Episode 014 - Al Qaeda Doesn't Exist

08/31/20072 Comments

Running Time: 34:39

Description:The Corbett Report has some news for you: Al Qaeda isn't real. It's a "noble" lie by the Neocons to con you into accepting your own enslavement. Welcome to the matrix. Enjoy your stay.


Documentation - Interview with Aaron Russo
Time Reference: 03:05
Description: Alex Jones interviewed Aaron Russo in January 2007.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - The Power of Nightmares
Time Reference: 06:26
Description: A 3 part BBC documentary outlining the mythical nature of al-Qaeda
Link To: BBC
Documentation - Aaron Russo
Time Reference: 0:59
Description: The home page of Aaron Russo's political organization.
Link To: Restore the Republic
Documentation - The Usama deception
Time Reference: 13:43
Description: Which Osama bin Laden planned the 9/11 attacks? The thin, long-nosed one or this, the fat, wide-nosed one?
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - US Gov found red-handed releasing staged Al-Qaeda videos
Time Reference: 13:56
Description: The US gov re-edited old footage and then passed it off as a new Al-Qaeda tape.
Link To: Prison Planet
Documentation - Researcher's analysis of al Qaeda images reveals surprises
Time Reference: 14:33
Description: A computer expert unveils that IntelCenter and al Qaeda watermarks were added to al-Qaeda videos at the same time.
Link To: Wired
Documentation - IntelCenter full of military spook
Time Reference: 15:14
Description: Lays out the military intelligence links to IntelCenter
Link To: Prison Planet
Documentation - New al-Qaeda tape to be released
Time Reference: 15:58
Description: Now how did the IntelCenter know that?...
Link To: ABC News
Documentation - Al-Qaeda tape appears when Neocons need it most
Time Reference: 16:11
Description: How convenient.
Link To: Prison Planet
Documentation - Robin Cook reveals "al-Qaeda" is a fake name
Time Reference: 16:33
Description: It's actually the name of the CIA database of the Afghan mujahadeen they armed and trained.
Link To: The Guardian
Documentation - Freedom to Fascism
Time Reference: 1:59
Description: The official Freedom to Fascism website.
Link To: Freedom to Fascism
Documentation - PDD51 / NSPD51
Time Reference: 21:59
Description: Bush has recently declared himself dictator in the event of a national emergency.
Link To: White House
Documentation - Security & Prosperity Partnership
Time Reference: 22:24
Description: The Corbett Report article on the SPP.
Link To: The Corbett Report
Documentation - 9/11/07 Global day of action
Time Reference: 23:04
Description: Information on the global day of action to mark the 6th anniversary of 9/11.
Link To: 911 Truth
Documentation - Rebuilding America's Defenses
Time Reference: 23:31
Description: The neocon document that called for a new Pearl Harbor one year before 9/11 (page 51). Also see page 60 for race specific bioweapons as "a politcally useful tool."
Link To: New American Century
Documentation - Afghanistan oil / Puppet president
Time Reference: 23:47
Description: Includes links to sources regarding the Afghanistan pipeline and the UNOCAL consultant who was installed as President.
Link To: The Corbett Report
Documentation - Leo Strauss
Time Reference: 24:22
Description: General information about Leo Strauss
Link To: Wikipedia
Documentation - Shadia Drury on Leo Strauss
Time Reference: 25:14
Description: Interview by Michael Enright of CBC Sunday Edition regarding the Neocon philosophical guru.
Link To: Global Public Media

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