Deep State Technology is Decades Ahead of Commercial Technology

06/12/201910 Comments

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It's a truism of conspiracy research: Whatever technology is available to the public is decades behind what is available to the deep state. As researchers well know, there are many specific examples of this from the annals of tech history. This is one such example.

Atlas, The Next Generation


Zuckerberg Deep Fake

Don't Believe Your Lying Eyes

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  1. Nivek S says:

    So was the deepfake zuckerbot secretly telling us that data is the new oil?😉 Simple and outstanding!

  2. zyxzevn says:

    While the research might be ahead in some cases, it is a
    bureaucratic and communistic development system.

    Commercial development is far more efficient.

    But let’s look at the military technology that is far
    beyond our commercial capabilities.

    Drones, mach-10 vehicles,
    Aurora (very fast pulse-motor)

    Radar-blocking, radar-signature spoofing,
    navigation-spoofing, control of autopilot, control of car,
    active camouflage

    Code-breakers, back-doors, hacker-tools, root-kits,
    IP-spoofing, planting files/spy-programs.

    Nerve-agents, bioweapons,
    clones, hybrids, (probably “just for testing”),
    epi-genetic phermones to control moods and/or health,
    neural programming / training
    I suspect most psychopaths will be working in this branch.

    The problems with these technologies is that they cost
    too much, or we are not allowed to research them.

    What they do NOT have:
    1. General AI
    2. Foo-fighters or similar technology
    3. Mind-control devices (but maybe mind weakening devices).
    4. Moon base/ mars base.
    5. Time-machine
    6. A capable leadership (many are fraudulent bureaucrats)

  3. Thomas says:

    What humanity needs to understand most urgently regarding highly advanced deep-state technology is AI driven electromagnetic weapons of mind control. This represents the most significant threat to humanity that is already almost at the point of being impossible to stop.

    People need to become familiar with the 21st century organized stalking phenomenon that evolved from MkUltra and CoIntelPro in the 50s,60s,70s & 80s. Those currently subjected to 21st century mind control are the beta test subjects of AI driven electromagnetic mind control weapons. Read the Medium site article on the recent April 2019 global protests to expose AI driven mind control weapons and organized stalking:

  4. Fantasy of Nothing says:

    I’m working on an MS in AI. I think you are underestimating how far AI will go in the coming decades. Shakey the robot is nothing like Boston Dynamics robots. They are performing fundamentally different tasks. It takes a huge amount of creativity, labor, trial and error to develop new AI algorithms. I highly doubt the deep state has anything resembling AGI that will be publicly available in the next few decades. If they do, we’re probably already fucked anyways. What they probably do develop ahead of time are particular applications of publicly developed technology.
    This is a perfect example of what could easily, terrifyingly already exist behind the scenes:

    • Thomas says:

      Why are you working in AI when you know the danger it poses? The people of the world need you working on the outside to expose this total insanity…

      It seems to me those of us who are genuinely in the truth movement need to start talking about a “total loss of confidence” in government, and an underlying state-of-emergency that requires all genuine truth movement factions to massively downsize their lives and live outside the system as much as possible, to then work full-time or at least a significant amount of time consistently towards exposing the system and building viable alternatives within it.

  5. grahamaskey says:

    This test of trying to differentiate between real photos and computer generated faces gives a good idea of how convincing available technology already is. When you’re actively looking for the fakes you’ll probably spot most of them but they’d fool most people at first glance.

  6. Oscar says:

    That the Deep State technology is decades ahead of commercial technology, reminds me of the term “Breakaway civilization”, in which the deep secretive black budget world has become a civilization on its own with its own exotic technology and a lot more. I recommend looking up this term on the internet but I don’t know what to believe when I look at the results. But, to say the very least, it definitely caught my attention when I encountered it.

    Apart from whether or not the “Breakaway civilization” as it is defined is real, I certainly do believe what James is laying out regarding the Deep State technology.

  7. mik says:

    In some instances they might be decades in front, but in general…no, I don’t think so. They certainly would like that we perceive them as very powerful, omnipotent.

    For example, Corona first spy satellite program didn’t have some special unknown technology. Majority was just refined old technology.

    Advances in robotics were possible with development of small sensors of all sorts that are produced for smartphones. Swarms of small drones presented in video proposed by Fantasy of Nothing (above) would be nearly impossible without lots of small and cheap sensors.

    Definitely they don’t have mind reading technology. Whatever I’ve read/seen about this is in the range from shell-game to it might be possible to some extent but certainly not for general mind reading.

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