Climate Myths Debunked

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by James Corbett
December 9, 2013

Myth #1. The earth is warming!

On what time scale? 16 years? 2000 years? 10000 years? 420000 years? 65 million years? (Answer: None of the above)

Myth #2. This year was the hottest year ever!

Was that before or after NASA and the NOAA altered the temperature record to make recent years warmer?

Myth #3. 97% of scientists agree on global warming!

You mean 97% of 77 scientists in an unscientific online poll?

Myth #4. Sea levels are rising! a rate of 7 inches per century.

Myth #5. Hurricanes are increasing!

US landfalling hurricanes are at their lowest intensity in a century. (Bonus fact: Accumulated Cyclone Energy is at a 30 year low!)

Myth #6. But...polar bears!

The polar bear population has quintupled in six decades and the USGS admits their numbers are near "historic highs."

Myth #7. Climategate was hype and it's been debunked.

The UK Information Commissioner found the climategate scientists guilty of breaking the law by hiding data from the public.

Myth #8. Models project a temperature increase of over 2 degrees in this century.

And these same models overestimated warming over the past 15 years by 400%.

Myth #9. Weather is not climate.

Actually, yes. And this is true when it's hot outside, too.

Myth #10. Climate denial is a well-funded conspiracy.

Actually, the reverse. The global warming industry has generated over $140 billion in government grants, a $315 billion carbon market and is expected to generate 10s of trillions more in government-sponsored investment in the coming decades.

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  1. Moral Citizen says:

    It’s worth noting that in the billions of years the planet earth has been in existence, it has changed its polar axis and in turn it’s equatorial belt, many times. Our planet and moon are exact replicas of the element hydrogen. It has a nucleus (planet surface), a proton (planet core) and an orbiting electron (the moon). This is natures perfect structure and as the electron rotates around the nucleus, it doesn’t follow the same path of rotation over a given time frame. This is exactly like our moon in relation to our planet. Given that the time frames are apparently different, it’s also worth noting that in relative size and mass then the rotational adjustments probably align. This would indicate (in my view anyway), that infinity in both directions holds the same or very similar structural and mechanical systems. Back to earth now, we may not have had any impact in relation to climate change but we have had a great impact in the spread of heavy metals on a global scale. This is evident by the levels of heavy metals stored in our own bodies which are having detrimental effects to the human race and the animal kingdom alike. We may not have created global warming but we have played a big part in global pollutant distribution. Unfortunately, many of the public do confuse these very different processes and with the global warming debunking argument, many Iv spoken to feel pollutant distribution is debunked too! A very dangerous view as you would all agree. I would like to see a far more effective measurement system in relation to pollutant distribution and a more honest and open government policy in regards to this subject. The industrial revolution and it’s following mass production systems have had a very destructive effect both on the visible and micro scales. A great example is the recent smoking ban. Passive smoking does cause damage, I don’t dispute that, what I feel is the undisclosed data in relation to industrial waste is so much more destructive and always pushed to the back of the line and hidden from public view. Of coarse, we all know why this is, it’s the money makers holding this data from us or manipulating the figures and the public to benefit the pockets of the oligarchs. A few weeks ago, I overheard a lady standing at a bus stop complaining about someone smoking an e-cigarette, at the same time the bus was blasting some nasty carbon monoxide, un burnt particle mass all over her shopping! I pulled a dry smile and said “if only you knew madam”, she shot me a look that could cut a brick in half, her complete lack of awareness of her immediate area hit home the sheer depth of propaganda that was influencing her judgements of toxins and there potential as a hazardous material. Maybe she ate her supper from an asbestos plate? comforted to know she is living a healthy life and the government is protecting her from these nasty nicotine addicts who are killing the planet! Frightening to think what really floats around in the unseen micro world and our political leaders deliberate attempts to avoid such subject matter. Anyway, I’m feeling peckish, time for a battery acid brunch bar!

  2. Moral Citizen says:

    Here’s a link to a very interesting interview in relation to high blood pressure and metal distribution from industrialisation. It also explains the attempt to patent a replica of vitamin D as a potential cure for high blood pressure. The oligarchs are at it again, fascinating stuff!

  3. John says:

    Myth 8 returns a 404 error

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