Episode 024 - Peak Oil is a Fraud

12/16/20076 Comments

Running Time: 55:04

Description:Peak oil is a fraud created by Dutch Royal Shell and used to keep the price of oil artificially inflated.


Documentation - Woman Aborts Child to Help Save the Planet
Time Reference: 01:48
Description: A woman has decided to abort her baby and get sterilized herself to go green.
Link To: Fox News
Documentation - Divorce bad for the environment
Time Reference: 01:54
Description: ...because divorce causes de-concentration of population. Perhaps we should all live in multi-family households.
Link To: CBC News
Documentation - Tax Babies to Save Planet
Time Reference: 02:03
Description: REAL NEWS #1
Link To: News.com.au
Documentation - Open Letter to the Secretary-General of the United Nations
Time Reference: 03:17
Description: REAL NEWS #2
Link To: National Post
Documentation - Mobile labs to target Iraqis for death
Time Reference: 04:26
Description: REAL NEWS #3
Link To: Consortium News
Documentation - The scale of the peak oil catastrophe
Time Reference: 06:00
Description: The latest threat to humanity.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - Peak oil fraud by Webster Tarpley
Time Reference: 09:04
Description: Tarpley lays out the case against the peakniks.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - How much oil do we really have?
Time Reference: 14:23
Description: Good question.
Link To: BBC News
Documentation - Huge potential seen in Gulf of Mexico oil well
Time Reference: 18:43
Description: Add 3 to 15 billion more barrels of oil to world reserves...
Link To: Market Watch
Documentation - UK's Tullow uncovers oil in Ghana
Time Reference: 19:23
Description: Add another 600 million barrels to world reserves...
Link To: BBC News
Documentation - Brazil Discovers Oil Field Can Be a Political Tool
Time Reference: 19:49
Description: Add 5 to 8 billion barrels to global reserves.
Link To: NY Times
Documentation - The Energy Non-Crisis
Time Reference: 21:45
Description: Lindsey Williams asserts one of the largest oil discoveries in the world has been covered up by the oil companies.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - The Myth of Peak Oil
Time Reference: 25:04
Description: The oil companies have been caught red-handed conspiring to reduce domestic refining capacity.
Link To: Prison Planet
Documentation - Peak vs. Deep oil
Time Reference: 28:01
Description: A debate on CNBC from November 2005.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - Abiogenic petroleum origin
Time Reference: 35:26
Description: Oil is a renewable resource.
Link To: WikiPedia
Documentation - Odd reservoir off Louisiana
Time Reference: 36:29
Description: Eugene Island 330 is a case for the abiogenic theory of oil.
Link To: Oralchelation.com
Documentation - Hydrocarbon lake on Titan?
Time Reference: 38:03
Description: Did Titan have dinosaurs?
Link To: European Space Agency
Documentation - Biofuel demand makes food expensive
Time Reference: 49:24
Description: Increased ethanol production raises corn prices.
Link To: BBC News
Documentation - Salt Water Fuel
Time Reference: 49:42
Description: Yes. Salt water can be burned and produce a 3000 degree flame.
Link To: YouTube

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  1. mauricebourke88 says:

    Hi James, I know its a little odd to be leaving a comment on a video so old but i found it one day and was intrigued. Since this was almost 7 years ago, what is your opinion on abiotic oil theory today? I know F.William Engdahl has released a book recently about it (ordered and on its way to me)It stands to reason that Rockefeller and others would want to keep the fossil fuel theory the way it is but their seems to be very little evidence for abiotic since Thomas Gold’s failure in Sweden.

  2. ztaco says:

    Any thoughts on this article? https://isgp-studies.com/peak-oil-and-how-shale-oil-staved-it-off#abiotic

    I was starting to finally believe Peak Oil is a fraud after listening to your podcast and after hearing f.William Engdahl went from a peak oil believer to a denier. But then this article comes along and makes the people who don’t believe in peak oil sound like idiots. Peak oil deniers are used to this but this article i provided seems to have a lot of info, most of which i dont fully understand. So hopefully someone can provide a better insight for me on this topic.

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