Corbett Report Radio 232 - Geoengineering for Financial Gain

10/05/20123 Comments

Peter Kirby, author of Chemtrails Exposed, joins us to discuss the chemtrailing agenda, and how weather modification has been exploited by well-connected insiders for financial gain. We also talk about the military applications of this technology and how the Department of Defense has been working on it behind the scenes for decades now.

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  1. stephen11 says:

    Another awesome post I seemed to miss.

    The fear-based mindset really shines through when holding these weather modifications to the light.

    The US has increased weapons advancement heavily since the cold war, or, the first Afghan proxy war. They probably even knew then that they could blow up a huge financial bubble around the military sector because there was a plan in motion to control Arabia and huge amounts of natural resources would be stolen.

    At the time of this reply the Pentagon is reporting some 32 trillion in ‘unaccounted adjustments’. I guess soon they’ll have a global natural resources market to sell shares of their ‘acquisitions’ and make that up quick.

    Then we’ll put Israel in charge of our Arabia sector.

    Then Arabia sector would threaten other big players to brew more Ordo ab Chao.

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