Corbett Report Radio 006 - Predictive Programming and You

11/08/20112 Comments

From The War of the Worlds to Gravity's Rainbow to Minority Report, there have been a bewildering number of works of "fiction" that seem to predict our future. Today on Corbett Report Radio we examine the concept of "predictive programming" and look for examples in our current day and age.

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  1. Octium says:

    I only recently discovered this example of predictive programming from 1977 called “Alternative 3” while listening to old tapes from the Mae Brussell show.

    It’s done in the fake news style of “War of the Worlds” – only the this time subject is climate change…but don’t worry, there are still some Martians in it 🙂

    The theme is that climate change is about to devastate the Earth and that the USA and the Soviet Union have been are secretly conspiring all along to Geo-engineer Mars and make it liveable for a select Elite from Earth.

    It was meant to air on April the 1st in UK but was delayed a few months due industrial action.

    Filmed by Anglia Television (Now ITV) – so it is not far from the home of Climategate.

    There is a copy online for anyone interested in watching it.

  2. 9tH says:

    Anybody familiar with They call themselves a think tank, all members involved are either engineers or science-fiction writers. P.K.Dick reminded me of this. SIGMA supposedly started working with the gov because of 9/11, the idea being that their expertise, combined with their phantasy could be an innovating force in the war on terror. Several of these writers have a military background, some in the Naval intelligence. But not all of them.
    I learned about this organisation after seeing a good disection of the documentary called: ‘revelation of the pyramids’by P. Pooyard. In that docu, there is a short clip of a man called Arlan Andrews Sr. He may also appear in the Ancient Alien series. Check the memebers list on their site for more.
    I was just wondering, whether these writers provide the ideas or whether it is the other way around.

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