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Need to push through a propaganda campaign to utterly transform society? Want people to not only accept but actively embrace their own impoverishment? Well just get yourself some youthful true believers to do your propagandizing for you!

Swedish Teen Climate Activist Greta Thunberg Has Been Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

Dianne Feinstein gets into testy exchange with schoolkids over the Green New Deal

Merkel Points To Russia For Sudden Interest Of European Youth In Climate Issues

UN Warning: Just 3 YEARS Left to Save the Earth!

Youth Strike For Globalist Propaganda

The Manufacturing of Greta Thunberg

Emails reveal how children become pawns of climate alarmism

Positive Propaganda? – #PropagandaWatch

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  1. I believe the children like I believe the 97% of scientists. Nothing more to see or learn or research here. It’s settled.

    Or, I used to.

    JC showed me the light. It was the most painful truther red pill I’ve swallowed and it took me many months for my heart to catch up with my head.

  2. 9tH says:

    the climate kids are meant to take focus away from gilet jaunes protest.
    The belgian delegation for example, visited Macron on the very weekend of the last protest. The told the media Macron is not too bad and had advize for the GJs… Kids are dictating grown ups to protest and let go of their resistance.

    Exactly what i suspected they were mobilized for.

    • FIW says:

      Well, they probably serve as an excellent diversion to this as well, but I don’t believe that they were mobilized for this purpose only.

      Their actions are carefully coordinated with the upcoming elections in Europe I believe, elections in which the elite hopes to take over control.
      The way I see it, what we are witnessing and have been witnessing ever since 911, is a slow demolition of, let’s call it the old world. Nation states are to be eradicated and the wealth they sit on is to end up in the coffers of the elite, if it hasn’t already. Our whole way of living, looking upon life and its value they want to change and of course all power will be centralized in the hands of the few. It’s a 21st century version of the medieval in short.

      In order to break down what there is, or is left more like it, you have to destabilize and make fall and then slip the “solution” into the vacuum. This is where Thunberg and her young fellow eco warriors come in. From 911 up until now we’ve seen terrorism as a means of destabilizing regimes and the perfect pretext for changing laws and basic human rights, well, this time around and here in the Western hemisphere it will be activism, civil disobedience etc. to destabilize and create political pressure to implement their utopian regime while at the same time, the various people in the system who are involved are busy pushing through their various “new deals” as a solution to the unstable situation.

    • FIW says:

      Oh I forgot, in those email releases it clearly says that when these events were planned, the planners fealt that the normal way of going about it, and with this I suppose they mean “normal” lobbying, bureaucratic processes, legislation etc. wasn’t fast and efficient enough, they had to find an inconstitutional way of breaking through, so, they came up with this, there you have your answer to why they were mobilized I think. It’s a green colour revolution.

  3. m.clare says:

    I attended the Obama Pep Rally in Calgary a couple of weeks ago. Here are some observations:

    1) The people in attendance were enamoured groupies of a rock star celebrity. The ones I knew personally were devout Christians and ardent lifelong supporters of the Left Tribe.

    2) The interviewer lobbed prepared questions for Obama to smack out of the park.

    3) Obama is one of the greatest orators of our age (i.e. an extremely well-rehearsed spokes-model actor).

    4) People are excessively impressed by people who can speak to groups of more than 3 people using words of greater than 3 syllables; unjustified wisdom in every and all subject matters is attributed to snake oil salesmen who have mastered this skill.

    5) Apart from anecdotes and name dropping, he essentially had nothing to say and spent 1.5 hours saying it.

    6) Obama told his devoted flock that they were smart. People tend NOT to argue against such an accusation.

    7) He regaled the crowd with his amusing snowball anecdote: Some science hating Climate Crisis denier brought a snowball into Congress in May as proof that the planet was not warming. We all shared a smug laugh and congratulated one another for being too smart to fall for such nonsense.

    8) The Punch Line: Climate Change is real. We have 12 years to change our ways. Hope and change and optimism. Faith in democracy and our fellow man. Think of the children. We must embrace the new age of climate austerity carbon rationing… to demonstrate how smart we are.

    • scpat says:

      Thanks for the anecdote, m.clare.

    • redrose says:

      Thanks for that, M.Clare.
      The very first Obama speech I heard (which wasn’t by any means his first…I just dont watch TV), he spoke and spoke and said something about putting our shoulders to the wheel of history.
      I got his measure right then!

  4. HomeRemedySupply says:

    As I see it, I have no problem with kids promoting positive messages, (i.e. non-GMO, eating and living healthy.)

    Anecdote – Earth Day 1972

    The first Earth Day (April 22) was 1970.
    In the Spring of 1972, I initiated and led our entire High School (about 1300 or so students) on an “Earth Day” event.
    The short story…it was on a school day, and was supposed to be where students planted trees and cleaned up the campus acreage area. (The school was built on and around an old World War 2 military camp, which also once housed foreign POWs.)
    Windy, windy day. Texas winds are rough. Students all over the place. Teachers smoking cigarettes, yawning while kids goofed around and disappeared. Hundreds took off in their cars and played hooky the rest of the day.
    Mayhem. A joke.
    No one was really serious about “Earth Day”, other than a chance to get out of classes.

    A little backstory:
    As Freshmen, a student was supposed to take Biology. When I was a Freshman, I thought: “No. I am going to take Biology as a Senior. That way I can meet all the Freshmen girls.”
    And I did.
    The only school club for Freshmen was the “Biology Club”. I was elected “President”, because I was a Senior. And that is how the “Earth Day” project came into being.
    But the important part…
    I did meet Freshmen girls. In fact, my best friend and I double dated with two Freshmen girls. We flipped a coin to see ‘who got to date Kim’. He won. Years later, they married.

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      Homey biology rules over the rational mind every time.
      M-Clare; had a most identical morning watching O’Rourke do just the same thing at Penn State . Disgusting staged kibokki theatrical production. Children 20-25yrs old awestruck. Very sad site.

    • scpat says:

      This was a thoroughly enjoyable anecdote to read. Thank you, HRS.

    • BbobKS says:

      I was there in 1970 , they walked the entire 6 Th grade out into park and planted a tree in Tempe AZ. ! Ironically city cut tree down 20 years later due to it being a nuance after they banned male mulberry trees due to pollen.
      Later same teachers encouraged students to protest Vietnam War and other Teachers union organizing protest, I was recruited and driven to both as an 8 TH grade student ! My mother was a leftest organizer of AEA ,NEA in those days and protest were just down the street since Tempe is a college town but it’s ironic how in 50 years the agenda and tools remain the same !

  5. sTevo says:

    Q: Are child activists leaders subject to scrutiny without you being labeled a pedo for scrutinizing them?

    I believe threading lightly here and calling it as propaganda is the answer.

    So who is going to tell the children they have to pull the plug on their parents air conditioners and refrigerators?

    • Fawlty Towers says:

      So who is going to tell the children they have to pull the plug on their parents air conditioners and refrigerators?

      Exactly. Young children make the perfect propaganda props because they have no ammunition to back up their vocal pronouncements that they are parroting.

      In other words, if you are pushing a specific agenda, whatever that may be, then either put up or shut up!

      Yes you get it completely James.
      TPTB have enlisted children who are true, sincere believers to be the perfect spokespeople for the climate change movement.

      Problem is, as you have also mentioned, not only do they not have a clue about the climate change hoax being hoist upon us,
      but they don’t have the money to pay for all the unnecessary taxes that
      are being levied upon their parents!

      Very clever to enlist NAIVE spokespeople for your agenda!

      You asked for the solution to using children as propaganda props?
      Make children themselves PAY for what they want changed!
      Good luck!

      Ask them where did they learn about the problems we face today?
      Did they discover the problems themselves or from adults with agendas?

      I would love to see some of these ‘bright’ children propaganda props become members and debate the merits of the climate change movement!

      If there are any here now, PLEASE speak up! I can’t hear you….

      • phonicphotonic says:

        All good points to remember Fawlty Towers.
        Soon, I suspect it’ll be the Trans-children movement with the same suspects directing it. There is precedent popping up all over the western nations.

  6. dreg says:

    James, for clarification, in your view…
    Is Earth’s “climate” changing in ways that jeopardize habitabiiity for mammals, including humans?
    If so, are there any “mitigating behaviors” that are appropriate or effective (regardless of “causes” which I have heard/seen you discredit)?
    If not, ought we ignore all “climate” concerns?
    Do pollutants (such as Fukushima ‘bleeding’ radiation into the Pacific Ocean) jeopadize habitability in ways NOT related to “climate”?
    Are there concerns you have for your own children’s futures in relation to Earth’s habitability?
    Thank you for responding as I am confused as to your views on “climate” other than that you find the “scientific consensus” inaccurate but not what you think about bleaching-reefs and disappearing-glaciers.

    • scpat says:

      Ice Doesn’t Lie – But NASA And NOAA Scientists Do

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Good pick, redrose.

      • dreg says:

        Thank you, watching (listening) now…

      • dreg says:

        Okay, so, more “debunking”
        Ought one conclude “nothing to mitigate” (except maybe stop emptying aquifers into the oceans)?
        The glaciers in Montana’s Glacier Park are returning?
        If not, it doesn’t matter? (obviously it does to the surrounding down-stream areas that those glaciers support.)
        I’m still confused or at least unclear as to oceans. Warming that could release stored methane? They’re not really warming so no worries? Methane releases don’t matter?
        Or coral bleaching? Just “natural” and insignificant? Or “natural” and meaningful?
        I live at (now) 13 feet above sea-level. Nothing to worry about?
        Do I tell my children “climate change” is a hoax and not to worry or “buy-in” to mitigation attempts?
        “climate-change” activating or not, fossil-fuel-burning is irrelevant to the general health and longevity of life-as-we-know-it?
        These are sincere questions. I’m obsessed with NOT BEING DUPED.
        I very much appreciate any respectful responses.
        I have children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren and I am concerned for their health, state-of-mind and future as Earth beings along with all Earth as a living entity.
        Thank s to you all.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          I like you dreg. You are straight up.

          Perhaps Corbett might address some of your concerns in his next “Questions for Corbett”.
          However, the “search bar” above on this webpage is a wonderful tool. There is a plethora of information in the archives on the climate change issue.

          As far as pollution, chemicals, corporations raping the environment and people, etc., I think everyone is concerned.

          Here is a 90 second video which also links to references…
          10 Climate Myths Busted (in 60 seconds!)

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            2 minute video
            (again, show notes / references below the video)
            Global Warming Minute – Why is the IPCC “95% Certain” that Climate Change is Manmade?

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            5 minute video
            Climate Change is Unfalsifiable Woo-Woo Pseudoscience

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            6 minutes
            Carbon Trading – Economics 101

            • dreg says:

              thank you “HomeRemedySupply”
              I will check them all out…
              I have used the “search box” a few times and watched/read numerous, most all primarily debunking “scientific consensus” which I already understand. There’s lots of MISinformation, so, what’s the ACCURATE INFORMATION that is worth knowing… that is what I am after. (Sorry about the CAPS, but I don’t know how to get italics!)

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                Here is a brief guide for making bold or italics or both…
                Use your arrow keys. ‘I’ is for italics. ‘b’ is for bold. End your word or sentence with that forward slash prior to the letter.

                You have a few minutes to edit your comment.
                It gives you time to practice with it.

                I found some of this very interesting…

              • generalbottlewasher says:

                Dreg, I have been reading your comments with interest. You raise a paradox in your inquiries.
                Knowing accurate information by knowing the inaccurate information. Bringing peace and safety to your family will bring joy to your family. You must choose, to include the sorrow or not, so they will fully understand and appreciate the joy.
                Say you where a billionair, a titan of industry and your family knew no sorrow or suffer the pains of the poor. Your children may seek all that life offers but they have not reference for suffering. They can administer suffering and find joy in doing so. Thus the sadist is born into the world and the world begins to be unbalanced.
                This powerful dynasty has no understanding how or why the poor can find any joy in life, even though they do. They search endlessly for the cause and when it can’t be found they create an imaginary one. Thus a liar is born and the world imbalance is increased.
                It goes on and on, the search for the truth is to serve the truth, not the lies. It sounds like your family is in some pretty good hands cause you are here searching. I wish I could help in anyway possible. What I have learned about anarchy is that we are somewhat alone and depend on our family and if problems arrive as we know they will we will need help from other individuals and not guv’ment who are consistently proven to be the selfserving liars, thieves, and wasteful polluters.

            • dreg says:

              to “HomeRemedySupply”
              As admonished(3), I went directly to “What is the average global temp” video.
              The first “new” thing I noticed was that the GISS data-set “normal period” covers from my personal physical arrival upon planet Earth (birth – 1951) TO my casting a vote for Ronald Reagan for President of the U.S. (vote – 1980) confirming a departure from “normal” (for me) at that time.
              This could be the beginning of an extensive investigation into the consequences (for ALL) of my “normal” presence on Earth up until I voted for Reagan, at which point my abnormal (stupid) behavior initiated a potential contribution to global temp deviations.
              I will refrain from pursuing that investigation at this time… (although the results might be as meaningful as Dr. David Suzuki’s remarks).
              Also, the GISS incorporation of “quite large administrative changes” such that extensive data-manipulation was contrived to establish an artificial “norm” stimulating my vote and the election of Ronald Reagan is unquestionably UNworthy-of-note. (?)
              Okay, enough (Suzuki inspired) foolish digression…

              I will restate that I recognize that much of today’s “scientific consensus” is disreputable.
              My “quest” is to “discover” by whatever means possible, the “accurate information” on future habitability of Earth, appropriate methods of mitigating “damage” and of prolonging survival; what “is” or “may” be happening, why, where and when I may need to relocate to increase survival possibilities and alleviate suffering, in general, for Earth as a living entity.

              “What is the average global temp” video documents the manipulation of “data” to “prove” a predetermined conclusion not reflected in the “raw” data. Got it.
              “Orwell’s Nightmare: …” elaborates on this subject.
              Got it.
              Thank you for sharing this valuable info.

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                dreg says:

                “…I will restate that I recognize that much of today’s “scientific consensus” is disreputable.

                “My “quest” is to “discover” by whatever means possible, the “accurate information” on future habitability of Earth, appropriate methods of mitigating “damage” and of prolonging survival;
                what “is” or “may” be happening,
                why, where and when I may need to relocate to increase survival possibilities and alleviate suffering, in general, for Earth as a living entity….

                I gotcha. Thanks for reclarifying.

    • Octium says:

      Can’t answer for James but I regard Climate Change as kiddy environmentalism in the first place.

      A story you tell people to keep them worried enough to control them but still has enough ‘hope’ embedded in it so they don’t give up entirely.

      The reality is that there was probably enough nuclear waste dumped in the 20th century to wipe out all life on earth, and it may very well do that once the stuff with a 24,000 year half life escapes barrels with a 100 year life span.

      Telling people that they are going to die anyway, regardless of what they do now is not conductive to controlling them.

      No doubt the elite criminals have survival plans which probably involve such things as transhuminism and milking the last drop of life out of the plebs for as long as they can.

      Anyone serious about the human impact on environment should be looking into Planned Obsolescence. The economic equivalent of The Parable of the broken window, only where the glazier does away with the little boy by designing a window that breaks by itself.

      Every broken window is more waste for the dump, and less money to spend on solar panels to escape the grid.

      • dreg says:

        Thank you to “HomeRemedySupply”
        I will watch the “Orwell’s Nightmare: …” vid (though I think I already have.)
        (& will be practicing my italics… soon*)

        and thank you to “generalbottlewasher”
        I will specifically respond…

        and thank you to “Octium”
        I will specifically respond…

        • dreg says:

          To “generalbottlewasher”
          I don’t recall asserting that I CAN know accurate info by knowing inaccurate info. I actually insist that I cannot and am seeking, specifically, “accurate information” in order to make decisions on what, where, when and why I will choose a location and the behavior I will perform there.
          There need be no concern that myself or my descendents “knew no sorrow” for we’ve had experiences to “suffer the pains of the poor.”
          My personal “search for the truth” in this context is to UNDERSTAND, first of all, and devise a plan to enhance general health and longevity for Earth as a living entity, including myself, those in my community and my own descendents.
          My family, except one child (of 5), is not cohesive and I therefore desire to act in ways that contribute to the general well-being of humanity as my limited contribution to their lives. I would certainly attempt to alert them to an impending catastrophy, but I doubt they would heed any such attempt on my part, due to “religious” difference. (I am areligious now, having been a fundamentalist preacher as a young adult/parent.)
          Concerning “help from other individuals and not guv’ment” I would agree, with a massive exception being that I voluntarily (due to my “preacher” status in my youth that offered a religious “out” that I declined) participated in a gov’t run pension program that currently dependably provides me with enough steady income to meet my own needs (freeing me to take time to read, view, write such “content” as I choose). An income that is available to me anywhere on Earth (as long as the US$ is viable). I am fully aware that this financial connection grants gov’t full awareness of my location and the vast majority of my expenditures, but, since “pot” was legalized in Oregon, I break no laws currently “on the books” and I believe that any cuts to that pension program would stimulate unprecedented rebellion.
          If I have misunderstood anything you offered, feel free to inform me.

          • generalbottlewasher says:

            Dregeye, it was only an allegory to understand the
            ” parodox” in determining what is truth. Joy and truth can be interchangeable here in the allegory. A mind will know truth by knowing the untruths in the world as I hope you understand knowing joy by experiencing sorrow. We are overly bombarded by information, there is no silver bullet for differentiating the propaganda, half truths, fact from fiction or a simple black or white exchange of ideas to the destination of ” truth “. I only meant to expound on the parodox that exists in reaching the answer to your inquiries. It takes a lot of work and time to to Understand. I found most paradoxes in life are best solved by family, family ties to individuals no matter how limited that could be or honest individuals who share diverse ideas without harm. More so than by scientists, doctors, lawyers, or the licensed by guvment experts or technocrats. They can also be helpful as well as misleading . I can also assume to much, and learn daily. No worries mate. Im searching too. Best wishes.
            Today I learned of a professor at Princeton, William Happer. You may find him helpful as another piece of integrity in the puzzle of understanding.


  7. hanky says:

    Can you spell David Hogg?

  8. hanky says:

    Chemtrails, anyone?

  9. NES says:

    When the ‘save the children’ or, in this case, ‘put the children on stage’ arrow is pulled from their quiver, the quiver is empty. Such controlled propaganda is a last resort shot from the parapet. Afterward, there is nothing left to shoot, only words to remain to reiterate or retract.

    After this performance, the overlord profiteers and their paid scientists will have to revise their ‘end of the world’ headlines once again–a theme adults have followed for decades. Playing on children’s clear-eyed belief and using them as front-men to manipulate the public is sickening, nonetheless.

    • manbearpig says:

      If good cop/bad cop style propaganda doesn’t work, then real up close and personal terror could do the trick. Not “Save the Children” but “Save YOUR children”. Uh,… Like someone somewhere might’ve once said;

      “never underestimate your enemy’s quiver capacity”…

      Anyhow, the elites have always been able to bide their time. The tech prison is not for us old fogie party pooper luddite types.

      It’s for our children and grand-children who who’ve already been conditioned from young and tender ages to welcome it with open arms. It’s been indelibly ingrained in them. They even NEED this rallying cause as it fills a glacial void in this spiritually barren materialistic world.

      We’ve seen them emphatically say so en masse.

      Do you think that today, after all this time, they could withstand the shock of discovering that lemmings don’t commit mass suicide?

      Hey, I wonder what the 2019 Lion King remake’ll be about?

      Or maybe I just need a good night’s sleep…

  10. Step says:

    Whether it is children, climate experts, corporations or concerned citizens expressing their concerns on climate change, the focus is generally on so called greenhouse gases. The earth can cope with these gases, in fact carbon dioxide is essential fro plant growth. The main problem we are facing is deforestation. Forests are the lungs of the earth, cleaning our atmosphere and separating the oxygen from the carbon. These forests are being cleared for meat production and biofuel production. If we want to have sufficient oxygen in our future atmosphere we need to compare the oxygen output of pasture, biofuels and forests then act accordingly. Forests also regulate the cycle of water, so the two elements most essential for the survival of humans and other animals on earth (oxygen and water) require sufficient forest coverage over the planet. Rather than focusing on coal fired power stations and other sources of “greenhouse” gases such as livestock farming, we need to be planting trees wherever it is practical to do so.

    • phonicphotonic says:

      I super agree with you on that. Deforestation, pollution and environmental vandalism is the true issue at hand, not silly GHG science.

  11. minnie says:

    I’ve been reading an interesting book recently. Here’s a quote from it:
    “…on closer inspection these youthful cartels were not quite as innocent as they seemed. Cicely Hamilton sounded a note of caution. ‘There is a danger in the Youth Movement,’ she wrote, ‘which may be summed up in one word – Politics.’
    “She had been quick to notice that the majority of these groups were junior branches of existing church societies or political parties intent on indoctrinating the young with their own particular brand of sectarianism. ‘Some of these young people,’ Hamilton noted, ‘are taking to their politics early, and taking to them vigorously.’ On her weekend rambles, she would often meet ‘parties of imps – little creatures who, as yet, should know nothing of poltics – trudging out to the woods, in crocodile formation, with the Red Flag marching at their head.’
    “Nor was it only young communists who made her uneasy. ‘The Brown Shirts are the most striking example of youth trained to partisan thinking,’ she observed, adding, ‘They are not an unfavourable example. Their doctrines may be dangerous and their methods provocative but the lads themselves – so far as I have seen them – are of clean, upstanding type.’
    “She went on to inform her readers that ‘the young Brown Shirts were a branch of the National-Socialist-German-Workers-Party’, a title, as she points out, that is much too long for everyday use, so ‘has been mercifully shortened to – Nazi.'”
    From Travellers in the Third Reich by Julia Boyd.

  12. mik says:

    I hope James will dissect

    Law Enforcement for Rent

    Holy shit, what is climate mafia capable of. Evidence provided looks compelling. One of key figures Eric Schneiderman ex New York AG resigned few months before publication of the above document because of, how convenient, sex scandal.

    • CQ says:

      Hats off to Christopher Horner and the Competitive Enterprise Institute for writing that chilling report, mik.

      BTW, on a lark I clicked on your initials, mik, and found a blog in an unrecognizable-to-me language. Well, I DID* figure out the two-word title of one of your blog posts: “Kognitivna disonanca” 🙂

      *DID is in caps because I haven’t availed myself of HRS’s kind explanation of how to create italics, sorry to say.

      • generalbottlewasher says:

        The comparison with the past shows a remarkable resemblance to the present. Thank you Herr Himmler.

        Green beans, Green locusts, Green Rhinos and Green New Deal. When the enforcers show up its way to late . Running out of time. Sounds familiar.

        • generalbottlewasher says:

          MIK, CQ , dissection will be necessary of Horner and CEI paper.
          I feel like a deer in the headlights standing on the highway to hell. These two opposing forces, Big Al Gore progressive OAGs and Big Oil seem to be two sides of the same coin!
          They must be. We the people seem to be the intended, crushed recipient of that flipped coin when it comes down on our heads.
          Q4C- Who is flipping this coinage?

          This shows how corrupt our Justice system has become. Agin referencing Ordnungspolzei

  13. sTevo says:

    Note to self: don’t compose comments on the cell phone. Auto word replace and spell check no worky.

  14. zyxzevn says:

    Children injured by vaccines

    We can do the children thing too.

    Here is an example of a vaccine injury:

    See the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons for more info

    Vaccines are necessarily risky, as recognized by the U.S. Supreme Court and by Congress. The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has paid some $4 billion in damages, and high hurdles must be surmounted to collect compensation. The damage may be so devastating that most people would prefer restored function to a multimillion-dollar damage award.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      TruthStreamMedia recently came out with an excellent video which not only revolves around the vaccine issue, but also the issue of how free speech of ideas is being threatened on a global scale.

      Free Speech and Shutting Down the Vaccine Debate

      • CQ says:

        Thanks so much for linking to the TSM video, HRS.

        I thought I’d been keeping up with the latest news on the pro- vs anti-vaxx debate, but I’ve already learned, just seven minutes into the video, about some really horrifying developments that I wasn’t aware of.

        For anyone following the anti-vaxx movement, I’d call this March 17th report by Melissa and Aaron “must-watch.”

        (Just sent the link to Brandy Vaughan at, in case she hasn’t seen it. Perhaps she’ll feature it on her home page and in an upcoming newsletter.)

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Thanks zyxzevn,

      On the example of the vaccine injury which you link to, it was good to see Dr. Robert Rowen who is a long time OZONE & UltraViolet Light Blood THERAPY specialist.

      At the bottom of this webpage
      ( )
      is all kinds of information about OZONE and UltraViolet Light Blood Therapy, (even for dogs and animals), and additionally some links to how pets are vaccine injured. Many, many dogs die daily or become health compromised because of vaccines.

  15. phonicphotonic says:

    Looks like news sites are blocking commentary.
    I am appalled by the MSM media and it censoring of (in their view) negative commentary.
    I’m switching to Bitchute and GAB with their Browser plug-in Dissenter.

    • royb says:

      Here in Norway MSM is telling us not to make fun of the children. There has been a lot of ridicule om Facebook, people sharing a text saying «good, now I don’t have to drive my children to their sport activities in my polluting car» and no more vacations to Spain, or at least only one pr year, and so on. And a lot of fun made about a group of children in the northern part of the country being put on a plane flying 1000 miles down to Oslo to meet and talk to the government.

  16. scpat says:

    One of the first things I thought of in relation to these climate change youth movements were the teenagers a while back speaking out on gun violence. Someone in the comments above also mentioned this. They were giving passionate podium speeches and marching in the streets begging law makers to do something, anything. They, like the children marching for climate change legislation, were probably not aware of the future consequences of new laws or government actions to solve their problems. Both groups serve the same purpose in the ‘Reaction’ part of the ‘Problem, Reaction, Solution’ playbook.

  17. robert.b says:

    As you can see, the exploitation of children for adult objectives has been an elite specialty for decades. A low-tech version of today’s child centered production. .

  18. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Kids & Propaganda & Help & Communication

    James poses an important question about kids being manipulated or used as a tool in the promotion of an idea, whether in a positive way or in a way which furthers a covert agenda.

    Propaganda –
    The dictionaries have a variety of definitions for propaganda. The history of the word is interesting.
    Personally, I tend to think of the term as “promoting a cause, often with a hidden agenda, which includes denoting ideas or information that are of questionable accuracy”.

    Message –
    I feel like the “message of a communication” is something different. It can be used with or without propaganda.

    Kids –
    Children should have the freedom to express themselves.
    Of paramount importance, kids should also have opportunities to contribute, to help others, to be creative, etc.

    Growing up, kids are on the receiving end of a flow of being helped and being instructed and being guided. After a while, it becomes a too “one directional” flow. They are the receiver. Not the giver.
    Kids need opportunities to instruct others, to contribute, to help. They need opportunities to not be always on the receiving end, but on the giving end.
    It has been my experience that kids really brighten up when you ask them to explain how to do something, when you ask them to help you solve something or to fix something or to instruct you.

    Propaganda manipulations –
    Unfortunately, sometimes the system takes advantage of kids and their will to help out.
    ANECDOTE – In middle school, there was that school promoted, 20 mile hike for the “March of Dimes”. It all sounded okay as we kids got conned. But damn, at around the 10 mile mark on that hot Texas Saturday in May, my friends and I wished we never had volunteered for this crap.

    Anyway, my take, is that kids should have the opportunity to express themselves and also to try to help out.
    I fault the adults, the corporations and politicians who lead them towards bogus endeavors and goals.

    EXAMPLE of something I don’t classify as propaganda, but rather “a message”.
    Kids used communicating a message about Fluoride’s toxicity
    (20 minute video with lots of kids, and kids holding signs)
    OUR DAILY DOSE, a film by Jeremy Seifert

  19. keithk says:

    The Climate cult cares about kids? What about 3rd trimester abortions? Or the kids Bush/Clinton starved w/ Iraqi sanctions? Or the kids in Waco?

    If they cared about children, they wouldn’t advocate statism, aka initiating violence against them.

  20. ClintTorrez says:

    Hi James,
    I really love your propoganda watch episodes and the Demographic Crunch piece is very prescient as I don’t think people are aware of depopulation/technocratic agendas, every time I mention this I am met with rolling eyes of “conspiracy theory skeptics”(a relative). Thank you for always helping me not feel like I am the only person who cares amd is concerned about so many issues which you cover! Here’s one you might be interested in for the #PropogandaWatch segment – AP manufactures cutout boogeyman Hamza al-Bin Laden – US puts Million $ bounty on Hamza Bin Laden

  21. brian.s says:

    Yes – the brown shirt comment came closest.
    Green fascism operates the cultivated subversion and usurping of the environmental movement.
    In which corporate guilt is outsourced to environmental sin-eaters as the religion of self-sacrifice for the sake of the (saviour class of the) planet. Heresy of denialism providing the source of self righteous hate as the release valve for ‘self-hating humans’.

    Mao used children as a revolutionary force against their parents. Perhaps something is learned through generational trauma, and perhaps the same patterns simply re-enact across Millenia.

    Self-sacrifice to illusions of power, must then sacrifice others to maintain the illusion.
    The deceiver sets a false foundation in fear – against which are set symbols of salvation as a personal allure.
    ‘Finest Robes Emporium’ bespoke outfitters for divine impresarios.

    The nature of the trap is to bait the reaction.

    Honour the being of the children.
    Not the use to which they are being put.
    Insofar as they are making choices, serve self-awareness and responsibility for choices based on true witness and a just account.
    Lots of people warm to the good cop, after meeting the bad cop, under the belief they are different – and one is kind.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      “Mao used children as a revolutionary force against their parents.”
      brian, That’s one heck of a good point.

      • generalbottlewasher says:

        Brian and Homey , this reminds me of Eugene Ionescu’s play “Rhinoceros ” . How the transformation occurs . Also journalist Dorothy Thomson’s observations of the Frenchman’s take on the brownshirts and the “SS”s green shirts. They called them the locusts.

  22. sTevo says:

    Australia has enough solar, wind storage in pipeline to go 100% renewables | RenewEconomy

    Read the first couple sentences. James point can be illustrated perfectly in this article.

    Greenies are standing behind child shields, so you cant dissent.

    Just wait till a miller needs to start his 7000HP cement mill. See if they have 100% alt energy.

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      sTevo, I see how the economics of the green new deal will work down under. The poor miller will become a billionaire from his very valuable scarce cement. That is until they nationalize the cement plant.

  23. Robert Smith says:

    Dear James Corbett,
    Hi, I’m Robert Smith, do you remember that I’m the one who defended you on Twitter proving that you are not a Russian agent. That’s me, as much as I really want to contact you more often and share ideas and solutions with you, sir, I could never be able to gon Steemit, because its such a pain to make an account for that site, and I personally find the password system awful from my own experience.
    Would you like to join me on Mastodon? Mastodon is basically an open source decentralized Twitter, & here’s an invitation link just in case if if you’re interested:
    Cheers, and I’m so glad to be now officially part of the Corbett Report community. どうぞよろうしく

  24. jarmstrong says:

    This is on ZeroHedge this morning!

  25. manbearpig says:

    So not only is Greta a perfect prop, she’s also a victim of the propaganda she’s helping to push, as poignantly explained by Tony Heller in “Fighting Superstition and Fear with Facts”:

    • CQ says:

      Everything Tony says is both sane and scientific (perhaps that’s redundant!), and I have no doubt that he speaks of Greta in a compassionate way. Will listen soon, both because you, MBP, have recommended we do so and because Tony is my favorite unjunking-climate-science geologist! If I dared, I’d send every new video he produces to my AGW-believing friends.

      [Aside to GBW: I know I told you privately that I’m not able to make time to read Corbett Report comments these days, but this one from MBP came straight to my inbox, because I’d signed up to be notified way back when I originally wrote something in this space. So that’s my good excuse for appearing to go back on my word! True, it’s hard to forego other Corbetteer comments, but I’ve had to rethink my time and priorities. That said, I am NOT skipping anything James produces. Everything from his lips or keyboard is essential info. And who can resist the inimical way he presents the REAL news? :-)]

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