Episode 008 - Meet the North American Union

07/20/20071 Comment

Running Time: 30:32

Description:The North American Union has arrived under the name of the "Security and Prosperity Partnership," a secretive 'dialogue' between Canada, America and Mexico to which the citizens are not privvy.


Documentation - A reporter remembers Rome 1957
Time Reference: 01:58
Description: An account of the signing of the Treaty of Rome in 1957.
Link To: BBC News
Documentation - Deal paves way for EU to move on
Time Reference: 02:58
Description: The EU's failed constitution gets new life as a series of amendments which require no approval from citizens.
Link To: BBC News
Documentation - Press conference to announce the SPP
Time Reference: 03:31
Description: The press conference in Waco, Texas where the SPP is announced to the public.
Link To: Baylor TV
Documentation - Security and Prosperity Initiative
Time Reference: 04:59
Description: The Canadian Council of Chief Executives Initiative which launched the multinational-friendly democracy-unfriendly SPP.
Link To: CEO Council.ca
Documentation - 2006 Report to Leaders
Time Reference: 06:31
Description: The report outlining the initiatives being worked on, including standardized no-fly lists.
Link To: SPP-PSP.gc.ca
Documentation - NDP: stop bulk water exports
Time Reference: 07:57
Description: The SPP is attempting to commodotize the natural resources of North America.
Link To: NDP.ca
Documentation - Canada raising limits on pesticide residues
Time Reference: 09:28
Description: The SPP is overriding governmental health regulations in the name of 'facilitating trade'
Link To: Canada.com
Documentation - Lou Dobbs on SPP
Time Reference: 12:11
Description: Lou Dobbs' CNN report talks about resistance to the SPP in Canada.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation - Secret summit on shared security
Time Reference: 15:48
Description: Stockwell Day's office denies to verify Mr. Day's appearance at the September 2006 SPP meeting in Banff.
Link To: The Tyee
Documentation - Report on SPP Ministerial Meeting in Ottawa February 2007
Time Reference: 17:24
Description: Officials play down criticism that talks too secretive.
Link To: Money.canoe.ca
Documentation - SPP Leaders Summit 2007
Time Reference: 25:18
Description: Details on the next leaders summit of the SPP.
Link To: CTV.ca
Documentation - RCMP, U.S. Army block public forum on the SPP
Time Reference: 25:52
Description: The US Army is now telling Canadians where they can express their free speech on Canadian soil...welcome to the North American Union.
Link To: Canadians.org

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