
Link To: CBC
Documentation - Harper refuses to discuss Afghan detainees
Time Reference: 43:13
Description: These are military operational details and we are never going to answer those questions...
Link To: CNEWS
Documentation - CP reporter on Afghan detainee scandal
Time Reference: 44:38
Description: Analysis of the government's handling of the detainee issue.
Link To: The Star
Documentation - Pressure's on...
Time Reference: 47:47
Description: Canadians might be heading to the polls with a chance to oust the government for the Afghanistan debacle.
Link To: Ottawa Citizen
Documentation - Blackwater training some Canadian troops
Time Reference: 48:45
Description: The Canadian forces are being trained by the US mercenaries accused of war crimes.
Link To: National Post

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