China, the Quad, and the Next "Great" War

03/22/202174 Comments

by James Corbett
March 20, 2021

The stage is now being set for the next great war on the so-called "Grand Chessboard."

As anyone who has been paying attention to global geopolitics in recent years will know by now, the US Empire (the US, the UK, Israel, the Five Eyes allies, NATO and all their regional allies and vassals) are preparing to square off against China and the Axis of Evil (China, Russia, Iran, North Korea and any state that provides any resistance to the US Empire) for global control in the 21st century.

And, as readers of this column will be uniquely prepared to understand, this entire conflict is part of a 3D chess game that is taking place over and above the regular, 2D nation-state chessboard that we are being asked to fixate on.

However, there is a 2D chess game going on, and it is part of the Problem-Reaction-Solution that the 3D chess players are using to bring about their agenda. So today let's examine the latest moves on the grand chessboard and see what they reveal about the globalists' plans for total control.

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    • mkey says:

      Some really good ones, the new recommendations being my favorit, followed by close second Florid give-no-shitters.

  1. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Corbett’s Just For Fun(?)
    Worldwide Freedom Rally – Brisbane – Corbett Report Shout Out
    (One minute)
    I enjoyed seeing the Corbett Report sign in Australia with Broc West mentioned.

    In reference to Worldwide Rally for Freedom Saturday March 20th
    Off-Guardian.Org also had this QUOTE…
    “There’s a good discussion of this on New World Nextweek, with James Corbett and James Evan Pilato”

  2. robert.t says:

    Here in Australia lines are kept sharp and easy. Not much fiddly context or nuance. With the luvvie-left media on one side and Murdoch on the other we can disagree over which political colour or team to cheer while staying comfortably aligned on the big stuff. Like China.

    In the news and government policies it was China-OK for a long time. Now it’s China-not-OK. Did China change or did our conditioning? Many Australians insist we have always been at cold war with China. Maybe they don’t want to lose their jobs at the Oceania memory hole?

    For decades, apart from some Richard Gere/Dalai Lama hand-wringing over Tibet, our media left China alone. China bought all our stuff to make all our stuff, and with the mysterious strength of our currency and the mysterious weakness of China’s nothing ever seemed to go wrong with that arrangement. Now our elites are shocked, shocked that a massive economic transfer has been going on in this establishment. (Your winnings, Major Renault!).

    Suddenly we care deeply about those Uyghur and Rohingya peoples who occupy major eastern and southern outlets of the Belt and Road. They’re among our most-favoured Muslims, like Kurds, so much nicer than the ones we have to starve and bomb every day.

    You’re right, James. It’s technocracies merging, as well as rising. And if the cold war does go hot, I’m sure we’ll be careful not to bomb the Tesla factory.

  3. nexangelus says:

    Morning from England!

    Not sure if any of my UK brethren posted about a trial of UBI right next to the county in which I live now…gag…an article I missed from February this year, someone else may have posted this already…

    • lovetodust says:

      They’re doing that in the USA right now. They’re just calling it Pandemic Unemployment.

      Extended AGAIN until Septemeber 2021.

  4. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I swear…I thought I heard John Wayne when I heard this…

    “It was them there Chinese Chi-Coms that did this virus on the world. And they gotta pay for it, I tell ya!

    • beaconterraone says:

      The Wuhan Flu, sponsored by Tony Fauci’s NIAID. The Wuhan Institute’s “Bat Lady,” educated at the University of North Carolina, USA.

  5. spider says:

    Mr. Escobar is a truthful, intelligent and knowledgeable investigative reporter. Mr. Corbett might not agree with him but he deserves more respect.

    People in the west have been accosted their whole lifetime by anti-China propaganda. It’s difficult for people to see through the veil. Pepe helps to see things from another perspective.

    • cu.h.j says:

      I didn’t find the article disrespectful of Escobar but rather laid out an opposing opinion. The government in China is blatantly totalitarian and I would oppose any support for that system. The Han Chinese appear to have a culture of submission and obedience to the state and this is in opposition to freedom. Though not all Chinese obey many do and I see that among many American Chinese too “keep your head down and mask on” and stay away from non conformists and people who are different. That aspect of the culture is distasteful to me probably because I grew up in the west but I happen to think freedom is better than obedience and conformity.

      The Chinese government welded people in their homes in Wuhan. Any support for that needs to be questioned. Is Mr. Escobars article supportive of this? The Chinese government is monstrous.

      • spider says:

        >I didn’t find the article disrespectful of Escobar
        “quasi-independent media sources that … serve mostly as a mouthpiece for ChiCom talking points”

        • cu.h.j says:

          But is this statement accurate? The quasi independent part? I completely agree with the “mouthpiece for ChiCom talking points” part. That statement is accurate in my opinion.

          • spider says:

            Mr. Escobar has been a courageous independent investigative reporter for many decades. He has put himself in harms way many times to report on events. He has many times been the only counter to the imperial narrative around the world. The ad hominem “mouthpiece for ChiCom talking points” attempts to demean him. He’s walked the walk and needs respect.

            • cu.h.j says:

              I don’t believe this was an ad hominem attack. “Serving as a mouthpiece for Chi Com talking points” is not a personal attack but rather an opposition to the narrative they are supporting. If Mr. Escobar’s piece is supportive of the Chinese government then that diminished his other positive work to oppose imperialism because the funding of the imperialism also supports ChiCom government. Mr Escobar’s work in this instance supports a false dichotomy between the Chinese government and the Western government when in fact it is the same oppressive force that owns and operates both governments.

              The things that the Chinese government have done to their citizens is morally reprehensible and I don’t understand how anyone who has been “a courageous independent investigative reporter for many decades” could support it.

              Are the only two choices, the ChiCom way or the imperialist West way? Mr. Escobars piece in this case seems to support that idea and also paint their government in a positive light. There is nothing about their government that is appealing to me.

      • Duck says:

        ‘..Though not all Chinese obey many do and I see that among many American Chinese too “keep your head down and mask on” and stay away from non conformists and people who are different….”

        Too many centuries of civilization- when you have a bureaucracy that can target a whole family for the crimes of one of its number you rapidly breed out the genes that foster interdependence.

        • cu.h.j says:

          Fascinating take Duck. I didn’t consider epigenetics but you are correct to point this out.

    • Arby says:

      Is Pepe still sucking up to faker Joe Lauria?

  6. RickMcCarthy says:

    Excellent piece, James.

    I sense that here in the US we had Team Coke captain Trump insisting that we “hold China responsible” for the scamdemic and abandon the WHO while acquiescing to these two players’s policies UNTIL we had Team Pepsi captain Biden insisting that we not condemn China (because it’s anti-Asian hate), all the while continuing their draconian and oppressive policies. There is indeed a 2D illusion with a certain sort of 3D business as usual going on. I have been noticing it for a while now as have some friends and family, but not nearly enough of us have.

    At our in-town freedom rally on March 20, the pro-freedom movement was met with counter protest from the local BLM contingent. They labelled the freedom seekers as (cue mock surprise) “white supremacists” and proceeded to shout down and instigate conflict with the rally attendees, some of whom were unfortunately all too accommodating.

    Question: How can we, while in that type if environment, bridge the gap toward the BLM (and gay and trans activists and outright communists) protesters to help them see that everyone in that park last Saturday has a common enemy and it isn’t each other?

    This seems imperative, yet I can not see the solution.


    • cu.h.j says:

      Wow that’s disheartening to hear. I don’t think there’s any way to get them to see a common enemy unless they desire to hear another perspective. Unfortunately BLM Antifa and trans/activists are on the side of the state and the tyranny. College kids are schooled in cultural Marxism and that ideology is the enemy of liberty. I took a few classes outside my major in college and got a full dose of postmodernism propaganda. Thank goodness I didn’t get a big dose of it because it is very affective to keep the division strong.

      During any confrontation using non violent communication skills first may be effective to start a dialogue. However if this is met with hostility and violence self defense and standing up to it is necessary.

      • beaconterraone says:

        Correction: BLM “leadership” and Antifa work for a real, live Devil. Lies and deceit are the modus operandi.

        The “transgender” (sic) agenda is based on a satanic lie from a literal pedophile and child abuser, “Dr.” John Money. It is both mental and moral illness. There is no “reasoning” with them.

        SOME of the BLM followers can be reached, as many are Christian or otherwise good-hearted folk. They already know that a certain self-chosen “elite” aren’t actually their “friends,” and most of them know the “vaccines” are Tuskegee 2.0. Helping them to see that we are not their enemy, and that we have many common goals, is attainable.

        And in re: to those who are born with genetic abnormalities, e.g., hermaphrodites, they’ve always been with us, and the sane among them only want to live a normal life. They’re not part of the Problem. I only condemn the diabolic fanatics of the “transgender” (sic) movement who demand children be molested for “gender identity,” and those who demand we accommodate their anti-reality as “real.”

      • RickMcCarthy says:

        All too true, cu.h.j.

      • Richard says:


    • steve.b says:

      You can’t expect BLM to align with freedom groups. Look at where BLM’s funding comes from… the purpose of these groups is to tear down western society. Period. Perhaps that’s not what they started out to do, but if so then they have been perverted to the cause of the globalists.

      • beaconterraone says:

        Most of the garden-variety of BLM followers are right: there is a big problem with police brutality and state-sponsored terror. We must never dismiss that, although the portrayal as “Blacks are the only victims” is flat-out wrong. But the followers are not the “leadership,” who seem to be all Marxist “culture warriors” aka Cultural Bolshevists. And yeah, we know who and what are funding the “leadership.”

        • cu.h.j says:

          Agreed a big problem and white folks are also affected by this too. Not a peep about those people though.

          • beaconterraone says:

            The banking & media tribe desperately wants to paint Blacks as “uniquely oppressed,” just as that tribe has insisted their suffering during World War II is also, somehow, “unique.”

            I’d suspect more non-Blacks are molested and killed by the police in sheer numbers, because pounding on or shooting a White guy, for example, doesn’t invite endless *ewsmedia propaganda to destroy the lives of the cops involved.

            • cu.h.j says:

              I agree, I think statistically whites are killed more often. I think police brutality and state violence is wrong no matter who is being harmed.

              I think that BLM should go volunteer in the inner city of Chicago and other poor black neighborhoods and this may actually help. But BLM isn’t about actually helping black communities, but rather a politically oriented organization that is designed stir up hatred.

              I think it’s important not to associate all black people with BLM though because many black people don’t align themselves with this and just want a normal life and not to be treated any differently.

              I think tribalism and identity politics are tools the “elites” use to create division and individuals who happen to be grouped into a tribe (not even by their own choosing) shouldn’t be treated differently or with prejudice and hate.

              People are more than their physical characteristics and cultural identities. I think each person is born unique.

            • Duck says:

              “..The banking & media tribe desperately wants to paint Blacks as “uniquely oppressed,” just as that tribe has insisted their suffering during World War II is also, somehow, “unique.”…”

              The Black-Jewish alliance is a historical thing, Dr Jones has written plenty of articles about it for Culture Wars mag

        • Duck says:

          ‘..Most of the garden-variety of BLM followers are right: there is a big problem with police brutality and state-sponsored terror….’

          The vast majority of brutality that blacks suffer is inflicted by other blacks…even the local governments that control the (often majority black) cops or let them sicken and die of lead in the water and bad food are run BY other blacks.

          The real problem is the social aggression inflicted on their family structure by welfare and government programs. That aggression hurt THEM FIRST but its color blind and is destroying the hispanics and whites right now- If we could assume a continuation of ‘normalcy’ white culture will be just as messed up in 10 or 20 years

          • beaconterraone says:

            The NAACP was founded not by Blacks, but by the usual suspects in culture-wrecking. Incessant “you be oppressed” propaganda for generations has led to Blacks being whipped into anti-White hysteria. And certainly, the endless “war on poverty” multi-generational welfare system has further greatly damaged the Black folk of America. The falling away of Americans, including Blacks, from traditional Christian morality has taken down all of us. It’s just more obvious among Blacks, but the dire effects are getting worse and worse among White Americans, too (as you note!). Young Whites are acting like that infamous word more so by the day.

            • cu.h.j says:

              I don’t think the Christian religion has a monopoly on morality. A person does not need to be religious or Christian in particular to behave ethically. Just my opinion.

              Isn’t the idea of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” found in most religions and also among atheists even that it doesn’t feel good to harm others.

              I remember being a kid being bullied and how that felt and then I remember picking on some kids a few times and this didn’t feel “right” and in fact made me feel bad. I think most children who are not born sociopaths or with other neurological abnormalities are hard wired for empathy. This is why we have mirror neurons. We have survived as a species because of cooperation and mutual respect.

              I mean no disrespect for Christians and have family members who are practicing Christians and also family members who are practicing Jews. I have no religious affiliation myself but do believe in a soul and that living things are more than just biological machines. I am still a moral person and behave ethically despite no religious affiliation.

              • Duck says:

                “.. it doesn’t feel good to harm others…”

                If that were true there would be no need to make laws against it.

                People will generally be nice to those that they have a link with , genetic or religious, and they care nothing for the suffering of people they DONT have a link to.

                Watching the head of Apple berate the morality of others when the company he runs uses literal slave labor- the women folk of which are kept in literal rape camps- makes that point super clear. If people cared he would be out of work by now.

              • Duck says:

                “.. A person does not need to be religious or Christian in particular to behave ethically….”

                Why would they bother to?

                The only reasons that people who do not believe that there is a supernatural judgment have to behave ethically are
                a) It benefits me to do so
                b) I will suffer punishments from the law if I do not
                c) It pleases me to do so

                When those three reasons are no longer true then there is zero reason NOT to murder, rape, rob and destroy.. the end result of not being religious may take generations to reach, because social habit is strong, but the philosophical end point is functionally psychopathy- (perhaps) softened by racism since caring for genetically similar people is normal.

            • Richard says:

              The elite “usual suspects” are generally ill disposed towards Christianity – regularly demonstrated in mass media.

              • beaconterraone says:

                Yeah, their fake “Christ” is a pansy New Age homo, like they portray his followers. Or militant Christians who are whitewashed versions of their “Islamic terrorists.” And rarely do they allow the use of Jesus CHRIST except as cuss words. “Jesus” alone, maybe.

      • Arby says:

        Where does BLM’s funding come from? Answer: The entire fascist establishment!

    • beaconterraone says:

      You cannot convince the brainwashed with any amount of true information, as Yuri Bezmenov, et. al., warned.

    • Duck says:

      ‘… bridge the gap toward the BLM (and gay and trans activists and outright communists) protesters to help them see that everyone in that park last Saturday has a common enemy and it isn’t each other?…”

      Yes, it is.
      They are your enemy and they serve your enemy as street fighters. Trying to make common cause is like an American Indian making common cause with the 7th Cavalry or the Texcoco with Cortés.

      They hate you and your family in a way you do not understand.

      If the agenda goes thru those people will enjoy destroying you and your way of life before themselves getting purged

  7. gauntlet33 says:

    James, great article.
    And you’re exactly right, the average “Joe”, whether in China, Russia, Iran, etc. is not the threat. I live in very multi-national Los Angeles, and as anyone from a major city can tell you, the average Joe and Jane just wants to live and let live. They want to be able to work a little, play a little and raise their kids. They are not thinking of world domination, which is what the govt-owned MSM wants you to think. That’s their theatre.
    Instead, the reality is that it’s only the approximate 1% Dr. Evil megalomaniac, psychotic billionaires who are crazy enough to concoct these schemes. They are the in-bred Gates, Rothschilds, Rockefellers of the world who have insatiable desire to have it all, and killing billions of people is not only not a problem for them — they relish it. It brings them so much joy to know that they are locking down others as this feeling of empowerment is all they dream of each waking and sleeping minute.
    May they therefore find their way to Hell when the time comes for Jesus/God to wipe THEM all off the face of this Earth, and may God decide their fate.

  8. beaconterraone says:

    The Chinese don’t have a three millennia-old civilization for nothing. They’ve EARNED it. They’ve worked, bled, and died for it. “Communist” or not, Beijing works for CHINA, not a “world community.” And good for them. Until, if and when, the Chinese actually threaten the Bill of Rights or my home right here, they are not my “enemy.” As for a threat to the Bill of Rights, we know that is a lot closer to home than East Asia.

      • beaconterraone says:

        Unfortunately, the self-chosen Master Race infiltrated Mao’s operation, and made it successful. How many are still involved? I’m not sure we know. But, current CCP policy seems to be very much “National Bolshevism,” that is working well for the majority of the Chinese people.

        • Duck says:

          My contact with native Chinese is limited, but it is reported that they are entering the consumption phase and starting to have the early signs of family breakdown.
          The reports of their boys having issues with being overly feminine and of sexual deviance becoming more acceptable indicate that their fate will be similar to the western world.

          • beaconterraone says:

            That is incredibly sad. Maybe technology itself is the problem? Like Dr. Kaczynski suggested.

            • Duck says:

              I dont know… maybe its the cost of being too rich? When life is marginal you cant get away with too much stupidity. Wealth externalizes the pain or delays it until a future time.

              You should recall that they went thru the Cultural revolution pretty recently too, after generations of disruption that must be as bad as what the Bolshevik communists did to Russia. That kind of damage to society takes a long time to fix, even if its trying TO be fixed, rather then made worse.

    • Arby says:

      Right. Cancer is not the enemy. Not.

      The Chinese race is not the enemy. Chinese people who are ruined, mentally and spiritually, are the enemy, just as, in Hollywood, people who become vampires are the enemy. People anywhere, who become mentally and spiritually ruined, are the enemy.

      • beaconterraone says:

        I think you’re perceiving the Chinese people through the Kosher lens of that Hollywood Talmudvision. Are they corrupted? Certainly. But their natural instincts still seem good on most issues. And until they directly threaten my way of life apart from our foolish hand-over of our industrial base to them, I can’t find them to be a threat.

        Talmudism is the cancer, and the Chinese haven’t been fully indoctrinated by any means.

        • Arby says:

          What a bizarre comment.

          • beaconterraone says:

            What is “bizarre” about it? Does it not fit the “approved” world view you prefer?

            From ancient Babylon to today’s Mystery Babylon, the “traditions of the elders” that Jesus Christ condemned as satanic have been the foundation of the financial and moral corruption of the world.

      • Duck says:

        Those people did not get ‘ruined’ by accident or chance.
        The reason that people are so easily destroyed is because they refuse to see that the revolution is being imposed on them from above.

        Dr Jones has Culture wars magazine which has plenty of documentable detail on who is doing what to society
        at culturewars .com

        Hollywood is the main part of the problem… it has remade the west in the image of the USA and the USA it remade in the image imagined and desired by a tiny minority of movie makers.

        Doc from tv in 1998

        Mass Transgenderism and adoption of homosex did not just happen – almost billion dollars have provably been spent creating it

        This talk from 1996 goes into the kind of people who reshaped society – I recommend the book BTW

        • Arby says:

          People become spiritually and mentally ruined first and foremost because they choose to not care. Otherwise, there’s two components to it. 1 individual choice and 2. environment.

          Chinese citizens, or any people (Gazans, people in extremely impoverished places), who do not have access to information have to fall back on their God-given basic goodness and good sense to make decisions. The fascist Chinese authorities have enslaved their citizens and created a great firewall that disallows those citizens from getting information online. Here in the West, citizens are getting treated to our fascist leaders’ (gangster politicians and Silicon Valley pigs) idea of a great firewall. Increasingly, our access to information is being squeezed with the intention to block all information that isn’t State-approved from our view. The fascists are having a lot of success.

          Only God can judge when someone is spiritually ruined. If you are in an environment where violence is all you are exposed to (real life and tv and Hollywood) and Rockefeller health care science / ideology (germs are out to get everyone!) is all you know and establishment propaganda (those who question authority, especially about covid 19 and vaccines, are traitors and dangerous) is what you are exposed to every day everywhere you go, then you may be forgiven for being screwed up. But if you have the choice and can – if you choose – lift a little finger and inform yourself, but you don’t…

          Too many people in the West might as well be trapped in China. As James Corbett laments, the library of Alexandria is burning and few are interested. Everyone around me is hooked on smart phones (and the corporate media that they channel) and tv. No one reads books. People have made tv their God. They may go to the church, synagogue or mosque, but, What voice do they obey? They obey the voice of the wild beast system that speaks to them through their glass God. If you’re not a tv reporter, good luck trying to tell someone who worships the glass God that the covid 19 pandemic is a hoax. Unless you’re a tv reporter or you’re saying something that a tv reporter has said, then you’re a conspiracy theorist.

          People aren’t learning. There’s passive and active learning. TV watching, to get information about the terrifying things tv reporters, and gangster politicians on tv, tell people, doesn’t even rise to the level of passive learning. That is being propagandized. And, while the library of Alexandria, damaged perhaps, is still there, Those who don’t care about that library, or their local libraries, or sources of information beyond CNN or CBC or PBS or NPR, are responsible for their own decline. Caring means knowing.

          Environment, as an excuse, however, can only get you so far. You were born with basic, Godly qualities. Without the benefit of good instruction of any sort, you’re still going to ‘know’ that mutilating your child’s genitals, for example, is wrong and evil. Pick your own example.

          [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

          • Duck says:

            “..People become spiritually and mentally ruined first and foremost because they choose to not care…”

            Wrong… many people who are utterly disgusting DO care… about power, or wealth, or some social issue or some political point.
            People are ruined because they do not have their priorities of what to care about right… that is a spiritual sickness.

            ‘… Increasingly, our access to information is being squeezed..’
            Not exactly right… we are being deluged with information- even “alt” information. Without a coherant world view making sense of that information iis impossible and we are just sent insane by not being able to make sense of the world… THATS why Q-tards are popping up like mushrooms after rain.

            ‘..Only God can judge when someone is spiritually ruined…”

            THAT is true, however people often use it as an excuse to ignore bad behavior so that we can excuse our own.
            God is pretty clear telling people how to act and what kinds of behavior and people to reject and avoid.

  9. Ethan Hunter says:

    Of course there has to be a reason why American kids are learning Mandarin at the grade school level while thousands of American men and women are teaching Chinese kids English by means of VipKid…

    The ultimate scheme is to merge China’s culture with the U.S. just as Senator Dodd discovered in the Reese committee investigation that the goal in the past was to merge the Soviet Union with the U.S.

    • Duck says:

      By that time the USA will be a very different country…pretty much a third world dump, possibly split by means of ethnic hatreds into smaller, more manageable regions.
      It will be lucky if the US manages to come out of the next ten years as well as Russia came out of the Soviet Union…either way US education levels are laughable and the need for unskilled workers in the future will be small… there will be no merger unless the Chinese are also degenerated to a lower level. The US does posses good natural resources…but again, so did Russia.

      • Ethan Hunter says:

        Understandably the US hegemonic power is weakening in favor of these other rising powers.

        All I can say is an elite family like the Rockefellers always favored China – the UN has given the majority of its awards to China, the media fawned over how China handled the recent pandemic.

        David Rockefeller in 1973 wrote a glowing obituary to Mao Tse-Tung praising the “social experiment” of the Great Leap Forward (which resulted in the death of untold millions).

        Zbigniew Brzezinski was instrumental in the securing of the technocratic infrastructure of China that started way back in the 70s (see James report China and the New World Order).

        China has been buying up water, land, and other resources including a main holder of bonds in which the national debt is tied to that can be reclaimed at any moment…

        It sure looks like China may indeed take over…or be merged into one global technocratic state with it as the model.

        • Duck says:

          “..It sure looks like China may indeed take over…or be merged into one global technocratic state with it as the model…”

          As I understand it China is a generation or two behind the west in its population decline…800 million by 2100 and what age range will they be in?
          They are starting to suffer feminization of their men and the talk they have of restoring masculinity via government programs kinda reminds me of how the US in the 90’s was going to roll back the excesses of the 60’s but ACTUALLY everything go worse.

          From what I am told they are starting to be heavily hit by the introduction of societal weapons such as divorce, consumerism and delayed childbirth so while they may rule it will be as the least degenerated society…
          Europe and the US will be third world by then and the outside remodeling of India will have given them the same social cancer thats killing everywhere else.
          They dont need so many of us as they once did and are going to thin the herd…maybe they wont even pretend that peoples or nations matter anymore

        • Arby says:

          The US is not weakening to the point where some other power will take its place. It’s the last head (together with the UK) of the wild beast (7 heads) and when it goes, that whole beast will go. And that’s about one second away, in Biblical time. And that’s a good thing. Klaus’s world – the global, biosecurity police State – will be dropped on our heads and then Jehovah’s Kingdom will be dropped on his. This is all going to happen very, very quickly. So, The bad news is that things will get hotter and more hellish. The good news is that it will end soon and suddenly.

          • Fact Checker says:

            Quite the opposite: the heat & hellishness is descending precipitously, and it is continuing to accelerate.
            On the other hand, any improvement, should it occur, will be agonizingly slow and grueling–multi-generational–as the kernel of goodness buried deep within the ascending force of evil gradually awakens and develops into a countervailing power.
            The line about the darkest hour being just before dawn is demonstrably incorrect. The darkest hour is the one that is furthest from daylight in both directions. So, too, is the longest night of winter the furthest from the height of summer.

      • beaconterraone says:

        The United States, as it has been, will not exist in 2040. It will be a new South Africa, or it will have devolved into multiple states, with some doing well, and the rest doing as expected (ala “democratic” South Africa).

        • Fact Checker says:

          The US will be the new Palestine: managed electronically from afar by the Zio-controllers of Unit 8200 and Team 8, who have honed their skills in goyim-husbandry in Palestine proper. See Whitney Webb’s singular reporting on how control of the North American “Smart City” infrastructure is being farmed directly to IDF-offshoot Israeli firms.

          The Herd of barely-sentient American humanimals will be managed according to the desires and whims of the rising China-Israel Alliance, for whom the splendor of the North American landmass will be their Neo-Eden Amusement Park, with only a minimal “skeleton crew” of resident bio-slaves kept around to do the overlords’ massages along with whatever jobs that are too dangerous to waste expensive robots on…

  10. rob.h says:

    Nice Article – as always. China has it’s own issues, and I wouldn’t go to war with them any more than I would anyone else.

    Of all the things that I have ever seen, these two clips were the scariest ones. This is top on my list of worries (yeah.. don’t worry – been working on solutions for over 10 years now James.. before you ask).

    1. Report how the vaccines will be the mass murder agent – making the virus harmful for all:

    2. This report from Bigtree at Highwire.. that reflects the first one:

    The vaccine will focus your immune system permanently on one string of the covid, and will weaken it to every other infection, while making covid much much stronger.

    If this is true, its more time to drive to the cabin than help the neighbor plants seeds. Just saying.

  11. Ukdavec says:

    Thought provoking article on the Great Reset and the battle for Globalisation.

  12. Arby says:

    James’s overview seems about right to me. We might disagree on where it’s all going, but, What is laid out here, I think, is accurate.

  13. mkey says:

    It’s Time To Get Real About Vaccines – DELETED BY YOUTUBE!

    Jerry Day just doesn’t shut up.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      mkey says:
      “Jerry Day just doesn’t shut up.”

      Amen Brother!

      Jerry Day says:
      “I will refer you to some very important websites…
      James Corbett’s….”

  14. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Empowering women and girls in the U.S. and around the world…
    (If Bill Clinton is invited, they certainly should include New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and other notables.)

    PRESS RELEASE – March 23, 2021
    Vice President Kamala Harris, Stacey Abrams, Wes Moore, Mayor Muriel Bowser, Howard University President Dr. Wayne A. I. Frederick, and other global leaders join President Clinton, Secretary Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, and college students from around the world for 13th annual CGI U meeting with Howard University
    This week, global leaders will explore topics on COVID-19 recovery, empowering women and girls in the U.S. and around the world, restoring faith in democracy, environmental justice, and creating systemic change – featuring conversations with…Blah Blah Blah….

    “Trust us. We decide your future, your health and what you should think.” -Not a quote, but should be.

  15. Fact Checker says:

    The “War” with China will be completely fake.

    The TeeVee will show pictures of mushroom clouds to the American mask-slaves, and tell them that “China has just nuked the nearby city of [INSERT REGIONAL CENTER HERE]!!!!!

    However, these images will be merely slick computer graphics, run in 4K hi-definition at 60fps so that they are seared into the viewers’ consciousness with maximum hypnotic effect.

    Each region will get its own version of the story, saying that it’s their own nearby hub that got nuked. And that’s why they need to be evacuated–because of the fallout! The Herd will then be rounded up–except little force will be needed. The sheeple will begging and baying to be put on the trains to the “Protection Centers”. There will probably be a lottery! Not enough space in the boxcars for everyone you know! So make sure to get to the station before your next door neighbor!!!! (Any stragglers can easily be forced out of their homes at gunpoint by the US Army’s “Civil Support Unit”–a real thing, I’ve seen their tank-vans on the freeways of LA.)

    Once everyone is rounded into the Protection Centers, they’ll of course need to be vaxecuted–I mean, vaccinated against the “new virus variants” that China is also releasing, of course, along with the well-televised nuclear holocaust.

    Then, the Chinese-Israeli overclass will have a nice vacated North American continent to enjoy!

  16. genZfortruth says:

    “The end goal is not to destroy either the American Empire or the Chinese Communist system, but to merge these systems into the worst of both worlds, a technocratic tyranny where the few rule over the many.”

    I am a rather new student of history, but does this 2D situation at all mirror the hegelian paradigm made of thesis, the Bolshevik Revolution leading to Soviet Union, and antithesis, Nazi Germany? Post War we were gifted the United Nations, so following the parallel, assuming the villains are successful, are we looking at a real Order of 193 (countries), all based in a new age religion? A world cult?

    Wow, am I glad I read Brave New World. Thanks James, great work as always.

  17. Steve Smith says:

    “I see that it is invariably where I lacked a political purpose that I wrote lifeless books and was betrayed into purple passages, sentences without meaning, decorative adjectives and humbug generally.”


    I found this thought provoking.

  18. zyxzevn says:

    Solution for new energy source

    The SAFIRE Project: Transformative Technology | Montgomery Childs & Michael Clarage [GlobalBEM]

    By recreating the electrical model of the sun, the experiments
    show how the energy of the sun is created.
    This involves the transmutations of elements differently from nuclear fusion.
    The experiments seem related to Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR),
    which already have been repeated all over the world.
    With all kinds of different theories.
    Some think that these transmutations already happen in biology,
    and may be far more common than we think.

    I think this experiment is the clearest, because it mirrors
    what happens on the sun. And it just shows how the sun really works.

    Personally, I think this knowledge has been a military secret for a long time.
    They discovered the electrical nature already in top secret nuclear bomb tests.
    Because the mainstream solar model has so errors, so obvious that I think
    that there must be a special agenda to dumb it down.
    The attack on LENR was also immense and dumb, similar
    to a CIA cover-up operation.

    Listed some of the science on:

  19. Joseph says:

    Hi, I am a fresh new member and this is the most important happening of our era. Good article, though I would like to know more about this topic from your point of view, as the world is not as simple as “black and white” and there is much more to this.

    The US Empire – the great establishment was accustomed to that they can do whatever they want and nobody ever will try to stop them so they eventually went too far. By now they have just realized they are not the almighty entity, they can be challenged, so they are doing whatever it takes to convince the entire world that they (the US empire and everybody behind it) are the good guys. But those who live in the western world know, that they are not, they are just pro liars, and damn good at it!

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