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Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

STORY #1: Pope Francis and Climate Change: Why Catholic Skeptics Are So Alarmed
Flashback: Death By Treaty - Lord Monckton on the Crisis of Copenhagen (Oct 2009)
For Young Voters, Climate Change Takes a Back Seat
Research Highlight: Arctic Sea Ice Loss Likely To Be Reversible
Arctic summers ice-free 'by 2013' (Dec 2007)
Scientists Claim Climate Change Has Impact on Music
Meteorological Phenomena In Western Classical Orchestral Music - PDF (Nov 2011)

STORY #2: That Subliminal PSA From AARP
AARP Reposts Controversial PSA and 'Responds' To Questions
Derren Brown: A Toy's Story - How To Control The Nation

STORY #3: #GoodNewsNextWeek - Child Is First Patient Cured of Fatal Illness Using 3D-Printed Implant
Joshua Pearce Explains the 3D Printing Revolution
Chipotle Bans GMO Ingredients
US Lowers “Recommended” Fluoride Levels in Drinking Water for First Time in Over 50 Years
Montana Nullifies Federal Police Militarization Program

#NewWorldNextWeek Updates:
Plane Hacking Goes More Mainstream: American Airlines Planes Grounded By iPad App Error
Ryanair Gets Hacked, $5M Sent to China
#ClintonFoundation Got “Dirty” Russian Money from Putin Cronies
Cash Flowed to #ClintonFoundation as Russians Pressed for Control of Uranium Company
Goldman Sachs Paid Bill Clinton $200K For Speech Before Bank Lobbied #Hillary
Governor Abbott Orders Texas Guard to Monitor Jade Helm Drills
UK Election ‘Chaos’ Could Trigger ‘Lehman Moment’ For Pound
London Reacts to Increased Expenses for ‘Majority’
12 Questions About the #BaltimoreRiots
Brookings Institute: The Future of Arms Control, Internet Governance, and Re-engineering

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  1. michaelfitze says:

    To be fair, the BBC article on polar ice says that Maslowski’s prediction is extreme, and not shared by the majority of researchers. The consensus stated in the article is between 2030 and 2040, so we will need to wait a bit to see if this is reality or not. I do agree that these “climate panic fails” deserve to be pointed out, but should probably be tempered with the sort of full disclosure as I point out above.

    Also, there seems to be confusion about the term “subliminal.” A sound or other stimulus that is “subliminal” is below the threshold of awareness. “Liminal” means barely perceptible, or at the threshold of awareness. So, the background dialogue in the video was clearly liminal, not subliminal – or no one would have been able to make out what was being said. There has never been any research (of which I am aware) to suggest that something completely below the threshold of awareness (i.e., subliminal) can have an effect on a person’s thoughts, ideas, or mental processes.

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