Carbon Millionaires, Cyber Games, All Are Green - New World Next Week

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Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

Story #1: Pharrell & Al Gore Announce Global @LiveEarth Concerts On All 7 Continents
Pharrell Planning Worldwide Sing-along Psyop for Live Earth Concerts?
Wikipedia: Live Earth 2007 – Controversies and Criticism

Story #2: UK, US to Stage 'Cyber War Games'
Britain and US to Train 'Cyber-Agents' to Protect Banks From Terrorists
iPhone Has Secret Spy Software That Can Be Remotely Activated
GCHQ Classifies Investigative Journalists As 'Threats'
Ex-MI6 (That’s their CIA) Chief: 'We Cannot Stop Terrorism Unless We Spy On Innocent People'

Story #3: Teenager’s Browser Plug-In ‘Greenhouse’ Shows You Where Politicians Get Their Funding
Get The ‘Greenhouse’ Plug-In Here
Thirteen Year-Old Builds Braille Printer With Legos, Starts Company
Where Cellular Networks Don't Exist, People Are Building Their Own
A Year After Marijuana Legalisation In Colorado, Police Confirm “Everything's Fine”
Broc West: Community Garden Journal - Week #2 'Planting Seeds, Making Cuttings & Soil Prep'

#NewWorldNextWeek Updates: Argentinian Prosecutor Who Accused President of Terror Cover-up Murdered Before Testimony
How The U.S. Government Convinces a Newspaper To Kill a Story

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  1. NotDole says:

    Good luck harmonizing me to this bullshit music. Only Metallica were once decent (well, they managed to make a good album in 2008, took em 20 years after …And Justice For All) and then they were still thrashers, thrashers have the same kind of beliefs as punks…hence the very political “…And Justice For All” album. They could pull it with Death Magnetic but otherwise they are so damn sold out, only Kirk and Robert have any integrity, James has a little, Lars is a complete whore who is unable to play half of their catalogue because of getting old and maybe a lack of cocaine, lol. Seriously, watch a youtube video of Metallica playing Leper Messiah in Philadelphia in 1989….Lars would even add fills and double bass to older songs, now he plays Dyers Eve with no double bass at all…might as well not play it, sold out geezer.

    /metal loving musician rant over

    I agree with James E. Pilato that this is some occult bullshit here, and who the hell is that freak Pharrell, never heard of him, but he does seem to think he’s the Pharaoh of the “return to Egypt” (not a christian, but these types believe what’s in the bible even if they renounced their most likely christian religion they were born into when they turn to the occult freemasonic stupid stuff that they believe in, like, are they ever gonna get tired of saying 11 people died in one of their psyops, it’s always 11, it was 11 at Charlie Hebdo until it became 12 later…self-conscious now? trying to hide themselves? a bit late on that..) that is the NWO.

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