Corbett Report Radio 241 - UN Agenda 21 Exposed with Rosa Koire


Tonight we talk to Rosa Koire, author of Behind the Green Mask: UN Agenda 21 about the ideology and people behind Agenda 21. Topics discussed include: What is Agenda 21? What is communitarianism? What is the history of this agenda? How is it being implemented? And what can people do to combat it?

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  1. bharani says:

    Hi all,

    This was very insightful. Rosa Koire points out that the precautionary principal is being used to stifle small business and (from my point of view even just ordinary people) from developing ways of living that challenges the corporatocracy. It used to be used to challenge the Corporate agenda during the ’50s and ’60s. Why can’t it be used against said corporations now. Before Pharma can introduce new products they must make longitudinal studies to prove the safety and efficacy of the products. This goes across the board for all Corporate product development. True they can’t make money. Oh well. Small business can thrive actually if they follow past actions that have been grandfathered in.

    The Oct 1973, oil embargo, the election of Ron Regan as president and we are off to corporatocracy on steroids. That is the destruction of the middle class. The destruction of private ownership, the most massive example is the crash of 2008. And the consolidation of Elite private ownership with Government, Banking and Corporations consolidation, and control.

    There is a book called Communialism. That word may set off alarms. Still one should keep an open mind. It was written by Ken Rexroth, published in 1973. It is interesting to note that through out the book where local small time people, formerly serfs and peasants who join together to build locally owned and controlled communities that actually are profitable for all, said people and communities are destroyed. That is if they can stand alone outside the control of Church or State they are deemed dangerous and exterminated.

    The book is more nuanced than the above paragraph. It is worth a read to help understand how the Oilgarchs already had the way lubricated by the blood of those who would be self sufficient and prosperous.

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