Dissent Into Madness: Escaping the Madhouse

04/17/202333 Comments

In the "Dissent Into Madness" series, we have been exploring the nexus of psychology and politics.

In Part 1 of this series, "The Weaponization of Psychology," I detailed the process by which the psychiatric profession has been turned into an instrument for repressing and marginalizing political dissidents.

In Part 2, "Crazy Conspiracy Theorists," I documented how this weaponized psychology has been wielded against conspiracy theorists, pathologizing those who seek to point out the obvious truths about world events such as 9/11 and the scamdemic.

In Part 3, "Projections of the Psychopaths," I documented the psychopathology of those in positions of political power and noted how society itself is being warped to reflect those psychopaths' own twisted psyche.

Finally, in this week's conclusion to the series, I will tackle the most important question of all: how do we escape the madhouse constructed by the political psychopaths?

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  1. zyxzevn says:

    Face Your Dark Side – Carl Jung and the Shadow – Academy of Ideas
    Academy has lots of great videos on psychology and mass psychology.
    And how people have encountered similar problems, and found some solutions.

    How to escape from a sick society


    How to be free in an Unfree world

    • EngineeredPhilosopher says:

      Face Your Dark Side – How true. We must be wary not to fall into conditioned patterns of too much finger pointing. We tend to blame others for all and everything bad real fast. But we must reject not only outer authority but inner as well, lest we forget the old wisdom of Gnothi Seauton. We are part of this, the dark is in us as well as outside.

  2. Ralf says:

    James, thank you for publishing this highly topical four-part series. It is hoped that some of the readers will have opportunities to show the sheeple among us how the individual can escape manupulation. We few who understand the system will certainly not be able to stop the Great Reset, but we can slow it down by explaining to those closest to us the backgrounds and targets in current events.

    Thank you for your work and I hope for many more essays in the future.

    P.S.: I have translated many of your essays into German. They can be found here: https://kontragram.de/?cat=758

  3. Frode says:

    A brilliant series! Thank you, James.

  4. wessel says:

    Thanks, very interesting newsletter. Last year I read the Milgram experiments were not reproducible. It’s good to learn that they were.

    If you watch a witch hunt, virtually everyone turns on the psychopathy switch. The object of the witch hunt becomes dehumanized. For example, in Europe, it is common to dehumanize Nazis. Most people can watch pictures of the Dresden bombing with children covered in burning phosphorous and say that the Nazis deserved it.

    With regards to physicians implementing corona jabs, there was also a financial reward in play, which one might call corruption instead of pathocracy. Corruption is a sign of any declining civilization. Corruption can also explain why we do not select the most able people for key administrative positions.

    Our our leaders evil? That depends on their motive. What alternatives did they evaluate? Why did they choose the Covid route? Only God can be the judge of that.

    • mkey says:

      Evil is in the action, not in the motives or intent. Evil is nothing but bad action due to broken processing of information. Or colloquially put, garbage in garbage out.

      It would be very difficult to make the case that the plandemic occured by accident. Very difficult, indeed.

      Some would probably argue that they did what they did due to fear (precipitated by ignorance, ignorance is never an excuse). Because they wanted to help people, in good faith. Pinky swear.

      If that would be the case, the litmus test would be simple: did they or did they not know that they were going to harm a lot of people in the process? To argue that they didn’t, would be even more difficult than to make a case for an accident.

      Like I said, ignorance is not and can not be used as an excuse. Not now, not in a thousand years. And I guess you know what they say about good intentions.

    • EngineeredPhilosopher says:

      We can call it pathocracy or the mob or the criminals or the banking cartel. New words for the rabble do not bring new insights into the discussion. Only action counts. We, every one of us, are at the center of action and cannot shirk responsibility. Covid (as well as 911) was invented in order to intimidate and showcase their power, a strategy of shock and awe. For me, it is a wake-up call to stand up and not let oneself get corrupted by corruption and power anymore.

  5. pamcb says:

    The eventual toppling of the pathocrats makes sense. They are not capable people. I’m concerned, however, that they have weakened our people, physically and mentally, with toxins. I know people who have experienced various levels of brain injury from exposure to mercury in their work or ammalgams in their mouth, oxygen deprivation at birth, exposure to drugs with a cesarean birth, toxins in vaccines. Their injury may not be perceptible to most, and they aren’t necessarily on the autism spectrum. However, one thing they all have in common is a lack of empathy very much like the psychopath. They really don’t understand what they lack yet do their best to blend in. I fear the intentional poisoning of our people tips the balance because so many are injured there are fewer to resist. I haven’t given up. I think understanding where we’re vulnerable can help us.

  6. ejdoyle says:

    What seems to have been forgotten is the influence of Skull&Bones, the New World Order. I addressed this issue of their power in medicine, education and more in my book The Urban Shaman back in 1995…

    This German secret society has been positioning themselves into the framework of the United States for almost two hundred years.

    In their own words:
    “The great strength of The Order is in its concealment. Let it never appear in any place in its own name, but always covered by another name and another occupation…”

    “The power of The Order must surely be turned to the advantage of its members. All must be assisted. They must be preferred to all persons otherwise of equal merit.”

    By establishing the American Historical Association, order member Andrew P. White was able to influence the constitution and direction of the AHA. This generated an “official” history source, ensuring that the existence of The Order doesn’t even get whispered about in history books, let alone in school text books.

The American Psychological Association and the American Economics Association also trace back to The Order, scripting what are legitimate behavior and beliefs and what are not, in just about every aspect of American life they can reach.

    Order members today and have been in the past:

    POTUS; cabinet members; ambassadors; heads of industry; professors of—political economics, law, mathematics, English literature, history, and philosophy; chancellors and presidents of major universities, as well as members of state boards of education; presidents of banks, and much, much, more.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    In other words, to rid our nation of psychopathic leadership is quite improbable as it is an infestation from small business owners, school officials up to the POTUS. The cult of power and control.


  7. Paul says:

    A greater significance in the Milgram Experiments has been proposed by Steve Reicher and Alex Haslam, which is that the person “obeying” the authority will only do so when they perceive the act is somehow based around a group identity. The “teacher” in the experiment will perceive their acts as being virtuous, justifying the harms they do.

    One of the key pieces of evidence they site is that the experiment had four scripted prods that the authority figure would use when the subjects were hesitant to continue. Only the final prod being (my term here) a naked order from authority that was something like “you must continue”. While the first three prods did result in fewer people continuing after each successive prod, only the final prod resulted in zero subjects continuing.

    The best interview I’ve seen with them was from Alison Morrow:
    Harming others for the greater good: the Milgram experiments

    As a side note, these researchers published a book called Together Apart, and is, in my opinion, the guidebook for the bad guys in 2020, and the results of different nations response correlates almost perfectly with what they write. For example, Biden’s “get your damn shot” is the kind of method they most heavily criticize while Australian and NZ leaders were almost perfectly in line with their direction to get the shot to protect the group.

  8. kristinec says:

    In the link provided for the Ceaușescu speech … I didn’t hear the boo that was taken up by others. I heard shouts but they couldn’t really be distinguished from the prior cheering. I saw the look on Ceaușescu’s face as described but otherwise, it was pretty disappointing footage in comparison to the description in your essay. And it was a two-part video. Did I somehow get the wrong link? Love you, James, but this part of the essay didn’t work for me. Again, maybe I didn’t get the right link …

    • Miss King says:

      Don’t feel too bad. I had the same experience. Got home & was only part 2. idk what i did wrong, but will try again. Cheers!

  9. kristinec says:

    On this topic I would recommend Stella Morabito’s book: The Weaponization of Loneliness: How Tyrants Stoke Our Fear of Isolation to Silence, Divide, and Conquer

    • cu.h.j says:

      Thank you. I will check this out. I think you make an excellent point about loneliness. People who have been in prison have reported that being in solitary confinement is difficult. Human beings are social even the most introverted people would find it hard to live completely in isolation.

      I’m sure this is well known and I wouldn’t be shocked if this was some type of experiment on the human population, not just the jab but the mental torture as well.

  10. vadoum says:

    the monk said, right action, dharma, is the path out of suffering.
    the dutch grandmother said, if it doesnt kill you it’ll make you stronger.
    the aboriginal aunty said, keep in the good manners.

    self reliance? here’s a wordsmith who had plenty to say about it, buckle up. (R.W.Emerson):


  11. TimmyTaes says:

    I’ve been off the site for a few months. I fell and broke my hip. Try and avoid that is my advice. Hospitals in the USA are little Gulags.

    Tomorrow is Tax Day in the USA. Have all you Americans filed your tax forms like good little citizens?

    We file as late as possible to hopefully clog up the system a bit. Not much else we can do against the criminal gangs in DC, Sacramento, and Santa Rosa.

    As long as the IRS and Federal Reserve exist, Americans will never be free.

  12. sgasco says:

    A non-psychopathic society is possible as demonstrated by the fascinating study of baboons by Robert Sapolsky (Stanford University). Baboons have a hierarchy that includes aggressive and violent alpha males and these males were found by Sapolsky to create stress in the whole baboon troop. In one troop that he studied, due to an accidental poisoning of the alpha males who had eaten tainted food found in a garbage dump, the troop was ultimately culturally refashioned with the absence of the most aggressive members. Game theory would predict that safer conditions would lead to greater cooperative strategies employed, and that is what happened and continued over the course of the next 20 years of researching the effects of the loss of the most aggressive members. Primate cultures are somewhat fluid entities dependent on various factors like scarcity of resources and preexisting dominance hierarchies (which sets a tone of fear or security). It is possible to have a society that values cooperation over competition–and certainly, the opposite is true as well as we are witnessing in the psychopathic corporations which have created a very aggressive and competitive society such as we now see in the USA and everywhere that end-stage capitalism is emerging. For anyone interested in Sapolsky’s research, here are a couple of links: https://greatergood.berkeley.edu/article/item/peace_among_primates

    • Duck says:

      “…It is possible to have a society that values cooperation over competition…”

      YES, but such a society depends upon an endless supply of resources….

      The Baboons in the article were basically on Welfare at the Garbage Dump (he notes how obese they had become.)

      Such a social change can not persist in times of resource shortage, which is why it is almost impossible to point to a group of humans who are non violent. In the real world there will always be times of resource shortage which is why such human groups have been purged from the record by other groups. Cut off the garbage and the baboons return to form.

      He flat out says about primate social types
      “………Patterns emerged. In less aggressive species, such as gibbons or marmosets, groups tend to live in lush rain forests where food is plentiful and life is easy. Females and males tend to be the same size, and the males lack secondary sexual markers such as long, sharp canines or garish coloring. Couples mate for life, and males help substantially with child care. In violent species, such as baboons and rhesus monkeys, the opposite conditions prevail…….”

      And the social training that lowered violence (quoted below) was in CAPTIVE populations, which were presumably not starved.

      I would doubt that monkeys that continued in such traits were as successful as the other ones in times of food shortage, which is why the norm that is returned to is violence.

      “……Working with captive primates, de Waal and Johanowicz created a mixed-sex social group of juvenile macaques, combining rhesus and stump tails together. Remarkably, instead of the rhesus macaques bullying the stump tails, over the course of a few months the rhesus males adopted the stump tails’ social style, eventually even matching the stump tails’ high rates of reconciliatory behavior…….In other words, they were not merely imitating the stump tails’ behavior; they were incorporating the concept of frequent reconciliation into their own social practices. Finally, when the newly warm-and-fuzzy rhesus macaques were returned to a larger, all-rhesus group, their new behavioral style persisted…..…”

      For humans to be good they must be trained to behave in this manner, and such behaviors are always ‘9 meals from barbarism’

      • sgasco says:

        My assumption based on the work of de Waal, Sapolsky, and others is that our human DNA evolved under conditions of scarcity and that now the tail is wagging the dog with our aggressive tendencies creating the culture that we find ourselves in. A case in point is the bonobo cooperative culture evolving under conditions of greater abundance and chimps evolving with more aggression due to greater scarcity. Humans seem to manifest a capacity or potential for both styles. I do not believe that our resources are so finite that limitations could not be overcome with cooperation–there is richness in a world if we live within our means and don’t support greed.

        • Duck says:

          “…. evolved under conditions of scarcity and that now the tail is wagging the dog with our aggressive tendencies creating the culture that we find ourselves in…..”

          That sounds reasonable if you believe in evolutionary psychology.

          “… A case in point is the bonobo cooperative culture evolving under conditions of greater abundance and chimps evolving with more aggression due to greater scarcity…..”

          No a primate expert of anything here, but while Bonobos DO commit violence (at a much lower level then regular chimps) it is my understanding that Bonobos are only able to exist because they are physically separated from regular chimps, who would have little trouble exterminating them were they neighbors.

          This suggests that a human culture totally switched to altruistic behavior

          a) Will be exterminated at the next time of shortage and resource aggression

          b)Would, even in good times, tend to be exterminated by more ethnocentric groups from outside that practiced aggression.

          This would appear probable to me since YOU DO NOT SEE pure open and altruistic cultures anywhere in the modern world or in recorded history.

          “….here is richness in a world if we live within our means and don’t support greed…..”

          That will never become the norm for the reasons given above- also the simple fact that women are attracted to men with more resources will always give an incentive to such males to accumulate excess wealth- even within a (likely impossible) closed culture that was totally safe from outside aggression .

          • sgasco says:

            I agree that those who are more aggressive, lie, and don’t play fair usually get the upper hand. It’s a lot easier to win if you cheat. However, humans are capable of wondrous love and altruism as much for acts of cruelty, selfishness, and brutality. Both sets of genes likely survive in humans because they are adaptive under particular circumstances. There absolutely have been more cooperative cultures and more aggressive cultures (e.g., the Pygmies of the Congo written about by Colin M. Turnbull and the Yanomamo Brazilian tribe written about by Napoleon Chagnon, and indigenous Native American cultures have been documented to differ on this dimension also). Likely the cooperative groups survived due to separation from aggressive ones because as game theory would predict, if the game is competitive, to cooperate dooms us to lose. However, as Sapolsky’s research indicates, if brutal leaders are eliminated, kinder cultures can emerge, at least for a time. I am in agreement and fear that we will not evolve fast enough to survive our dog-eat-dog psychopathic culture. What a shame and a waste of our glorious potential. In spite of this, I still choose to endeavor to create a better outcome because the alternative is hopelessness and despair.

            • Duck says:

              “… I still choose to endeavor to create a better outcome because the alternative is hopelessness and despair….”

              Its a good aim, probably the best anyone can do.

  13. frew says:

    Thank you! valuable food for thought

  14. joebear says:

    You say:”Pathocrats, like all psychopaths, also live in mortal fear of being exposed as pathological. Commenters on psychopathy have long pointed out that the mask of sanity—the psychopath’s ability to hide their moral defect from others—is incredibly important to them. After all, once identified, psychopaths can be effectively shunned and “eliminated” from positions of power,”.

    I just finished listening to your excellent article from 2009 about Psycohaths.
    I really had no idea exactly how extreme and deadly these people can be based on their utter lack of empathy and emotion. And I surely thank you for that information. I listened to it twice already.

    If I’ve got this wrong please correct me. But if these people have no fear of pain or no regrets about their evil works, how can “mortal fear” affect them?

    It seems to me that these people are no different than any other parasite other than that they have the ability to reason and therefore can be much better at their only reason for existing. i.e. to thrive off of other peoples efforts. (Blood if you will).
    I can not imagine any thinking person would pull a tick, flea or other blood drinking parasite off and kindly usher it on its merry way to find someone else to feast off of, or incarcerating it in a cell of some sort instead of doing the obvious and eliminating it completely from ever causing any harm to anyone. More-so because of the fact that not only does a parasite take part of ones life,(blood) which if done to a large enough degree ends in the death of that one, but the fact that it often times can infect its victim with additional maladies that could be lethal.
    As simple and elementary as it sounds, which makes it very easy to dismiss or ignore, we are involved in “the conflict of the ages” and we are either on one side or the other. Knowingly or not. Everyone is involved in this Spiritual war and there is no way to exit the game. “You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave.” But this seems to be the one subject that gets the most resistance and ridicule when someone tries to bring it up.

    “Where religion sends no challenge to the will
    as to what is good and what is ill
    And there remains but greed for some material feast
    how draw the line twix man and beast?”


  15. lotusblossom says:

    Here’s one way to hold them accountable. Trudeau used an interesting tactic called a news dump to deliver information about who spent 30k$ for 5 nights in a hotel for the Queen’s funeral because he was scared of an impending lawsuit:


    I’m sure you’ll guess who before even watching it!

  16. hpete says:

    I have re-read these important articles several times. I wholeheartedly agree with James’ sentiment, insights & references! I know this is a most complex issue, so I am not criticizing. But I am somewhat bemused by the rather open-ended ending – “can’t we wield our understanding of human nature for something good? And isn’t that what healthy, non-psychopathic individuals forming a healthy, non-psychopathic society would spend their time and resources doing?”

    This leaves a lot of important issues unanswered, like do we agree on our understanding of human nature, psychology, mental health, models of society, politics, and other crucial issues mentioned throughout the series. And other issues like envisioning a compassionate society, with love & empathy, nature of evil, etc.

    The Romanian revolution of 1989 must be seen in the rich context of all the other “Fall of Communism” revolutions. (Today we know more about who was really instigating them and directing them, and for what purpose…) The most important was the Polish Solidarity movement, which was, BTW, strongly supported by the Catholic Church and pope John Paul II. All the other 1989 revolutions were also significant, Hungary, East Germany, etc. The whole world was shocked by the execution of the Ceaușescu tyrants, although those who knew about the cruelty of the regime, especially against Christians, were not surprised by the cruel punishment. Still, one should hope for a more peaceful outcome, like the Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia – the archbishop of Prague was very grateful and thanked Václav Havel, and the Czechoslovak people, that there was no bloodshed and bloody reprisals!


    I have suggested several times in my previous posts that one of the best analysis and the best insights can be found in the works of G. K. Chesterton. I sincerely believe that we can only find a viable solution if we seriously consider what G. K. Chesterton and his friend Hilaire Belloc had to say about servitude and tyranny!

    (Works of historian and sociologist Christopher Dawson are also important, here is a very basic intro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Btd5RiqpFks )

    A few Chesterton “tyranny” links:


    “Nobody sees the largest danger of our age: it is too simple. It is simply that the rich are slowly enslaving the poor, partly by industrial despotism, partly by scientific benevolence, partly by State officialism.”


    Continued with another post…

  17. hpete says:

    There is a crucial historical link between the German and English “culture” of Malthusianism, Darwinism and the British eugenics intersecting and merging with the barbaric “culture” of “Prussianism”, which resulted in Nazi “fascism”, and now in our current “Fourth Reich” global tyranny. It is precisely this “Prussian” barbarism, with its Nazi/Prussian scientific dimension, which is behind the modern Davos-Washington-London depopulation & transhumanist “culture”.

    (This important dimension is completely missing in otherwise historically insightful books of Matthew Ehret & Cynthia Chung, and in a good new Deace&Horowitz book “Rise of the Fourth Reich: Confronting COVID Fascism with a New Nuremberg Trial”.)

    A lot more about these barbaric Prussian origins ought to be said, but here is a little bit:


    C.S. Lewis’ “tyranny” books are also important:


    ( Lewis admired and learned from Chesterton. “C.S. Lewis was an atheist until he read Chesterton’s book, The Everlasting Man”— https://www.chesterton.org/lecture-44/ )

    A really important issue is that the modern tyrants/psychopaths invoke science and rely on scientism and plain fake statistical lies. Chesterton, as a journalist who was not afraid to attack bad&corrupt journalism, was the first such intellectual to also attack scientism and pseudo-science, also in education, physics and psychology. He was the first such opponent of the dystopian pseudo-science-fiction of H. G. Wells and Fabian G.B. Shaw!

    It is imperative that we attack this modern fascist/Prussian “science-scientism-transhumanism” with all our intellectual might! Ridiculing & discrediting their ‘science’ may be the best way to topple their tyranny! (Or at least one leg of the throne/stool on which they sit.)




  18. lotusblossom says:

    As Corbett already mentioned in prior videos, not everyone learns the same way. For those who can’t wrap their heads around this description of what psychopathy, aka anti-social behavior, looks like in real life, here is a video from GooTube that explains it very well:


    The influencers who own this channel are made up of one family therapist and one movie director. They make videos on a wide range of either healthy or ill states of psychological being. As some of you may have already heard, a good therapist never diagnoses a person they’ve never known well enough, in person, either as a patient or through frequent contacts. So, what else can a therapist use to demonstrate various types of mental health (or lack of)? Movies, books and TV shows that have great character development offers the possibility to dive into how and why people act a certain way. In this specific video, they analyze Jack Sparrow and explain, in layman’s terms, how to spot his traits in those you encounter in your own surroundings.

    I find this useful. There is also Dr. Ramani Durvasula who sometimes uses TV shows to analyze the characters. I don’t watch TV, so I rarely watch her videos on the shows she covers. I have yet to find one who analyzes books. If anyone here knows of one, please let me know!

  19. source says:

    A Revelation which came as a Glad Effect of working together with all of you on behalf of That which is Only Good:
 No Human Being is under any obligation to return to the past (that is, the remembering of any “known”, “knowing”, or “knowledge”). The Eternal manifests as a State of Grace, wherein which all are Made Happy through, and by virtue of, their own cherished symbols; purified and returned to the Giver as a Benevolent Context to Awaken. The Future (or the post-war Present extending forever) is Open, and it IS Divine. 
The one and only “original sin” or mistake is the IDENTIFICATION with (including acceptance of and adjusting to) a limited and limiting medium of expression (namely, the material or conditional realm), that’s exactly why the Reality (prior to the “original” sin or mistake) Given State of Grace is the answer. The state of Grace functions like a wormhole, or escape from time, because It neither accepts nor re-asserts the original mistaken identification. The Space is left vacant, and is thus and thereby “filled in” by That Which Is Unchanged and Unchangeable.

  20. 2-D Chess Dweller says:

    Damn you James, always making me think!

    But, seriously, I think this is one of the most important and powerful subscriber newsletter articles you have ever written. So, I had to promote it, and describe it as “Peak Solutions”:

    1, 2, reality; Constructing the psychopaths to the sidelines

    Thank you, James, for such an elegantly constructed and inspiring piece of writing.

    Peace be with you all,


    • 2-D Chess Dweller says:

      With a little joy, I can report that 16 hours after publishing my promotion of the subscriber newsletter, 27 people have clicked on the link to the the newsletter’s publication at JC’s substack page.

      Encouraging independent minds, one step at a time,


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