Dueling Drills: World Powers Are Prepping For SOMETHING

08/03/201932 Comments

Are you keeping your eye on the news? Have you noticed any worrisome patterns lately? Do you get the sense that we're drifting toward war? And not just another Libya-style "destroy the country and leave" war, but an all-out war war?

Don't worry, you're not the only one. There have been any number of developments in the last few weeks alone that feed into this narrative.

There was the tit-for-tat tanker seizures between Britain and Iran last month (with the MSM memory-holing Britain's tit in the reporting on Iran's tat, of course), which has enabled the always-insightful Russian Foreign Ministry to conclude that the US "is simply looking for a pretext to whip up the situation" in the Persian Gulf (shocking, I know).

There is the still-escalating situation in Hong Kong, where US-backed regime change NGOs and authentically angry Hong Kongers are struggling against Beijing's encroachment on their regional autonomy (with China now warning the US to mind its own beeswax in the matter).

There was the incident late last month over South Korea, where, depending on whose side of the story you trust, South Korean forces fired warning shots on Russian military aircraft that violated their airspace or innocent Russian peace planes were totally not violating anybody's airspace and no shots were even fired.

Oh, and there's the breaking news story as I write this article about the US formally withdrawing from the INF nuclear treaty, a Cold War-era arms control deal that had hitherto limited development of mid-range ground-based nuclear missiles.

Yes, it's safe to say that the world is beginning to feel like a powder keg and each one of these incidents is a lit match.

But as bad as all of these stories sound, the reality is even worse! Let's take a look at a few recent developments that demonstrate how the world's biggest powers are prepping for something huge.

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  1. generalbottlewasher says:

    James that is a joy camp kind of news letter. Im guessing T.P.T.S.B. can not wait to secure their next billions in a peacetime market place. They are crazy with greed and powerlust to the point of putting the 98% of normal people in the cattle car and getting the door closed. Then it’s just a matter of flipping the meat grinder switch. Is that what your proposing? Is there shades of gray we anticipate going through to arrive at the war ATM for these { Dr. Strangelove} sick folks? Isn’t this the normal cycle? Sounds like its time to say ” no i won’t ” and get on with it. Opps! I don’t seem to have any more patients than the crazies. Or any more sense of piety!

  2. Not Another Not-Bot! says:

    Yea, it would be “infinitely easier to kill a million people than control a million people,”

    Infinitely, mind you. Only for a god is anything infinitely easier. And with such pugnacious and grandiose self-professed gods maneuvering to run the planet, a la Lord of the Flies, what hope is there of peace?

  3. cooly says:


    There is no hope of peace. Unfortunately we are fucked, in my opinion. Perhaps if Piggy had survived along with Ralph, and they had superior firepower, (If you all haven’t seen Lord Of The Flies, now is a good time. Find the Criteron version), there would be a random chance of fighting back. But at the end of that film, the saviors are the establishment. Go figure.

  4. Octium says:

    I haven’t had much luck opposing war, so I thought I might support this one for a change.

    Could start a white feather movement to have the children of rich people conscripted and sent off to fight it.

    After all, the rich kids have had the best education money can buy and smart bombs need smart targets otherwise the poor bombs may not feel they have achieved their objective in life.

    Think of the bombs!

  5. pat says:

    I’ve been a subscriber for some years now and would bet that I’ve seen and read 75% of your work James, your research and presentation is second to none. I am sure that the question has been asked and answered but damned if I could point to an episode and say, there it is!
    Perhaps you or another member might help me out here. We talk about TPTSB and the NWO ilk etc. etc. Ad nauseam, can we not affix names to individuals all the way up the food chain, with sufficient documentation, in a single report, that even the most confused among us could understand? Like a simple slogan that could be repeated like the mainstream mantras that we are constantly soiled with.that might spark a bit of hope?

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      My take: There are countless elite players at different “rankings” and each has their own agendas. Also, there are factions. It does get confusing, because it is a complex mix.
      There probably is not an illuminati group of twelve who control the world, who sit together and give marching orders to the many elite players around the world.
      I think, in reality, a countless bunch of big players are working toward their own agendas.

      Occasionally, I will hear Corbett mention the complexity of it all, especially on a roundtable discussion or when he is being interviewed.

  6. AlPennG says:


  7. zyxzevn says:

    Current target seems Iran.

    But I saw many posts on imgur about how bad Russia is,
    because it arrests people at protests.
    If we just forget about France, UK, US, even China.
    And especially Israel and Saudi Arabia, where protesters are murdered.

    I think that they try to involve Russia in the conflicts too.
    Probably on the ground in Syria and Iran,
    with possibly Crimea and Turkey.

    Here is a link on the British version of Operation Mockingbird.
    On Contact: British government psyops with Mohamed Elmazzi
    I find it interesting how the conflict with Russia is
    controlled in the way WW1 conflict was started.

  8. FlyingAxblade says:

    I’m not exactly sure that China wants real combat vets in their population. Seems to me that would become detrimental to Communism continuing. Seems to me they like having Police in military gear. Anyway, I am hoping that war and rumors of war will end.

    • Step says:

      It seems to me that ‘communism is well and truly dead in China. Their one party totalitarian state is probably how most countries in the world will be like in the not too distant future unless we stop voting for parties of any kind. A Parliament or Congress full of independent representatives would have the possibility of focusing on the common good rather than squandering resources on military applications.

  9. scpat says:

    Here is more context to the Recommended Viewing video, John Dillinger – An Early Victim Of Climate Change:

    This is an article that describes the manipulated temperature graphs Tony Heller shows and gives links to the actual source data.

    • cooly says:


      I just read an article saying that Dillinger’s descendants want his remains dug up, that they have reason to believe it’s not him in the box. I know, I know, heard that story before with famous buried people, but I suppose it’s always possible. If it is the case, that video will need a new title:

      Someone Else- An Early Victim Of Climate Change

  10. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I am glad to see Corbett’s article “Dueling Drills: World Powers Are Prepping For SOMETHING”, because I also have been noticing some of these stories which elude to a ‘hot war’ brewing in the kettle.

    My thoughts keep returning to Corbett’s Autumn 2017 presentation in Denmark (and his follow-up Q&A): Episode 320 – Echoes of WWI: China, the US, and the Next “Great” War .

    I am convinced that we are already at war, but it is being fought differently like Corbett mentioned in Denmark, and the cultures and/or nation states have not yet decided what role and who they will ally with.

    The complexity of world events masks where we are going and what is happening.
    There are so many aspects…
    Technocracy & Silicon Valley, Iran, China, Russia, oil, currency and trade wars and sanction wars, banks folding or in jeopardy (e.g. China & Deutsche Bank), corporate debt at stellar levels, the international reach of corporations, pension funds tied into the game, national economies hanging by the edge, food… …the moving pieces are so intertwined.

    Even in Corbett’s Episode 359 – The Secrets of Silicon Valley: What Big Tech Doesn’t Want You to Know, Yasha Levine states:
    “…This is not a traditional war that you could fight with traditional weapons.
    This is not a war that you could drop a nuke on….”

    When a nation gets squeezed too hard, eventually a conflict is likely to erupt.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Currency Wars have been at center stage recently.
      Bloomberg August 4, 2019
      Putin’s Pledge to Ditch the Dollar Is Slowly Becoming a Reality

      …The shift is part of a strategy to “de-dollarize” the Russian economy and lower its vulnerability to U.S. sanctions. But while the central bank was able to quickly dump half of its dollar holdings last year, progress in trade has been slow due to ingrained use of the greenback for many transactions.

      The share of euros in Russian exports increased for a fourth straight quarter at the expense of the U.S. currency, according to central bank data. The common currency has almost overtaken the dollar in trade with the European Union and China and trade in rubles with India surged. The dollar’s share in import transactions remained unchanged at about a third.

      “There’s been a strong incentive to change, not just for Russia but for its trading partners too,” said Dmitry Dolgin, an economist at ING Bank in Moscow. “The European Union is also now facing trade pressure from the U.S.” pushing them to try to reduce dependence on the dollar, he said…

      …“The yuan isn’t completely convertable, which means it can’t play a significant role in world trade,” Timofeev said…

      …The most dramatic shift is visible in Russia’s $11 billion trade with India…

      …“The trend is likely to continue because the infrastructure for transactions in alternative currencies is improving,” Renaissance Capital’s Donets said. “Russia won’t be able to give up using the dollar completely though, especially for trade of oil.”

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Don’t miss this!
      ***** – 5 STARS

      Interview (17 minutes)…
      James Corbett at the Open Mind Conference in Denmark 2017

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Things are heating up…

      NEWS August 5, 2019 ZeroHedge
      Currency War Begins: Chinese Yuan Crashes Past 7 To New Record Low; Global Markets Tumble After Beijing Suspends US Agri Imports

      NEWS August 4, 2019 OilPrice.com
      (NOTE: This could be a rumor-mill. i.e. “…OilPrice.com has exclusively been told by senior sources close to the Iranian regime….”
      Russia Gains Stranglehold Over Persian Gulf

      In a potentially catastrophic escalation of tensions in the Persian Gulf, Russia plans to use Iran’s ports in Bandar-e-Bushehr and Chabahar as forward military bases for warships and nuclear submarines, guarded by hundreds of Special Forces troops under the guise of ‘military advisers’, and an airbase near Bandar-e-Bushehr as a hub for 35 Sukhoi Su-57 fighter planes OilPrice.com has exclusively been told by senior sources close to the Iranian regime. The next round of joint military exercises in the Indian Ocean and the Strait of Hormuz will mark the onset of this in-situ military expansion in Iran, as the Russian ships involved will be allowed by Iran to use the facilities in Bandar-e-Bushehr and Chabahar. Depending on the practical strength of domestic and international reaction to this, these ships and Spetsntaz will remain in place and will be expanded in numbers over the next 50 years.

      This gradual roll-out of Russian capability in a country is the Kremlin’s tried and tested operating procedure for leveraging economic and/or political support for a country into that country allowing itself to be used as, effectively, one large multi-level forward military base for Russia. Exactly the same plan was used, and remains in place, in Syria…

      …“The fact that Russia also intends to use these two ports not just for warships but for nuclear submarines as well when the waters in its more northern ports are frozen is significantly upping the Russian ante on the West in general and on the U.S. in particular,” he (analyst) concluded.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:


        August 6, 2019 – Yahoo Finance – Editor-at-large
        China could unleash this weapon on the financial markets to wallop the US

        China best keep from adding one weapon to its arsenal in its escalating trade war with President Donald Trump. Because if it doesn’t, the blowback on its own financial markets — and the globe more broadly — could be severe and painful.

        “They [China] could start selling Treasuries which is what they use to benchmark the yuan to the dollar and that would be the doomsday scenario. That would be the ultimate weaponization — that would be a weapon of mass destruction,” Javier David, an editor at Yahoo Finance, explained on Yahoo Finance’s The First Trade, moments after China rocked financial markets on Monday by devaluing its currency the yuan…

        …But most of the financial market pros Yahoo Finance has talked with on the matter say China is likely to stand pat with its Treasury holdings. For one, they argue China would have nowhere to put all the cash it raises by selling U.S. debt. And two, China is not inclined to create global market instability at a time in which it seeks to be taken more seriously by the developed world….

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Things are heating up – India & Pakistan & Kashmir

      James Corbett has had many discussions about this area of the globe.

      Reuters – August 5, 2019
      India scraps special status for Kashmir in step Pakistan calls illegal
      (Long article)
      India on Monday revoked the special status of Kashmir, the Himalayan region that has long been a flashpoint in ties with neighboring Pakistan, moving to grasp its only Muslim-majority region more tightly…
      … India said it would scrap a constitutional provision that allows the state of Jammu and Kashmir to make its own laws.

      “The entire constitution will be applicable to Jammu and Kashmir,” Interior Minister Amit Shah told parliament, as opposition lawmakers voiced loud protests against the repeal…

      …“As the party to this international dispute, Pakistan will exercise all possible options to counter the illegal steps,” its foreign ministry said in a statement.

      India and Pakistan have fought two of their three wars over Kashmir, where a nearly 30-year armed revolt has killed tens of thousands of people. Hundreds of thousands of Indian troops have been deployed to quell it….

      Factbox: Kashmir’s history – India’s revoking of special status in context

  11. Richard says:

    I noticed that the Corbett Report is getting free advertising on Breitbart:


    You have to scroll down about a quarter way.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Yea, I saw that too when I went through the “Recommended” stuff. So cool!

    • scpat says:

      Very interesting. It would be great to see some Google documents from an insider to confirm this in black and white. Nonetheless, glad to hear some confirmation of what everyone can clearly see going on with Google’s search result manipulation.

  12. Peripatêtikos says:

    It’s curious that “anti-war” has lately (last three or four decades) become a posture. From a macro-historical perspective, one might as well declare oneself “anti-night” or “anti-left sandal.” War, warfare and martial culture are facts of human life, vital and integral apects of every civilization worthy of the term, and many unworthy.

    To oppose war in general terms is virtue signalling, pure and simple, the strident declaration of which is a display of political and historical illiteracy. The declarer either finds meager solace in their own perceived virtuousness, or expresses pure cynicism for dishonest ends… or both, actually. Judge for yourself from any 100-year sampling of history. War is as normal and as inevitable as the rising and setting of the sun.

    Mind you, industrialized, super-monetized war is an unprecedented game, as is the concomitant industrialization of consent for war. This was true at Appomattox, at Versailles, and on the deck of the Missouri.

    The “Anti-War Movement” refers to the various aggregations of political activism opposed to the US war against Vietnam. It was an “Anti-That-Particular-War” thing.

    The movement was subsumed into mainstream national politics, and saw to it that its higher rhetoric preached across the aisle, against this or that war on legal or constitutional principles (e.g. Nixon’s “secret war” in Laos and Cambodia; Reagan’s “illegal wars” in El Salvador or Nicaragua). By the same leap of rational-ish faith, those floggers of high moral principles easily flipped (e.g. Carter’s and Moynihan’s deft enabling of genocidal war in East Timor; Clinton and NATO bombing Serbia, blockading and starving Iraq; Obama, Rice and Power’s contortionistic “R2P” and “Leading from Behind” canards), making war advocacy not only politically survivable, but de rigueur. Now they just can’t get enough, in line with the wishes of their real constituencies.

    How we got from there to here — forever war, whether legal, illegal, thinly justified, a “Shit Show” or a precursor to a planned global demolition — the success story of late 20th century villainy is covered well in TCR’s many installments.

    Now, and for decades, we taste the fruits of that long and villainous effort: there is neither a viable political opposition to a given war (nor a grammar, vocabulary or allowable forum for such opposition), nor any effective counter to the doomed, runaway war/finance machinery itself.

    But obviously a devastating, totalizing war is coming. This should not be seen as a controversial observation.

  13. cooly says:


    Indeed. It is not a controversial observation at all. It is the logical conclusion of the human experiment. Whether it is tomorrow or six months from now, or six years from now, that will happen. It is inevitable. That’s not a cheery thought, but it is logical.

  14. ronor says:

    This is one of the most troubling thoughts I’ve heard – because I believe it could be so true. “When, if, and as the would-be self-appointed (mis)leaders of this round of Cold War 2.0 decide, in the memorable words of Zbigniew Brzezinski, that it would be “infinitely easier to kill a million people than control a million people,” you can bet that they will have no compunction about killing a million people. Or a billion.”

  15. Jack_King says:

    Will they nuke each-other to save the world or for world dominance? If nukes exist, what would be left to save or rule?

    I saw a snippet of an interview yesterday with Prince Phillip of Windsor about what he viewed as the greatest threat to society of the world. He responded: overpopulation… his argument, and here it comes: BECAUSE FROM WHERE WE ARE , THERE IS NOTHING ELSE. let it sink in, as he is known for being rudely straight forward, politically incorrect and too honest in what he says, on many other occasions.

    What important subject, conspiracy (theory), impending doom or possible ELE, has been under-reported or not reported at all by both MSM and alternative media, that we know of?

    Is it just me that thinks the recent over-obvious fowl play in domestic politics, geopolitics, open race baiting, governments implementing special treatment transgender laws (that are purposely designed to create the opposite reaction towards this group) and other scandalelous power abuses, are so over-easily laid bare, that even people with a mental disability or little knowledge of history, can (read: are allowed to) understand? This to purposely get everyone sucked into the debate/struggle with each-other. It simply has to be a part of a series of distractions going on? Yes WWE is a good metaphor.

    Are “They” really that stupid? Or are they playing Forest Gump until something hits us like a freight train coming out of our carefully created blind spot, which “they” have been working on from the shadows, by purposely revealing, bombarding us daily, with an overabundant mix of juicy “true” and fake stories?

    They have and are allowing information to get to us for the same reason, and the purging of “truther” accounts on and by social media in intended overly clear bias is also a part of the distraction? (Truthers (shills) invited to the white house anyone?)

    Poorly executed false flags using the same crisis actors again and again, not by mistake, to create a talking point and mass focus and upset, preventing us from seeing the real impending danger.

    Keyser soze

    • cooly says:


      You bring up good observations. But I have a different take with respect to your last statement. Poorly executed false flags, reused crisis actors. These people are not geniuses, The individuals in the ruling class are there because of cunning, ruthlessness, or the luck of birth. Not intelligence per se.

      Keyser Soze did what was objective, pragmatic, and served his ends. Just as “they” do. They just keep doing what has worked in the past. No matter how obvious it is to those who are paying attention. Because the majority are not paying attention, unfortunately. So it still works.

      I share your frustration.

      • Jack_King says:


        It is some time ago since I got woke (2004) and For some years already, I can understand for a person interested in the truth, to easily give up. Yet it is changing for the worse this year in larger and increasingly bolder moves….

        I have hence decided to give this all a rest, and disconnect myself from a pro-active search of what is said is going on and what is really going on, to focuse even more on what is really important, to be happy and when opertunity presents itself and worth the effort , keep educating people, especially younger people.

        What I meant with Keyser soze, is that one must appear weak when strong and strong when weak.
        The government might be applying the art of war to deceive us and could intentionally be “dropping the ball” in order to single the truthers out, this by capturing online response to the obvious, by the truthers, registering individual personalia, then purging. The next step is allready showing its face: criminalization of conspiracy Theories….ironically, yet not surprising, blatantly not criminalizing the conspiring by the “usual suspects”. (to also increase an effect)

        I have a feeling 5G, harmful manipulation and complete control over the food chain and vaccines are prime suspect for something that we should be paying much more attention to, nstead of the russia, china and Iran WWE tag team show which we are beeing fed non-stop.

        Especially The Governments’ unusual drive for 5G implementation, everywhere (demanding 95% coverage ASAP, by all means available, giving it as little attention as possible, ignoring all concerns and demand for proper studies on the effect it could pose to both humans and enviroment, which is beeing pushed top-down with an apparent, yet unexplained great haste, enforced by laws from EU to member states and domestically by state Government to municipal governments. I know of no-one outside of the truther community, who is talking about this, also no-one is mentioning their demand for or anticipation of this seemingly vital technology.
        Apart from the attention it does receive from the scientific and health community for it’s possible negative affect on health and enviroment, the formentioned silent haste this is beeing put into place is very suspicious by itself.

  16. WinstonSmythe says:

    Can I just repeat HomeRemedySupply’s concern … it’s baaaad!

    **Things are heating up – India & Pakistan & Kashmir – Article 370 Revoked.

    Not only that … they immediately switched off mobile networks, then a few days later Landlines and access to the internet in Kashmir – its like turning off the cctv in a cell before beating up the prisoner!

    Plus the UAE (here read the US), has taken sides so this is more than internal politics?? I don’t know a lot about the politics in India so please correct me if I am wrong here. I believe when Britain’s Colonial rule handed gave India their independence part of this was to split them from Pakistan in the name of fairness? peace? (despite them living at peace for many years).

    Millions of people were displaced due to the line drawn, separating families and friends. Muslim and Hindu had lived in peace as neighbors. This separation set Muslim against Hindu,

    Had they been left a united country they would indeed be a very large player on the world stage. Britain divided them thus keeping them fighting each other.

    That said, they are two nuclear powers at great odds with each other over Kashmir!

    Perhaps instead of debating which country is going to kick off, we start watching out for each other, communicating while we still can and come up with ideas and put methods into practice that will enable us to continue getting news out to each other and around the world before we get ‘switched off’ like Kashmir?

    thanks James you keep us on our toes!


  17. seth says:

    There seems to be a continual thought process here relating to dominance. It seems to be we call out dominance as only a bad thing although it is a natural course of evolution for animals(I am certainly an animal I don’t know about the likes of the rest of you.) How can we overcome the drive to dominate? Is there anywhere in nature where you find a relationship that is not based on some sort of dominance?

  18. alexandre says:

    I searched “Shoshana” (as in Zuboff) because I was watching two videos of her talking about surveillance capitalism and I kinda knew the name. It appears only once and it’s in this article in “Recommended Listening”. It was astonishing to see her talk in Germany (link below) end with her praising Global Warmin…sorry, Climate Change, quoting Greta and all. We should stop surveillance capitalism and act on real issues, like…climate change…oh my god! Again and again we see the whole non-alternative community absolutely locked in the same place; climate change. I wonder if “Surveillance Capitalism” is one more cover or buffer for Technocracy. Revealing without revealing. “It’s all about commerce – and NOTHING ELSE”. Thus far and no further. Does Shoshana know? Should we send her emails recommending Corbett, Partick Wood and Rosa Koire? Would she listen? And if she did, would she lose her job at Harvard?

    We may never know the answers to these questions…


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