Episode 022 - The Schools Are Becoming Prisons

12/02/20075 Comments

Running Time: 46:57

Description:Cameras, fingerprinting, RFID chips, terror drills and vaccines. Who owns your children?


Documentation - Surveillance and Personal Piracy
Time Reference: 03:00
Description: A video report filed by students of Sunnyside High School in Tucson, AZ.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - School District Demands Biometric Data From Parents
Time Reference: 08:22
Description: In return, parents get access to children
Link To: thought-criminal.org
Documentation - School to track pupils with radio chips
Time Reference: 11:02
Description: It's good enough for your dog, it's good enough for your daughter...
Link To: The Daily Mail
Documentation - The Alex Jones Show
Time Reference: 12:41
Description: A link to Alex Jones' streaming feeds and podcast subscription.
Link To: Infowars.com
Documentation - The RAPTOR system
Time Reference: 15:35
Description: The maker of the technology that makes parents swipe their id to pick up their own kids.
Link To: Raptorware
Documentation - Fingerprints to speed up lunch lines
Time Reference: 16:29
Description: Aren't biometrics great?
Link To: PrisonPlanet.com
Documentation - School to fingerprint students for dinner
Time Reference: 16:37
Description: Funny how these technologies are being adopted all over the world at the same time. I wonder why that is?
Link To: HalifaxCourier.co.uk
Documentation - BBC Fingerprinting Propaganda Explained
Time Reference: 18:37
Description: A video showing the other side of the story, the one BBC doesn't bother to report.
Link To: Google Video
Documentation - Cashless society by 2012 says VISA chief
Time Reference: 20:40
Description: The president of Visa thinks it's just peachy that cash will be gone in 5 years.
Link To: The Independent
Documentation - Roadside fingerprint checks
Time Reference: 21:09
Description: Condition them from childhood and they'll think it's normal when they grow up.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - The DNA Database
Time Reference: 25:08
Description: The UK government already has a DNA database with the genetic profiles of over 4 million citizens.
Link To: The Corbett Report
Documentation - Japan to Fingerprint All Foreigners
Time Reference: 26:02
Description: Japan is aping the US system for fingerprinting all foreigners as they enter the country.
Link To: The Corbett Report
Documentation - Mythbusters beat fingerprint security system
Time Reference: 27:21
Description: Why are we rushing to implement this technology in the name of security?
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - Armed Men Terrorize School
Time Reference: 29:40
Description: An excellent article on the drills designed to strike terror in the hearts of students on the way to a police state.
Link To: PrisonPlanet.com
Documentation - Tenn. teachers stage fake attack on students
Time Reference: 31:36
Description: Trauma-based conditioning in a nutshell.
Link To: The Denver Post
Documentation - This is not America
Time Reference: 33:03
Description: Cops do their best to give students the feeling of being shot in a school shooting.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - Children as young as 4 to be given 'happiness tests'
Time Reference: 35:24
Description: Why is this part of the school curriculum? And what happens if you fail this test?
Link To: Daily Mail
Documentation - New child checks to identify future criminals
Time Reference: 36:49
Description: The government will now determine who will become a criminal before they do. Pre-crime, thought crime, 1984 and Minority Report all rolled into one...
Link To: Telegraph.co.uk
Documentation - Fascism in America: Vaccinate or go to jail
Time Reference: 39:08
Description: It is not against the law to deny the government the right to vaccinate your children.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - Alex Jones interview with Glenn Ivey
Time Reference: 43:09
Description: State Attorney Glenn Ivey admits it's not against the law not to have your children vaccinated.
Link To: Infowars.com

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