Corbett Report Radio 226 - Pandemic!

09/26/201212 Comments

Be afraid, citizens! Be very afraid! The WHO is back in town, warning of a new potential pandemic threat. If that fact brings to mind flashbacks of the 2009 swine flu pandemic hype then you've been paying attention. Tonight on the program James breaks down the constant low-level conditioning to accept the next big pandemic scare, where that pandemic is likely to come from, and what might happen in its wake.

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UN Issues Global Alert Over New SARS-Like Virus


New AIDS-like disease found in U.S., Asia


Researchers say new AIDS-like mystery disease is not contagious


Investigators probe mystery disease killing Cambodian children


Cambodian Mystery Illness Tied to Common Childhood Disease


Mystery disease devastates northern Uganda


Mystery disease in Ethiopia solved: linked to weed toxin


Disease pandemic 'inevitable' in Britian warns House of Lords


Seal Flu: Next Pandemic Threat?


Mass Panic Over Bird Flu Experiments


The elusive definition of pandemic influenza


Drug firms 'drove swine flu pandemic warning to recoup £billions spent on research'


Council of Europe on Handling of the H1N1 pandemic


Recreating the Spanish flu?


Episode 086 – Medical Martial Law

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  1. raven says:

    Wow, James Corbett – great post! Of all the presentations I have seen to wake people up, this was somehow the most amazing. Perhaps being from 2007, the message is not dimmed by some heaviness at the feasible (tho I still think unlikely) success of the current totalitarian push. The mocking satire at the start is extremely fresh amid these times. Info was so bullseye then, and is so relevant now. Thank you!

  2. taxSlave says:

    Prescient pod cast James. The crap unfolding in front of our eyes has been in planning a long time.The fraud is so blatant but so many people are going along with it. Do not take this so-called “vaccine”. It is a depopulation kill shot in my opinion.

  3. Fact Checker says:

    Love those ’90s Dirge-Rock bumpers, JC!

    The reason for those typical, implausibly precise projections of fatalities (“50- to 75K in the UK!”) was because the specificity would give the reader/viewer the impression that a high degree of quantitative, scientific expertise was possessed by the bureaucratic hacks churning out that fanciful propaganda. Now, people are so invested in the predictive powers of their overlords, that they continue to believe in the power of the “Models” and “Projections” even after every single has proven wildly, disastrously flawed.

    Watching these flashbacks is a bittersweet exercise. One should be astounded and impressed by JC’s prophetic predictions, which put to shame the outlandish “models” of the overlords. However it’s difficult to be overly titillated by the academic acumen of it. I, for one, am too depressed by the inevitability and ease of it all. It has all gone exactly as JC predicted it, except with an effortlessness that I don’t think even he could have foreseen. (You sort of get the sense that JC assumes, as I always did, that to get their Medical Martial Law, they would have to achieve some spectacular “Real-World” results with a bona fide engineered bio-weapon. But instead, they have accomplished it with rumors, sleight-of-hand and, as far as I can tell, delivering something to people that they actually wished for in their demented monkey hearts. When I see the faceless horde of Apocalypse-LARPers on the street, I can only interpret this whole phenomenon as a vindication and a fulfillment of the deranged and perverse hopes of these eager Masketeers.

    Here, at the Twilight of Humanity, I’m not sure whether to despair for Humanity, or to rejoice that Humanity is being put blissfully out of its misery once and for all.

  4. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I really enjoyed Corbett Report Radio 226 – Pandemic!
    In a way, it was refreshing, like the sunshine coming through the window.

    Corbett goes over the exact same “Pandemic” fundamentals which occurred then as do now.
    Except then, most people were somewhat removed from the Iron Hand, and the sun was shining outside.
    In this 2020 era, the days meld together in constant overcast skies.

  5. Kelly says:

    I’m here from the Gootube blocked video. Mr. Corbett, it’s very scary how you nailed it back years ago.

    I have nothing to add besides my gratitude to you for doing this.

    • Standsforall says:

      My mouth is still on the floor from what I just listened to! I feel so dumb for being so blind all these years..I had no idea how completely corrupt and evil these globalists are.
      Thank you James for the Corbett Report!
      I can honestly say that I am actually grateful for the internet today 🤣

  6. Nana Baakan says:

    James, you must have some inside intel of coming events, cause this video would have been perfect for today with just a few names changed for the sake of relevancy. Otherwise, this is exactly what is happening now. I hope a ton of folks come over to watch this.
    It’s unfortunate that we have such short memories… even those of us who have followed your work for years.
    Peace & blessings to you, your family and loved ones
    Nana Baakan

  7. MarSol says:

    Well, the horror/sci fi movies you used to watch years ago, are not movies anymore.

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