Episode 017 - The Myth of Overpopulation

09/21/20073 Comments

Running Time: 43:34

Description:Overpopulation, like the global warming fraud, is a false front for the eugenics program.


Documentation - John Lennon and Yoko Ono on overpopulation
Time Reference: 03:14
Description: John and Yoko point out the point isn't how many people there are, but how society is organized.
Link To: Google Video
Documentation - Should Americans have fewer babies to save the environment?
Time Reference: 05:12
Description: I bet you can't guess what the environazi answer to this question is...
Link To: Slate.com
Documentation - Japan fertility hits record low
Time Reference: 06:20
Description: And that was two years ago...
Link To: BBC News
Documentation - CIA predicts the future 2015 - Overpopulation
Time Reference: 07:41
Description: The CIA tells ABC News why everyone should want to kill lots of people in developing countries.
Link To: Google Video
Documentation - Thomas Malthus
Time Reference: 14:03
Description: Learn all about Malthus (plagiarized) idea that the earth is being overpopulated.
Link To: Wikipedia
Documentation - Webster Tarpley on Malthusian Madness
Time Reference: 14:29
Description: Tarpley rips apart the intellectually bankrupt Malthus (and the defrocked Venetian monk he plagiarized from).
Link To: Google Video
Documentation - ABC News report from 1970 on Overpopulation
Time Reference: 15:25
Description: Earlier overpopulation propaganda made the depopulation/eugenics link very clear.
Link To: Google Video
Documentation - The Negro Project
Time Reference: 19:34
Description: A Washington Times oped that details how Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood was, in her words, about "exterminating the Negro population."
Link To: Pappilon's Art Palace
Documentation - Margaret Sanger and H. G. Wells
Time Reference: 20:30
Description: Confirms their love affair.
Link To: University of Illinois
Documentation - The New World Order by H.G. Wells
Time Reference: 20:49
Description: Located in part 2 is the quote about people dying in protest of the New World Order.
Link To: The Forbidden Knowledge
Documentation - Sir Macfarlane Burnet
Time Reference: 21:29
Description: The Nobel Prize whitewash biography on Burnet that forgets to mention that he is a genocidal racist maniac.
Link To: NobelPrize.org
Documentation - Burnet's solution
Time Reference: 22:01
Description: Details Burnet's plan for Australia to wage biological warfare on "overpopulated Asiatic countries."
Link To: TheAge.com.au
Documentation - NSM 200
Time Reference: 24:05
Description: Kissinger's plan to pursue genocidal policies in the interests of global depopulation.
Link To: HiddenMysteries.org
Documentation - Kissinger's 1974 plan for food control genocide
Time Reference: 24:40
Description: A good overview of the chilling aspects of Kissinger's NSM200.
Link To: LarouchePub.com
Documentation - The tactics of using food as a weapon
Time Reference: 25:23
Description: How the US and Japan played politics with food aid, contributing 3 million deaths to the depopulation program.
Link To: VoltaireNet.org
Documentation - George Noory - Solution to Overpopulation
Time Reference: 28:23
Description: The caller and the guest end up agreeing that we will have to kill to survive in this overpopulated planet.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - End Game Premiere Opening Night
Time Reference: 33:30
Description: Join prisonplanet.tv to get access to this interview and all of Alex Jones' documentaries.
Link To: PrisonPlanet.tv
Documentation - Prince Philip wants to kill millions
Time Reference: 39:20
Description: He wishes he would be reincarnated as a virus so he could contribute to depopulation.
Link To: PrisonPlanet.com

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