Episode 016 - The Bushes Are Nazis

09/14/20076 Comments

Running Time: 32:18

Description:Did you know President Bush's grandfather was involved in a fascist coup to overthrow the American government? Or that he helped fund Hitler through the Union Banking Corp.? Does the skull and bones apple fall far from the tree?


Documentation - Bush Hitler
Time Reference: 02:49
Description: A google search for the connection.
Link To: Google
Documentation - Bush Hitler images
Time Reference: 03:00
Description: Visual representations of the Bush/Hitler connection.
Link To: Google
Documentation - Hitler Reichstag
Time Reference: 03:16
Description: Details how Hitler became dictator by burning down the Reichstag and blaming it on the communists.
Link To: Future of Freedom Foundation
Documentation - Nazi America
Time Reference: 03:37
Description: A Nazi survivor's letter detailing the similarities between Nazi Germany and present-day America.
Link To: Truthout
Documentation - Soros compares Bush to Nazis
Time Reference: 04:40
Description: Wolf Blitzer is affronted and outraged that anyone could compare the President to the Fuhrer.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - Bush's grandfather funded Hitler
Time Reference: 09:15
Description: FoxNews carries an AP report detailing Prescott Bush's funding of Hitler.
Link To: FoxNews
Documentation - George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography
Time Reference: 10:33
Description: The book which originally broke the Prescott Bush/UBC/Hitler connection, available for free online.
Link To: Tarpley.net
Documentation - Buchanan on Prescott Nazi
Time Reference: 11:05
Description: John Buchanan is the researcher who went through the national archives to document the Prescott Bush-Adolph Hitler link.
Link To: Google Video
Documentation - Hitler's Angel Has $3 Mil in US Bank
Time Reference: 19:39
Description: The article that broke the story in 1941.
Link To: Debatecomics
Documentation - Tarpley on Hitler
Time Reference: 19:53
Description: Webster Tarpley talks about Adolph Hitler's backers in Wall Street and the City of London.
Link To: Google Video
Documentation - Smedley Butler
Time Reference: 20:49
Description: History of Smedley Butler, decorated Marine Corps. hero.
Link To: Marine Corps Legacy Museum
Documentation - The White House Coup
Time Reference: 22:15
Description: A BBC documentary on the fascist plot to overthrow the American government, of which Prescott Bush was a part.
Link To: BBC4
Documentation - I Was a Gangster for Capitalism
Time Reference: 25:44
Description: Smedley Butler talks about being a thug for American capitalism.
Link To: Doublestandards
Documentation - War is a Racket
Time Reference: 25:49
Description: Butler's book on how wars are used to make money.
Link To: LexRex
Documentation - Butler testifies to the commission
Time Reference: 25:57
Description: Includes some footage of Smedley Butler's incendiary testimony to the McCormick-Dixstein committee.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - Endgame
Time Reference: 26:07
Description: Alex Jones' forthcoming documentary, which will include footage of Butler's testimony.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - Deep Background
Time Reference: 27:39
Description: Cheney tasked STRATCOM with devising a plan to automatically strike Iran if America is hit by a terrorist attack.
Link To: AmCon
Documentation - Cheney dreams of terrorists with nukes
Time Reference: 27:55
Description: Cheney promises to set off a nuke
Link To: USA Today
Documentation - Zbigniew Brzezinski warns of false flag event
Time Reference: 28:07
Description: Terrorist attack to be blamed on Iran to launch war.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - The Undeclared War
Time Reference: 28:28
Description: Iran supplying Taliban with Chinese weapons to create proxy army in the event of American strike.
Link To: The Corbett Report
Documentation - Father of All Bombs
Time Reference: 28:50
Description: Russia unveiled the largest non-nuclear weapon in the world this week.
Link To: Guardian
Documentation - Russia re-starts Cold War patrols
Time Reference: 29:20
Description: Russia flies long-range bombing sorties into NATO air space.
Link To: BBC News
Documentation - Live nukes flown over US
Time Reference: 29:30
Description: 6 nukes were accidentally flown from North Dakota to Louisiana.
Link To: MSNBC
Documentation - Staging nukes for Iran?
Time Reference: 29:48
Description: Barksdale AFB where the nukes were accidentally flown just happens to be a major jumping off point for the Middle East.
Link To: NoQuarterUSA
Documentation - Operation Himmler
Time Reference: 30:15
Description: The completely staged event used as justification for Hitler invading Poland.
Link To: 911 Review

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