Episode 019 - The CIA Ships in the Drugs

10/05/20076 Comments

Running Time: 39:57

Description:CIA drug-running is nothing new, not that you'd know it from the mainstream press reports that turn up on the subject every 10 years or so.


Documentation - Ron Paul calls for end to drug war
Time Reference: 01:37
Description: From the PBS Republican presidential debate.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - Who owned drug plane that crashed in Mexico?
Time Reference: 04:49
Description: Who indeed owned this plane flying back and forth to Guantanamo Bay?
Link To: McClatchy
Documentation - Dateline report on CIA drug trafficking
Time Reference: 07:23
Description: A whitewash that scratches the surface of CIA involvement in shipping cocaine into the US.
Link To: Google Video
Documentation - The Mena Connection
Time Reference: 19:20
Description: Excellent documentary on how Bush and Clinton were complicit in CIA drug running in the 80s.
Link To: Google Video
Documentation - Who Killed John O'Neill
Time Reference: 24:31
Description: An experimental, artful docudrama that highlights much of the hidden information that puts 9/11 into context
Link To: wkjo.com
Documentation - The 8th Estate
Time Reference: 24:50
Description: A website looking at the suppressed history of the illusion that was 9/11.
Link To: 8th Estate
Documentation - 9/11 Synchronicity
Time Reference: 24:59
Description: A podcast that presents long, detailed tours of the real context and history behind our present age.
Link To: 9/11 Synchronicity
Documentation - Asa Hutchinson
Time Reference: 25:14
Description: Information on the man behind the Mena coverup, who was rewarded with a post as head of the DEA.
Link To: prorev.com
Documentation - War on Drugs
Time Reference: 32:14
Description: A timeline of the War on Drugs, including info on the 1971 declaration of the war by Nixon.
Link To: PBS
Documentation - Alfred McCoy
Time Reference: 32:18
Description: Interview with Alfred McCoy regarding the info in his groundmark study The Politics of Heroin.
Link To: pdr.autono.net
Documentation - Air America
Time Reference: 32:25
Description: Wikipedia entry on the famed CIA front, which was used for drug running among other things.
Link To: Wikipedia
Documentation - Interview with Micheal Ruppert
Time Reference: 34:32
Description: Ruppert, an ex-LAPD narc discusses the truth behind the phoney war on drugs.
Link To: whale.to
Documentation - Dark Alliance
Time Reference: 37:30
Description: A book compiled from Gary Webb's 1990s reports from the San Jose Mercury News on the CIA drug running in the 80s.
Link To: Amazon.com

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