DEA Agents Caught in Drug Money Prostitute Scandal...Guess What Happens?

05/07/20153 Comments

Thought experiment time, gang! Imagine that a bunch of DEA agents are caught in a scandal accepting prostitutes from drug cartels in Colombia. What do you think would result from this? Made your prediction yet? Good! Now let's see what actually happened...

DEA agents had 'sex parties' with prostitutes, watchdog says

China [Opium] Trade and the East India Company

Skull and Bones...and opium

Russell Trust Association

The Politics of Heroin

Alfred McCoy on CIA complicity in the international drug trade

Drugs, Law Enforcement and Foreign Policy

A Crack in the Story

How Crack Funded a CIA War: Gary Webb Interview on the Contras and Ronald Reagan (1996)

The CIA and Crack: Evidence Is Lacking Of Alleged Plot

CIA Public Affairs and the Drug Conspiracy Sites

CIA-Contra-Crack Cocaine Controversy - DOJ/OIG Report (1997)

Statement of CIA Inspector General to The House Committee On Intelligence - March 16, 1998

Cocaine plane trail is open challenge for Obama administration

Exciting Investment Opportunity in Afghanistan! Record Returns Expected!

The DEA sex party scandal just got worse

Anger Over Reports of D.E.A. Agents’ Parties, and Bewilderment at Mild Penalties

DEA chief to resign in wake of agency's Colombian sex scandal

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  1. headsails says:

    Great work Mr. James! You are much appreciated. I know this work can be daunting at times.

  2. Knarf says:

    Eric Holder issued a stern memo, so it’s all fixed now.

    Move along now, nothing to see here…

  3. BuddhaForce says:

    Florida cops laundered millions for drug cartels

    This one is a doozey. DHS and DEA is involved in the deals, although they claimed they had no idea what was really going on. Yet both the DoJ and the FBI never did an audit…gee, I wonder why?

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