Episode 023 - Ron Paul and the Philosophy of Liberty

12/09/20077 Comments

Running Time: 45:57

Description:The secret to Ron Paul's success is the philosophy of liberty. Today we examine this philosophy by dissecting several audio clips of Dr. Paul.


Documentation - Giuliani would use nukes on Iran
Time Reference: 00:00
Description: From the CNN Republican presidential debate in June 2007.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - Barack Obama on Iran
Time Reference: 00:24
Description: Obama believed the Iran nuke propaganda. From a speech on September 12, 2007.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - Iraq. Iran. What will Hillary get wrong next?
Time Reference: 00:33
Description: Good question.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - Double Guantanamo.
Time Reference: 00:39
Description: Romney wants to double Guantanamo.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - Ron Paul on Face The Nation
Time Reference: 02:14
Description: From November 11, 2007.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - Good Morning America leans that Bin Laden is CIA
Time Reference: 03:38
Description: Chris Cuomo gets more when he bargained for when he interviews some young Pakistanis.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - Young Pakistanis: Bin Laden is a CIA creation
Time Reference: 05:24
Description: REAL NEWS story #1.
Link To: Infowars.net
Documentation - Ex-Italian President: Intel agencies know 9/11 an inside job.
Time Reference: 06:05
Description: REAL NEWS story #2.
Link To: PrisonPlanet.com
Documentation - Iran says US report vindicates nuclear program
Time Reference: 06:52
Description: REAL NEWS story #3.
Link To: Yahoo! News
Documentation - Ron Paul bio
Time Reference: 07:48
Description: Information on Congressman Dr. Paul.
Link To: RonPaul2008.com
Documentation - Ron Paul on the NBC Evening News
Time Reference: 09:08
Description: The controlled corporate media grudgingly cover the Ron Paul Revolution.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - Defence industry embraces Democrats
Time Reference: 13:03
Description: Hillary by far the favorite.
Link To: Huffington Post
Documentation - This November 5th
Time Reference: 13:18
Description: Info on the money bomb campaign which delivered Dr. Paul 4.3 million dollars in a single day.
Link To: ThisNovember5th.com
Documentation - The Philosophy of Liberty
Time Reference: 14:06
Description: An excellent animated short detailing Ron Paul's philosophy of liberty.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - Ron Paul interviewed by John Stossel
Time Reference: 15:48
Description: ...and ONLY available on the internet.
Link To: ABC News
Documentation - Ron Paul house floor speech on Iraq
Time Reference: 21:45
Description: Ron Paul's message was the exact same 5 years ago...
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - Candidates @ Google: Ron Paul
Time Reference: 23:35
Description: A sit-down chat at Google's headquarters in July 2007.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - Most Americans want Iraq war funding cut: poll
Time Reference: 25:47
Description: 70 per cent want the Iraq war funding reduced.
Link To: Reuters
Documentation - Hillary Clinton: no regret on Iraq war
Time Reference: 26:10
Description: I wonder why the military-industrial complex loves her?
Link To: CNN
Documentation - Japan and China lead flight from the dollar
Time Reference: 27:28
Description: Many others following suit.
Link To: Telegraph.co.uk
Documentation - Ron Paul debates Federal Reserve governor.
Time Reference: 27:56
Description: He was saying it in 1983.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - Ron Paul ownz the Federal Reserve
Time Reference: 29:34
Description: ...and he's still saying it today.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - Ron Paul CNN/YouTube debate
Time Reference: 35:57
Description: Ron Paul opposes the North American Union
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - Ron Paul's Tea Party
Time Reference: 40:25
Description: The website looking to break the one-day fundraising record that Ron Paul set in November.
Link To: Tea Party 07
Documentation - Who Would the World Elect?
Time Reference: 41:28
Description: ...Why, Ron Paul, of course!
Link To: whowouldtheworldelect.com

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