Episode 028 - Eugenics Never Really Went Away

01/13/20081 Comment

Running Time: 43:07

Description:Was the pseudoscience of eugenics really invented in Germany by the Nazis? And what happened to this once-dominant idea after the horrors of WWII? How does this relate to environmentalism, transhumanism and modern genetics?


Documentation - US State Dept Official Helped Pass Nuclear Secrets to Turkey, Pakistan, Israel
Time Reference: 01:40
Description: REAL NEWS
Link To: The Corbett Report
Documentation - Tomorrow's Children
Time Reference: 04:47
Description: A public domain film from the 1930s about America's own eugenicist sterliization laws.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - Compulsory sterilization
Time Reference: 06:29
Description: Information on the forced sterilization laws implemented by the eugenicists in the US and elsewhere.
Link To: Wikipedia
Documentation - Humans
Time Reference: 07:17
Description: Environmentalist anti-human propaganda
Link To: ThreeLeggedLegs
Documentation - PrisonPlanet.tv
Time Reference: 09:44
Description: Support Alex Jones by becoming a member.
Link To: PrisonPlanet.tv
Documentation - Infowars Shop
Time Reference: 09:49
Description: Support Alex Jones by buying DVDs of his documentaries.
Link To: Infowars Shop
Documentation - Endgame
Time Reference: 10:03
Description: Alex Jones must-see documentary on world government and eugenics.
Link To: Google Video
Documentation - Nobel Prize Winning Discoverer of DNA Structure is a Eugenicist
Time Reference: 17:49
Description: From Democracy Now
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - Why Politicized Science is Dangerous
Time Reference: 20:00
Description: Michael Crichton's essay on eugenics and environmentalism.
Link To: Michael Crichton
Documentation - Julian Huxley
Time Reference: 30:18
Description: Information on the eugenicist, UNESCO head and World Wildlife Fund founder.
Link To: Wikipedia
Documentation - Aldous Huxley: The Ultimate Revolution
Time Reference: 31:04
Description: Aldous Huxley's shocking speech at Berkeley in 1962, where he admits the technologies for controlling society from his great novel are in development.
Link To: UC Berkeley
Documentation - Prince Bernhard
Time Reference: 31:22
Description: WWF founder and SS officer.
Link To: Wikipedia
Documentation - Prince Philip in his own words
Time Reference: 31:37
Description: Quotations from His Royal Virus
Link To: PrisonPlanet.com
Documentation - Old-thinker News
Time Reference: 33:09
Description: Daniel Taylor's website.
Link To: Old-thinker News

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