DANGER: Nullify NSA Gaining Ground (Racism! Slavery!)

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by James Corbett
January 14, 2014

Here at The Eyeopener we always have an eye out for potential dangers on the road ahead. With that in mind, Democratic party spokesman Rachel Maddow has identified one of the greatest potential dangers to the stability of the US homeland: nullification. Helpfully, Maddow has also identified the roots of this evil nullification idea in the civil war.

That's right. Slavery. Neo-confederates. Bloodshed...Did we mention slavery? Oh, and racism. That's what nullification is all about.

Oh, sure, there are those like Michael Maharrey of the Tenth Amendment Center who will argue that this portrayal of nullification as a pro-slavery movement actually gets the history of the idea precisely 180 degrees opposite to the truth, but you shouldn't listen to him, because he's a Tenther. Don't know what a Tenther is? Whatever you do, don't look up their ideas at TenthAmendmentCenter.com. Like truther, birther, prepper or any of these other scary β€œer” words it must refer to some kooky philosophy that you don't have to bother investigating. Just remember, Tenther equals slavery.

One of the most prominent of these neo-confederate Tenther agitators is Tom Woods, a Harvard and Columbia educated New York Times bestselling extremist who has written an entire book on the subject, which you definitely SHOULD NOT purchase from TomWoods.com. Thankfully, one of our top reporters managed to sit down with him for a hard-hitting interview to expose his crank ideas for the wild lunacy that they are.

And yet, despite having his ideas so thoroughly discredited by our reporter's hard-hitting questions, people like Woods and Maharrey and others continue to discuss ways that this idea can be used to undermine the peaceful actions of the loving federal government. (see this and this and this and this

Is nothing sacred anymore? Do these people not realize that federal laws like the Patriot Act and Obamacare and the NDAA are passed by our wise and benevolent overlords only after thoughtful and careful deliberation?

Even worse, the idea is now in the hands of those silly conspiracy theorists that believe that the NSA is actually breaking the law by spying on all of their communications. As we know, this crazy theory has been thoroughly debunked by federal officials themselves, but that's not enough to satisfy these rabid defenders of the Fourth Amendment. (Fourthers?) Now, they've started their own campaign at OffNow.org to Nullify the NSA by turning off the taps, literally, on the agency and its resources.

Amazingly, this idea actually seems to be catching on. As Michael Maharrey told James Corbett of the insane conspiracy theory website corbettreport.com yesterday, the campaign is already bearing fruit in various state legislatures and striking a chord with the public.

As worrying as this development is for the federal government, though, the bigger danger is that this is the thin edge of the wedge of a movement that is gaining ground. What's next after this, police agencies refusing federal funds to provide their law enforcement officials with tanks and riot gear and sound cannons? County sheriffs refusing the TSA permission to grope and humiliate passengers in their airports? Individuals rejecting imaginary obligations to pay the federal government the blood money needed to keep the military-industrial complex running? I think we know where all of this is heading: a neo-confederate reinstitution of slavery itself in the USA!

Did we mention racism and slavery?

So, dear viewer, consider yourself warned. There is a nullification movement taking shape that is seeking to undermine the authority of the federal government to continue transforming the country into a tyrannical police state. And do you really want that to happen? If so, then the previous spokesman for the federal government has a warning for you.

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