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09/01/202066 Comments

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Have you played Corona World yet? It's the hot new online game from German public broadcasters ARD and ZDF where you play a nurse who has to go shopping while being assaulted by joggers, party people, preppers and highly contagious children. So what do you do? You stomp them to death, of course! Fun for all ages!


Corona World: The game for the crisis.
The Killer Game


What is Funk?

World Rising Up Against the Lockdowns - #NewWorldNextWeek



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  1. Lynny says:

    James, I’m with you on this ! Absolute insanity ! Thank you for all your doing to continually educate me on this Covid nonsense . I wonder how many people will accept this ?

    • calibrator says:

      Adults in Germany? My rough guess (as a German) would be:

      10% of all adults are truly woke and don’t believe anything anymore. They now get harassed by the government and mainstream media as neonazis, conspiracy theorists, anti-semites, “Reichsbürger” etc.
      You can confirm this by reading the reactions of prominent voices regarding the Berlin demo – and yes, ESPECIALLY from the “left” spectrum.

      20% have (massive) doubts but basically continue to “function” in society for some reason or the other. Whether its fear of losing acceptance (family/friends/society) or their income/pension.
      This is understandable: German people are indoctrinated since 1945 that they are generally evil people who will try to mass murder every person on Earth sooner or later. This includes members of the police forces.
      And no: I don’t exaggerate. Young kids are being indoctrinated about Nazi Germany and the Holocaust and adults are getting told to be nice to migrants and pay their bills because our grandparents gassed the Jews.

      70% are totally buying the Covid propaganda.

      They readily believe the “thousands of deaths” in March to May were caused ONLY/DIRECTLY by Covid.
      They also believe that we have massive increases of infections now (thanks to the increased testing), even though vast majority of infected people have zero symptoms (or are false positives…).

      While they may claim “the government is lying about xyz!” (xyz for example being the unemployment statistics) they generally believe that Covid is the meanest pandemic that has ever been in the world.
      Because the media has told them.
      And politicians don’t lie about something really really important.

      And they will verbally, angrily attack you for not wearing a mask.
      And many will denunciate you if you don’t comply.

      And lots of Germans – as has been described in this forum – work for the Verfassungsschutz (basically a secret intelligence agency) as agent provocateur or “V-Person” (Vertrauensperson = trustworthy person = somebody who works with the secret agency against society, like neonazis or even killers). Many former East Germans worked for the Stasi to get some advantages (or simply to be able to denigrate somebody) but in West Germany a similar system existed right from the start (albeit much smaller in scope).

      We are simply too stupid and lap up everything the powerful throw at us. Like for example:
      – “climate change” – which Germany is especially guilty of because we had a thriving steel industy dozens of years ago…
      – “9/11” which was CLEARLY the doing of Osama and the 40 thieves (ARD/ZDF and other public stations never deviate from this doctrine and are regularly broadcasting “documentaries” about “conspiracy theories” like this)
      – the “NSU” terrorists who allegedly killed about 10 people in the early 2000s and then killed themselves
      – the “Oktoberfest Attentat” from 1980 where a neonazi bombed all those people to their deaths, including himself (allegedly because of his incompetence).
      etc. etc.

      Of course you will get the exact same behaviour in other countries, too, and I’m not accusing anyone specifically, but Germany – as a non-sovereign country and NATO-protectorate – is hopelessly lost.

      [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

  2. urthp says:

    I am unsure where emotional outrage found a live neural circuit in the brain of Corbett. Please detach. Ultrafine surrealist satire from these German artists. The toilet paper signals the artists intent clearly enough, I would say. Video games are generally always violent unfortunately.

    • calibrator says:

      I disagree.

      Brower Ballett aren’t artists. They spew propaganda.

      They aren’t stupid and fully know what they are doing (similar to other state-owned comedians in Germany like for example Jan Böhmermann or the other clowns that populate ARD/ZDF).

      Read up on them, please.

    • Fact Checker says:

      “The toilet paper signals the artists intent clearly enough, I would say.”

      As does the introduction of “HIGHLY-INFECTIOUS LITTLE CHILDREN!” as a menacing enemy.
      Plus the “true-believers” in the windows that are clearly designed to evoke mindless clapping monkeys.
      If not for the tie-in with the public broadcasting concern, it could easily be interpreted as a satirical send-up of the Covidiocracy-1984 mentality.
      One might almost think it was designed as agitprop by dissidents, but then somehow got appropriated and repurposed by mainstream Narrative-purveyors who take their audience to be so-literal minded as not to get the joke…and they’re probably right! (Even James, perhaps, has missed the joke…being too colored by its superficial content and source.)

      In any event, it’s deliberately tasteless and nakedly cynical…lurid while politically-charged. I think its propagandistic intent is, as we say in Show Business, “overdetermined,” meaning it is a product of so many multivariate inputs, largely at cross-purposes, that it is too internally-conflicted to have any unified artistic or political intent. Like much “Pop Art,” I should add.

      • upuaut says:

        I had the same feeling, that this was a satiric work, because of those clapping monkeys… It can’t be serious. It’s too right-in-your-face.

  3. james.w says:

    Anger is painful and self-defeating for the angry person since it impairs their ability to think since it causes the blood to leave the frontal lobes and go to the brain stem, the fight, flight, and follow the leader part which just accepts whatever their “trusted” sources spout which is usually some form of propaganda. Anger drugs are released whenever one thinks that something is absolutely horrible and “must” be stopped or eternal suffering and all life, as-we-know-it, will cease, horribly. If instead one disputes this obviously over-the-top catastrophization and replaces it with something like, “This is bad, perhaps very bad. But life will go on and still be hugely better than 10,000 years ago, even 1000 years ago, even 100 years ago. My life will go on, pretty well, regardless of whatever, though I will not like parts of it, at all.” Then you can ask a rational question: “Can I really do anything, practical, about it?” If no, then move on to the really important things in your life that you can change. Balance those acts with enjoying what of your life that you can. You can rationally prove to yourself you did the right thing. Certainly don’t die, destroy, or significantly impair, financially or physically, your life. That hurts the world with no significant improvement for anyone.
    If you can do something practical, significant about something important to you, now your brain can function efficiently, finding, planning what to do without being hamstrung, distracted by wild exaggerations about what is happening.
    Anger is seductive because of the unbridled feelings of power it brings – its false clarity tricks one into missing real complexity of problems.
    This is all from Dr Albert Ellis, creator of Cognitive Psychotherapy, who first added behaviorism and then unconditional acceptance of self, others and life.
    Unfortunately, REBT is not a miracle revelation. Despite knowing the secret, (It is out thoughts and judgments about things that make us angry, not the thing or action itself), most will still get angry on occasion. But you can always, greatly attenuate the secondary pain from the recriminations and demonizations that follow the event/thought. Work, reforming and retraining one’s exaggerated, automatic thoughts and judgments about life and what happens. “Practice is everything”- Periander (not, “makes perfect”, an impractical, self-defeating goal, distorting Periander’s wisdom).
    My version of the quote started by Epictetus, one of Dr Ellis’ primary references for his psychotherapy:
    May I have the strength to change the important things that I can change; may I have the patience to endure the important things that I cannot change, as well as all those “terribly” irritating unimportant ones; and the wisdom to enjoy the difference.”

    • debra.b says:

      Interesting, James.w. Thanks for sharing!

    • Fact Checker says:

      This is bad, perhaps very bad.

      Yep, you got that right.

      But life will go on”

      Not necessarily.

      and still be hugely better than 10,000 years ago,

      Possibly, but unlikely for anyone who is going to get imprisoned, mutated with experimental vaccines, enslaved, and murdered. Cuz that’s what we’re in the middle of now. And by “we” I mean EVERYONE (other than the .001%). Never before has almost all of humanity been so equally and totally oppressed. Some were, others lived in peace. Now, we’re all being ground under the heel of ultimate tyranny.

      even 1000 years ago,


      even 100 years ago.

      Absolutely no way in Hell.

      My life will go on,

      Not necessarily.
      And if it does, it sure won’t be:

      pretty well

      though I will not like parts of it, at all.

      That’s a safe bet. The unceasing torture, immiseration and deprivation are gonna suck real bad…until the very moment you come to ‘love Big Brother.’

      Then you can ask a rational question: “Can I really do anything, practical, about it?” If no, then move on to the really important things in your life that you can change.

      Unfortunately the current totalitarian nightmare is so all-encompassing, it is designed to stand right in between you and every important thing in your life. To do the important things, the current regime forces you to accept, adopt and adapt to all-pervasive micromanaging control. Try going to fucking college right now, for instance. The forced flu vaccines have already begun, and the mRNA kill-shot is coming! Right! Atcha!
      (But other than that, everything’s copacetic, amiright?)

  4. info_corbettreport says:

    Change children, preppers, etc to blacks and jews and see what separates hate speech from satire.

  5. e.c.r. says:

    I live in Germany and the case of ARD and ZDF is particurlarly annoying. They say they believe they are the “objective” media because they are financed by compulsory fees and not by private corporations. You can feel their arrogance in their op-eds. The reality is their propaganda is more insidous than in private media. To make matters worse they have a budget of billions of euros a year and they have soooo many local tv stations and radio stations. Each region has its numerous own public tv and radio stations and there are 16 regions. The worst thing is despite soo many channels and radios most people do not watch their garbage. I think German people should demand an end for the German public media frankenstein and save the money it is worth for German beer, chocolate or something which will really make you happy.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      German Beer and chocolate sound good to me!
      That alone is worth a march in Berlin.

    • mkey says:

      The worst thing is despite soo many channels and radios most people do not watch their garbage.

      I disagree. If this is indeed the case, than that’s the best thing about it. Besides, how difficult is it to resist these payments? At first I was quite irked about stopping paying the “license fee” (license to be an idiot, basically, as if being one was illegal), but it’s been several years now and I like the fact that saving on that move financed about a half of my new PC.

      It took a good while for me to work up the determination to actually do that (breaking out of the learned helplessness is indeed a laborious task) but now I feel so determined about the justness of this cause, that I’m ready to go to jail to continue resisting to pay their “fees”.

      Determination needs training 😀

  6. Octium says:

    A few of comments..

    I’m a bit surprised that this game angered your more than some of the other propaganda, as we have seen this kind of thing before…

    For example the 1010 climate advert advocated the killing of children and dissenters.


    I guess the climate eugenicists have had to turn to writing games while they are locked inside wearing their babies nappies on their face. I have to praise them for their attempt at recycling though. But maybe next time they should wash the nappies first!

    Also the idea that killing children was unimaginable in Germany until recently is not true, Germany has been quite happy killing children in the past, especially if they can pin the blame on an Austrian later.

    Finally, If people get the idea that they can just go around killing preppers then they had better book a prepaid funeral for themselves.

    • debra.b says:

      Geez! I’d not seen that. I had to stop watching. Horrific. But, shouldn’t be surprised. Even though, somehow I’m still taken aback.

  7. Nusuth says:

    Public radio gets worse by the day. Some good pieces recently near me “Don’t want corona vax? how about polio vax, cause why not?(https://www.wypr.org/post/could-polio-vaccine-corral-covid-19)” or “Talking head at the Atlantic says:mask up and shut up”. Remember vaccines are safe AND effective, you have to say it 1000 times a day or the magic spell doesn’t work.

  8. flammable says:

    The word Corona annoys the hell out of me. Amazing that coronavirus wasn’t bombarding the media during the SARS epidemic. I know they are using the fact that most people don’t know any viruses at all except influenza and HIV. It is one of the most common, abundant family of viruses in the human body that will always be there.
    Now I know people will argue with me that they are referring to the specific one going around. I mean you can actually be specific and say Sars-Cov2. But syndrome does not convey the sense that everyone can get infected and die. It is also strange that a virus has syndrome in its name. My god If you knew what coronaviruses were years before the crisis and you are hearing everyone saying it now you would be confused as well. And I keep hearing you hear that this disease is not the flu because people have lung damage or heart damage. Well the flu deaths are the same. For many years people who died of pulmonary embolism or heart disease may be listed as a flu death if they showed flu-like symptoms. Sorry I am rambling nonstop but I hate hearing corona. It’s like they choose the most broad generalize name for whatever they say are major issues like climate change for example.

  9. Chapati says:

    Just to point out;
    During that sequence where JC is playing that Game there are messages on the houses of those clapping citizens stating (english translation)
    “5G causes Corona”
    “Healthy without a Vaccine”
    “Away with the 5G masts!”
    Maybe some subliminal messages by ARD and ZDF insiders who don`t agree.

    Here my previous comment on my personal experience of the swiss rally and how MSM is framing it

    • el Gallinazo says:

      Would other German speakers verify this with details. Unfortunately the only German speaker I know now is named “Karen.” (Really)

      • Foxlady says:

        Yes, as a native german citizen i can confirm everything James Corbett is reporting here. And it scares me to death!!

      • Chapati says:

        Here are the messages on the facades so you can check it out too. If you need a translation i can recommend deepL.com

        at the minute;

        2:54 “5G Macht Corona”

        3:00 “Gesund Ohne Impfung”

        3:53 “Weg mit den 5G Masten!”

        About these being subliminal messages by insiders is merely my own hypothesis to why these messages would be placed in this highly absurd game.

        • madzz says:

          I find it hard to fathom that insiders would put subliminal freedom messages within the game. I feel like it’s more to do with pushing certain narratives within the alt media community…. I’m sure they know some of us will analyse the game.

    • MagicBullet says:

      I was thinking exactly the same as you Chapati. The game is so ludicrous that I thought that the game makers wanted to say to the world, “look what shit the National TV wants us to make, ok, we’ll make it so disgusting that it will backfire on them, it will be popular and the normies will also get the point”.

      If this is right, then James Corbett should feel good about this anti-official story propaganda message and not angry.

      • Steve Smith says:

        “ The game is so ludicrous”

        Are you suggesting that because the game is ludicrous and that someone would have to be a mind-numbed moron to like, agree with and play it?
        Are you thinking that because some of the graffiti on the buildings in the game are slogans from people who aren’t mind-numbed morons that the developers are covertly attempting to drop truth bomb on unsuspecting, uninformed players?

        Umm. Consider who the target audience is for a moment. Is it really reasonable to expect that target audience to find the game ludicrous? Or to think anything about the graffiti messages other than to agree with the contention that those ideas are crazy. Hell, they love the push for 5G. Makes the games work better and the movies to download quicker.

        I really doubt that there was any intention to wake people up by the developers or the people who are offering this insidious “game”.

    • Fact Checker says:

      Good catch. There’s also “DANKE MERKEL” (Thanks, [Angela] Merkel!”) spraypainted on the walls, which I very much take to be included sarcastically.

      Further evidence that the intent of the designers is at odds with the intent of the promoters.

  10. el Gallinazo says:

    I do have a “subscription” to the Corbett Report via gootube though I generally do it direct. This morning, being insufficiently coffeed up, I clicked on the gootube icon of CR on my subscription page. It looked like a typical CR logo and is definitely labeled Corbett Report. However, when I opened it to view the video, the originator was labeled COVID-19 as the originator under which was
    “Get the latest information from the WHO about coronavirus” with a boxed link to the right going to the WHO web site. Under that in smaller type is a linked line starting with the Google “G” reading “Get more resources on Google” which led to the standard bullshit.

    What is interesting is that gootube now is willing to implant its counter propaganda directly under a Corbett video. I am sure that they would say it’s their site and they can do what ever they want. I now will only open CR videos direct to the CR site except to keep my eye on these miscreants.

  11. Foxlady says:

    I have to say, my own sister, who is a nurse in Berlin, just told me: This demo was bad because they are walking along with far right winged people! This is, what now sticks in the heads of the majority in germany because of the press reporting only the incident on the Reichstag, where there have been performed a show for the media by special prepared agents provokateurs. Imagine, only 3 policemen defended the Reichstag on that day! It can not be more ridiculous! We are in a full blown errection of a totalitarian state and the majority of the people chooses, not to inform themselves and instead go along with the public narrative. Exactly this is the reason why the nazi-regime could have happened: Because of the silent complicity of the people! I am very much scared of this! We need to unite globally against this.

    • calibrator says:

      > We need to unite globally against this.


      • eat my cake says:

        yes, “how” not “who” is the question. so how how? do you do? (thats Bharati humor), but to be sure, The answer to How is to decide.

        Decide what it is that you really like. but decide.

        In this case, one must decide where and when one interferes with the actions and intents of others. A meditation teacher (Jack Cornfield) suggested there was but one condition that, if met, would he then allow himself to interfere: when someone was keeping another from thriving (this can also include self-harming). Ive done my best to follow that tenant since I heard it (2002), and I’ve yet to go wrong with it.

        as many have pointed out, its the wretched spineless indifference that is the spiritual scourge of our fattened lives. This is moderately propped up with relativistic non-committal logic which can be shredded if only one can feel and think at the same time, while following the above rule. complacent complicity, just “wait and see”, is more of a zombie thing, its laziness with a pretense patina of patience.

        still, I dont have much hope for global unity, with the exception for the fact that no matter how many styles and much novelty, perhaps our inside question is one and the same:How to Decide what it is that one really likes?.. perhaps if we could get back to indigenous kinds of law, where very long term decisions were made, yet at the core was and is the maintaining of the strength of creations song, it was the collective’s daily job. that may be a step towards how, or at least being on the same page, it did keep cultures going many moons.

        • mkey says:

          Very well put. Mark Passio has a lot to say (actually scream) on the topic. Maybe if we hacked some TV stations and put his Natural law presentation on an infinite loop for several months? That’s certainly a how.

          Now, I’d like some of that cake.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Interesting note about the news there.
      In the U.S, I was surprised, because there really was not much news about the Berlin demonstration.
      However, like you pointed out, there were some headlines about the Reichstag scenario, portraying the entire demonstration in that light.

    • Frisian says:

      Can you tell me more about the black-white-red flag of the Deutsches Reich?
      Media in the Netherlands connect this with patriots, far right or even nazi’s.
      I even saw a flag of Prussia.
      I can imagine that a lot of people who don’t know a lot about this would think all the protesters are right wing pro Trump whatever-framing.

      • paul6 says:

        The latter is the intended effect of a PR campaign against the demonstration in particular and the freedom movement against the “anti Corona measures” in general, and against all “conspiracy theorists” even more in general.

        Regarding the flag:

        Black red gold are the historic colours of the democratic movement in Germany and the colours of the flag of the republic.
        Black white red are the colours of the Kaiserreich (the old monarchy).

        Anything black white red or using old Prussian eagle as a symbol is seen as connected to right-wing anti-democratic views or even Neonazism. Background: Since Nazi-symbols are banned in Germany, Neonazis used to use the Reichskriegsflagge (military flag of the Kaiserreich) which contains the colours black white and red and the Prussian eagle.

        How this fact is used:

        The presstitutes and the whole propaganda system use the colours black white red in the following way to discredit and suppress political opponents:

        Nazism is considered the worst of the worst in Germany. Therefore it is a very effective propaganda technique to portrait your opponent or certain unwanted ideas to be close to Nazism or far right attitudes.

        In the case of the freedom movement against the so called “anti Corona measures” the political establishment got surprised by the big and colourful demonstration on August 1, 2020.

        Therefore they prepared in order to more effectively suppress the movement.

        In a very successful PR campaign they blocked the main demonstration in the centre and focused media attention to known or staged events with persons carrying such flags or symbols.

        Related to this one has to consider the fact that right wing organisations in Germany are heavily infiltrated by the internal secret services that are supposed to “protect the constitution” (Verfassungsschutz). Every Land (state) has such a secret service. The NPD – are pretty hardcore rightwing almost Nazi-party – did not get banned by the Constitutional Court (Verfassungsgericht) despite the government and the parliament trying to ban it, because too many high ranking members of the NPD were actually agents or assets of the secret services. So you know how easy the staging of such an event is or at least the government would know about these events in advance.

        So nothing easier than to produce pictures of actions with the black white red flag: Have agents present such a flag whereever a camera is present. Stage an event at the Parliament and one at the Russian embassy and have the media ignore all aspects of the demonstration that might raise positive sentiments and focus everything on those events.

        Ignore prominent speakers, ignore the won court battle, ignore the arguments, ignore the organisers, ignore the colourful and peaceful participants, ignore all that.

        And then mercilessly hammer-in the message: Nazi, right-wing, Black-white-red flag, Reichsbürger (people who don’t accept the republic), an attack on our parliament, anti-democratic, an attack on democracy, Nazi, right-wing, Nazi, Nazi, right-wing, right-wing, Nazi.

        [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

        • Frisian says:

          Okay, thanks for clearing that out. Btw, I was not watching de demo on the government tv (NOS) but on a livestream on a YouTube channel.
          The streamer sat next to a man with a eagleflag and asked him what is stood voor, but he didn’t knew what Prussia was and it was hard to understand what he was saying because of the background noise.
          As he walked through the crowd I saw a lot of Reichs flags.

  12. Roe_Jogan_On_DMT says:

    the game is right i played while i was in virtual learning https://playcoronaworld.com/
    my rating is about 4/10

  13. butternut says:

    Man, the whole use of “prepper” as derogatory is mind-bending, but seems to be part of the liberal culture.

    There’s a guy in my (proudly liberal) church (that I’m on the verge of parting ways with) who sends out little joke cartoons to a mailing list almost every day (a lot of orangemanbad stuff in there). Usually I don’t open them anymore, but today I did – it was a slight against preppers being hoarders.

    A few months ago I was involved in a conversation about money; one of my coworkers couldn’t wrap her head around why these strange conservative people would buy bars of gold… she just thought that was so ridiculous.

  14. madzz says:

    This is actually insane. How people find this even remotely satirical is beyond me.

  15. Chad says:

    Here’s another video aimed at children, which is equally as creepy AND featuring Dr.Fauci himself! This is the same kind of child brainwashing where they want the children to convince their parents on masks, social distancing, and vaccines.

    Buckle up…


    • madzz says:

      I got 3 minutes 41 seconds in and the the V word was mentioned and I had to switch off. In Ireland the HSE have put out info graphics aimed at ,presumably, adults but so childlike in appearance it kills me. They are coming for our children.

  16. paul6 says:

    It is difficult to tell but…

    The “don’t come-in shop” — boarded-up. Open 0h.

    The “Thanks Merkel ! ” graffiti.

    “Home office heaven.”

    The toilet paper. (for 10 € per roll)

    Healthy without vaccination (Gesund ohne Impfung) — GEFAHR! (DANGER!)

    Destroy all children’s scooters.

    Stomp the little children.

    I think this is subversive satire.

    But who knows…

  17. Mielia says:

    can recommend Rubikon in these days too
    RUBIKON: Re-Upload: „Will Genetically Modified Humans Be Patented?“ (James Corbett)

    and funk/bohemian browser ballett (bbb) (just one of 20+ channels; some larger like bbb or walulis and even the German version of kurzgesagt (which do not make such controversial videos)) is focused on youth thus youtube, facebook and such
    at least this is an area where they always find pushback
    those channels are usually promoted by youtube too

    “old news” to Germans this stuff
    the “controversy” about this game is already over/forgotten/in the past
    two weeks ago or so
    the typical cycle: get them enraged and polarized – and thus occupied with crap – again
    and then a bit later who cares
    we are in a new/other cycle anyway

    Do we need to give them the attention?
    sometimes, sure.

  18. Mielia says:

    There would be so much more to say about the happening in Berlin,
    I said a little bit here

    but I have trouble to cut myself short, when I start writing about any major detail.

    So I just give that small tiny piece: Originally there were planned 3 major happenings:
    walk starting at 10:30. Friedrichstraße/Torstraße. the crowd was there but it was blocked by the police which then officially ended it at around 12:30. crowd did not leave.
    this crowd could then march to the main demo at around 15
    the main event did start 15:30, lastet until 20:30. Straße des 17. Juni, Siegessäule/Großer Stern
    20:30 the camp was announced
    which was originally planned until september 14th with several stages for speeches for whoever wants to held a speech etc
    on this camp a crackdown happened. several small demos against that
    the situation is ongoing in a small way but
    by and large this camp was cancelled/halted

    now we have to see

    4 speeches have been uploaded already (Ballweg, Schöning, Kennedy, Sieber) but there were dozens. probably they will come in the next days
    several channels have a long video from the 29th, something like 10+ hours
    so, it definitely went the whole day

    the Reichstags incident was a minor irrelevant happening but much of the attention is and was focused on this now

  19. robert.t says:

    The real state, the pervasive state, does not rest and leaves no niche unexplored. A silly and dull video game may not seem like much but it nonetheless reaches into a little zone yet to be occupied. And all zones must be occupied. All!

    Think how wide and deep the conditioning goes: zombie movies, zombie tv series, zombies everywhere, cheap humans for splattering. Your new heroes need a touch of the aspies in order to dodge the zombie-wave and out-think the bad guys. So get on that spectrum!

    State actors like Assange and Snowden defend every foundational hoax and false flag of the state while posturing as persecuted whistleblowers; skeptical websites like JoNova and Zero Hedge lure the more independent-minded only to flood their zone with corona-ganda; the most prominent critics of the pervasive state will only be publicized and given exposure if they make themselves (and thus all associated) absurd by holding theories about Windsor descendants of reptilians from Mars. Good one, state!

    I’m not spreading gloom, but we need to be awake to how completely they have covered all the “zones”. Last week family came to visit from Sydney and five of us went dining in a quiet coastal village. I was shocked by how automatically all lunged for the gunk dispenser on entering (thus touching the same spot as dozens of others) and then began to shine their phones, almost sacramentally, at some registration device on a special table. The same phones were used for constant updates on the latest hotspot or outbreak. And these are my closest loved ones, these are middle-class Aussies taking a break by the surf.

    As James has done here, we need to wake others to the conditioning. People who won’t hear outright contradiction will sometimes tolerate a comment on media conditioning. That’s the weak point: their rubbish media is just too rubbish, even when it works.

    Just remember who our enemies are. They are mere humans, phenomenally energetic and resourced, for sure. But they are mere humans, tormented by boredom, inadequacy and self-loathing. This makes them our inferiors. The problem is not that they will win. The problem is the massive damage they will do in losing.

    Attack the weak point in their strongest point. Attack and ridicule their rubbish media.

    • mkey says:

      I’m sorry to learn of your unfortunate evening. I found the constant phone abuse insulting enough as it was. But you are quite right, pointing out inconsistencies, rubbish whitewashes and hypocrisy in the media and institutional information out-pours is quite easy and you don’t have to look too hard for ammo.

  20. Zzzap says:


    I’ve been begging my family to turn of their televisions and start seeing the blatant propaganda that is pumped out.

    Trying to find any information on the the rallies sparked another good heated debate.

    This video made it painfully obvious to some “sheeple” I know.
    I think the visuals and the protest signs say it all.

    I hope this helps someone else splash a little water on their day dream.


    • mkey says:

      The video of the “crowd in London” is apparently completely misplaced and actually the crowd in Belarus.

      • Zzzap says:

        Thanks mkey. Totally deflated… 🙁

        After looking back at my original source for that clip, (video tweets were used for most of the sources at rallies) I notice that the original tweet has also been retracted. I apologize for adding that crowd, I hope it doesn’t detract from the other crowds that can be more easily identified.
        I’ve added a note on Bitchute.
        Thanks for informing me mkey!

  21. rueckl1b says:

    Just played the game.
    First impression: This is not a typical German architecture at all, so the background is imported from somewhere else.

    Besides that it looks for me like normal state sponsored satire, that you have on ARD and ZDF like “heute-show”.
    The state-sponsored satire always promotes the mainstream propaganda talking points.
    The paintings on the wall in a crappy neighborhood can also be interpreted as being painted by conspiracy theorist living there, thus also those promote the narrative that only idiots in bad neighborhoods promote those.

    All in all I am not so upset, because for ne it is a pretty lame satire.
    What make me angry is that my EUR that I am forced to pay every month here in Germany are wasted for that.

  22. rueckl1b says:

    As for the Demo in Berlin last weekend and the flags of the Kaiserreich, here an article from Rubikon.


    The gist is that the author thinks that the “storming the Reichstag” was executed my state-sponsored agents provocateurs.

    I would agree to that, as it often happens over here to discredit demonstrations that our state does not like.

  23. matt.mewis says:

    Being arrested for incitement to break lockdown in Australia.


    Coming to a town near you…

  24. Carpenter says:

    James, as you asked for more information about the situation in Germany, here we go:

    The Covid resistance movement has been very active in Germany since late March, sparked initially by two physicians who were instrumental in the debunking of the swine flu scam in 2009, as featured in the documentary “Profiteure der Angst” (Profiteers of Fear) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZkyL4NxJJcc). One is Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, the other is Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi. The latter also published a book in June titled “Corona: Fehlalarm?” (Corona: A False Alarm?) which became a national bestseller and had to be reprinted five times in the first month.

    Meanwhile the resistance is very well organised (it’s Germany, after all). The initiators of the Berlin demonstrations (Querdenken 711 https://querdenken-711.de) have been organising demonstrations in every major city in Germany since April. Physicians (https://www.ärzte-für-aufklärung.de), lawyers (https://www.afa.zone) and other professionals demand clarity, a group of physicians are holding hearings with experts (https://acu2020.org), another group of lawyers help with law suits and objectons to lockdown measures (https://klagepaten.eu), yet another one is preparing a class action suit against the producers of the PCR test kit, and much more. There is also an organisation whistleblowers (police officers, teachers, journalists) can turn to (https://mutigmacher.org). On the demonstrations, more and more police officers appear on stage and speak out, naturally only to be suspended from service the very next day.

    The press of course has been playing a disgraceful role since mid-March. They have vehemently demonised every dissident voice and created a reality distortion building from which there is no escape. They have polarised society to such an extent that I have given up discussions with people who are only using “quality media” to be informed because it does not make any sense any more. People are so scared of being looked at as a “conspiracy theorist” that they react almost allergically to every hint of questioning “the measures”, even if you are talking about solid facts.

    The Berlin demonstration last weekend was very successful although the MSM tried to discredit it as a Nazi gathering and downplaying its real size (more than a million). It was initially cancelled by the home secretary of the State of Berlin the Wednesday before but a court decision came to the rescue and it took place, with Robert Kennedy Jr. also holding a speech. The same home secretary did not forbid a demonstration of far-right-wingers in front of the parliament, who in a moment of euphoria jumped over the barriers and got on the stairs in front of the entrance, triggering a surge of police forces and big discussions among politicians. The incident then was used by media to discredit the extremely peaceful demonstration against the lockdown measures, which had absolutely nothing to do with the incident. More details here: https://www.rubikon.news/artikel/die-reichstags-sturm-inszenierung

    [SNIP – Please keep posts to 500 words or less. Longer posts can be split into multiple comments. -JC]

  25. rueckl1b says:

    Meanwhile we got a good summary of the Berlin events on Zerohedge.

  26. rueckl1b says:

    Hi James,

    I slept one night over it and now filed complaints with ARD and ZDF to take down that game.
    Then I forwarded the complaint to friends to do the same.
    If something qualifies as “hate-speach” then this game.

    Thanks for making me aware.


  27. Phillip says:

    “A German joke is no laughing matter.”
    (A quote – perhaps apocryphal – from Mark Twain)

  28. Gwen says:

    The game is of course disgusting, but I think it was meant to be in a somewhat sarcastic way. The guys who published it are actually comedians. I am not sure what their exact message was and I still think the game is sh*t, but it is not to be taken too seriously…

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