Dutch Safety Board Releases MH17 Report...Guess what they conclude?

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DSB+Ukraine+Planeby James Corbett
October 13, 2015

The Dutch Safety Board just released their investigation into the MH17 crash last summer and they concluded that the Malaysia Airlines 777 was brought down by the Ukrainian government.

Just kidding. They blamed it all on those dastardly Russians, of course. Or at least that's what every MSM headline west of Donbass will tell you. The reality, as always, is somewhat less propagandistically perfect.

The report, titled simply "Crash of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17" was released by the Dutch Safety Board this morning, along with supplementary materials like "About the Investigation" and even a Brochure synopsis of the report's findings.

The headline story is that the investigation has concluded that the plane was brought down by the detonation of a warhead to the left and above the cockpit of the plane. According to the report:

mh17-being-hit-with-a-missile"As a result of the explosion and the impact, the aeroplane broke up in mid air: the cockpit and the floor of the business class tore away from the fuselage almost instantly and crashed. The rest of the aeroplane continued to fly for approximately 8.5 kilometres in an easterly direction. Sections of the upper side of the aeroplane were torn off as air currents, moving at a speed of approximate 900 kilometres per hour (480 knots), took hold of the damaged aeroplane. Both wingtips broke away and the rear section of the fuselage fractured, causing the tail section to detach itself from the centre section."

Interestingly, the Russian delegation to the Dutch Safety Board investigation did not contest that the airplane was brought down by a warhead detonation. Even more interestingly, the Russians strongly contested the DSB's placement of that detonation. The technical details of this disagreement are covered in Appendix L of the report, but the upshot of the wrangling is that the investigation pins the blame on a 9N314M warhead delivered by a BUK missile system from rebel-held territory whereas the Russians believe the culprit to be an outdated 9M38 warhead fired from government-held land. Or, in plain English, the Dutch are pointing the finger at the Russians and the Russians are pinning the blame on the Ukrainians. No surprises there.

The Russians, for their part, have an intriguing video of an experiment carried out by Almaz-Antey to back up their claims about the nature of the damage and its implications for determining the type of warhead that brought down the plane. The video shows two experiments, one conducted in July and one in October, in which BUK missiles are detonated near the cockpits of decommissioned Ilyushin Il-86 passenger airliners. According to the Russians, there is no indication that the DSB took these tests or their findings into account in their determination of the likely cause of MH17’s downing.

Although the finger-pointing is obviously going to dominate the headlines in the coming days, assigning blame for the crash is not even part of the DSB investigation's purview. Instead, the actual criminal investigation into the crash is being conducted by a Joint Investigation Team (JIT) consisting of investigators from the Netherlands, Australia, Belgium and Ukraine, with Malaysia as a "participant." As Julie Levesque pointed out in a thorough article for Global Research last year, that JIT is not only under a "gag order," whereby the results of its investigation will be classified unless all members agree to its findings, but in that scheme Malaysia is not even entitled to the classified report if the other nations do not agree to it. Essentially, the Ukrainians are the co-investigators of an event that they are suspects in, and the Malaysians are junior partners who aren't even worthy of full disclosure.

The actual point of the DSB investigation was to make recommendations on how to avoid a repeat of this event in the future. On that count, they raise an interesting point:

"In the months before the crash, at least 16 military airplanes and helicopters were shot down in the eastern part of Ukraine. Ukrainian authorities were aware of this. They stated that, occasionally, weapon systems were used that could reach the cruising altitude of civil airliners. Yet, despite of all this, Ukraine did not close its airspace."

Indeed, why wasn't the airspace over Eastern Ukraine closed to civilian air traffic at the time? Why were 160 commercial flights passing over that region on the day of the MH17 shootdown alone? Unsurprisingly, answers to these questions are not forthcoming from Kiev.

PUTINmissilePerhaps the most interesting part of the whole report, however, is that its release comes at a time when blatant propaganda against the big, bad Ruskies is hitting a fever pitch. With the West's hypocrisy in Syria being laid bare for the world to see by the latest Russian air strikes, can there be any doubt that the hyperventilating war hawks of the establishment press will jump on this report as another chance to blame the evils of the world on Moscow? Just as the original MH17 crash itself was immediately blamed on Putin (literally), kicking off the "new Cold War" in earnest, so this report will be used to whip the public into the next stage of Russophobia . . . despite the fact that almost no one will actually bother to read it.

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  1. whateverittakes2 says:

    HI James, I froze when I saw this headline because one knows immediately that to expect justice in the world we currently live in is a pipe dream. I know I’ve related this before but I’ll tell it again:

    I arrived in Mandalay on the day MH17 went down in Ukraine and knew immediately we were being propagandized big time. The evening news in Mandalay (less than three hours after the accident) was reporting that Russia did this. All I could think was “This is 9/11 all over again and Osama bin Laden is now Russia.” The next thought was: Of course, this has to be a complete FRAUD! And probably premeditated. We don’t bother to investigate accidents any longer — just immediately point the finger and blast it all over the press everywhere in the world?

    I believe they can do this (mostly gratis Rockefeller and his ilk)? because they’ve bent over backwards to see that most people everywhere are completely brainwashed (when they are not victimized by more subtle mind control mechanisms.)

    The situation was even worse when I got back to the US and found the Journal of Foreign Affairs was literally crawling with yellow journalistic press headlines about Russia being steeped in blood. (Another entity that owes its limited intellectual appeal to the Rockefeller clan.) We are being run by people who appear to be have very limited brainpower. Are they able to project legitimacy because they’ve tried–and managed—to make almost everyone out there even stupider than they are?

    Very sorry state of affairs.

    • Lance says:

      “We are being run by people who appear to be have very limited brainpower. Are they able to project legitimacy because they’ve tried–and managed—to make almost everyone out there even stupider than they are?”

      I think they’re exceptionally smart. Just seemingly lacking in any kind of humanity.

      As to the rest of us…

      “Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.” – George Carlin

      • anacardo01 says:

        Psychopathy, whether inborn or inculcated, tends to make one extraordinarily clever/devious in some ways and deeply, profoundly stupid in others, even in furthering one’s own agendas.

        • Chatte Noire says:

          Absolutely. The lack of empathy that makes a psychopath also impacts on their ability to invent plausible narratives that can be truly convincing. They are plagued by god-delusions and “if I say it everyone will believe it, because I am amazing” type of thinking. It also seems to impact on their ability to make longterm coherent plans or strategies. Their thinking tend to be short term, often self-contradictory and can become increasingly disorganised over time as the desire for vengeance and the joy of control obliterate the survival instinct and self-interest.

          Once we know that an awful lot of western foreign and domestic policy suddenly makes so much more sense doesn’t it. 🙂

          • anacardo01 says:

            Of all the totalizing narratives that people toss around trying to explain How The World Really Works, psychopathocracy / kakistocracy is definitely the one that resonates with me, having seen more of psychopathy on the micro scale than I’d like. Certainly kicks the hell out of “The Jews, the Jews!”

            It also explains how people get so confused and disturbed trying to take it all in. Trying to think like a psychopath is next to impossible, and not the sort of thing likely to improve one’s own mental state.

            • WannabePhilosopher says:

              There may be much more psychopaths/sociopaths out there than people think. Unfortunately, the world is a scary place, and there absolutely are people that are pure evil. Honestly, if there were ever any way to prove without any doubt what so ever (which I have have no idea will ever possible) that someone is a psychopath then there should be no reason why they should be entitled to the same rights as a normal human being, i. e., the non-aggression principle. It’s similar to the realization that if an animal expires or is harmed, if and only if, as a result of your need for survival then it is not immoral because the animal has no concept of itself as an individual within a system that includes other individuals, and therefore cannot even comprehend its removal from that system nor care about it.

  2. whateverittakes2 says:

    Want to add that more telling evidence against a Buk missile was/is the supposed long trail of white smoke that attends the firing of a Buk missile (for up to 10 or 15 minutes after firing). No one witnessing this crash reported any such trail of smoke — and it happened under completely clear blue skies.

    • qainiratha says:

      Well according to the report there was nog clear blue sky. Actually it was very cloudy. Which shows the the photograph of the alleged BUK smoke trail was a complete fake, but it also complicates the eye witness reports of planes alongside mh17. Still you’re right it would have left a visible mark, not to speak about the noise the BUK-system makes. The JIT is searching very hard for those eye-witness reports which will confirm their story, before this report was out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olQNpTxSnTo

  3. dodo says:

    As a simple outsider – my question( which is also the answer) is – who pulled/pushed the trigger.
    All the rest is blablablablabla…

  4. Trudy-Alan says:

    An aircraft can carry a munition that can detonate outside close to a target, and make indentations in the outside as it destroys its target. I do not believe the whole scenario is represented only with such a consideration.

  5. Lance says:

    I find the Top Rated responses of the BBC news website an interesting barometer.

    I’m well aware that noisy minorities can seem far bigger than silent majorities, but I’m always glad to see that many aren’t completely fooled by this ridiculously blunt and unimaginative propaganda.

    I’m not quite sure it matters so much how the plane was brought down at this point, more the question of who benefited…that is, the usual suspects.

    I’m amazed some genius hasn’t managed to find a link back to the Russians for the Turkish peace rally bombing yet.

  6. spoonful says:

    I still can’t figure out why the East Ukrainians gave the black box to these investigator frauds. The investigators wouldn’t possibly conceal or alter the indisputable data on the black box, would they?

  7. qainiratha says:

    Smoking gun for me is the absense of the US satellite data. Which Kerry used to blame Russia immidiatly after the crash. Last night the main guy from the DSB (Joustra) gave an interview on dutch television and he was asked about this satellite data. He said something along the lines of: “we saw confidential material from different countries”. So he never said that he saw US satellite data specifically.

    This leaves for me two options:
    1) The data exists but what it shows is not along the lines of “seperatists did it”. Which Parry wrote about: https://consortiumnews.com/2015/10/13/mh-17-the-dog-still-not-barking/

    2) It was complete bogus of the US (WMD’s anyone) and people like this guy of the DSB have to save face for America’s lie by niether confirming nor denying it.

    I have to say the Russians are also not playing their best game. Apparently the presentation of the manufacturers of the BUK-missle system today is in confict with an earlier presentation they gave before the DSB. At least according to Joustra in the same interview. Don’t know if it’s right, I have to skim trough the appendixes for that, like James did.

    It is interesting how the SU-25 theory is totally from the table. The report sais that they did not recieve the raw ATC data from Russia, only the video-version. On this basis they could not confirm the validity of the flight data. Russia said it did not save the data because mh17 was flying outside of Russian airspace. But this is in violation of the ICAO guidelines and Russia did not mention their policy is at difference with those guidelines, which is mendatory. So the Russian ATC data, including the SU-25 it saw is discarded by the DSB, and fair enough imo.

    But what is also interesting is that the DSB did not recieve the raw ATC data from Ukraine. You know, that data which was confiscated moments after the crash. What does the report say about it? No data was saved due to scheduled maintenance… very convenient.

    Anyways, personally I feel sicker every day about this whole thing. Almost every figure related to the mh17 crash has screamed about truth as the highest priority, and none of them live up to that. The truth died the minute the airplane was hit, and the plane and it’s passangers became a political tool. But hey, what’s new here.

  8. Oscar says:

    Hi James,

    My comment is meant to draw your attention some new developments in the MH17-case. The case is not over yet.

    I hope you can give some kind of response to this, however brief that response may be, since I imagine & respect it is difficult for you to respond to every comment. But it is an open source investigation after all.

    First, thank you for your excellent work regarding the information you have compiled regarding MH17.

    Second, bereaved family-members of flight MH17 are writing letters to US Secretary of State John Kerry, Prime Minister Rutte in the Netherlands, President Putin in Russia and President Porosjenko in Ukraine, in which they ask/demand help in releasing the radar-images concerning the downing of flight MH17. These radar-images are not only important for the investigation of the Dutch Safety Board, but also for the investigation of the Public Prosecution Service, which is still pending.

    Third, several experts testified regarding the MH17-case in a hearing in the Dutch House of Representatives: at least four civilian (3 Ukrainian and 1 Russian) radars should have made images of the attack on MH17, in addition to military radar systems. Ukraine says all radars were defect. Radar expert Piet van Genderen from the Technical University in Delft finds this ‘strange’. He also said that the video images provided by Russia – but no primary radar images – are totally inadequate for further investigation in finding the purpetrators.

    Fourth, the MSM reports that the until recently held belief that the US did not transfer all radar data, turns out to be false. In a letter, the government revealed that both the Dutch Safety Board and the Public Prosecution Service are in possession of that data. US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland has already indicated that the secret information can become public at a trial. Both the DSB and the researchers of the Public Prosecution Service therefore say that they have sufficient information to draw conclusions about the attack on the MH17. Additional Russian and Ukrainian data would not be strictly necessary.

    Fifth, members of the opposition Omzigt (CDA) and Sjoerdsma (D66) in the House of Representatives have posed new ‘Parliamentary Questions’ to Prime Minister Rutte regarding the missing radar-images.

    While these new developments are being reported in Dutch mainstream media, I am simultaneously getting this subtle “move along, nothing to see here”-feeling from the official responses to the reports in the press.

    I think it might be warranted that some additional independent research needs to be done to find out what’s really going on, and I think the Corbettreport.com-community is one of the best places to start.

    In the next comment, I’ll give the relevant links.

    To conclude:
    James (and others), what is your take on these new developments? And what should the bereaved family members of the MH17 flight focus on to crack this case open if they read this?

  9. Oscar says:

    Links on new developments regarding MH17:

    Date: January 13, 2016
    Headline: Father MH17-victim asks for help from John Kerry
    Link: http://nos.nl/artikel/2079535-vader-mh17-slachtoffer-vraagt-hulp-van-john-kerry.html

    Date: January 13, 2016
    Headline: Foundation MH17 anonymously receives prints of radar-images.
    Link: http://nos.nl/artikel/2080317-stichting-mh17-krijgt-anoniem-afdrukken-van-radarbeelden-toegestuurd.html

    Date: January 13, 2016
    Headline: Bereaved family-members of MH17 want Rutte to acquire radar-images
    Link: http://nos.nl/artikel/2080253-nabestaanden-mh17-willen-dat-rutte-radarbeelden-opeist.html

    Date: January 14, 2016
    Headline: Public Prosecution Service already has “new” MH17 radar-images
    Link: http://nos.nl/artikel/2080520-om-kent-nieuwe-radarbeelden-mh17-al.html

    Date: January 14, 2016
    Headline: Dutch Safety Board examines Russian information MH17
    Link: http://www.rtlnieuws.nl/nieuws/binnenland/onderzoeksraad-buigt-zich-over-russische-informatie-mh17

    Date: January 22, 2106
    Headline: Bereaved family-members MH17 send letter to Putin and Porosjenko
    Link: http://nos.nl/artikel/2082049-nabestaanden-mh17-sturen-brief-aan-poetin-en-porosjenko.html

    Date: January 22, 2016
    Headline: Controversy continues regarding MH17 radar-images

    Date January 22, 2016
    Headline: Round-table discussion on MH17 in (Dutch) House of Representatives
    Link: http://www.houseofrepresentatives.nl/news/round-table-discussion-mh17

    Date: January 27, 2016
    Headline: Parliamentary Questions about deleted and secret radar data MH17 and the fact that the air traffic controller has not been heard
    Link 1: https://twitter.com/PieterOmtzigt/status/692344209207115776
    Link 2: https://t.co/OZPLg3Ydxn

    The Dutch links can be translated via google translate (https://translate.google.com/) or by specific request.

  10. Oscar says:

    Hi James,

    Hereby I submit 3 more news-items in the ongoing developments in the MH17-investigation/cover-up. A little more exposure outside of the Dutch language area might help. What kind of games are being played here by the participants?

    Headline: Ukraine did not report that radar was deactivated
    Date: February 2, 2016
    Excerpt: Joe Sultana of the European air traffic control Eurocontrol says that countries have the obligation to report if something is wrong with the radar, but that Ukraine failed to do so.


    Headline: Former Ukrainian Secretary: Dutch Safety Board did not ask for radar-images
    Date: February 3, 2016
    Excerpt: The Dutch Safety Board (DSB) never asked Ukraine for raw civil radar images of flight MH17, says Vladimir Schulmeister who was Ukrainian Secretary of Transport in an interview with Dutch newspapers ‘AD’ and ‘De Telegraaf’. DSB vehemently denies this in a reaction to the NOS (Nederlandse Omroep Stichting) and says that Kiev has been asked numerous times to supply the data.
    Former Secretary Schulmeister says he was stunned when he read the Dutch Safety Board report. “I am 100% certain that we have never had a request. I was on the committee (which also included the deputy prime minister, ATC UkSatse and the Ukrainian Reseach Council. All requests for information came on our table. A request for raw data was never between them.


    Headline: Ukraine ambassador: Dutch did in fact request MH17 radar images
    Date: February 4, 2016
    Excerpt: The Dutch Safety Board did in fact request raw radar images of the flight MH17 disaster from the Ukrainian government, Ukraine ambassador Olexander Horin said to RTL Nieuws

    This is in response to former First Deputy Minister of Transport Vladimir Shulmeister statements on Wednesday that the Ukrainian government never received a request for radar images from the Safety Board. According to him, it may be that the Safety Board only asked the Ukraine military for these images.


  11. Indeed says:

    I was on twitter recently and I noticed there appear to be accounts working 7 days a week, all day long going after anyone who writes anything questioning the official MH17 narrative.

    Here is one such example: https://twitter.com/MJoyce2244/with_replies?lang=en

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