China Banning People From Transit for Bad "Social Credit" Scores

03/19/201817 Comments

The slow-motion train wreck of "social credit" systems and the "gamification" of society has moved to the next stage. Now the Chinese government is going to start barring people from flying or riding trains if their social credit score is not up to snuff. China may be the test case for these ideas, but they're already being rolled out in other countries. So what are we going to do about it?

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China to bar people with bad 'social credit' from planes, trains

Sesame Credit: China’s Creepy New Social Engineering Experiment

It Begins: Canadian Gov Rolls Out Points To Reward Good Citizens

You Are Being Gamed

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  1. Jermaine says:

    Add onto the fact that since the Tiananmen Square protests, all Chinese leaders were engineers. It’s as if the Chinese government realized that Technocracy was the best tool to maintain their government. This post on quora gives some good info on the topic:

  2. scpat says:

    Social governance = you ‘rat’ your next door neighbor or family member out for disobeying the orders of the social engineers.

    Very sickening.

  3. Mark44 says:

    Well they’ve got James’ number with his “spreading false info about terrorism” faux pas.

    What are we going to do about it?
    For starters, let’s boycott China!
    No trips to the country nor purchasing any goods made in China. 🙂

    Along these lines…
    I was thinking about the Uber autonomous vehicle accident that killed someone in the U.S. today.

    Thinking about how technology and ‘progress’ is thrust upon us. The process.
    It goes something like this.
    Allow tech companies/powers-that-be to be interviewed about their latest must-have gadgets.

    Allow them to predict that their products/services will be coming soon and revolutionize mankind for their betterment.

    Keep writing more stories about said products/services until the population gets more acclimatized to the idea(s).

    Launch the product/service. Flood the media with stories about how great said product/service is…

  4. john.o says:

    This is frightening for sure. But really, for millions of people, a USA-Light version of this is already in effect. Separation of the classes, credit scores, conspicuous social media accounts (or the absence of them), “fastrack” and approved pre-screening at airports for lick-spittles, bureaucracy, the war on cash, student loan defaults with no bankruptcy and petty arrest records kept forever, all are already putting enormous pressure on people to conform or else.

    A friend of mine was a heroin addict for 20-30 years, with an arrest record in several states. He almost went to prison for life in California under the three strikes law, but here is the interesting thing: that was all before the late 90s, and they never entered all that data into the national databases. They only keep ongoing criminal histories forever. So, with some helpful amnesia on his own part, he was approved to drive for Uber, no problem!

    A kid with 1/100th of those mistakes and petty crimes is now “always restricted” in many areas of life forever.

    I think it will be a while before they can sell the Chinese social governance model outright in the USA. They will have to scare us more first and tighten the noose in other ways.

    They seem up to the task, though.

  5. fire says:

    James… you may remember that a few years ago, even in Japan, the government tried to kick start their “My Number” national identity card system with an incentive system as well. It was a plan to encourage everyone to willingly embrace their “My Number” stigmata, and obediently carry their card with them at all times. The idea was to let people earn points redeemable in the form of a tax refund of up to 4000 yen per year. There was just one condition: every time they purchased basic (unprepared) food it had to be reported to the government through the use of special, point-of-sale “My Number” computer terminals. Every carrot, cucumber, onion and potato… what could be simpler? At the time, visionary pundits hailed “My Number” as a bold harbringer of a new age… no need for credit cards, ATM bank cards, even highway ETC cards… “My Number” would replace them all. For emergencies, “My Number” was conceived to contain all of one’s medical records; for employers, it was designed to contain one’s employment history, education and birth data. Even the cumbersome burden of always carrying one’s “My Number” card could be eliminated if each person’s “My Number” (which is now assigned in Japan at birth) were to be implanted in vitro in as an RFID chip… a last step which would finally eliminate the need for passports in order for one to travel abroad. This grand scheme was envisioned to be in place by the time of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. As it turned out, an overnight, national grid of “My Number” computer retail terminals was deemed to be unfeasable. That was 2015. The “My Number” system has been established and doing well. How will this grand plan compare with its Chinese incarnation? That’s something to keep an eye on.

  6. brian.s says:

    Technocracy is the logical outcome of replacement of relational being with systematic controls. The define, predict and control mind is a tool with which we (relational being) have become identified. Such as to be increasingly defined and confined to its predicates. So when we think we are thinking – are we? Or is it a program running within a complex defence?
    Tool-mind is doing mind. To go forth and find justification for itself.
    Using tool-mind to identify in terms of problem is invoking tool-mind as the power to solve or protect from the problem.
    Whatever happens tool-mind persists – or in other terms narrative control and continuity persists. Managed identities under narrative control operate substitution for life in hollow forms of no significance.

    This is a prodigal moment.
    Waking up is not ‘more power’ for tool mind, but acceptance of relational being as the First or true context of any accepted self-definition. The release of the false self will is the acceptance of the movement of true will – as an expression of relational being. This is not defining power in terms of control and then determining how to ‘share it’. This is power of a shared existence embodied through willingness. The willingness for relational being is the unwillingness to persist in allegiance to the tool-mind if a defence against the feared, and so is the willingness to own fears and bring them to revision. This runs the other way than self-evasion in complex devices under masked denials.
    It isn’t that thinking has no place, but that it belongs in alignment with the heart of a resonant recognition of relational being – which I am using here to indicate both the chalice and the two faces of the well known optical illusion. We have no existence outside of relational being and the dissociating subjective fragmentation of the struggle to survive and regain completion – in terms of a sense of lack – is in effect the attempt to deny our own existence by limitation, division and denial. Victory is ‘death’.

    Extending a game for a greater enjoyment is understandable. The rules of chess were historically changed to facilitate a more complex challenge – ie not taking the king. But when a game is not worth the candle (the light given it), it is natural to return to the original purpose running beneath the choice to play the game. But the game of life as generally played is played for keeps – and with very strong terror symbols around the fences that keep us focused in such a game – or it would not hold an identity on dramatic tension, and narrative control would disintegrate to a sense of chaos without external structuring. Breakdown of order is perceived chaotic and resisted or defended against until the new information or perspective finds a path of acceptance and recognition. In this sense relational being is not as packaged – but an infinite source of life in terms of energetic information that is qualitative and which needs bridging to the ‘quanta’ mind of the ability to ‘thing’ or objectify its experience and live through its model as a physical reflection of that experience.
    Insight is the result of being with and looking at directly. But mapping mind is being with a mapped outcome, as an evolving of the model rather than the disintegration and reintegration of the model from one instant unfolding to another.
    Human development as given focus in terms of the tool-mind has been at the cost of awareness of relational being. Waking from the spell of a false sense of life is easier, when the fake reality no longer passes off as any kind of basis from which to live. But this is also where the appeal of death is uncovered as salvation from unbearable conflict or indeed meaninglessness. But this is where we ‘came in’. Conflict is the device of the split mind of a dissociating idea in the idea of attack. To ‘look upon our beginning and know it for the first time’ is to yield the tool-mind to the embrace and direction of relational being.
    What is relational being but that which moves as the extending OF the qualities you Are through the conscious attention to the recipient of your affection? In the belief and experience of attack is a distorted conflicted hate directed at the object of your affliction, but then masked over with self justifying narrative. Defences do the thing they promise to protect from. As in accusing the other of our own sins – and wanting it true. The entanglement of self-hatreds projected as if to be gotten rid of is our mess. We own our part in it even if we actively refuse to accept it and yet this refusal manifests the technocratic imposition of rules against a life seen as a medical condition requiring mandatory intervention and management.
    Life is too dangerous to be allowed, and so we are effectively neutered of consciousness so as to be served up as a sacrifice to the ‘alien will’. Or indeed to the persistence of the wish to escape from and separate from relational being. Who hates to love, loves to hate – and lives a reversal unknowing.

  7. VoltaicDude says:

    I have long thought of China in this way:
    U.S.A. = Rockefeller Nation 1 (RN1)
    China = Rockefeller Nation 2 (RN2)

    “One” thus gets to play two games:

    1) Us against Them: “our beautiful democracy” against their horrible Communist/Pinko system – which helps along the false dialectic and also helps keep the military-industrial funding going

    2) Roll-out on diversely applied totalitarian policies: RN1-model; RN2-model

    That represents the very efficient “re-purposing” of uniformly cored models (corporate speak).

    However, “two” can play that game (small silver lining): “LOOK AT WHAT HORRIBLE COMMUNIST/PINKO CHINA IS DOING.” (Anyway, that’s my reaction.)

    It might serve as a realpolitik maneuver to keep such developments at bay here at home (wishful thinking?).

    Caveat to the revolting (and for so many, mesmerizing) MSNBC-Trump-script (that might allow for Commie/Pinko rhetoric) is that Neo-liberal fascists (i.e. “Democrats”) end-up looking OK to Kool-Aid-Tube addicts who are directed to label/position this argument as McCarthyism (not that I’m confused – McCarthyism was a really bad thing) – thus enabling RN1 Social Credit policies to sneak-in and roll-out – we might need another Clinton for that.

    Or maybe I have this all wrong – Trump speaks admiringly of the Republic of China and its current head (apparently there to stay for a while).

    They were very smart in utilizing this Trump wild card.

  8. scpat says:

    In the Planning Outline for the Construction of a Social Credit System (2014-2020) I found the following section telling.

    “…using credit information and credit products in administrative permission, government procurement, tendering and budding, labour and employment, social security, scientific research management, cadre promotion and appointment, management and supervision, application for government financial support and other such areas.”

    Having this system woven into every aspect of life will force people to conform if they want to live a half decent life, or cause a exodus from the system. Based on China’s history and the mentality of the people in general, most everyone will buy into this system gladly.

  9. Octium says:

    Hi James,

    I was wondering if you (or anyone else) had any theories as to why many governments around the world are pretending to care about people’s facebook privacy all of a sudden?

    Cambridge Analytica scandal: Social media outlets know more about you than your friends do, Alastair MacGibbon says

    It can’t be because they actually care! – a day after they release a story about local government getting in on the act of spying on people by offering free Internet in exchange for people Facebook data…

    Free Commonwealth Games wi-fi to expose Gold Coast visitors’ Facebook data

    Are they trying to preempt bigger leaks on the horizon?

    Non US governments playing for a bigger piece of the spy pie?

    Cover story for why people have been leaving facebook since the censorship crackdown?

    Herding people to new platforms – perhaps for better implementation for the social credit system above?

    Russia-Gate I get, but this I’m not sure of yet.

  10. Sonex says:

    Sounds like a slippery slope to me.

  11. zyxzevn says:

    It can get a lot worse:
    What about harvesting your organs because you are living too healthy?

    Press for truth on organ harvesting:

  12. khatroam says:

    I think people should start an ‘Electoral Credit’ system which provides a vehicle for every person in their own country to give a ‘Credit’ score to tbe politician(s) they like. Those with the highest credit should then be appointed as members of the government or parliament to run that country. A true people’s democracy.

  13. Jermaine says:

    This seems appropriate to post here

    “The Trump administration has said it wants to start collecting the social media history of nearly everyone seeking a visa to enter the US. ”

    “…the New York Times reports that overseas platforms such as China’s Sina Weibo and Russia’s VK social network would also be included .”

    I wonder how long before they do the samething with passports?

  14. Octium says:

    Chinese schools monitor students activities, targeting truancy with ‘intelligent uniforms’

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