Episode 030 - The Depression Cometh

01/27/20083 Comments

Running Time: 48:43

Description:If economic forecasts are correct, we could be in for a hyperinflationary death of the US dollar and a global depression. What is the real cause of this economic crisis and what should be done about it?


Documentation - Did Ron Paul win the Louisiana caucus?
Time Reference: 02:16
Description: REAL NEWS#1
Link To: Infowars.net
Documentation - Alert over jab for girls as 2 die following cervical cancer vaccination
Time Reference: 03:34
Description: REAL NEWS#2
Link To: Daily Mail
Documentation - Pentagon explores human fear chemicals
Time Reference: 04:29
Description: REAL NEWS#3
Link To: Wired.com
Documentation - The Great Depression
Time Reference: 05:41
Description: An online video from Britannica online.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - US heading into recession, possibly depression
Time Reference: 07:18
Description: BBC News report on the current ecnomic crisis.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - Crash! Biggest fall in shares since 9/11
Time Reference: 09:04
Description: Info about the disastrous day on the world markets last Monday.
Link To: PrisonPlanet.com
Documentation - Fed cuts interest rates by 75 Bps
Time Reference: 09:20
Description: The Federal Reserve slashes the Fed funds rate.
Link To: Yahoo!Finance
Documentation - Soros predicts worst recession for 50 years.
Time Reference: 09:49
Description: Like the title says.
Link To: The First Post
Documentation - Soros accuses Fed of panic rate cut
Time Reference: 09:59
Description: ...And 60 percent of Davos delegates voted for the motion that central banks have lost control of the markets.
Link To: Financial Times
Documentation - U.S. in role of wounded giant at Davos.
Time Reference: 10:21
Description: The US will not be the world reserve currency for long...if it even still is.
Link To: International Herald Tribune
Documentation - The rogue trader who cost SocGen 5bn Euros
Time Reference: 12:34
Description: Mr Mustier said he believed Mr Kerviel acted alone and did not profit personally, although his motive was unknown.
Link To: Financial Times
Documentation - Subprime derivatives
Time Reference: 14:14
Description: CNBC segment with information on how subprime junk securities were bundled and sliced as AAA rated paper.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - Global Economic Collapse Likely
Time Reference: 19:16
Description: An interesting article about derivatives from 2 days before 9/11.
Link To: From The Wilderness
Documentation - Buffett warns on investment time bomb
Time Reference: 25:21
Description: Derivatives are weapons of finanical mass destruction.
Link To: BBC News
Documentation - Derivatives trading soars to $370 trillion
Time Reference: 26:17
Description: Do you think the underlying assets are worth that much?
Link To: Immobilienblasen
Documentation - Federal Funds
Time Reference: 28:41
Description: Information on the Fed funds rate from the New York Federal Reserve.
Link To: New York Fed
Documentation - China threatens nuclear option of dollar sales
Time Reference: 30:53
Description: The dollar is hanging by a thread.
Link To: Telegraph.co.uk
Documentation - Inflation
Time Reference: 31:55
Description: 1960s documentary on the scourge of inflation.
Link To: Google Video
Documentation - Ron Paul on Mad Money
Time Reference: 36:34
Description: Jim Cramer interviews Dr. Paul in December 2007.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - Economic Expert: We are already in an engineered recession
Time Reference: 40:50
Description: Excellent article about the endgame to the dollar devaluation: a global currency.
Link To: Infowars.net

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